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Rocket Speed Training On A Budget!

Finally, Discover How To Create Million Dollar Speed & Agility, With Only The Change In Your Pocket!


The Low-Budget Alternative for sports & fitness training!
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How Would YOU Like To Create A Speed & Agility Training Device, one that helps you save $111 or more? Discover how this alternative to other speed & agility gadgets can save you LOADS of money, & improve your sports conditioning like never before! Trainer Rick Karboviak is proud to introduce to the world, the versatile & innovative... 2.0 The Rocket Feet Trainer, Version 2.0 Create this, and many more items by yourself, for pennies! Are you tired of spending hundreds on hurdles, ladders, and more cumbersome gadgetry? Why not create something that's all-inclusive: Something that gives you multiple combinations of ladders, hurdles, and other agility drills! This Amazing Creation is known as the: Rocket Feet Trainer, 2.0! You can create it by purchasing the Rocket Speed Training On A Budget Guide 2! The original Rocket Speed Training on a Budget Guide was created back in 2003.  It created a unique speed ladder & hurdle combination, called the Rocket Feet Trainer.  Now, its creator, Coach Rick Karboviak, (of http://speeddialcoach.com ) has done it again, by creating an EVEN BETTER version of his Rocket Feet Trainer speed & agility device! The RFT 2.0 allows you to do all the things of the original Rocket Feet Trainer, plus it can transform itself into: A 'Snake' Hurdle formation to work on multiple angles & directions An 'Octagon' Hurdle formation to work on body control & awareness (there's nothing quite like this formation, anywhere!) A Straight Line Hurdle formation, for doing lateral jumps & bounds over, while moving forward as well! Watch this 3 minute Video to discover a sample of its many drills!   It's a Space Saver, too: It all collapses into a design that can fit into a regular gym bag! - Constructed out of 1/2" cold-water PVC pipe & connections that you get at the hardware store, its easy to create, and very cheap to replace if it breaks on you accidentally. Save yourself the time & worry about how many hurdles, ladders, and things to get in order to train for your sport.  Learn how to create, AND TRAIN with, the Rocket Feet Trainer 2.0! The RFT 2.0 is perfect for backyard practice & indoor practices for athletes. Coaches can create MULTIPLE RFT's for team training drills! Fitness trainers can use it for group "boot camp" training classes, the list can go on & on! Sports Performance Trainers: Use this to save hundreds on your equipment budget, and use the multiplicity factor of this device to train your teams! Even More for Athletes: While all your opponents & friends are contemplating over the next speed & agility device to purchase, you'll be saving money, and training with so many different workouts, all on one, easy-to-create device! (You can make it for well under $10 with a trip to a hardware store!!!) Plus you'll be saving HUGE Loads of Money by doing so! Imagine what you can spend all that savings on: The money that you'll save can be used on things like private training sessions, camps, clinics, and other things that will enhance your game.  It's too bad that your opponents will have wasted all that money on ladders, hurdles, belts, and will have no additional funds to get more instruction.  Too bad for them. But GREAT for you! Even More for Coaches: If you are looking for the Best Dang Bargain on Speed & Agility, this is it! Create the RFT 2.0 for less than $10, learning many more drills in the process, all to enhance the speed & agility of your athletes! Even More for Fitness & Sports Performance Trainers: This is perfect if you are just starting out on a shoestring budget in your training business.   You can create a very inexpensive training device, learn more drills, and use this to compliment your vast knowledge of training! This guide is so amazingly functional, it could easily have a $97 price tag on it. It shows you how to create many great conditioning & training tools out of one, simple homemade device. But, Coach Rick Karboviak is a coach that loves to help people get the biggest "Bang for their Buck". When you order this Guide, you'll get: The "Rocket Speed Training On A Budget 2" Guide ($97 Value) A Free Email Coaching Consultation with Coach Rick Karboviak ($17 Value!) A FREE "Jump Rope Workout" Postcard Solutions Guide ($7 Value!) A Free "Power & Control" Postcard Solutions Guide ($7 Value!) That's $128 worth of SOLID Training Information, Workouts, and Solutions. And all its going to be for an investment for your speed & agility is just the LOW Price of: (Was $27, now:) $17! ( Save A Cool $111! ) Order right now, before your competition does & gets the best of you! Wait just a quick second... Check out one more fantastic offer below! P.S. : Coach Rick Karboviak Says -  Where else are you going to find such a fantastic bargain on all the speed/agility items you can make with just ONE Rocket Feet Trainer 2.0? You'd have to purchase a set of a dozen small hurdles, an agility ladder that always gets messed & tangled up, and a host of other trinkets you don't need. You just need ONE solution to it all: The Rocket Feet Trainer 2.0. As one more bonus, I'll even toss in the ORIGINAL Rocket Speed Training On A Budget Guide, giving you even more tips on how to make performance-enhancing items with another trip to the hardware store! (The RSTOB Guide Shows you how to make these items for pennies as well...) Just look at all the items you can create, with simple, inexpensive PVC pipe, all in this SUPER, 75-Page Collection! I challenge you to find a more valuable speed & agility resource than these 2 Guides! This is the only Speed & Agility Package that saves so much, it literally pays for itself, over & over! Like I said, you can't match a better deal than this entire package gives you! Order NOW! Click The Link Below To Order: http://1.rstob2.pay.clickbank.net Website Owners: Join the Affiliate Program & make 50% for every sale of this package... http://rst.speeddialcoach.com/affiliate.html Help your clients & athletes out with money-saving tips & techniques for at-home or on-site speed & agility training!    

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