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Get The Most From Your HDTV
Now you can know once and for all that you are getting the most out of your HD Telivision and HD monitor.

- Looking for the best picture quality from your HDTV set? 

- Want the most comprehensive information for dealing with High Definition Television Signals?

- Are your blacks as black as they can be?

- Do your reds really come to life?

- Are your colours brighter than they should be?

- Are you getting the maximum performance out of your HD Television or Monitor?

  Well friend you just found what you been looking for! An all in one guide that can take the least HDTV savvy person from knowing nothing about high definition television, to becoming a full fledge know it all in the HDTV world in no time.

Simple Instructions - Set Ups and adjustments can be done by literally anyone!

Includes HD Calibration Video - Prefect picture quality set up for your eyes!

Complete Instructions To Make Blue-filters - Extremely easy to do and a must for any HD Calibration.

PDF Guide with Pictures - Extremely easy to follow instructions!

Includes Life Time Membership - For all new HD technology to come.

Full Online Support - If you have any questions, 24hrs a day.

Instant Delivery - Delivery is made immediately after payment is made.


Money Back Guarantee! - No questions asked.


  What you are about to learn will work with all brands, makes and types of HDTV (High Definition Television) sets and Monitors.  It will work with any type of incoming signals from DVD, Blu-Ray, Personal Computers (PC, MAC) , Gaming Systems (Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstations, Micro Soft Xbox ect.)  Cable TV, Satellite TV and even FTA (Free to Air) TV and anything else you can plug into your HDTV.

   Don’t feel bad or left behind, you still have time to catch up. Most of the consumers in the HDTV market have no idea if they are getting the maximum High Definition quality out of their Television sets, and they do not know how to go about getting that prefect, crisp picture that comes with the price tags of these TV’s. Why spend the money on a HDTV if you are not going to experience the full effect and capabilities of your HDTV?


Intense HDTV Explained

Intense HDTV Calibration Tool


Intense HDTV Life Time Membership for New Technology & Improvements


- So you went all out got the best HDTV and the best HD peripheral devices, but are you getting the maximum out of your goods?

- Why chance losing out on the top quality you paid for to get anything under the maximum High Definition your system is capable of?


Take a good Look at the comparison bellow, can you tell which one is true High Definition quality?

  Here is what some proud HDTV owners have to say about their new found top quality High Definition viewing from their televisions. You too can experience top notch quality from your television sets.

Real life intense HDTV story:

Hey Gordon, I love the picture quality I am getting now, I appreciate the guidance and help you gave me to getting my HDTV output to a full and wonderful 1080p. It helped so much to know how to allow my new HDTV set to receive the signal from all my gadgets with HDMI and other outputs to all work in uniform order. This is great I finally understand the term up-scaling and how it works. I love my HDTV so much now the picture is like I’m right there. 

Sending my thanks Josh from Toronto Canada.       

Real life intense HDTV story:

Hello my name is Jen I and am so happy with the guide. My husband got the new Television set almost a year ago. Every time we sat down to watch a movie my hubby would ask me if the picture quality looked like HDTV quality? I would always answer I think so, you hooked it up its must be working properly. Right? This would lead to him messing around with the settings on the Television for at least 15mins into the movie. OH HOW I LOVE THAT! Yea right...   Well make a long story short I got the guide for him, he gave it a look over, and redid the cables hook ups and messed with the setting on the television for the very last time.  Within a few hours he had the full entertainment system working the way he had been wanting right from the beginning. Now there is no more messing around with the settings every time we sit down to watch the television, and the best part is he knows he is getting the true high definition  he wanted, and he don’t feel the need to ask me if it looks like HDTV. Now he knows just by seeing the picture, anyone would be able to tell the difference.

Thanks so much.

Real life intense HDTV story:

All I've got to say is wow, I never knew HDTV would and should look this good. I got my TV hooked up by the cable guy, and the picture looked great, well so I thought. I never really saw high definition before so I didn’t have anything to compare the quality of what I was getting from my TV to. It was the best quality I had ever seen which made me assume I was getting the full capabilities out of my TV. Well I was wrong. I got the info I was so in need of, from your guide. After fully understanding HDTV and HDTV signals I was able to hook up my TV the way it was needed to be hooked up. Now comparing the quality I am getting from my TV to what I got after the cable guy hooked it up is like night and day, HDTV rocks! Best picture quality I have ever seen.

Thanks and kind wishes Travis Fl. US.

Real life intense HDTV story:

Gordon man I got to give you props for the e-book guide. This made it so easy, anyone could understand this, and I got to say the instant download makes it too good. I had the guide downloaded and open on my computer within 3 minutes and your step by step approach makes it user friendly and very easy to put into action. I love getting my satellite channels in full 1080p, and I have the confidence and I know I am getting the maximum performance out of my pride and joy, my 52 inch LCD.

Paul viewing best quality HDTV :)
  Did you determine from the above comparison which was the better quality HD? I know from the image quality due to the camera and the viewing quality of your PC monitor may make it more difficult for you to see the difference in the comparison, but I have included one more comparison showing one more image showing 1080p also to show that there is even better picture quality to come compared to the above image.

  Just imagine what true maximum high definition from your HDTV is going to do for you. Take advantage of the money and resources you have invested in your TV and your entertainment system that goes along with your HDTV viewing. Get every last possible fragment of high definition quality from your HDTV set now.

  Think of it this way, you can spend 100’s of dollars, time and time again for a stranger to come into your house to install and hook up your High Definition Television set, and still wonder everyday if you are getting all the potential from your HDTV. Or you can make a 1 time purchase of $29.95 for a limited time offer, and have all the knowledge and guidance needed to become a HDTV and HD components expert in installation and set up, and know that you are getting your maximum high definition viewing from your HDTV.

  And the best part is: You can have all this informational guidance at your fingers tips within minutes of purchasing. That’s right no waiting for shipping and even more important no shipping fees. Once you make your order you will be taken to a webpage that will let you download the guide instantly, and you will be provided with all instructions you need to download.


   I am so sure you will be 100% happy and satisfied with this product, that I can offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Yes that is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, only to gain and give yourself assurance of knowing you are receiving and viewing 100% of your capabilities and functionalities from your High Definition Television set and your High Definition sources.

Get instant access NOW. A onetime [payment of $29.95](http://intensehdtv.com/down_load_now) will get you the intense HDTV Set Up and enhancement Guide and calibration tools and life time membership within minutes.



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  I hope you take advantage of the full capabilities of your High Definition TV, and enjoy every minute you get to view your wonderful Television.

Yours Truly the HDTV man Gordon H. [gordon@hdtv.com](mailto:gordon@hdtv.com)

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