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"Give me just 5 minutes -
And You'll Discover Why Over 8,351
People Are Already Profiting
From Keywords Analyzertm ...

...and how YOU can too!"
- Goran Nagy

Forget the agony and frustration of trying to research profitable keywords yourself… and finally discover the stunningly simple secrets behind top internet marketers’ profitable ventures. If you're as lazy as I am, and just want to jump into an online business and start generating massive cash (and humiliate your buddies, who doubted you could make one red cent online, along the way), you're gonna LOVE this…

From: Goran Nagy
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want to whip your competition with the most effective keyword analysis tool on the market today, then this is the most important message you’ve ever read.

What you’ll possess after reading these words is the TOTAL solution to your keyword problems.

Before I get into all the details of how Keywords Analyzertm dominates the market, let me share with you the behind the scenes look at this breakthrough software...

Here’s the story:

For the past few years now, there’s been a rush to get online and cash in on the low hanging fruit. Many have made huge sums—with little, to no competition in their niche. Well those days are over — we’ve entered a time in internet marketing that demands you know what the heck you’re doing.

The old way of doing things online was to…

1. Go to Inventory.Overture.Com type any niche you could possibly think of…
2. Do your detective work to uncover the profit potential of that niche…
3. Create some low budget product …
4. Set up an Adwords campaign…
5. And collect checks on autopilot while you sleep!

… sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that game is just about over with. The days of “quick cash” are extinct!

The Low Hanging Fruit Game Is Gone…
It’s Getting Crowded Over Here!

You should know if you’re in a quiet niche, all by yourself, cashing in on good money with no competition — those days are numbered.

With the advent of massive corporate greed, resulting in huge job cuts, and increasing employee workload…

The spike in gas prices, that analysts say won’t EVER go back down to under $3.00 a gallon…

And the 3 hour commute times, people face everyday just to get back and forth from work…

…Is making the online business model look like the solution to the dissatisfied masses. And frankly it is—but only if you have the right weapons in your arsenal.

With the massive pilgrimage towards online businesses, niches are crowding like sardine cans. And that means, what used to be an easy pay day, is now going to take some really hard work.

The problems lies in the choice of tools you have to do the job. By using free keyword tools gives you no competitive advantage. Your competition may be using the same tool. This creates a frustrating scenario—either you get wise to the game… or… give up the online business dreams and head back to work for somebody else!

Here’s How To Get Your…
“5 Days To Keyword
Mastery Ebook”
Absolutely FREE! Sign up now, and you’ll instantly be sent 5 Days To Keyword Mastery! You’ll learn things like… How to unlock the floodgates of FREE targeted traffic…

How to write kick-butt Google Ads…

How to get the major search engines to fall in love with your site… and keep coming back for more…

And much, MUCH more! It’s simple to get access to this FREE information. Just type your name and email address in below and the next time you check your email box, you’ll get your first of 5 lessons!

Name:Email address:
I hate spam as much as you do. I promise to never share your email address with anyone—ever.

The Lazy Mans Way To Keyword Research

You need a competitive advantage in the ever crowding online marketplace. You need good keyword research, and competitive analysis, and the ability to uncover what ads the market clicks on—and a strategy to beat your competition. To do all this manually used to take hours upon hours every week!

When people first started getting hip to the fact that the days of low hanging fruit are over with, they started to employ these tactics. But what a pain in the butt it is to do manually.

You‘d have to spend hours behind a keyboard, trying to be your business’s spy, seeking out what your competition is doing. And to make matters worse, when you were doing your research…

You Weren’t Getting Paid A Dime!

So here you are, doing what needs to be done to be successful online, and it’s sucked up hours out of your day.

You Don’t Have To Suffer
This Dreaded Process Anymore!

The days of struggling with keyword analysis are gone forever. Ever since my partner and I hooked up, we’ve eliminated the long drawn out process to successful keyword research.

Introducing: The Hottest Keyword
Research and Pay Per Click Analysis Tool…

Keywords Analyzertm
There’s no other software that offers as many tools to uncover highly profitable keywords... and niches!

Just to give you an idea of how powerful this research tool is, take a quick tour of what it will do for you…

Spy on your competition...
Analyze if you can beat them
with the click of a mouse!

Isn’t that a quick way to uncover whether or not your competition is beatable? Heck yeah it is! And better still, you’ll quickly see exactly what you need to do, to get a better organic search engine ranking.
So now you can...
Instantly spy on your competitor’s webpage for each & every keyword… Expose your competitor’s blind-side to a sneak attack by you… You’ll know immediately whether you’re up against a pro or a rank amateur… SEO scanning leaves them nowhere to hide… They won’t even know you’re there… Legal / Ethical cutting edge competitive advantage… And much, MUCH more!

15 Seconds To Endless Niches!

In just a couple of seconds Keywords Analyszer can pull up thousandths of keywords.
Unlike most of the other other keyword tools or services you can get thousandths of keywords from one starting seed keyword.

A Treasure Chest Of Endless Niches!
For example, if your seed keyword is "poster" then not only you get first 100 results or 200 resutls, you'll get literally thousandths of keywords including niche keywords like:

kings and queens of england poster
grey gardens movie poster
how to make a poster in powerpoint 2007
how to make a poster look like an oil painting
how to frame a poster

These "HOW" keywords are what's particulary interesting since these are real problems from real people which are willing to pay money to solve their problems.

And Keywords Analyzer offers some unique filtering tools to filter through all results to find out those "how to" keywords.

2 Mouse Clicks To Tap Into
Your Prospects Mind

Here you won’t have to spend hours upon hours trying to “get into your prospects mind”… Keywords Analyzer does it all for you. Everyone knows “backdoor” keywords (keywords your prospect would be searching for too) are yet another way to generate leads for your online sales. Well, before using KA, you’d have to spend hours brainstorming what your prospect “might” be searching for—now it’s done for you in seconds!


Let's say you sold BBQ Pits. What else is your prospect searching for that is relative to your niche?

Lawn chairs, how to build decks, home gardening, and a ton of other stuff.

Another example:

If you are into mobile business, using "Nokia" as your seed keyword, you get what potential customers are searching for, like: mobile phone repair, mobile phone guide, mobile phone games, mobile applications...

With Keywords Analyzer, you no longer have to spend hours upon hours brainstorming these words. Now, in just 2 simple clicks, you can do it all... completely on autopilot!

Spy On Your Competition
In 2 Simple Steps

You’ll get to spy on your competition, see what they’re bidding… and even get a peak at the ads they’re running—all from your desktop! You won’t have to do the tedious work of jumping in and out of search engines “spying” on your competition. Now you’ll click the mouse, and in seconds, you’ll get a detailed “spy” report, that will reveal exactly what your competition is doing!

All because we analyze the top four Pay Per Click Search Engines…
Google MSN Yahoo Search Enhance And Miva
Once we tap into the search engines, Keywords Analyzer mines out all relevant data from these sources. It extracts every keyword, and even…
Reveals if we were the first to pull Google bids… Shows us live links straight through to competitor websites… Then is lists all destination URLS… Finally, you can view all competing ads on each and every search engine!

Uncover Foreign Profits In 5 Steps

With just couple clicks of your mouse, you can view what others in different countries are buying. Better still, you can expand your businesss outside of your own language settings, and not have to guess about it. All the information you need is just 5 clicks away!

Never Run Out Of Niches...
They're Just One Click Away!

This tool guarantees you’ll never run out of ideas to profit from. Just click the button, and thousands of opportunities open up for you!

You can brainstorm completely new commercial ideas without even using a seed keyword – just run the brainstorm search and Keywords Analyzer instantly gives you a list of commercial keywords with data from which to explore new niches!

Seamless integration with
WebWords, Wordtracker,
Keyword Discovery, Wordze and Google's Keyword Tool

Even though Keywords Analyzer stands its own ground in keyword research--and really does everything other “paid” subscription services do… you can seamlessly integrate keyword lists from WebWords, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery and Wordze with no problems—none!

Easily Exclude Any Words
You Want From Your Keyword List

Here's yet another tool you WON’T find in any other keyword research tool! This would be so difficult to do without Keywords Analyzer most people just wouldn't do it. Now you it can be done with ease... and you can kick back, and relax while Keywords Analyzer does all your work. Here’s how it works:

There are 2 filters…

#1 The Simple Filter: this allows you one expression along the lines of “include this keyword”…or… “exclude this keyword”… this allows you to use laser targeting precision to tap into exactly what your market is looking for—that’s a HUGE advantage is you’re a serious marketer!

#2 The Advanced Filter: this is a much more powerful feature. It allows multiple strings, that really break down enormous keyword lists into lots of niche lists. This is a life saver for highly valuable, closely targeted Pay Per Click campaigns.

Example: Let’s say you query a list saying, “All keywords including this specified word, which has less than 8 Adwords campaigns, more than 10 000 searches per month and less than 5000 results”.

The filter will then sort the main list according to your instructions and only return those results which you can export with []’s and “quotes” to Adwords. This is yet another extremely valuable part of Keywords Analyzer … are you beginning to see how much your business will profit from this?

Here's How To Profit
From Your Market's Mistakes!

Here’s where it gets even better. Are you drooling yet? Do you see the workload this software saves you from. In fact you couldn’t do all this and still make a profit. You’d be too busy doing keyword research all day, and wouldn’t have time to make any money.

This feature, you WON’T find in any other keyword research tool lets you cash in on the most incalculable variables in internet marketing — the human factor! You’ll get keywords that are purposely misspelled, that won’t have any competition in, that allow you to laugh all the way to the bank!

Here’s what each element of this feature does for you…
Keyword Permutations – explode your initial keyword phrases with all their permutations and cover all the bases… Remove Duplicate keywords from a list – “Dedupe” … Exclude words – shows you the words that are present in one list but not in another list… Misspellings – five different misspelling variations for each and every keyword… Correct Keyword Order – if you need to reorder jumbled keyword lists into a correctly ordered phrase, then this tool will do it for you – totally unique to Keywords Analyzer!

… and that’s just the beginning!

Now, with Keywords Analyzer, you can do your keyword research right from your desktop. You’ll tap right into your competition’s site, uncover their weaknesses, and then exploit it. This strategy will skyrocket your bottom line, and position you as the expert in your field.

All because of this breakthrough software, you can scout out your opposition without them having a clue!

With Keywords Analyzer, you’ll no longer have to be stuck with one project. You won’t have to be locked into some subscription service you only use once, but pay for month after month. And you won’t be left in a lurch while your competition kicks your butt and takes your profits!

Any question you have about this software (ever) will be answered quickly. Just log into our exclusive question and answer customer support center, type in your question… and quickly as possible your question will be answered!

Better still, we have a host of questions that have been asked by our over 8,351 customers who’ve bought Keywords Analyzer. You can also search there for the answer to your question in a snap!

Never again will you have to buy the next “new” thing when it comes to keyword research. Any time something new hits the market we get our programmers on it right away. Then in a couple of days, you’ll get special email that instructs you how to download your latest updates!

Finally, you can get a complete keyword research tool, with the backend support you need to run a successful online business!

Here's A Brief Look At What Others
Are Saying About Keywords Analyzer...

“This Is The Best Keywords
Analyzer I’ve Ever Seen!”
“This is the best Keyword Analyzer I’ve ever seen. I just got around to looking into it and I have to tell you I am impressed…

…filters, web addresses, rankings, density, I am sure…I am missing a bunch more features!”

Joe Dale
www.cashtrust.com ------

“Words cannot describe my feelings
apart from absolutely brilliant…”
“I run a UK agency, dealing with 40+ different PPC client accounts to increase their ROI.

Thanks for all…Keywords Analyzer was my first (2 years ago) and last investment into PPC tools!”

James Carroll
PPC Manager
www.ppcman.co.uk ------

“Keywords Analyzer is absolutely the best…
bar none”
I have used just about every keyword tool there is to be found to enhance my marketing edge. The Keywords Analyzer is absolutely the best… bar none.

I rely on it daily to seek out niche words with highly searched keywords with low use by other advertisers. Not only that but I can “see” what my competition is doing with their advertising and plan more strategies to market in.

I am given results in real time for the top PPC engines. I have increased my Network Marketing team by exploiting words in a cost efficient manner. I was sold on the Keywords Analyzer in less than 5 minutes of use!

David Ferguson
www.successbydesire.com ------

"The most comprehensive keyword
research tool I have ever used"
With Keywords Analyzer, you can get the results from several popular keyword research tools - all within this one incredible program. Singular versions, plural versions, SEO info and competition analysis - PPC details - you name it! It is THE MOST comprehensive keyword research tool I have EVER used.

Lynn Terry
www.SelfStartersWeeklyTips.com ------

“I’m absolutely blown away…”
I’ve just downloaded and started using the latest version. I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by the wealth of new features.

www.thewebguy.co.nz ------

“I'm hooked!”
“I've just come back from a heart-pounding pace of keyword research using your fully loaded, armed and dangerous Keywords Analyzer. And let me tell you, KA cut through whatever I threw at it like a hot knife through butter.

But first, before I consider purchasing, trying or even downloading any type of software, I have some really simple criteria. It's got to be easy to use, easy to understand -- understand that I hate reading manuals -- and this software has to let me get going and start doing whatever the software does right out of the box (after installation).

Installing KA was fast, easy and a breeze. Without even feeling the impulse of hitting the "Help" button -- I was doing my first search. Exhilarating — without even having to enter an account username or password.

Now, let me tell you. . .

I personally disregarded any type of desktop application like KA because I preferred using a database service like WordTracker.

Whereas most people tell you how great Keywords Analzyer is for analyzing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, my praise is more toward the ability of KA to gather large keyword lists. The mutliple-level search allows me to dig deep by entering one keyword -- and depending on the niche -- grab a list thousands of keyword phrases long -- absolutely brilliant.

I can tell you that you are asking way too little for Keywords Analyzer as it can easily compare to a lifetime account over at WordTracker — and WordTracker runs over $300 per year.

That doesn't count the extra functionality and number crunching it does with Google Adwords and the other PPCs. Anyone who doesn't see the time-saving benefits in Keywords Anaylzer at the price you offer has got to be delirious.

What's even more jarring is that I was able to compile 9 keyword lists in one single day that would normally have me taken 3 days with the other service. That's 3 times faster than the pay-for service I would keep paying for—over and over.”

Jim Morris
NicheBOT.com ------

"What really impressed me
is the outstanding service you provide"
KeyWords Analyzer is absolutely amazing, I'm generating 10X the keywords faster with your software than any other tool I've used, but what really impressed me is the outstanding service you provide, I was blown away by the quick response to my email and the expert advice you provide.

Brad MacCallum
Calgary, AB ------

"I Give it two thumbs up!"
As someone who manages AdWords campaigns for clients professionally, I'm a skeptical consumer when it comes to new products that claim to do all the tedious keyword searching work for you. But this one is a gem.

Keywords Analyzer gives you instant access at the touch of a button to a huge array of databases, which will save you an enormous amount of time and tedious gruntwork. Doing wide searches and narrow searches both is easy to understand, and quick and effective.

The numbers are spot-on, the statistics are clear and useful, and the results are thorough as can be. Best of all, with a single click you know exactly what your competitors on AdWords are doing.

So many features, so much data, in such a short time! The research and data collection time has been cut by a third with this outstanding tool.

I give it two thumbs up!

Bryan Todd, Services
www.perrymarshall.com ------

“Highly recommended!”
Keywords Analyzer is a thoroughly useful piece of software and reasonably priced. If you use pay -per-click advertising, or want to optimize your website for best search engine results, it's an easy to use tool that should be on your "must have" list.

Highly recommended!

Steve Pronger
www.stevepronger.com ------

New Choices For The Market
Until now, your choice was limited to Adwords Analyzer. Now, Goran Nagy, a talented programmer from Slovenia has come up with some competition. Keywords Analyzer is certainly going to give AA a run for its money.

Andy Williams
www.ez-search-engine-optimization.com ------

“Excellent Product”
KeyWords Analyzer is an excellent product. It has some very strong features that are simply not available anywhere else. The unique features of Keywords Analyzer and direct support from the author does make it stand out amongst its peers.

Affiliate Advocate Score: 10/10

Niall Roche
www.affiliateadvocate.com ------

“Advanced And Very Useful Features”
"I've reviewed quite a few versions of Keywords Analyzer by now and each time Goran Nagy (our master programmer) has surprised me with a set of new advanced and very useful features.

Keywords Analyzer is one of those applications that went from 'great' to 'even better'"

Henrik Flensborg
www.keyword-optimization-tools.com ------

Keyword Research Has Never Been This Easy!

Remember, as a business builder, your number one asset you must protect at all costs is your time. And there’s no bigger a waste of time than not having the proper tools to do the job.

Trying to do what Keywords Analyzer does for you, all by yourself, is like trying to dig the Grand Canyon with a spoon—it’ll take you a lifetime, and you won’t complete the job!

In addition to that, you must be savvy enough to measure how much your time is worth as a marketer. Yes, you must do your keyword research… but do you have to revert back to tactics from 2001? Not anymore you don’t. You can now get Keywords Analyzer —a tool with no comparison in the market—for just $97.

Don’t allow yourself to slip backwards and waste your time using different tools to accomplish what Keywords Analyzer will do for you. This tool alone can save you thousands of dollars in man hours. All because of the perfect integration of all necessary information you need when analyzing keywords and niches.

And because I’m so sure you won’t find any other keyword research tool on the market that does what Keywords Analyzer does, I’m guaranteeing this software in 3 different ways.

Is Someone Spying On Your Business Right Now?

I’ve already sold thousands of copies of this software. What are the chances some savvy marketer is scoping out your business right now? Heck, maybe they’re doing it in their spare time, and just considering your niche.

Well, if you have Keywords Analyzer, you won’t have to worry about competition stealing your niche our from under you. Someone will come by, use this tool to analyze your site, and head elsewhere. They’ll see you’ve got your head screwed on straight, and you’re got all your eggs in the basket—and you’re watching them like a hawk!

Don’t let someone come by and steal your business. It happens quite often. And because of this breakthrough software… it can happen really fast.

You’re At A Fork In The Road—
The Decision You Make Now, Determines Your Future!

You’ve reached the point now where you’re going to have to make a decision. You’ve come to the end of the single path and reached a split in the road.

This is a pivotal point in your online marketing business. Two things can happen here…

#1 You can easily use your mouse to click out off this page. Then you’ll return to the old tactics of using the free tools online everybody else uses and have no distinct competitive advantage. And you’ll always wonder how business would be if you had this weapon in your arsenal…


#2 You click the button that says “Click Here To Get Keywords Analyzer” and immediately begin using this tool. And you’ll quickly see how simple and effective it is. Then you’ll be on your way to whipping your competition.

Don’t make the wrong decision today. It’s a mistake you’ll look back on and kick yourself in the rear about. You’ll always wonder “IF”…

If I would have had Keywords Analyzer could I have seen this competitor coming…

If I would have been using this breakthrough software, could I have reached my financial goals quicker and with less struggle…

Don’t make this mistake. Get your copy of Keywords Analyzer today—your bank account deserves it.


Remember, there’s no other keyword research tool like Keywords Analyzertm on the market. With the back end support giving you FREE updates for eternity, you just can’t beat it.

You’ll get to..

Tap into the major search engines and unlock all the best keywords for your niche… in no time flat! Spy out your competition’s site and strategize just where you can beat them… Uncover endless layers of keywords to forge open new untapped niches… And much, MUCH more! Don’t delay your success, order Keywords Analyzer now for only $97.

100% No questions Asked Iron Clad Guarantee

Guarantee #1 If after giving Keywords Analyzer a fair try, you find that this software isn't an important key to your online business building — then I’ll completely refund every penny you’ve invested…

Guarantee #2 If you can find any other software on the market, that does all of what Keywords Analyzer easily accomplishes for you—then I’ll quickly return all of your money…

Guarantee #3 If you’re not completely satisfied with the results you get from Keywords Analyzer—then I’ll completely refund your money.

Go ahead, give Keywords Analyzer a test drive for 60 days. And if on day 59, at 11:55 PM you no longer want to use this breakthrough software to help catapult your profits, then just drop me an email, and I’ll swiftly refund every cent you’ve invested.

That’s how confident I am about the total market dominance I have with this breakthrough software.



Goran Nagy
Keywords Analyzer

P.S. Your keyword research has just gotten easier. The time you’ll have to spend in analysis has been drastically cut. There’s no doubt about it, you won’t find any other keyword analysis software like this on the market—ever. We focus on being the industry leader… and not an autopilot online business. We’re there for you, with constant updates when things change online. And you can be assured… things do change online. So hurry, grab your copy, and dominate your niche!

P.P.S. If you want to profit from your online business venture, then this software is your golden key to success. Don’t hesitate to make a small investment—anything that you find free online isn’t worth the bytes it’s stored on!



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