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Travel Secrets - How to book cheap airline tickets, discount
flights, cheap airfare, discounted plane tickets, hotel rooms, car


This CD Will Give You Insider Travel Secrets for Buying Airfare at
30%, 50% and Even 90% OFF What Everybody Else Has to Pay!

And with all the additional fees the airlines are throwing at us,
you need all the help you can get. Extra baggage fees, "security"
taxes, fuel surcharges... it's ridiculous. Unfortunately this
situation is going to get worse. According to CNN and USA Today, the
next wave of travel price increases is just beginning for business and
consumer travel.

I'll Show You How To Get The Same Insider Rates And Perks
As Travel Industry Professionals.

Don't make the same mistakes that 99% of business and consumer
travelers make.
Get this software today to learn:

* How and where to get free airlines tickets, car rentals and
airport parking.
* When and where to leverage rewards points (nearly everyone gets
this wrong).
* The satisfaction of becoming a travel insider. Easily impress
your friends as you will become the go-to travel expert among everyone
you know.
* Find out how to get your friends and family valuable discounts.
* How to 'game' Priceline to get the very best deal.
* The unfair tricks used by the ticket agents, gate agents and how
to overcome them.
* How to purposely get bumped from a flight and how to maximize the
* The exact best day and time to book any flight for the biggest
* Why Travel Magazines and Shows are two of the WORST sources of
* Never pay full price for an airline ticket again. -How to save
50% or more every time you fly.
* Where to find cheap travel discounts that are never advertised
* Coupon codes for up to 70% off airfare, hotels, car rentals.
* Learn upgrade strategies, unpublished deals, and tactics industry
insiders use to travel without paying full price.

Client Feedback

"Very informative book. I used your strategy for a free ticket on a
flight to Hawaii and was upgraded to first class by taking your
advice! Best travel book anywhere"

- Julie Crenshaw, Allen TX

"I saved $318 for my economy class ticket to Paris. Your book paid
for itself several times over already."

- Christine Jolancey of Worcester,MA

You Will Learn Travel Industry Discounts Than Fewer Than
1% Of All Travelers Know!

There are valuable trips here for the first-time traveler as well as
the veteran road warrior. A big myth we'll shatter is that you don't
need to be a travel industry expert to take advantage of the same
discounts. While we did learn these strategies putting our time in as
travel agents, tour operators, pilots and traveling freelancers - you
won't have to and we'll show you how. (More on who we are in the FAQ

After 14 years of in-depth research (that's right, the first edition
was released in 1994), we have updated this "tell all" guide that will
show you, exactly how to slash your travel costs from 50-90% and get
valuable upgrades.

* When to book your flight on specific days of the week to receive
considerably discounted tickets.
* How to get into Business and First Class Fares for the same price
as economy - strategies that actually work today - post 9-11.
* Which months you can travel for up to 70% less by taking
advantage of seasonal fares.
* How to profit from airline pricing mistakes.
* How to get discounted tickets by finding loopholes in the
airlines booking policies.
* How to buy Business and First Class Fares for the same price as
* Find the best seats for each airline and how to secure them for
* We'll reveal the truth about airfare consolidators.
* The exact days and times when airlines upgrade their fares this
will give you an almost unfair advantage to getting the best deals
before anyone else does.
* How to use the exact same software program that megasites like
Expedia and Hotwire use to book travel, guaranteed to be the lowest
* The best strategies for getting bumped and getting maximum
payment for it.
* How to capitalize on the latest fare wars.
* The airports you positively need to avoid if at all possible.
* Where to find free accommodations when you need them the most.

Client Feedback

"Thanks again for exposing these secrets. I read constantly and have
bought all the other travel books at the bookstores and online but
they do not contain even 1/10 of what I have learned from you. I hope
you don't get in trouble for writing it. I have already saved $270
using just one strategy I had never heard of until I read your book!"

- Kay Henry, of Mt. Kisco, NY

"I just returned from a 5 day business trip to Canada and saved
money using your strategies for air and hotel discounts. My co-worker
paid full price for the same trip ($580 more than I did). Now I am the
go-to person at our office for travel advice!"

- Laura Foster, San Francisco, CA

As an Added bonus for choosing Buy it Now, you'll also get...

7 Bonus Language Books

As a bonus, I'll include the entire set of the Seven Language Phrase
Guides with your purchase.

* Learn to speak basics in seven languages: Greetings, Salutations,
Directions, and many more In 7 different languages: Spanish, German,
Dutch, Italian, French, Swedish, and Romanian.
* You'll learn all the keys - vowels, consonants, and diphthongs
pronunciation tables for all 7 languages
* Learn how to speak basic words such as: colors, time, days of the
week, numbers, and more for each of the languages.
* Learn the necessary helpful traveling phrases such as how to get
around, how to eat out and how to check into a hotel in each helpful
* If you are not using these strategies, you are wasting literally
thousands of travel dollars each year. We'll show you how to fly
smarter and fly cheaper.
* P.S. Don't make the same mistakes that 99% of business and
consumer travelers make. Using even ONE of these secrets could save
you hundreds or thousands on your next trip or vacation.

Yes! this is a real offer - for a one-time investment of $49.95
$24.95, you will learn all of the travel secrets that the insiders
know and have worked dozens of years to learn. You will save hundreds
off each trip and get to travel around the world for a fraction of the

Here's our personal pledge:

This book will save you money every time you travel, or your money
will be refunded. No questions asked. These secrets were obtained
through industry insiders and not readily available in other books or
travel programs. You will instantly be able to take advantage of these
strategies and slash hundreds off your travel budget. And impress
friends and family you're your insider knowledge!

Note that the information will work anywhere in the world and is
100% legal. This guide will apply to you!


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