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Start learning Japanese the easy way!

Do you want to jumpstart your formal Japanese classes, or make real progress your own?

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Hiragana
(With an Introduction to Grammar and Kanji) 

BONUS Multimedia Edition

Click [here](http://1.davmandy2.pay.clickbank.net) to purchase this high-quality, 180-page eBook in PDF format*

Table of Contents The Hiragana Chart 8 Introduction 9 Row 1: Lessons 1-5 (a i u e o) 17 Grammar Corner: Describing Things (It's/It's a...) 25 Grammar Corner: Basic Features of a Japanese Sentence 27 First Kanji: Introduction Part I 28 Row 2: Lessons 6-10 (ka ki ku ke ko) 29 Grammar Corner: Describing Things (Question Form) 36 Grammar Corner: Describing Things (A is B) 36 First Kanji: Introduction Part II 41 Row 3: Lessons 11-15 (sa shi su se so) 43 Grammar Corner: Here, There, and Over There 48 Grammar Corner: This, That, and That Over There 50 First Kanji: Introduction Part III 55 Row 4: Lessons 16-20 (ta chi tsu te to) 57 Grammar Corner: More Question Forms (Where is...) 63 Grammar Corner: More Question Forms (What's that?) 65 First Kanji (ichi) 68 Row 5: Lessons 21-25 (na ni nu ne no) 71 Grammar Corner: Use of Names 73 Grammar Corner: Adjectives (i Form) 79 First Kanji: (shichi) 82 Midway Review 85 Long Vowel Recap 88 Row 6: Lessons 26-30 (ha hi fu he ho) 89 Grammar Corner: Adjectives (na Form) 95 Grammar Corner: Yes and No 99 First Kanji: (cho) 102 Row 7: Lessons 31-35 (ma mi mu me mo) 105 Grammar Corner: Nouns as Adjectives 107 Grammar Corner: Practice with Adjectives 111 First Kanji (kyu) 116 Row 8: Lessons 36-38 (ya yu yo) 119 Grammar Corner: Some Everyday Verbs 123 Grammar Corner: Verbs, Objects, and the Particle o 125 First Kanji: (ni) 126 Row 9: Lessons 39-43 (ra ri ru re ro) 129 Grammar Corner: Verbs, Objects, and Subjects 131 Grammar Corner: Desintations (The Particle e) 135 First Kanji: (jin) 140 Row 10: Lessons 44-45 (wa  wo) 143 Grammar Corner: Useful Phrases 145 Row 11: Lessons 46 (n) 149 Final Review 153 Answers 160 Appendix A: Hiragana Flashcards 163 Appendix B: Vocabulary Flashcards 171


This special BONUS Multimedia Edition (only available here) includes 46 links to online content: 
- FLASH animations
See how to draw each of the major characters
- SOUND files 
Hear a native Japanese speaker pronounce them

Start Learning Japanese Today!

[Click here to download for only $18.95 (US Dollars, other currencies available!)](http://1.davmandy2.pay.clickbank.net)


Perfect for the Absolute Beginner!
- Integrated, communicative approach
- Step-by-step explanations
- Writing practice
- Flashcards and quizzes

This handy guidebook offers an integrated, communicative approach to writing and reading hiragana script, the entry point to the Japanese language. With step-by-step explanations of 46 basic characters and scores of derivatives, plus writing practice, flashcards, and quizzes to consolidate learning, the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Hiragana is a great way to make headway on your own, or to reinforce formal Japanese classes.

Each lesson includes:
- Character illustrations in multiple fonts, to help with recognition
- Pronunciation tips in everyday language
- Identification of chart position
- Stroke order diagrams with directional arrows
- Shaded and blank squares for writing practice
- Vocabulary and 10-point matching quiz
- Introduction of derivative characters in context


- Pronunciation overview (long vowels and double consonants)
- Mini-lessons in elementary grammar
- Introduction to kanji, with readings, stroke order, and compounds
- midway and final reviews
- Pages for making flashcards of characters
- Pages with vocabulary cards (225 words)
- Illustrations of everyday life in Japan

Japanese is ultimately more different than difficult. With its fun, multifaceted approach, let the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Hiragana show you just how accessible the language can be.

"Learning a new language is never easy, especially one that uses a different writing system. Speaking as someone with years of experience in Japan, I find this book to be a handy guide and an amazing resource. The bonus sound files in particular are really helpful.  — Mandy Conti, ESL teacher trainer        

[Click here to download for only $18.95 (US Dollars, other currencies available!)](http://1.davmandy2.pay.clickbank.net)


Want the standard paperback version as well?*** Check it out at [Lulu Press](http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/absolute-beginners-guide-to-hiragana-%28with-an-introduction-to-grammar-and-kanji%29/1220148)

Questions? Contact absolute.beginners.hiragana@gmail.com

(*Clicking the link will take you to a payment site. After payment, you will be directed to a wepage where you can download the eBook immediately. The file size is approximately 5 MB. Download speeds will vary with the type of computer and internet connection. Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer, and can be downloaded from [Adobe](http://www.adobe.com/). Note that PDF files are not compatible with webTV etc.)
(**The bonus online content will be maintained for at least 1 year from the time that this eBook is originally purchased via the links above. You must be connected to the internet, and have a properly configured web browser, capable of playing the flash animations and sound files, to access this content. The free Apple QuickTime plug-in and other plug-ins may be required. Try a sample page from the bonus content [here](http://www.lang-arts.com/products/absolute_beginners_guide/sample/lesson.html)
(***The eBook and paperback versions available at Lulu Press are the standard edition. They do not contain the bonus links to online content.) 

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