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"Swimming for Seniors"
Swim For Life!

Learn how to get fit and stay fit for life with a activity anyone can participate in!

Swimming has long been recognized as a great fitness activity for all ages, but especially for baby boomers and seniors.

Regardless of your fitness level, swimming or acquatic exercise is an excellent way to keep healthy and have fun. You can take acquatic classes with your friends. Or, if you want a more active approach do lap swimming. Many ways exist to benefit from water fitness.

People with all types of illnesses and injuries can participate; those in wheel chairs, people with arthritis, knee problems, and many more physcial difficulties and problems.

Even if you don't have a special need swimming is great for your health! Swimming is recognized as one of the best cardio exercises possible. And you don't have to be an Oympic swimmer to receive health and fitness benefits.

Don't know how to swim? Anybody, any age can learn to swim or participate in acquatic classes.

Swimming is just plain fun!

It's a great way to cool off or spend time with family and friends. Even if you don't have your own pool, most communities have public and private pools available at little or no costs. Look for a swimming pool at your local school, community college or university. Fitness and wellness centers and local recreational centers also have pools.

Why Swim?

Anyone can swim regardless of age or health Swimming is a great cardio exercise You can benefit in a short period of time. It does not take hours to receive greater fitness
You can exercise in a variety of ways; acquatic classes or lap swimming or two options. It costs very little in clothes or equipment. Many pools have all the equipment you need for free. Don't worry about being able to find 'something that fits'. Clothing companies have suits in all styles for all ages.
Bonus for buying now!

As a special bonus we include a water exercise workout created for baby boomers and seniors written by a certified fitness instructor with experience in swimming and water fitness!  

Swimming For Seniors includes such topics as:

What specific health benefits swimming and water aerobics classes offer
How To Choose the Water Workout for you
What to look for in an instructor and facility
how to get started
what equipment is useful and necessary
lap etiquette
how to stick with a program
what physical ability you must have to participate
and more
For only 14.95 you can change your fitness life!
This is less money than a tradeback book.

Are your ready to swim to live?

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You can't lose with our 100%,
money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our sixty day money-back guarantee.  If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within sixty days and we'll send you a refund. 

Don't decide now if "Swimming for Seniors " will help you or not.  Try it out for sixty days - risk free.  

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It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 a.m. in the morning! 
(Everything downloads to your computer in a matter of minutes! It is a pdf file so you will have to have a copy of Adobe Reader to read it. New computers have Reader already installed.

Get in better shape today. Have fun and stay healthy. Enjoy life all your life by participating in this life long exercise for all ages; toddler to seniors.

[Start today! Order Now! ](http://1.fitnessnet.pay.clickbank.net/)
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Swimming for Seniors and Baby Boomers - a great exercise and sport

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