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Cunnilingus - The Complete Guide to Pleasuring Her
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Confused about Oral Sex? Not too sure about performing cunnilingus
or unsure of what to lick, suck or nuzzle? Still asking yourself
exactly where the clitoris is?

Maybe you’re looking for a complete guide to cunnilingus and
satisfying your lover orally and sensually? Perhaps you’ve tried a
couple of techniques you might have heard about, done something to
disguise the taste, she might have even faked it. But fear not, I’m
here to help.

If you can become a master at making her orgasm before you have sex,
then the pressure is completely removed during sex. She’s already
satisfied and you’re free to go for however long (or short!) you
like. Whether it’s trouble in the bedroom, you finishing first all
the time, or trying aimlessly to pleasure your wife, lover or
girlfriend, this user friendly guide is for you.



The solution to your problem is simple. More simple than you can
imagine. You don’t have to be an Adonis in the bedroom, be hung like
a giraffe, or have the stamina of a marathon runner.

The simple techniques and solutions outlined in my e-Book are easy
to follow, fool proof, and written in a way you can understand.

The Best On-line Resource for Cunnilingus

_The Complete Guide to Pleasuring Her_ is better than any current
resource online available. I’ve scoured the net and reviewed every
article available. Other resources only hint at techniques or what
turns her on. This e-Book has been written with the help of a string
of very openly sensual ex-girlfriends. It has been written with you,
the reader, in mind.

Not only will you become a master at oral sex, but you will also
know what makes her tick, when it ticks, when to avoid oral sex and
some mind-blowing tricks that will drive her wild. Sexual satisfaction
can improve every facet of your life.

What’s Inside

Inside the book, you’ll find out about; 

* Your Lover - When is she most aroused?
* Anatomy - All of your questions answered.
* Techniques - Some masterful techniques, what to do and when to do
* Myths - Dispelling myths about giving your lover fantastic oral
* Communication - The key to heightened arousal.  


Testimonials? Really? I’m not going to BS you, most testimonials
are fake! Honestly, who is going to buy an e-Book, and then write a
testimonial for it?

What I can tell you is that you’ll be reading an honest, frank,
educational font-family: arial">This is something you should have read
a very long time ago.




What have you got to lose? I’ve enjoyed writing this e-book and
being able to share what I have learnt with you. I’ve had the luxury
of completely open communication with a string of ex-lovers and now I
can share this information with you.

I challenge you, as I already have; search online far and wide, to
find a resource as detailed and information packed on the topic of
cunnilingus as The Complete Guide to Pleasuring Her.

Feel free, research for yourself, and pornography doesn’t count,
they’re faking it! Once you’ve exhausted all of your online
searches, comeback and enjoy my e-Book.




In the Privacy of Your Own Home

If you order today, you’ll be enlightened to a whole new world of
giving. If you order today, I will also recommend some of my favourite
resources online for improved sex and arousal in the bedroom.

This e-Book is $15 US, why is it so cheap? I’m here to spread the
word. The low price tag covers the operating costs of the website
hosting, the sales fees and a small margin.

Once you pay, you will be able to download the PDF e-Book instantly
at any time of day or night, all in the privacy and comfort of your
own home. The e-book is in industry standard PDF format which most
computers are able to read. No special software is required.


Content copyright 2009. Michael Davis. All rights

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