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The Athlete's Mind


The Key to Being a Successful Athlete is Achieving Your "Ultimate Performance Zone" Every Time You are in Competition!

The Athlete's Mind shows you what you need to do in order to find this state of mind that gives you the advantage over other athletes! You are about to take the first step in being the best athlete you can be and reaching your full potential!


Are you constantly losing to opponents who you know you should be beating?

Do you suffer from the yips in golf?

Are you ready to learn and master the one key ingredient to success that you have been lacking?

Do you fall to pieces when you are in competition?

Can you jump higher, lift more weight, are faster and more agile than you opponents but still lose?

Are You Ready To Achieve Your Full Potential as an Athlete and Get the Results that You Have Been Training For?


What is The Athlete's Mind?

Then "The Athlete's Mind" addresses one of the most neglected aspects by athletes of all levels and that is to understand the power of the mind and why you will be able to achieve your "Ultimate Performance Zone" on a more consistent basis. You can spend countless hours on the practice court, practice greens or on the playing field but until you are able to learn how to achieve your "Ultimate Performance Zone' on a consistent basis you will always suffer from the very frustrating ups and downs in performance levels.

Why is it called "The Athlete's Mind?" Quite simply this book focuses on the specific needs of the athlete and is written by a former professional athlete and coach along with special comments from a Sports Psychologist. Forget about those theory driven and research based books that can only be read by experts in the field of psychology. This book has been written from an athlete's perspective and as a result the end product is one that provides the reader with an easy to read style and format that covers every aspect of being successful as an athlete.

My name is David Horne and as a former professional athlete I realised just how important it was to achieve the right state of mind every time I went into competition. This should be the goal of every athlete; however, over the last 15 years of training and coaching athletes i found that athletes devoted 90% of their time to working on preparing their body physically, as well as working on the technical and tactical aspects or their sport and very little time on getting their mind ready to perform at the highest levels.

As an Exercise Physiologist I was primarily responsible for designing the fitness and training programs for athletes. Don't get me wrong as this is an essential element in match preparation but i soon realised that there was no one else preparing the athletes mentally for competition.




To Be Successful on a More Consistent Basis,

You Need to Learn What the Triggers are that Help

You Achieve "Your Ultimate Performance Zone"




Why did I call it the "Ultimate Performance Zone?" Well, Just about every athlete has heard about "Being in the Zone" and playing at their very best and often exceeding their expectations. The "Zone" is a very general term that needs to be more specific for each individual athlete and defined by known characteristics that an athlete can work towards achieving each and every time.

The Ultimate Performance Zone is different for every athlete. Unlike other sports psychology books that treat every athlete as the same and provides a generic plan for "success", The Athlete's Mind teaches you what you need to do in order to be in your "Zone" and trigger the key responses and playing state that works for you. After reading this book you will be able to put pen to paper and devise your own plan that specifically meets your needs in taking you to the "Ultimate Performance Zone."


What is Success?

The rewards that come with success can be life changing. Whether they are the financial rewards or ultimately the feeling of being successful, having a high self worth and being able to hold your head up high knowing that you have accomplished and achieved a goal on a personal level! Success should never just be judged by monetary gain; rather success is:
Being able to enjoy what you are doing in your sport, Success is achieving goals and then formulating longer term goals to be achieved. Being able to consistently perform each required skill at a level that is demanded of the athlete when in battle. It is the ability to consistently produce their best performance day after day and to continually improve. It is the ability to maintain a high level of performance when faced with various challenges whether from within or from an external source.

What are These Key Elements of Success?

No 1: Achieving your "Ultimate Performance Zone" on a more consistent basis!

Achieving a high level of confidence and self belief

Visualization and imagery

Dealing with anxiety

Being able to deal with adverse situations that may arise during competition

Goal setting

Being accountable for your own sporting career



Developing mental toughness

Controlling emotions

Improving pre-game routines

Dealing with performance slumps

Self-belief, monitoring self-talk and body language......................and many more key points are discussed in the book!




People Don’t Win Because They’re Physically Stronger.
It’s Because They’re Stronger Between The Ears!

Alex Shaffer - Alpine Skier



The Ultimate Performance Zone! What is it About?

When you can understand the concept of achieving your Ultimate Performance Zone in competition then you will become more successful not only as an athlete but also in your personal life! All athletes should strive to perform in their ultimate state of mind where they are allowed to play at their very best. The tough part for an athlete is that they do not know how to reach this state of mind or why the difference between winning and losing can be this key and often neglected component of being successful!

The Ultimate Performance Zone (UPZ) is different for every athlete so it is up to you to work out how to achieve your UPZ, what affects your UPZ, what you need to do to be in your UPZ and why you will be amazed by the results after spending some of your valuable time addressing this "mental" aspect of your sport.

Why spend countless hours in practice mastering your technical skills and improving your physical fitness levels while neglecting one of the most important components to being a successful athlete. Many coaches ignore the "mental aspects" of training as they don't understand what's involved and what is required to become a mentally tougher athlete.

Most of the books out there on the market are just too technical, complicated and are not reader friendly. This is where The Athlete's Mind differentiates itself from those books. The Athlete's Mind stays away from those long winded theories and the research jargon often found in books. This is a book based on years of experience and provides you with practical information and insight into taking your game to the next level by learning how to achieve your "Ultimate Performance Zone."

Forget about those authors that claim that they have the "Secret to Success." There is no secret - just proven knowledge that hasn't been available to every athlete - until now! This information is shared with you in "The Athlete's Mind."

Forget about the hype and realise that at some point in your sporting career you have probably realised that you were in your Ultimate Performance Zone but have found that you are not able to achieve that state on a consistent basis. That's why after reading this book you will become more aware of what works for you and how you can create your own plan of success rather than some stranger telling you how to do it when they have never met you!


By Reading this Book:

You will learn how to become a more successful athlete and perform at a higher level on a more consistent basis.

You will learn about all of the key elements that are required to be at your very best mentally.

You will learn about how to deal with performance slumps.

You will be motivated to achieve your own personal goals regardless of what they may be.

Learn how to better deal with stressful situations.

You will learn about the "Ultimate Performance Zone' that I have created which allows you to have a plan of action rather than wandering aimlessly without guidance.

You will learn about the importance of imagery and why it is quite simple to implement into your daily routines.

The power of positive self-talk will not only improve your success in the playing arena but also in every day life.

You will learn about how negative issues in your own personal life can be affecting your success as an athlete.

See why you must devote more time to the "mental" side of being an athlete.

If you are a coach or are in a leadership position you will learn about what it takes to be a successful leader.




“Our behaviour as an athlete is often determined by our previous experiences and how we dealt with those experiences. It is these experiences from past performances that can often shape what will happen in the future. It is for this reason that you learn and move on to be more mentally stronger as both an athlete and as a human!”

David Horne




Table of Contents (includes just some of the topics discussed):

Chapter 1: Your Ultimate Performance Zone (UPZ)

Chapter 2: How to be successful as an athlete

Chapter 3: Goal setting

Chapter 4: Confidence and Dealing with slumps in performance

Chapter 5: Motivation and an athletes drive to succeed

Chapter 6: Determination and overcoming adversity

Chapter 7: Concentration

Chapter 8: Dealing with stress, anxiety and pressure

Chapter 9: Visualization / Imagery

Chapter 10: Mental Toughness

Chapter 11: Leadership and athlete recruiting strategies

Chapter 12: Dealing with a cheating opponent - Strategies

Chapter 13: Developing routines as an athlete

Chapter 14: Personal accountability as an athlete

Chapter 15: Ultimate Performance Zone - Model for success

Chapter 16: Your formula for success as an athlete - 10 steps to success!

Chapter 17: Words of Wisdom from the world’s most successful people (quotes)





What Will You Gain by Reading This Book?

After reading this book I hope that you become even more inspired to succeed in your chosen sport and in life. I also hope that you become better educated to improve your sporting abilities through spending some time working on the mental side of being an athlete.

Whether your goal is to make a club team, win a school championship, be a successful and inspirational leader or make it to the highest levels of your sport; you will gain more enjoyment and satisfaction from knowing that you did your best to reach your full potential. You will do this by achieving your Ultimate Performance Zone when in competition.

Start right now by reviewing and setting your goals. By doing this you will feel an immediate sense of power and feeling of being in control of your own sporting career. You will become more motivated and determined to achieve your goals which will bring about great satisfaction.

You have two choices: One is to act and put in the effort required to succeed in whatever you do; or you can sit back and cruise through life with many regrets and wondering “what if?” Choose to be great and this will transfer over to all aspects of your life whether it is in your personal life, working life or sporting career!

All the best with your sporting goals and I hope that you remember to keep it “fun” as you work your way towards your ultimate goal!

David Horne



So What's The Bottom Line.......

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Bonus eBooks: (Yours FREE when you order The Athlete's Mind)

(1) Sports Quotes eBook - Words of Wisdom from The Greatest Sports Men and Women (Volume I)

Do you love quotes! Well, now you will have access to the greatest quotes from some of sports legends and the worlds most influential people. These quotes are individually presented on their own page so that you can print each quote and put on your wall or hand out to your athletes. These motivational quotes will help you see how even the most successful athletes struggle through the times as well only to pull through and dominate their sport.


(2) Sports Quotes eBook - Words of Wisdom from The Greatest Sports Men and Women (Volume II)

More great quotes! Volume two contains more great sports quotes from some of the greatest athletes, coaches, managers and legends such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Pete Sampras, Vince Lombardi and more!


(3) Funny Sports Quotes - A collection of over 100 of the funniest quotes of all time

Along with the great quotes that just happen to come out at the most perfect times so do those quotes from athletes who just happen to put their foot in their mouth. These quotes will be sure to make you laugh and see how even the champion athletes have a tough time in saying what they really want to say!



Easy Delivery of the "The Athlete's Mind"

This eBook is in an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) format. Once you have purchased the ebook you will be directed to a secure page where you will be able to download the "The Athlete's Mind" immediately. Just about every computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their computer. However, if you do not have the reader then you can download it for free by clicking on the Adobe web site.


Instant Access

No need to wait weeks for delivery, you will have "The Athlete's Mind" eBook within minutes! You will be able to download the eBook once you have completed the simple payment process.


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I wish you all the best in your sporting career. I hope that by reading this book you will be able to take your game to the next level and achieve your ultimate dreams!

David Horne




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