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If you own or are contemplating buying a home, this manual is a must-have.

This book is a compilation of my years of personal experience owning, repairing, restoring and building homes. I learned on an 'as needed' basis at first and them found that I was good at it, enjoyed it and most importantly, saved tons of money. I have written my book so that it covers each and every aspect of home maintenance and provides detailed tips and insight for maintaining each facet of your home so that when it goes bad, you can fix it!!

The book costs $50.00 and once payment is made is downloadable from my website immediately through Clickbank. If you prefer you can take the download (burned onto a disc) to a copy center and have it printed out on heavy paper and spiral bound so that you have it easily accessible at home when you need it.

Once you make a purchase you will be directed to my Thank You Page which provides you with my e-mail address so that you can contact me if you have any problems and/or questions.

Protect Your Most Valuable Possession!!

You may be lucky enough to have made some sound investments over the years – stocks, bonds, gold, baseball cards, etc….

However, there is one investment that, when you really think about it, means much, much more than all the others combined.

That investment is your home!!!

Your home is the biggest monetary investment of your life. It is the place where you raise your family, create memories like your daughter’s first prom, your son’s first Boy Scout trip, etc. It is the American Dream.

I ask you one simple question: do you know enough about the basics of your home's operational systems and components to give them the attention they need for a long, maintenance free life?

If not, the most important investment of your life will cost you more than it should because of ignorance and neglect and will lose value in the eyes of increasingly intelligent buyers when the opposite should be true.

Everyone wants the best for their family. We have all read books and attended seminars on child rearing, investment techniques. Do you do the same for your home?

Your home is a matrix of interconnected, man-made systems that must be continually MAINTAINED.

If you fail to properly maintain your home, you may find yourself the mercy of a contractor, who is only interested in one thing: his bottom line.

As a home improvement contractor and attorney, I have seen what can happen to people when they fail to maintain their homes, and I have seen what happens when they hire a shark contractor and end up with a home improvement nightmare.

I have always been amazed at how many people just do not realize, with easy and planned maintenance, they will keep their home safe and sound, and if and when they need to have a contractor perform work on their home, they will deal with him on equal footing.

With this in mind, I have written a powerful book, to provide you, the homeowner, with a systematic method of home maintenance. It is set up on a calendar system so that in the first week of each month you simply check and maintain the items on the list for that month. Any questions you have about what to do will be answered in the chapter that covers that specific system/component of your home. If this is done with the same regularity with which you pay your bills your home will be safe, sound, well maintained and you will have saved thousands of dollars that would ordinarily be spent on "surprise" repair that are the result of neglect.

On the other hand, when something breaks you can fix it cost effectively and if something breaks that is out of your "handyman" zone you have the tools to select, negotiate with and hire a contractor on your terms at your price. Powerful eh!!!!

Book Highlights!!

In writing this book I had one purpose in mind; Make home ownership and maintenance easier and more cost effective. If you read the book you will be able to handle a variety of small repair jobs yourself and when the time comes to hire a contractor the information in this book will give you all of the ammunition you need to select a good contractor, negotiate a fair price, control the payment schedule and get what you bargained for with no problems.

Here is a list of some of the items you will discover in the book:

What does a roofing contractor actually pay for materials?

What is the single most common source of basements leaking?

Discovery how simple it is to repair and/or install vinyl siding.

Learn a simple technique for replacing window panes.

Learn the basics for simple electrical/wiring repairs.

When a toilet is or sink is draining slowly there is a simple item to check first before calling the plumber.

Discover how easy it is to replace a leaking faucet or bathtub fixture!!

What is the first and most important question you should ask every contractor?

When dealing with a contractor what simple tactic will assure that your project completed on time and on budget.

Receive a sample contract for your first project that requires a contractor!

Feel free to contact me with any questions at JCoppock2@hotmail.com

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