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While the world is watching the collapsing stock markets, a select group
makes its money with high returns on a different market...

... I Now Reveal to You the Secret Methods and Techniques that a 'Select Group' uses to make their Fortunes..!


Now take your financial future in your own hands and create an independant life!

. ..

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How they did it, is still a mystery to me. How 'they' have managed to keep hidden the biggest money sourch in the world. How 'they' have managed to fill their pockets, day in day out, without being noticed. They have profited long enough... it’s your turn now!

The banks let the masses invest on the stock markets, at which they generally lose a great deal of money. Subsequently, the banks invest this won money themselves... but they don’t do it on the stock markets! No... the banks themselves invest somewhere else! It is the biggest market in the world and, until now, it has remained virtually unknown with the masses. And the banks would rather keep it this way...

This report is about money. More money than you will ever be able to imagine.


You probably know that fortunes are made in financial markets. These fortunes are chiefly made in the forex (foreign exchange). This is the currency exchange between governments, multinationals and banks. With a transaction value of 2 trillion dollars a day, the forex is the biggest business in the world.

The forex is THIRTY times bigger than the total American stock market. It is a professional market. The man on the street does not know much about it, let alone how to use it. That's why, in my opinion, the forex is the best-kept secret up to now. There is absolutely no reason for the man on the street not to start trading on the forex.

Let me be clear...

THIRTY times BIGGER than the total stock market and mainly driven by investment banks...

Hmmm... Maybe they know something you don't?

There are six currency majors on the forex. These are the most active currency pairs, on which traders focus the most. You need to focus on only one of these currency pairs – in contrast to the stock market, on which you have to keep track of hundreds or thousands of stocks.

If you have more faith in trading on the forex with small sums, that’s not a problem. When the moment comes that you are successful with small sums, you will always have the possibility to expand to investing bigger sums. That is your choice. You determine the risk. Perhaps you wish to start out small and have your money grow, through the power of 'compounding'. That is all possible.

Do not see it as a 'get rich quickly' system or as a game of chance. It is not. What I offer is a very complete and extensive 70-page eBook containing all the theory with regard to the forex market. In addition, I explain all the tactics and techniques with corresponding illustrations for you to be able to day trade on the currency markets in a practical manner.

I also discuss the various risk management systems and describe the psychology a successful trader should have at his disposal. This eBook provides all the information you will require to start trading on the currency markets, but it is also useful for becoming a more successful trader.

As soon as you start applying the techniques from the book, you will never want to go back. It is a start to an independent life, in which you determine your income and lifestyle yourself.

No experience is required and you need only little starting capital.

So, there is no reason whatsoever why the currency markets should be the exclusive territory of the world banks. This is an illusion that they want you to believe to keep the possibilities to themselves...

Now take your financial future in your own hands and create the lifestyle of your dreams


You wish to have control over your own financial future and be completely independent?


Then continue reading carefully.


Over the past few months I dedicated myself fully to writing a special eBook. It is a book filled with practical techniques and tactics to achieve consistent returns on the forex markets. In my eBook, I give you practical tactics that are used by the professional traders. Tactics they have told me and which work!

This eBook will make you much more money than what you pay for it. Not just once, but for years and years on end. So you see it is a minimal investment, which will provide you maximum returns in the coming years.

But, just like me, you are probably a sceptic person. That is normal and healthy. For that reason, let me give you four important reasons why I claim that you can be successful with the information I give you in my eBook.

Four reasons to believe what I say:

Reason 1:

I use these tactics myself each day for trading on the forex and I have been trading successfully on the forex markets for years on end.

Reason 2:

You can test these tactics in a demo account without obligations, so that it will not cost you a dime. So judge for yourself first. Practice makes perfect! Furthermore, little capital is required for opening a live account with a forex broker. On a side note, the topic of 'forex brokers' will be discussed extensively in my eBook.

Reason 3:

I see many people around me losing their hard-earned money on the collapsing stock markets. And that hurts me... a lot. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer... and that is not a coincidence.

No, the masses just don't know how the banks and governments play their game. And it is about time for the masses to profit from this, as well... This is the reason for me to practically give the information away. The price of the book is a small recompense for my efforts over the last few months... I want you to start making money now, as well. That is my goal! Short and simple.

Reason 4:

Returns of a few hundred Euros a day are attainable fairly quickly with a conservative risk management system.

Therefore, let me be clear what my eBook can provide you:

I have written this eBook especially for the investor who wishes to explore the possibilities of the forex. There is little to no practical information available for the active currency investor. My mentors are from the United States and they have taught me their secrets. Now I wish to explain them to you. It is your due.

In the eBook, I provide a step-by-step description of the actions you need to take to be able to trade and to become a consistently successful trader. In order to become successful, you will need to grasp a number of disciplines. Every discipline builds on another discipline, which is why is it of the essence to study the book from A to Z.

Should you use only one discipline at a time, it will adversely influence your success. Your success is largely dependent on your own studying efforts and on your willingness to develop yourself. Success does not come naturally and not in a week either. It is dependent on the skills you make yourself familiar with and apply. This takes time... Do you give yourself that time and are you prepared to fully commit yourself? In that case, life has success in store for you.

You will get a minimum of 10 times
the purchase value!

A professional trader does not divulge his methods, let alone for free. Tactics to make a lot of money are worth a lot of money. On average, a mentor will charge about $500 - $2000 an hour. I temporarily charge $ 37 for an eBook with all the information that the professionals would teach you too, but my price is only a fraction of theirs.

Again, in short, this is what you will receive:

A 70-page eBook, filled with illustrations to exemplify my tactics. This eBook can be downloaded as a PDF file directly after purchase. Within five minutes, the book can be yours.

There is no limited period in which you are required to have read the book. Once you own it, you will always be able to read it. You will automatically receive updates in your inbox whenever an expansion of the book is available, so that you are always kept abreast of the latest developments.

The regular price is $ 59,95, but if you order now, you will temporaily pay only $ 37.

Normally: $ 59.95

Now temporarily available

for only: - $37


You will also temporarily receive a number of free bonusen

Bonus 1:

E-mail support. You can reach me personally via e-mail for questions with regard to the content of the eBook.

Bonus 2:

You will receive 4 free reports about "Trading Discipline" by Norman Hallet. Norman is the absolute guru within the sphere of trading discipline.

Bonus 3:

Access to documents, as described in the book.


You are already a winner with our
100% money back guarantee



By the way, you keep these bonuses in the event that you decide to use our money back guarantee.

Your satisfaction will be guaranteed with our 100% money back guarantee. But, should you decide you are not satisfied after all (within 60 days), it will not cost you a dime. You will get your money back.
Therefore, you will not have to decide right away if the product meets your expectations. Just try it and take awhile to see if you find the information useful.

Yours sincerely,

Gerben Burgers



If you wish to take responsibility for your financial future, reading my eBook is a good first step.



Forex trading is growing rapidly among private investors, so do not wait overlong!



You will try out the techniques described in the book yourself and will then determine if the information is valuable to you. If not, you will get your money back.

>> YES! <<



And as an added BONUS, I will
receive 4 SPECIAL REPORTS about
trading discipline FOR FREE

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