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DeskShare provides innovative and affordable software products to help you excel. All products are available for a Free [trial download](download.aspx). Select the name of a product to learn more.

  [](dmcpro.aspx)   [Media Conversion Software](dmcpro.aspx)     [The ultimate media file converter that supports the most video and audio file formats.](dmcpro.aspx)   [](dmcpro.aspx)     [](wcm.aspx) [](wcm.aspx)   [Motion Detection Software](wcm.aspx)   [Turn your PC and Camera into a Video Security and Surveillance System](wcm.aspx) [](wcm.aspx)     [](amc.aspx)
   [Videos and Photos Software](amc.aspx)
[](amc.aspx)    [ Automatic! Intelligent movie creation and photo slide show software. ](amc.aspx) [](amc.aspx)     [](msrpro.aspx)   [Create Demos and Flash Presentations](msrpro.aspx)   [Professional screen recording software that captures your desktop activity to make AVI, WMV and Flash presentations](msrpro.aspx) [](msrpro.aspx)        DESKSHARE PRODUCTS Video Editing Software     [Auto Movie Creator](amc.aspx) - Perform video editing with a few simple drag and drop operations!

[Video Edit Magic](vem.aspx) - Give your videos a makeover. Turn your videos to professional works of art. [

Video Edit Magic Express](vemexp.aspx) - Makes video editing as-simple-as possible for everyone.

PC Desktop Recorder   [My Screen Recorder](msr.aspx) - Capture your PC screen activity to AVI format. [

My Screen Recorder Pro](msrpro.aspx) - Powerful screen recording software that creates presentations and demos with audio narration.

Email Response Management   [Email Responder ](er.aspx)- Intelligent email management software for customer support and marketing teams.

Speech Tools   [Text Speaker ](ts.aspx)- Turn text documents into MP3 audio or read them aloud on your PC.

Email Address Validation   [Smart Email Verifier ](sev.aspx)- Validate and clean your email address lists.

Video and Audio Conversion   [Digital Media Converter](dmc.aspx) - Convert media files between all popular formats.

[Digital Media Converter Pro](dmcpro.aspx) - The ultimate media file converter that supports the most conversion formats.

Video Surveillance   [WebCam Monitor](wcm.aspx) - Motion detection software that turns your PC into a Video Surveillance System.

[Security Monitor Pro](smp.aspx) - Professional video surveillance software with support for multiple IP cameras

FTP Client   [Auto FTP Manager ](afm.aspx)- Advanced FTP client to automate file transfers.

Video Publishing   [Video Caster ](vc.aspx)- A complete video publishing package makes sharing your videos and photos on the Web, easy.

DVD Burning   [DVD Author Plus](dap.aspx) - Advanced CD and DVD burning software that supports all types of CD's and DVD's.  SOFTWARE UPDATES  [DVD Author Plus](DAP.aspx) [v1.3](download_details.aspx?ID=31)9 May, 2009  [Digital Media Converter Pro](dmcpro.aspx) [v2.42](download_details.aspx?ID=30)4 May, 2009  [Auto Movie Creator](amc.aspx) [v3.21](download_details.aspx?ID=25)23 April, 2009  [WebCam Monitor](WCM.aspx) [v5.16](download_details.aspx?ID=12)15 April, 2009  [Security Monitor Pro](smp.aspx) [v3.16](download_details.aspx?ID=24)15 April, 2009  [Text Speaker](ts.aspx) [v3.01](download_details.aspx?ID=32)9 April, 2009

recent articles
[Create High Quality YouTube Videos](Resources/articles/amc_TheBestSettingsForCreatingHighQualityYouTubeVideos.aspx) [Reducing Video File Sizes](Resources/articles/dmcpro_ReduceFileSize.aspx) [Record Internet TV and Internet Radio Shows](Resources/articles/msrpro_Record_Internet_Radio.aspx) [Setting up a PC video surveillance system](Resources/articles/wcm_setup_PCvideosurveillancesystem.aspx) [Converting your video files to play on the Apple iPod](Resources/articles/dmc_converting_files_for_iPod.aspx) [Use FTP Software to Automate File Upload / Download](resources/articles/afm_Setting_automatedFTP_actionrules.aspx) [Setting up a Multiple-Station Surveillance System](resources/articles/smp_MultiplePCs_Backup.aspx)

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[Free Trial Downloads ](download.aspx) - Evaluate software before purchase. [DeskShare Software Trial Pack CD](SoftwareCD.aspx) - Save download time. Get all trial versions on a CD. [Online Resources](Resources/resources.aspx) - Read DeskShare product articles, tutorials, and manuals. [Support Forums](Forums/default.aspx) - Find in-depth information about our products and share knowledge with forum members. [Contact Technical Support](contact_tech.aspx) - Dedicated support team provides timely and efficient help with installation and use of DeskShare products. [Tutorials and Manuals](Resources/tutorials_manuals/tutorials_manuals.aspx) - View step-by-step tutorials and read our product manuals to learn at your own pace. [DeskShare Newsletter](Resources/Newsletter/newsletter.aspx) - Get news on the latest product updates, tips, articles, and much more.     WEB SERVICES [Video and Audio Hosting Services](http://www.videodesk.net) [Project and Task Management Services](http://www.projectdesk.net) [](http://www.videodesk.net) Video hosting service Email your video Play video on your Web site Make your own play list Customize your media files [Visit VideoDesk](http://www.videodesk.net) [](http://www.projectdesk.net) Project management Task management Resource building Email notification Report generation [Visit ProjectDesk](http://www.projectdesk.net/)
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