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    Wholesale and Dropship Contacts

over 2,000 suppliers from around the world, USA, UK, Europe, ASIA







We have over 2,000 suppliers details ready for you to instantly download that sell a very large range of different products at trade price that you can resell online via your website, ebay or through your current business.

If you want an ebay powerseller business our contacts will help you achieve powerseller status within 3 months and make you very good profits.  

Profit margins are between 20% - 60%

Our suppliers are a mixture between wholesalers and drop shippers

Our suppliers sell nearly every product on the market, just to give you an example here are some I have picked out:



Also for a short period we are also giving away the following FREE to all our customers who purchase our wholesale list

How to build an ebook empire and make money from selling ebooks.  Also get access to 100's of free ebooks to resell
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Purchase Today and receive the following for $49

Over 2,000 wholesale and drop shipper contacts

Free Blog building empire guide worth $39

Free secret clickbank strategy guide worth $79

Free guide on how to make money from a blog worth $99



$49 - Instant Download from web page after payment

Users will need Winzip and adobe reader which are free to download as part of our download

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