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* Organic Seduction


How to start a conversation simply and easily

How to meet any woman, anytime, anyplace

How to use your worst features to your advantage

How to make real, deep connections in just minutes

How to seduce any woman, in just 7 days

Do you want to spend the next ten hours reading about why you should
learn to be better with women on the internet, or do you want to be
out there right NOW attracting and dating beautiful women. It's time
to take action. Don't just take my word for it.

Listen to what these WOMEN had to say

"You should teach this material to every single man" - L. from

"I have known Jonathan for over 10 years. As a good friend of his, I
can tell you first hand what this program he has personally developed
has done for him as well as many others throughout the years. Jon used
to be a more introverted type. The type of guy you knew was probably
incredibly cool under it all but he just didn't know how to get it all
to the surface. After he started truly improving himself, a major
change occurred. He became this great charismatic, funny and
entertaining man that anyone (especially females) wanted to be around.
I would definitely recommend this e-book to anyone who's looking for a
jump start to a better life with women. This book gives you all the
knowledge and power you need to be a better you and improve your life
with all those females out there. Good luck to you all and congrats on
taking the first step to a better dating game!" - K. from Los Angeles
(a former lover)

And my former students and colleagues had these things to say about
my material

"When Paladin told me the vast majority of his students get laid
within seven days of his taking I bootcamp I thought "yeah sure, I got
a couple of girls I can date and probably end up laying after this, I
guess I'll still fit into his seven day theory". I was foolish to
think this way. I actually went out on Monday and ended up going home
with one the of the most beautiful girls I ever kissed, let alone got
naughty with." - October

"I've never had such complete delivery of my ideal outcome on any
other product or service I've done... EVER!...My game is at it's best
ever right now and I am going to be going back to Paladin soon as I
know there is so much more to learn from him if that's what he can do
in 4 hours. I want to be my best and I believe he will get me there as
he is a genuine guy, a great teacher (his actual job!) and he works
damn hard for his students while being fun to hang out and talk to in
and of himself." - Wisdom

"Paladin has that indefinable quality that really makes a great
instructor. His game is great, don't get me wrong, but his real
strength doesn't lie in flashy demos - his strength is in that
excellent quality of being able to see, explain and solve the sticking
points his students have. I've seen guys with top-level game been both
stunned and massively helped by some of his insights that seem to come
out of nowhere. I'm actively trying to poach him for the LS Instructor
Team in London" - Sheriff

"This guy is the real deal, there are a lot of guys who are good at
pu who teach but not many who can teach it as effectively as he does."
- Superb

"Paladins game is so natural, and he always seems to create strong
attraction without doing anything, thats what I wanted to incorporate
into my game. He looks so confident and definatly comes off as a
complete natural...I cant wait to spend more time with Paladin"

"Paladin is the funniest guy I know, and one of the best wings I
have. Sometimes you meet a guy, and you can see his path for the next
few years. This guy is going to be a superstar. He's personally taught
me things and got me over sticking points that no one else could." -

"Paladin is somebody who is a great observer of his students and
where their strengths/weaknesses lie. He managed to point out sticking
points in my game which I would not have consciously have been aware
of- such as looking nervous at certain moments in time. He is
supportive, very laid back and doesn't make you feel pressurised." -

"Paladin gave an impromptu talk on humour in set. He's insanely
funny so this talk was a blast..but his real strengths lie in his
passion for teaching and giving value. His advice on game and
game-mindset in those early days was hugely useful to me personally,
and continues to be to this day." - Keychain

"Shares his wisdom and provides some ace feedback.Paladin was a
really great guy, he said how he was in my shoes..and how much this
has changed his life for the better. He really opened my eyes up to
whats going on around you like when girls are checking you out!" - V

"1 min later she ran after me and interrupted my convo with Paladin,
"Your hot!" she proclaimed" - Student X

"Generous advice and a top guy" - williaml33t

"Call him 'Sheriff younger brother' people will know who I am
talking about. He was a yank. He still had the confidence about himbut
seemed to deliver it like he was stoned. My confidence grew." - iBall

"Really sound guy, always pushing you to improve which i loved so
thanks" - Pryze

"So now it's time to make that decision. Click below to purchase and
you will get my simple book on how to change your life in just SEVEN
days. This short, 34 page .pdf will tell you everything you need to
know. No need to spend weeks reading longer books. I have simplified
it. For You! All for just


lower = better; 1 = best

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