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I’ve travelled to  more than 60 countries around the world for
business and pleasure. Working directly with telephone companies has
given me tremendous technical and commercial insights into how they
run their business to maximise the charges for international calls.
I’ve actively participated in developing the systems which allow you
to use your mobile phone in most countries worldwide.

But I’m still shocked at the outrageous charges for using a mobile
phone abroad. I’ve witnessed first hand the extortionate hotel phone
rates. Returning home, I’m amazed at how quickly large bills can be
run up - unseen and unknown whilst you were away.

Over time, I’ve developed many ways to avoid paying these high
charges - whilst still keeping in touch and responding to calls from
friends, family and colleagues promptly.

I’ve distilled the wisdom acquired from many trips to far flung
parts of the globe and developed a series of hint, tips and tools that
have been tried and tested over the years.

I’ve written this down in an easy to read style which can be
easily understood and applied by any traveller.

Once you’ve read about these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to:

* Make international calls for only a few cents per minute
* Use your hotel phone to make calls, saving up to 96% of the
* Keep the same number for your mobile phone when abroad, but save
over 90% of the cost of making calls

* Be able to give a local phone number to your colleagues and
friends to contact you.
* Run your business from the beach, whilst still being accessible
via your own local numbers in cities around the world

What others said after reading our book

I saved $175 on just one business trip. The tips here are worth
their weight in gold.

I was able to make long calls home and spoke to all my family
without constantly worrying about the cost, or asking them to make it
short. Thanks for making my trips less stressful for both me and my

My boss was shocked - at how low my phone expenses were after my
last business trip. Another of my colleagues had racked up charges of
over $1000. In the current economic climate, I stood out by saving
huge amounts, but was still seen to be accessible on my mobile phone.

I had no idea there were so many ways around the system. I knew of
some of these, but this book had many that were new to me. It’s also
up to date with the latest possibilities.

If you use the techniques explained in this guide, you can easily
save many times its price - again and again on each trip. Let’s say
you call home for just 10 minutes a day:

* Using a mobile phone, you could easily be paying $1.50/minute or
* That’s $15 per call
* $100 a week… and just for one call a day.
* We’ll show you how to get the same service for less than $4 for
the whole week - a saving of 96%.
* You’ll save the price of this guide on every trip, over and
over again.

I’m so sure you’ll be able to benefit from the many tips and
tricks included in the guide, that we’ll make this offer to you. If
you can’t reduce the cost of your calls by the price of the book,
I’ll refund the full price and let you keep it. No questions, no
hassle, just a full refund. I’m so sure that you will genuinely save
money, that I’ll keep this offer open for 3060 days from purchase.

The current price has been kept low as a market test to see if more
people can share in the benefits of my insider knowledge. Others have
said its crazy for me not to charge much more - the book will easily
pay for itself many times over. I can’t guarantee to keep the price
this low for much longer - it may be double the next time you look for

For a trial period, I’ve reduced the price of this eBook. Although
you can save $100 or more on your first trip, this book costs only
$79, $49, $39. Yes, just a remarkably low $39 which might be saved on
your first few calls home.

You can be reading this eBook in just 30 seconds. Just click on the
button below to buy today. ClickBank sells our products - they are a
trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.

PS: International phone calls from travellers is the top profit
earner for most mobile phone companies. Don’t let them rip you off -
just do a few things mentioned in this book to start saving enormous
amounts on your call charges.

PPS: You don’t need to lose touch with friends, colleague or loved
ones. Make it just as easy for them to call you - also at low rates.

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