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Free online guitar lessons by Melbourne and London teacher
Justin Brown


Click for information on private guitar lessons in St Kilda,

This site is a resource for free online guitar lessons. Private
tuition is
not always possible so I have set this site up for those who
cannot, for whatever reason, get guitar lessons. It is free for
everyone but,
like other free sites, if you could make a donation which will
enable it to
stay free, that would be great. You can donate using the tab at the
right funnily enough called 'donate'! Seriously though, lessons are
expensive and it has taken hours and HOURS to complete this site so
donations from those that can, really do help for those that cannot.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and sometimes my home town in
England. I am a session musician and professional guitarist, having
gained years of
teaching experience. I run short courses for guitar at TAFE and
teach from my
purpose built home studio in St Kilda, Melbourne. Online free guitar
lessons are
great but private one on one tuition is beneficial if you really
want to improve,
go to my page for private lessons information.


I will keep this up for a bit - It's finally here. After Months of
working on it my 10 week beginners course is now in the
page as a digital download. Also available is a selection of
. All for crazy low prices. Examples of
the Table of Contents and Week 1 can be found here too. Rock on!!

27/04/09 - NEW SONG - It's Not Fair by Lily Allen in songs section.
I got a request from a guy called Tom off Twitter to do this as
it is a girl he likes favourite song and it will guarantee some
Well here it is (a strange choice coming from me) but Tom,
good luck with the action!!!
26/04/09 - NEW SONG - Heart of Gold by Neil Young added to the
songs section. This is a 'must know' for every guitarist!!!
24/04/09 - A guy that bought the book is kindly doing a week by
week review of it for me. See how it is going on the forums here
21/04/09 - Not being lazy. Working on some stuff for here.
18/04/09 - I have included the and most of
of the 10 week beginners course in the products section
for you to use as an example
15/04/09 - NEW SONG - Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chili
Peppers added to Band songs
14/04/09 - NEW SONG - Buzzin' by Shwayze in Songs Section. Man
I love this tune!!!
14/04/09 - NEW SONG - Stan by Eminem in Songs section. Bit of a
Hip Hop feel today!!
13/04/09 - NEW SONG - Kings of Leon - 'Sex on Fire'
added to songs section
12/04/09 - Chord Construction and harmonised major scale updates
to page
08/04/09 - added. Plus scroll down to the bottom
of this page for some information on a group I feel really strongly
06/04/09 - NEW SONG - Sunshine Of Your Love included to
- The first song I ever learned!!
05/04/09 - I have put up 10 singalong songs in the section
from The Beatles and John Lennon to Outkast and The Verve. Go
and check them out. It is a big update.


Justin Brown - info@justinbrownguitar.com

Love Music Hate Racism

I am an avid supporter of this group. There is absolutely NO place in
this World for racism and it needs to be
stopped. This group used to be called 'Rock against Racism' and are
now known as 'Love Music Hate Racism'
which perfectly sums up the way I feel. Age, location and ignorance
have never been an excuse, and especially
not now. They are based in the UK and put on great shows and
festivals in the UK, but I would like to think that
their values and beliefs can be extended World wide.

I absolutely hate the arrogance that comes with 'I was born here, so
this is my country'. Just because your
parents had sex and 9 months later you popped out, does NOT give you
the right to say who should be allowed
in the Country. Everyone should be given equal rights and the
hideous barriers that are Countries borders, need
to be knocked down!

If you hold any racist views, no matter how small, then f**k off.
You are not welcome here.

Enjoy life and love one another.


Everything on this website is copyrighted to BIG Music Guitar

This Site

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I know absolutely nothing about Computers, at all, and I have built
up a site I am very proud of. It is cheap
and really simple to use. You don't need to know anything about
website design with their packages.

If you are going to sign up, then I am an affilliate of them, so
sign up through them using the link below and
I earn some dollars! That is the kind of thing that helps keep this
site free. Anyway enough geek talk..

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