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Love golf but hate practicing? Want to play better golf immediately and see your scores drop like a rock in a pond...
" You Can Easily Slash 8 Strokes
From Your Golf Game... Right Now...
Without Changing Your Swing"

(100% Guaranteed)

Would you like to drop 8 strokes off your golf score... and not have to go through agonizing swing changes... or hit a single practice ball?


If you're like most golfers, you really do want to play better golf. And you know that you can! But, you either don't have the time you think it takes, or you haven't had the right golf instruction.


You just need someone to show you what to do... because you really do know that you can play much better that you have been.


If you've been trying to improve your game at all lately, then you know there's a ton of information out there on golf.


The problem is…

90% Of The Golf Information Out There
Is Not Focused On Lowering Your Score!

Sure, you can find a bunch of tips. But, that's just what you'll have... a bunch of unrelated golf tips that are not organized or designed to actually drop your scores.


Another problem is many tips are just too complicated for the average person to understand!


Well, I've solved that problem for you!


I've developed a golf program - unlike any other out there - that will have you shooting lower scores in your very next round of golf.


It has over 397 tips, techniques, and strategies that are guaranteed to drop your scores...


Even golf pros have dropped their scores with these very effective and easy to use golf tips that I have carefully compiled over 40 years of playing championship level golf. Read what they have to say...


PGA Professionals Are Raving About This New Program!

“Look at what top PGA Professionals are saying about Better Golf... Right Now!”

"Road Map Of How Anyone Can
Improve Their Scores"...

"I have been a golf professional for 32 years, a member of the PGA for twenty eight years and a competitive player since I was fifteen years old...

...This series of tapes is a road map of how anyone can improve their scores without ever changing anything technical in the swing.


Dave shares all kinds of practical, common sense methods one can and should use in order to get better and enjoy the game a lot more.

Many of Dave's tips, such as... something as simple as how to be prepared for bad weather (most players haven't figured this out by the way), I found to be fun and extremely interesting.

...now someone has organized and published most of the secrets we serious golfers have learned and been doing for a long time.

Whether it's your short game you want to improve, or your mental toughness, or making your practice time more productive, I recommend that you listen to and then apply what you learn from "Better Golf...Right Now!".

Here's wishing you better golf...right now!"

Lynn Janson
PGA Professional
(5) Time Michigan PGA Player of the Year
(4) Michigan PGA Championships
(2) Michigan Open Championships
(3) Michigan Match Play Classics and is in the
Michigan Golf Hall of Fame.


"I Am Watching My Scores Drop"...

Whether you are a new golfer or a touring professional, "Better Golf...Right Now" will help you take your game to another level without a doubt.


Dave's extensive knowledge and attention to detail dealing with the mental part of the game was extremely helpful for me personally.


I give a lot of golf lessons, but I also play in a fair amount of PGA Section Tournaments.


Dave's tips helped me prepare for and visualize success in tournament play.


In the past I've had a hard time not thinking about mechanics on the golf course. Since listening to "Better Golf...Right Now" I have been able to play golf much more freely and I am watching my scores drop as a result.


I strongly recommend this series for any golfer that wants to learn about all the little things that help golfers play to the very best of their ability.


I am confident "Better Golf...Right Now" will make a difference in your game like it did mine.


Doug Brody
PGA Head Professional
Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club,
Home of the Buick Open


If You Want To Have A Guaranteed Secret Weapon To Blind-Side Your Golf Buddies, And Consistently Shoot Lower Scores, Don't Pass This Opportunity By!




The program is called "Better Golf... Right Now! - 397 Tips, Techniques and Strategies To Improve Your Golf Game Today"


And it's not some generic book you find at the book store. One with pretty pictures, but little in the way of golf instructions that you can actually understand and use.


Better Golf... Right Now! is a digital multi-media program that's like having your own golf coach tell you not only the basics of playing golf, but also all the cool insider tricks, tips and techniques that the top golfers use to shoot consistently great scores.


You'll uncover all kinds of exciting tips... from how to develop a deadly short game to how to play your best golf at all times... even in competition or bad weather.


This is a complete and easy-to-understand 240 minute audio program that shows you how to become a better golfer…right away... frequently without even changing your golf swing. The audio format allows you to learn while you are driving your car, walking, jogging or at home.


And you get it delivered in digital format straight to your computer in just seconds so you can get started right away!


The program is designed to not only improve your golf right now, but to also be a ready reference at any time in the future. Pull it out whenever you need it. At the beginning of the season...when you're in a slump...before a big golf event...or just whenever you want a quick refresher.


If Better Golf... Right Now! Helps The Pros And Instructors, Think About What It Can Do For You...

Cut Months Of Struggling
And Strokes Off Your Game

I don't care if you've never made a birdie in your life.


It doesn't matter if you're an average golfer trying to lower your handicap, or a beginner wondering how to best go about getting better, or if you're a competitive golfer looking for an edge to beat the competition.


None of that matters.


The ONLY thing that matters... is your desire to get better.


There is absolutely no sane reason why you should waste weeks of your own life attempting to learn the hard way.


Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get you where you want to go.


Hi, my name's Dave Cushion. And I can show you how to play better golf...right now!


In fact, 46 years of my life have been spent playing, learning and mastering golf. I've carefully observed the beginners, the pros, and most especially, the "average" golfers. The struggle to become a good golfer is often aggravating and absolutely frustrating.


I can teach you tips and strategies to shoot lower scores right away...in easy to understand terms... that are part of an overall plan to help you become a better golfer. That's my forte!


"Definitely Helped Me
Improve My Golf Game"

"I recently acquired your series of tapes "Better Golf...Right Now!", and wanted to let you know that the information has definitely helped me improve my golf game.


In particular, the sections on "How to Improve Your Mental Game" and "How to Improve Your Putting and Chipping" have been most beneficial.


I think the one important thing you stress is to "take action".


My last few rounds, I've really worked on not being too hard on myself for less than perfect shots, and it has helped to prevent one bad shot leading to several more.


I'm also using some of the putting games you described, and am working to develop a consistent pre-shot routine.


Even though I have a 1 handicap, I believe these tips will absolutely improve my results.


By the way, I thought you might like to know...I just shot 65 today."


Carl Bond
1 Handicap
Surprise, Az

Unique Program Format With A
Professional Sports Anchor

To liven the program up, I brought in popular TV sports anchor, sports talk host, basketball announcer and avid golfer Tim Staudt. Tim is a sports announcing legend in the midwest and very well-respected in the sports and golf communities.


This gave us a great format to talk about what it takes to become a better golfer.


Now this was not some helter-skelter little chat about golf. 


We worked from a well-planned script so that we wouldn't leave any important aspect of playing better golf out.


Tim really got into it and asked all the questions you would probably like to ask. Tim's a good golfer, so he definitely knows what questions to ask.


Sure, he wanted to know all the hidden tricks that champion golfers use. But mostly, he wanted to know how to shoot lower scores without months and months of practice.


So that's just what we did!


We created a program that gives you literally hundreds of tips and strategies that will enable you to shoot lower scores next time out. And you won't even have to change your swing.


And it's in audio, so you can easily listen to the conversations practically anywhere.

What Makes This Golf Program
Different... And Better?

First... the tips, techniques and strategies that you'll learn are aimed at helping you play better golf right now...not after 6 months of uncomfortable swing changes...but right now...in your next round of golf!


Second...You really don't have to change your golf swing to see a dramatic improvement. And let's face it, most of us don't have the time or patience for it. We just want to play better golf.


Third... Everything you learn is explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Even the difficult topics are very easy to grasp, and apply.


Fourth... You get my personal coaching to ensure that you DO become a better golfer. What other golf programs do you know that'll give you that? You see, I not only enjoy helping others learn how to play better golf but I get tremendous satisfaction from it...


I take it as a personal challenge to make sure I do everything I can to help you shoot lower scores. Your golf game will improve, I guarantee it.


The Only Purpose Of This Program Is To
Help You Lower Your Golf Scores!

It's not a program to cure swing flaws (but I'll show you the best ways to go about doing even that).


In short, the program includes hundreds of tips, techniques and strategies (I lost count at 397, but it's more than that!) that'll enable you to play Better Golf...Right Now!


Everything you'll learn is easy to understand and really works. And will work forever! After all, if it can work for me and many others, it can also work for you.


In just a few short minutes, you can be pouring yourself into...

NINE Information-Packed Modules Loaded With Tips and Strategies That Will Enable You To Easily Start Shooting Lower Scores In Your Very Next Round! - Guaranteed!...


Here's just some of what you will discover...


Drop Your Scores the EASY Way

I'm going to reveal to you my simple E.A.S.Y. method for lowering scores. You'll find out what EASY stands for. And you won't ever forget it.


This is a sure-fire, four-step method for improvement. And it works right away - for any part of your golf game! It's simple... almost obvious... but you'll be amazed at how it gets results!


The Simple And Fast Way To Improve Your Short Game!

The fastest way to lower your scores is to improve your short game, that's a fact.


Playing great wedge shots, chipping it close to the pin, hitting bunker shots stiff to the hole, and putting out of your mind will now become a reality for you.


You'll discover:

17 short game secrets on how to immediately lower your scores
How to control the distance of your wedge shots and why it is so important
5 ways that you can easily and accurately vary your wedge shot distance
How to choose the right wedges for your game
How to effectively practice your short game Ways to actually have fun with the short game
How to putt better all the time, not just when you're "on"

17 Proven Techniques To
Improve Your Mental Game

Golf may be the toughest game of all to play mentally.


But most golfers don't know how to improve their mental game. Even the pros are just now starting to spend significant time working on their mental game.


This section will show you how to improve your mental game so you can start shooting lower scores right away!


You'll uncover:
5 mental techniques for playing your best all the time. 4 things you must do prior to each shot or putt. What to think about when you have a shot with trouble up ahead. 3 things you should do after a bad shot. What to do if you are in a slump or burned out. 7 techniques to use just before a tournament.
In addition, you'll learn 13 other specific places to get expert help for your mental game! And we'll give you a 4-step action plan to help you get started right away so you can begin shooting lower scores the next time you play.


How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs
Specifically For Your Game

There is no one-size-fits-all for golf club selection. Or golf balls for that matter.


So, included is a section devoted to helping you determine what your ideal golf equipment should be. Best of all, it's in simple terms.


Here's just a few of the things discussed:

Clubhead design
Utility clubs
And I almost forgot… I'll also reveal:

7 critical things you need to know to select the best possible clubs for you (this one alone can save you hundreds of dollars).
Best… but seldom used… place to get your clubs.
Most popular online discount golf sites.
Wait, there's more on golf clubs...


How To Optimize Your 14 Club Arsenal
To Lower Your Scores

If you're playing by the rules, you know you can only carry 14 clubs in your bag. So you probably have a standard set of woods, irons and a putter.


But nowadays with all the extra clubs available to choose from… utility woods… specialty wedges… fairway woods… there's a lot of combinations and confusion.


So how do you know what'll work best for you? I'll make this a little simpler for you. I'll go through a logical process of determining which clubs will give you the best chance for shooting lower scores.


You'll be able to determine the following:

Do you need a third wedge? Or even a fourth?
Should you carry a 1-iron?
Do you need a 5-wood…or 5-metal as the TV commentators like to say?
What irons should you carry?
What woods should you carry?
What types of wedges should you be using?
What loft and bounce should your wedges have?
After you see this (and much more), you'll be using the club combinations that'll give you the best chance of shooting lower scores.


How To Play Great Golf In Tough Competition

Has this ever happened to you? You enter a tournament…show up… play your rounds… and place in the middle or even bottom of the pack.


Or you're playing in your regular Saturday game... and you just stink! Maybe even lost a Nassau bet or two.


You know you could've done much better. But you definitely didn't have your A-game.

And here's the sad part...


You know you can play better! You just don't know what the heck to do about it.


You probably don't even know that there are simple steps and techniques that'll help you play your best golf in nearly every round.


Do you think Tiger just shows up for an event? Not hardly! His preparation is becoming legendary.


So you need to learn how to do two things to help you play better in competition:

Get better prepared to play in the event.
Learn how to play better in the actual competition itself.
You're going to see in great detail how to get yourself ready for competition. That's the first part. You'll learn how to be totally prepared.


And then, you'll discover the finer points of playing great golf in the heat of the battle. You won't mind being "under the gun" any more.


In fact, you'll thrive on it!


Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn:

11 essential things you can do to get yourself ready
21 great tips and strategies to help you during competition
5 great ways to quickly fill up your "experience" bucket
And, oh yes, let's not forget you'll learn about playing better in:

Match play
Stroke play
Partnership golf
Anyway…you get the picture. You'll learn all this and much more.

In fact, you're going to learn lots of things to help you play better in:

LeaguesGolf outings
Weekend games with perhaps a little wager on the line

You'll Practice More Effectively Once You Learn
These Pro Tips, Tricks, And Practice Aids...

Maybe you don't really like to practice. That's OK. I understand. But if you really want to take your game to the top… you guessed it… practice is essential.


But wait… who knows… once you start shooting lower scores you may find the urge to practice irresistible.


So for those of you so inclined…you'll find out about:

How to practice and get results
When to practice
What to practice to lower your scores
How often to practice
Practice tips and tricks
Practice aids

7 Things You Need To Know
Before You Take A Golf Lesson

Had lessons before, but you never got the benefit you thought you should from them?

You're not alone!


If you are going to spend the money on lessons, I think you should get your money's worth.


So you've just got to hear the section on getting the most out of your lessons.


Simple, common sense stuff. But, oh so valuable!


Because you need to learn the 7 things you need to know before you take a lesson…so you can get the most out of it.


How To Play Better Golf In
All Kinds of Bad Weather

Picture yourself playing golf with your favorite foursome. It's 78 degrees, blue sky with a few white, fluffy clouds. Slight breeze. Your favorite golf course.


That's what we love about this game.


But, guess what? Golf is played outdoors and the weather isn't always quite that nice.


I live in Michigan…so I definitely know. Spring and fall golf are frequently played in foul weather.


November golf is downright cold.


So what do serious golfers do?


They learn how to play in it. And that's what you'll learn. How to play your best in bad weather.

I'll show you not only how to play better in it, but also how to use it to your advantage.


You're going to learn:

7 secrets to a better mental game in bad weather
12 tips and strategies for playing in wet weather
15 things to do in cold weather
7 key tips for playing in the wind
7 more great tips for playing on very hot days
I'll wrap it up by giving you a clear-cut, action plan to prepare you for playing in bad weather. And you won't dread playing in it any more..


You may even look forward to it. Because you'll have the edge over your opponents.


Discover The 4 Super-Simple Ways To Improve
Your Health And Fitness... Enabling You To Play Better Golf...
and Live a Healther Life!

Want to play pain-free golf? Or not become tired on the back nine?

Better Golf…Right Now! will:

Show you 4 ways to improve your health and fitness
Reveal 3 great resources to quickly heal an injury
Reveal how you can use the same top expert in healing sports injuries that the pros use (and at an affordable cost)
In addition, I'll talk about:

5 unique places to learn more about fitness and golf
13 books and videos on golf fitness
7 step action plan to get you fit so you can play your best golf ever
Hey, that's just the tip of the iceberg of all you're going to get from "Better Golf...Right Now!"


Discover 7 Proven Ways To
Develop A Solid Golf Swing

Next you are going to learn how to go about improving your swing.

I'm going to:

Show you how to find the right teaching pro
Reveal 4 places to find the best teaching pro
Reveal 5 great products for improving your golf swing
Describe 8 types of golf swing learning media
Reveal 47 great golf products to help you develop a better swing
The Bottom Line Result... You Shoot Lower Scores!

This course is brand new, but even so, you don't need to take my word for it because thank you letters are already starting to come in (this is where I get my real satisfaction)...


*** Going Live in 2 Days! ***



"Beginning To See Improvement
With My Game"

Dear Dave,


I have been playing to a 16 handicap over the last few years and would as most golfers, like to lower this. I have listened to your tapes several times and have had a chance to incorporate parts of it into my practices and rounds of golf and am beginning to see improvement with my game.


The area that I am noticing the most improvement is with my wedge game. By using your tips, I have become more comfortable knowing that I have other options to help me get closer to the pin from inside 125 yards.


The second area that I am working with is the mental game. The tips on your tapes not only encompasses visualizing the shot, but the entire rest of the game including swing and the course you are going to play.


I am looking forward to trying other ideas that you have brought up in your tapes. I will be using them in the future and each year."


Phil Merlie, 16 Handicap
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"We liked the straight forward,
common sense approach you have. "

Dear Dave,


Your program "Better Golf Right Now" was well worth it. Both LeRoy and I enjoyed hearing some good tips to improve our game as well as getting more motivated to take the action necessary to succeed in our improvement efforts.


We liked the straight forward, common sense approach you have. You have helped us in our goals to improve.


We have been playing most of the summer with tips and ideas suggested by you with very good results.


We are continuing to implement your tips and strategies into our game, as well as our practice sessions, and believe we will achieve greater results because of your program.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!"


Pat & LeRoy Chapin
The Villages, FL

Six Reasons To Believe What I Say

One: You need to know, I've been there… in your shoes… wanting to be a better golfer. I can relate to your frustrations. I can feel your desire to play better.


Not to brag, but I'd like to give you a few of my credentials here. I've made myself into a very good golfer... a winning golfer. I am 60 years old and my handicap is 1. I play competitive golf. And I have for over 37 years.


So I can teach you from experience.


While I don't like to toot my own horn, let me just tell you a little about me.


I've won many tournaments in my career (and still winning them). Here's a brief look at just some of my accomplishments:
Member - Lansing Eastern High School Hall of Fame Member - Greater Lansing Area Bowling Hall of Fame
2-Time winner of Walnut Hills Country Club Match Play Championship
Walnut Hills Country Club Invitational Champion- Championship Flight
2001 Senior Club Champion (shooting 70-68 to win by 4 shots)
Many local best-ball championships (including City Championship)
6-Time winner of the prestigious Boyne Country Invitational Championship (3 as Mid-Senior and 3 as Senior). This tournament is played in Michigan, and draws golfers from as far away as Texas, California, South Carolina, and Canada. (This one is also a best-ball format so I can't take all the credit. But so are the Ryder Cup and World Cup matches and everyone considers winning those matches a worthy accomplishment. Besides, consider this your first tip…it sure pays to have a great partner. And I do. In any event, it should give credibility to our tips on playing partnership golf.
Two: I've been coached by the best and have learned extensively from them. Here's just a few of the top instructors who have personally fine-tuned my game and taught me so much:

Dave Pelz - Putting and Short Game Guru to the pros.
Rick Smith - One of the top-rated coaches of the pros.
Mitchell Spearman - Noted golf coach who spent several years with David Leadbetter.
Dr. Deborah Graham - Golf and Sports Psychologist to the pros.
Dr. Hugh Bray - Noted Sports Psychologist to many athletes and professional teams.
John dal Corrobo - Former tour player and Director of Golf at Michigan State University
Doug Brody - Head Pro at Warwick Hills, Home of the Buick Open
Three: I'm not going to make impossible promises, like you will hit the ball 50 yards farther. We both know claims like that are all hype. I don't know anything about you… your skills… or your desire. So I'm not going to make any such outrageous claims.


But I will tell you that my product will quickly improve your golf game or your money back!


Four: I've developed the E.A.S.Y. method for improving. I used it to not only get better at golf, but to win golf tournaments. And I'll show you this simple, but awesome technique that you can apply to improve at any part of your golf game.


Five: I know how to help people play better.


I've spent my entire golf career helping others. I enjoy it and people think I'm good at it!


And now... with the aid of the internet... I have an opportunity to help you and I very much look forward to it.


I get tremendous satisfaction from watching those whom I've helped go on to great success.


Six: I'm accessible. I'm a real person. You're not just buying a golf program. You're getting a part of me. And I'm reachable. I give you my phone number and my address.


And it's a real address, not a P.O. Box. It is:


Expert InfoProducts LLC
3953 Norway Pine Drive
Dewitt, MI 48820


My office number is (517) 896-8700.


Get Immediate Access To This Stroke-Saving Program In Just Seconds!


You get immediate access to the entire 240 minute audio program and bonuses in just a matter of seconds.


And you get it delivered in digital format straight to your computer in just seconds so you can get started right away... and be shooting lower scores in your very next round of golf!


You can't get started playing better golf much faster than that!


*** Going Live in 2 Days! ***




Here's a quick look at the 9 info-packed modules that you'll get...

Module 1

Introduction, The E.A.S.Y. Method of Improvement, Getting Instruction, Golf Aids, and Top Resources!

Module 2

More Top Resources, Golf Schools, How To Choose The Right Equipment For Your Game

Module 3

Developing a Sound Mental Golf Game

Module 4

How To Play Your Best In Competition

Module 5

How To Play Great Golf In Foul Weather

Module 6

Health and Fitness - Easy Ways To Increase Flexibility and Strength and Shoot Lower Scores!

Module 7

Short Game Wizardry - Advanced Putting, Chipping and Bunker Play

Module 8

Beginner Wedge Play, Advanced Wedge Play, and How To Choose Your 14 Club Arsenal For Lower Scores!

Module 9

How To Practice With a Purpose - Proven Techniques To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Practice Sessions - Guaranteed!



Wow! That's 9 Amazing Modules Chock Full Of Innovative Stroke-Saving Tips, Techniques and Strategies That YOU Can Use Right Now!

Now you've got to understand...this is not just 240+ minutes of audio about golf. This program will show you the solutions to your golfing problems. It'll answer your golfing questions.


With this program...

You'll Play Better Golf Not Just In Your Next Round...
But For The Rest Of Your Life!


100% My Risk
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You Will Not Find An Easier, Faster, And Less Expensive Opportunity To Become A Better Player Anywhere Else!

I'm so positive that this program will make you a better golfer that I'm willing to take all the risk.


If you don't think this program can help you play better golf, all you have to do is ask for a refund.


The way I figure it is if you're not satisfied, it's my fault, not yours. So, why should you have to pay anything for it. You have absolutely NO RISK WHATSOEVER!


And I'll even give you 60 days - that's 8 full weeks... to check the program out.


Put it to the test.


Take just a handful of the strategies and techniques you've discovered, try them out, and if you don't see where they'll help you shoot lower scores, just send me a note and I'll send your full payment right back to you. And I'll say "thanks anyway" for giving it a try.


Look, I know my product may not be for everyone--that's why I'm giving you this 8-week guarantee.


What could be more fair than that?


And you can even keep the "Golfer's Rolodex of Resources." My gift to you.


It's that simple.


You have nothing to lose. And a lot to gain... (like beating your buddies!)



But I'll go even further to make sure
"Better Golf... Right Now!" works for you...


Since I guarantee your game will improve in 60 days or I'll give you your money back, you better believe I want you to succeed!


So much so that I'm going to give you some really valuable bonuses that will that will leave you with no excuses for not playing better golf.


Please take advantage of what I'm about to offer you... it is an extremely limited offer that really shows my commitment to you.



The Following  Bonuses Will Practically Guarantee That You Shoot Lower Scores!

(These bonuses are valued at $164 - but that doesn't include
what playing great golf is worth to you!)

Bonus #1 - Personal Coaching by Phone
($37 Value):

That's right. I'll personally see to it that you do start playing better golf. This is simply an offer you'll not get anywhere else. It's my way of giving you something really special.


You get a (30) minute telephone consultation. This gives you personal coaching from me and allows me to really help you with your golf game. And you won't believe how much we can cover in a half-hour.


You call me up at a pre-arranged time and we'll discuss anything you want to help you improve your golf game or to further supplement the Better Golf…Right Now! program.


I am currently charging $75 per hour consultation fees but you get it free with the program. However, with business growing at a hectic rate, time is becoming tight. So, in fairness to my clients, I may not be able to continue to offer this bonus offer much longer.

Bonus #2 - Personal Coaching by Email
($30 Value):

You get e-mail consultations with me. This is a great benefit, especially if you're in a hurry or it's just more convenient to use e-mail. You can ask me questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, usually within 24-48 hours.


This bonus is good for 4 email consultations for 8 weeks after you purchase the program. To be honest, I doubt I'll even keep track of them but I have to put this in because I simply don't have enough time to become "penpals" with those who might abuse this valuable bonus.


Remember, I want to help those who are serious about getting better, so if you have an extra question or two... I'm sure I'll answer you.


But, as with the phone consultation... I may remove this bonus at any time.


So, get in now while I am still offering it.

Bonus #3 - Golfer's Rolodex of Resources ($97 Value):

You get my Golfer's Rolodex of Great Resources. This is my list of over 97 books, audio, video, DVD and CD programs that will enhance your golfing experience.


I have included a short review of most of them for you so you don't have to waste your time deciding which ones to get. And it may even save you plenty of money by helping you avoid disappointing purchases.


I spend several hundred dollars each year on these products to keep up to date. Not everything out there is worth the money. But I'll show you which ones are.


Now, I need to point out...


Because the consultation bonuses require a lot of my time... I unfortunately can offer only a limited number of them. Pretty soon I may have to eliminate them altogether so I can devote my time to helping those who are already "in".


So, check them out - but realize they may not be here tomorrow.


You need to act fast to make sure you get yours!


Where Else Can You Get Product Support Like That!


PLEASE NOTE: The bonuses that come with Better Golf... Right Now can be more valuable than the program itself.


You won't get support like that from books or other golf training programs, golf schools, or most golf lessons.

My time is naturally limited, and I may have to take down the consultation bonuses at any time without warning .


If you are serious about improving your game, and are interested in my personal help to do so, please order right away to assure you get priority direct access to me by phone for the 30 minute free consultation - and for the email consultations.


I'm a little nervous about offering these as I may have overextended myself.

But, if you still see this offer, you are not too late, and I do look forward to working with you!

So Is It Going To Cost An Arm And A Leg For Me To Play Better Golf... Right Now?


The short answer is NO! But... the question you need to ask yourself is...


"What Is Playing Great Golf
For The Rest of Your Life Worth To You?"


The price of "Better Golf... Right Now!" is just $97.


But, as a part of the introductory "launch drive", you can get it for only $67.


It’s cheaper than just one hour with a club pro… and way cheaper than a piddly one-hour-and-see-ya-later with one of the “name” teaching pros. I know… I’ve been to ‘em and I’ve paid ‘em.


When I was learning the game, I would have jumped at an offer like this to improve my playing and drop my scores fast... for a measely $67.


Remember...when get better at golf, it becomes far more fun, far more satisfying, and a whole lot less frustrating.


So, I think you'll agree... it's definitely a bargain at $67! But, be forewarned. The price will go up - just the phone and email consultations are worth more than this.


Please don't wait too long. As more and more golfers are taking advantage of this unique program, the time I have available for personal coaching is becoming less and less. Very shortly, I will be forced to raise the price.



Since you have 8 weeks to try it out 100% RISK FREE - don't you think playing better golf for the rest of your life is worth giving it a test?



Ready To See Your Game Improve?

"YES Dave! I Want To Start Playing
Better Golf... Right Now!"

Special Introductory Price!

Save $30


(Regular price - $97.00)

Here's All It Takes To Get This
Golf Program Guaranteed To
Help You Lower Your Golf Scores...

1) Click the order link below - then click on either Order By Credit Card, or Order By PayPal

2) This will take you to a 100% safe, secure server - follow the simple steps (even a child could do it - it's easy), plus I am just an email or phone call away if there are any problems.

3) Once your payment is processed, you will receive a payment confirmation email and also be taken to an order confirmation page... it's as easy as that!


*** Going Live in 2 Days! ***
Secure No-Risk Order Form


(all major credit cards and Paypal accepted
through our  Secure Server)

You'll get everything I have listed above ($231 of real world value) for only $67.


And you will learn from my 46 years experience and benefit from the thousands of dollars I've paid the top level coaches to learn their very best tips and strategies.


All for only $67 at this time. That's less than a round of golf with a cart at most courses nowadays.


Don't let another season slide by without
doing something about your golf game...


You'll be stunned by how fast you'll start shooting lower scores.


"I Know Your Game Will Improve... That's A Personal Promise To You"





Dave Cushion

P.S. This is your chance to discover the golf tips, techniques and strategies that’ll help you play better golf right now - not after 6 months of painful swing changes - but right now... in your very next round of golf… guaranteed!


And everything’s explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms - plus you get my personal coaching to make sure that you do become a better golfer. No other golf programs under $100 give you that… let alone the time of day!


P.P.S. If for any reason these tips and techniques don't help your game just like I've promised, then simply request a full money back refund.


Ask any golf instructor if they'll make you that same deal!…


P.P.P.S. Don't forget… I'm committing my time to helping you by giving you two great consultation bonuses. But as my business grows the demands on my time will grow, and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to offer the consultation bonuses.


[]"Better Golf... Right Now!" ...
Download It Now Directly To Your Computer!

"Better Golf... Right Now!"

*** Going Live in 2 Days! ***


Secure No-Risk Order Form

(all major credit cards and Paypal accepted
through our Secure Server)

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