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Reduce Your Fear, Anxiety, Panic

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Painfully Shy Florida
Man Discovers Strange New Way To Virtually Eliminate Fear, Panic And Anxiety

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 From: Mark Ivar Myhre

Dear Seeker of Truth,

I know why you're scared. And I know what to do
about it.

You already know your fears aren't going away
by themselves. You can only avoid them for so long before they
find and attack you. In fact, by avoiding fears you make them
But what if I could show you the way to significantly
reduce your fears - even cut them in half - in the next 15
minutes or so; can you see how much that would help you?
Rather than watching them grow larger, instead
you can watch them shrink in size and become much easier to handle.
Then you won't have to spend all your time obsessed with your
fears; worrying something bad is about to happen.
Fear takes so much of your time and energy. It
wears you down and takes the joy out of life. It can even paralyze,
so you either 'go limp' and do nothing, or else run frantically
- as if on a hamster wheel - but nothing happens.
Whether you go limp or whether you exhaust yourself
by running in circles the result is the same. You end up trapped
by your fears and anxieties.
But now imagine what would happen if you healed
your fears:

"Fear took your freedom - but you just
got it back"

The air smells sweeter than it used to. You notice
little details you didn't see before. The colors are more vibrant.
You feel more relaxed. There's a spring in your step as you move
forward with a confidence that - while new - seems oddly familiar.
just been released from your own private prison of fear.
The prison no one else saw, but you knew all too well.
What will you do now?
"Anything you want," you think to yourself.
Anything you want.
Remember what you couldn't do when you were too
scared? The activities, the travels, the little things others
took for granted - now they're all available to you.
You don't have to hold back or deny yourself any
longer. You're free! And best of all, you did it on your own without
drugs or any other crutch. Just you, your mind, and a little help
from a few simple tools nobody will ever know about.
You take another deep breath, filling your lungs
with the sweet scent of freedom and letting out a long sigh of
How could it be so easy? The fear seemed so big
and powerful - always threatening - and now it's becoming a fading
Before long, you'll forget how scared you used
to be. It will seem like a bad dream... something from the
distant past. But a part of you will never forget how devastating
your prison of fear was, and how elegantly you overcame it.
You found the secret to handling fear - you took
action - and your whole life changed. Everything changes when
you change. You understand that now. On a deeper, more personal
know a depth of freedom only someone who's been imprisoned understands.
You conquered your fears and now everything is
different. You feel more alive. You found your lost passion. Your
personal power - robbed by fear - has been reclaimed.
You're a better person for conquering your fears.
You can see how the whole experience made you stronger, more confident;
better able to cope. You're now ready to handle whatever life
throws at you.
Are you willing for this to happen?

A New Discovery Made A Scared Man Fearless
"Mark, if you don't get a
job I'm leaving!"
She was fed up, and I don't blame
her. How could I tell her? At my very first interview, I froze
up. Couldn't say a word. Then I started hyperventilating. Totally
humiliated, I ran out the door. Never went to another job interview.
Never told a living soul until now.
The shame from that one incident lasted for years.

After that first disaster, I determined not to
let it happen again. So I'd drive around all day long, looking
into the windows of businesses from the safety of my girl friend's
car. Never daring to go inside. Sneaking around like a thief.
Then at night I'd go home and lie about it.
To this very day she never suspected the truth.
She believed what her parents told her about me. I even believed
it myself. Before long, she dumped me.
Life really went downhill from there. As bad as
other people scared me, I was even more terrified of being alone.
Broke, jobless, and with no car, I moved back in with my parents.

More lies. I could never admit the truth about
my overwhelming fears. I was too timid to ever talk about it.
And even if I had, what in the world could they have done?
I thought I'd be better off dead than to keep
living in a lonely silent prison existing only in my head. I barely
left the house for days, sometimes weeks at a time.
"What's wrong with Mark?" I could
almost hear them asking from the other room.

Was Getting Harder And More Painful
What a horrible time that was. I had to watch
myself becoming more limited in what I could do in life. My options
were becoming fewer and fewer.
Thank goodness I didn't have any kids back then.
How in the world could I ever support a family in my condition?
It hurt. And like a school-yard bully, it promised
to hurt even more the next day. Seems I never had a minute's peace.
It was hard to think of anything else but the suffocating fear.
Life gave me no fun, no joy, and precious little happiness.
"Why am I so scared?" I kept asking.
It didn't make any sense. I could find no reason for my fears...
which had long since turned into anxiety and panic. And a mind-numbing
dread that something bad was going to happen at any minute; so
I could never relax.
At the time I still hadn't discovered this simple
truth -
gets the most attention grows the STRONGEST and lives the LONGEST.
By obsessing on my fears, I was making them bigger
and stronger. Like rolling a snowball downhill, they kept on growing.
Every day I was making the walls of my prison a little bit thicker
and a little bit more permanent.
Knowing what I know now about how life is a SELF-FULFILLING
PROPHECY, it's a wonder I ever healed myself. But I did.

New Relationship With Fear
Don't get me wrong. It was tough. I fought and
struggled and beat my head against the wall so many times. (And
mostly ran from that wall!)
I hated myself the whole time because I wasn't
ending the fear and anxiety quick enough. So many land mines kept
coming up. Fear would explode in my face and I'd crumble like
a stale cookie.
Today those land mines are gone. But even if I
did have one, I'd love it. Because it would show me where in my
life I need to let in more love.
Oh sure, it would still hurt. And I might hold
onto the fear a little longer than necessary. But then I'd let
it go and watch it vanish like a shadow in the night. Never to
reappear. While I would be 'more', for having the experience.
That's my new relationship with fear. That's why
it doesn't scare me like it used to. Fear is my ally. It can no
longer be my enemy. I won't allow it.
Now I
use my fears to better myself.

My name is Mark Myhre, and I hurt for so long
because of my fears and anxieties, and because I knew at any
time I could be swept up in a panic that knew no mercy.
If you've never felt those feelings there's
no way I could describe the separation and loneliness it creates.
You feel so all alone even when you're surrounded by others.

Fortunately, I've found a way to reverse those
decades of painful misery. And I can show you the way also.

Before I explain, you
might be interested to know why so many people call me an expert
at coming up with emotional
healing techniques. Everybody has a talent. I guess mine involves
emotional healing.
But talent alone gets you nowhere.
It also takes a lot of effort.
I dedicated my life to solving the
mysteries of emotional pain. Over the years I've put in thousands
of hours of research and study. I've dealt with the frustration
- I've run into the numerous dead ends - before I finally found
the secrets that worked. Sometimes I think my passion for finding
the hidden truth was the only thing keeping me going.
Besides, what kind of parent would
I be if I didn't handle my fears?
Once I had the answers, it still
took over a year to organize and test and refine all the information.
Here's what I learned:

Everybody Ought To Know
About Fear And How To Reduce It -
Overcoming Your Fears One Step At A Time
I can show you how to bleed off half
your fears in the next 15 minutes. Tomorrow - or later today -
you can bleed off half of what's left. Then you can do it again.
And again.
See how it works? You don't end
your fears, instead you keep reducing them. One chunk at a time.
Once you eliminate most of your imaginary
fears (the 'fear story' - as I call it) then you'll find yourself
standing on top of the real fear that's left behind. You chop
your fears down to size so you can easily handle what's left.

My program gives you a way to ground
out your fears like a lightening rod grounds out electricity.
It takes the painful static field of fear that surrounds you and
channels it out of you quickly, safely and effectively.
Once you've handled the fear story
then I show you how to awaken your inner warrior. You must
become a warrior to permanently deal with fear. Otherwise, you'll
have to keep grounding it out over and over.
Next I'll show you exactly how to
conquer fear once and for all. First you shrink it down
to size. Then you'll choke it the way it's been choking you. And
if it ever comes back you'll choke it again.
You'll tame your fear and turn it
into an ally. The way it was meant to be.
Once fear is reduced to a whisper,
then we'll turn our attention to your anxiety. While fear and
anxiety may seem closely related, you need to deal with them in
different ways.

Anxiety And Panic Both Have A Weak Spot
Fear is hard-wired into the body.
(Which explains why it can never be completely ended.) Anxiety,
however, is not. You must do something to start feeling
anxiety. And once anxiety starts, it grows bigger. No matter how
much or how little anxiety you feel now, it will get worse if
not addressed. You must take positive, concrete steps to end it.
Fortunately, anxiety has an Achilles
heel; a weak spot. You simply have to find the weak spot and exploit
matter how big your anxiety has grown, I assure you it has this
one weak spot.
You may first have to bleed off some
of your anxiety to find that weak spot. No problem. It's not as
difficult as you might imagine. Just like you first bled off your
fears to conquer them, so you can now bleed off your anxiety using
different techniques specific to anxiety.
Then you STRIKE that weak point and
watch your anxiety begin to unravel. You may have to strike it
more than once. But certainly it should take no more than a few
days at most.
Then we'll turn out attention to
any panic you may have. If you've been following along up till
now, you'll find panic may not ever come up at all. But just to
be sure....

Reason You Feel Panic
Holds The Secret To Ending It
Panic, as you probably know, has
no basis in reality. Or so it seems. Actually, a panic attack
resembles a huge land mine you've placed in the path ahead of
you. First you put it there. Next, you walk along and step on
it. Finally, it explodes in your reality creating all sorts of
problems. And it seems to come out of nowhere.
As you look at it from a higher perspective,
you'll see panic comes from a logical and predictable set of
circumstances. Not that you need to analyze it. You don't.
You don't need to know how a car
works to ride down to the corner store for a gallon of milk. In
fact, you also don't need to know much about a car to get it to
stop working.
One way is by letting it run out
of gas. Which compares to what we cover in the first part of the
program. As you follow those simple instructions for reducing
fear, you deplete your panic of its fuel. Now we're going to put
the final nail in the coffin.
I'm going to lift the hood and show
you where to find the spark plugs. Then I'm going to show you
exactly how to remove those spark plugs. So your panic can never
happen again.
I know that's hard to believe. Cars
go so fast. They're big and strong and heavy. They seem so much
more powerful than us. How can you possibly stop a car?
You find its weak point; the one
area where it's most vulnerable. Just like you did with your
A car has many weak points. You can
remove the distributor cap. You can disconnect the battery cable.
You could drain the motor oil, or the transmission fluid or the
radiator. Or you can remove the spark plugs, as I already mentioned.
Panic has one weak spot. You attack
it there, and you attack it hard. With all the force and focus
you can muster. And it will end. It may seem like a miracle but
really it's no more miraculous than cutting the ignition wires
to a car.
me, you need never ever suffer from panic attacks again.
Ending panic can be no more difficult
than clipping your ignition wires. IF you've followed the
steps to reduce your fear and anxiety first!
And that, in a nutshell, is how the
program works. Can you imagine yourself following these steps?

Now let's take a closer look at some
of the details of this remarkable program.

Some Of The Amazing Discoveries Awaiting

The easiest way to end your fears
- page 7
...and why it goes against everything you learned in school
- page 12.

Why it's best to seek out your
fears - page 62
...and why you'll never end your fears simply by 'facing up
to them' - and how that's often a waste of time - page 40.

How to make anxiety work for
you (hint: now it will be a whisper instead of a shout!) - page

The three big reasons why we're
reluctant to end our fears - and how to overcome each one -
page 17.

Why do fears manifest in our
reality? - page 67.

How we plant the seeds of our
anxiety - page 98.

How a glass of water can reduce
your fear - in less than one hour! You have to try this one
to believe it - page 85.

The seven 'human gifts' that
anxiety chokes - page 104.

How taking a nap can lift your
anxiety - but you must do it the right way - page 106.

How I ended my panic in 5 days
- page 136.

Not all fears are the same -
which ones are most painful? - page 4
...and why do we create those painful fears in the first place?
- page 5.

How to stop procrastination dead
in its tracks - page 18.

The big lie we tell ourselves
about fear, and why it's so dangerous - page 22.

How to force anxiety (or any
other emotion) out of your body and actually see it once it's
removed. Incredible experience - page 117.

What does Sir Isaac Newton have
to do with your panic attack? - page 130.

The 5 positive qualities of fear
(hint: now use your fears to help you!) - page 69.

Use the power of the earth to
help you - pages 25, 113.

The twelve parts of you
- and why it's so important to bring them into balance (and
exactly how to do it!) - page 33.

Finding, healing and strengthening
your inner warrior - page 35.

The one test to determine if
you're a warrior or not - page 56.

Know these 7 characteristics
of fear to keep it from eating you alive - page 45.

How to steal the heart of your
anxiety so it begins to unravel on its own - page 119.

How your subconscious mind triggers
a panic attack, and how to change it in minutes - page 134.

The number one reason we need
fear (hint: it counteracts our love) - page 28
...and how the whole system has been corrupted - page 30.

When - and how - to focus on
your fears to end them - page 81.

How fear blocks any success -
and the simple little thing you can do to change it - instantly!
- page 57.

The limbic brain response - the
key to your panic attacks - page 132.

The 8 secret, sneaky payoffs
we get for keeping our fears around - you need to know these
to reduce your fears - page 48.

The major difference between
fear and anxiety - page 119.

The 7 ways we express our anxiety
- page 100
...and the one which works in your favor - page 103.

How to literally grab hold of
your current fear and conquer it - once and for all. You'll
love this! - page 77.

What is creativity, and how does
anxiety affect it? - page 104.

How we call fear into our lives,
and how to stop doing it - page 43.

How we create land mines of fear
that later explode in our face - page 27.

Why your first 'suffocating'
anxiety as a child holds the key to ending your current anxiety
- page 123.

Some antidotes to fear - page

How anxiety steals your self-trust,
and what to do about it - page 107.

What to do right now to get fear
to leave you alone. Temporary but deadly effective. Use this
when you need a break from fear RIGHT NOW. Works in an instant
- page 44.

If you ever get stuck and don't
know what to do next, read this - page 24.

How our blockages and resistances
to living life relate to fear - and how to end them - page 31.

The 5 negative qualities of fear
- know what it does to you, and you're better equipped to end
it - page 70.

Why your fears resemble a horror
movie - page 21.

The difference between expectation
and anticipation - how both contribute to your anxiety, and
how to work with them to escape your anxiety - page 97.

Why giving yourself permission
to end the fear is so important - page 82.

How to fill yourself with love.
You'll be amazed how quickly and easily this works! - page 113.

Why you must replace your fear
with something positive - page 79.

The three startling facts about
panic - and why you must know them to end your panic attacks
- page 127.

The tallest hurdle stopping you
from working on your fears - page 54.

Why leaving anxiety, fear and
panic as a mystery makes them more dangerous - page 90.

Why your fear is more potent
than your love - and how to change it - page 41.

A simple way to bleed off your
anxiety - use this when it's in your face and you don't know
what to do, but you need instant relief - page 111.

Are you beginning to see how much this can help


You'll Love Every Minute
Of This Revolutionary New Program

Begins to work immediately
- as soon as you start reading the first page.

Completely private. No one
will ever know what you're doing unless you choose to tell

Costs almost nothing to implement.

Unconventional and unique.
You won't find a package like this anywhere else.

Fills you with confidence -
effortlessly - as it helps you relax and gives you peace of

You can greatly reduce your fears,
escape your anxiety and end your panic. Develop more confidence,
handle social situations better, and lead a normal life. End the
painful humiliation of fear. You can also...
Learn more about yourself.
Why you worry. Why you feel so much fear. The latest techniques
for processing your emotions. The best way to deal with all
your feelings.
Find your inner strength that
fear stole from you. Live life your way. End the handicap
preventing you from doing the things you want.
Become a better person, a
better parent, a better partner and a better friend.
Feel better about yourself.
Respect yourself like never before. Watch as others respect you
as well. You'll think you're on top of the world.
Learn a valuable skill you
can teach others and use yourself for the rest of your life.
Expand your horizons. No need
to avoid situations that currently scare you. Live up to your
Save money. You won't have
to lean on drugs or therapy to cope with your anxiety and panic.
Inspire others. People naturally
feel an attraction to those who possess confidence. Friends and
loved ones - who now worry about you - will want to know your
Apply these tools to any area
of your life. Achieve greater success when
your fears no longer hold you back.
Live with confidence. There's
no greater feeling than true confidence. Knowing you can be and
do and have whatever you want. Knowing you can cope with whatever
life throws at you.
Experience inner peace. Feel
calmer. End the worry something bad is about to happen. Fear may
still come up, but you'll handle it easier now. It won't hurt
like it used to.
Pioneer a new realm. As a
secret private warrior, only you will know how powerful you've
become. Others can only wonder at your newfound ease in living
life will change dramatically once you
begin to read and follow the proven techniques in "How To
Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety And End Panic".

Am I Offering This Program?
For me, this is personal. I can't
count the number of days I started drinking at noon because the
anxiety was eating me alive. Or all the times I wanted to go somewhere
or do something but chickened-out instead. I know how bad it hurts.
I know the stench of fear because I lived it every day.
I know the crippling effect fear
has. How it crushes the human spirit... how it humiliates... how
it boxes you in and limits your activities. I wouldn't wish those
feelings on my worse enemy.
I've learned the answer to fear.
I now have an obligation to share what I've discovered. It would
be wrong to keep it to myself. It's my duty as a fully-functioning
caring human being to do everything I can to spread this information
to as many people as I possibly can. Anything less would be a
I feel an urge deep inside that won't
let me stay on the sidelines, keeping this system bottled up.
These techniques, discovered one at a time and now packaged together
in a unified system, are destined to change lives. It would be
a crime for me to not share the secrets with you.
Are you ready to change your life?
Will you let it be different - starting today?

Can Be A Pillar Of Strength And Confidence
For Others To Lean On
Often our greatest problem holds
the key to our destiny.
As you conquer your fears, you'll
be doing something very few people have done. I'm not talking
about tricks to dodge your anxiety or panic.
I'm talking flat-out conquering your
fears - as a warrior. From that platform, conquering your anxiety.
And from that pinnacle, conquering your panic. In an easy to follow
step-by-step fashion. It's all here; everything you need.
Nothing is left out.
You can already imagine how it would
feel to go from where you are now to being filled and overflowing
with strength and confidence. You know how much easier your life
will be.
But how much fun would it be to help
others overcome their fears? You'll be well-equipped to help those
you love - who's fears are probably not as great as your own.
Who worries about you now?
Who suffers along with you, perhaps
Who's life is already affected by
your fears?
You'll inspire them as they see how
much you've changed. Even without teaching anything, their lives
will be improved.

Quickest Easiest Way I Know
To Reduce Your Fears - Once And For All

Everything you need to know to

reduce fear

escape anxiety

and end panic...

is written down in an easy-to-use
Order today and here's what you'll

Part I: How To Reduce Fear
First you'll learn the 15 minute
technique that eliminates half your fears. Then you'll repeat
the simple procedure as needed until you've reduced your fears
to a whisper. Next you'll engage your inner warrior. You'll learn
secrets about fear most people will never know. As well as several
other techniques to reduce your level of fear (if needed).
Finally, when you're ready, you'll
face your fears head-on and conquer them once and for all. After
your fear has been turned into an ally, you'll proceed to....
Part II: How To Escape Anxiety
We start with the basics - what anxiety
is, why you feel it, what it does to you, and why it's so important
to deal with. Then you'll use several techniques to instantly
bleed off your current anxiety.
To wrap it up, you'll learn the one
secret to completely escaping your anxiety. There's no way your
anxiety can continue to suffocate once you put this secret into
action. Like fear, your anxiety will become an ally. From this
rock-solid foundation, you're ready for...
Part III: How To End Panic
First you'll learn why panic is so
different from anxiety, and why they must be handled separately.
Then you'll learn the three big myths about panic; what it is,
what it isn't, why it happens.
Finally, you'll follow the simple
formula guaranteed to end your panic attacks once and for all.
Unlike fear and anxiety, panic holds no positive value. It will
not become an ally; but rather simply eliminated from your life.
You will have the relief you seek.
You'll no longer worry something bad is about to happen. Others
will no longer worry about you either.
I've packaged the entire three-part
program into one e-book - "How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety
And End Panic". With an e-book you have instant access to
all the life-changing information. There are no printing costs
or shipping delays. Just minutes from now you can begin putting
the secret system to work for you.
Download the e-book from my private
website. It's a pdf file, so you will need Adobe Reader to view
it. (Adobe comes standard on most computers. If you need a copy,
I'll show you how to download the Reader for free.) If you have
a high-speed connection, you can download the e-book in a few
seconds. If you have a dial-up connection, it should still take
only one minute.
here to read the Table of Contents

If you're wondering if this is right
for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

How serious is my problem with
fear, anxiety and panic?

Is it likely to get better or

Do I already know how to reduce
my fears? Am I doing it?

Can I remember what it's like
to not be scared?

What's the worse that can happen
if I order Mark's program?

What have I got to lose? If it
doesn't work, I'll just get my money back!

But how would my life change
if it DID work?!

Here's the bottom line:

Your Fears In Half
In The Next Fifteen Minutes - Or It's Free!

Your satisfaction is assured through
my no-risk, 100% no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.
You can't lose when purchasing "How To Reduce Fear, Escape
Anxiety And End Panic" with my risk-free guarantee:

"Order my e-book - "How To Reduce
Fear, Escape Anxiety And End Panic" - and watch as it
magically cuts your fears in half
just minutes from now. And watch as it happens over and over
your fears are reduced to a whisper!
"Then learn secrets about fear, anxiety
and panic you won't find anywhere else. Secrets you can put
to use right now to conquer your fears, escape your anxieties
and end your panic.

"But if you aren't thrilled
and satisfied with your purchase for any reason at any time
in the next eight weeks - just let me know, and I'll refund
every penny you paid. Period.

"If you're not satisfied for ANY reason,
I'll buy it back from you on the spot."

You can order my program, end your
panic and anxieties, and still ask for and receive all your
money back - and keep the program! I couldn't stop you even if I
wanted to.

You've already got all the life-changing
information. What am I going to do - drive to your house and make
you delete it from your computer? Of course not.

But here's what I believe you'll be
thinking -
"Yeah, I could rip Mark
off. But why?
I've learned so much about myself
and about my fears.
Information I can put to use right now
that will change my life forever!"

I doubt you'll rip me off. You and
I both know people are basically honest. Sure, there's a few bad
apples here and there, but it's unlikely any of them will be reading
these words.
But the real reason I don't mind
sticking my neck out like this is because I know you'll be thrilled
with the life-changing information my program provides.

Compares To The Relief You'll Feel Once You've Handled Your Fears,
Anxieties And Panic

You can bleed off your fear in minutes. (And then
conquer those fears for good in a few short days.) You can escape
your anxiety soon afterwards. And panic can be ended once and
for all. You need never suffer from anxiety and panic again.
I've written down every single step you need
to take to experience the freedom and relief that comes from
handling your fears. You won't find this priceless information
packaged together anywhere else. I've helped hundreds of people
and I can help you too.
I lay it all out. You don't need to spend years
searching for the exact steps of how to do it. Everything you
need to know about fear, anxiety and panic is right here. And
it's only $29. I used to spend more than that in one night
of drinking! Which left me with nothing but a hangover.
And think how much anti-anxiety medicine costs.
Every month. With my program, you can pay once and be done
with it.
Not to mention all the hidden costs associated
with panic and anxiety: the humiliation and embarrassment you
endure... the events and activities you avoid... the pain you
silently suffer... the personal relationships and interactions
you miss out on... the list never ends.

Remember, you don't have to decide
right now. Take it out on a test drive for a full eight weeks
- risk free.
If it doesn't end half your fears
in the next fifteen minutes... if it doesn't conquer your fears
and anxieties for good within days... if it doesn't completely
end your panic in a few more... in fact if it doesn't change your
life starting today -- then I don't want your money...
I'll give it all back.
It doesn't matter
if it's 2:00 am.


Mark Ivar Myhre
The Emotional Healing Wizard

ps. - Do you really expect things to get better
if you don't act now? Remember, the more you focus on your
fears the more likely they'll manifest. And the longer you put
off dealing with your anxiety the more suffocating and painful
it becomes. And who knows when panic will attack?
I'm very proud of how I'm helping people overcome
their fears. But the only way you'll know how much it'll help
you is to give it a try. I spell out everything you must do. Step
by step.
You CAN do this. I know it. With my iron-clad
guarantee - either it helps you today - minutes from now - or
you get all your money back.
What have you got to lose?


Ivar Myhre
2280 NW 21st Place
Gainesville FL 32605
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