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Discover how to cook the Nigerian foods you enjoy or take your culinary skills to the next level.

Nigerian foods are the most exciting, rich and tasteful of all African cuisine. They are often in the form of thick green vegetables, aromatic spices and pepper, garnised with assorted meat or fish. These foods can be easily cooked once you know how.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Do you really enjoy Nigerian cooking?

Would you like to be more creative in your kitchen?

How would you feel if your husband or boyfriend were to
compliment you more often on your cooking?

Do you stress or worry about how much salt to add when preparing foods?

Would you like your girlfriend or wife to learn how to cook Nigerian foods properly?


If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions then read on.

Uncover the secret recipes of the best cooks in Nigeria and all of Africa.

In Classic Nigerian Food Recipes, you will uncover great tasting food, secret ingredients and cooking methods needed to master Nigerian cuisine. If you have ever eaten a really delicious meal in a Nigerian restaurant or at a party, but tried and failed to recreate the same effect in your own kitchen then use this ebook as a guide to become one of the experts. You will transform yourself into a fantastic, creative cook and become the undisputed champion of Naija cooking within your social circle.

My name is Michael Toye Faleti and I travel between Nigeria and Europe on business trips.When I arrive back in England my overwhelming memory of the country is always about the food because I truly enjoy authentic Nigerian dishes. My sister Busola is the best cook that I know and she understands Nigerian cuisine perfectly.

My girlfriend does not cook and I am clueless so I asked Busola to teach us. Upon my arrival back in England our friends noticed the difference in our cooking and were hugely impressed that they began asking for lessons too. This is how the idea for this ebook came to me.

Sure you can find free recipes on the internet, but the recipes in this ebook were not written from memory in a rush and do not lack the subtle details that make the difference between a basic preparation of say Jollof rice and a memorable one.

Classic Nigerian Food Recipes contain the most delicious Nigerian foods that I have ever tasted. From appetisers like Asun or Cat fish pepper soup to main courses like Okra and Melon soup or Ofe Onugbu and Eba and much more.

After weeks of intense research and kitchen activity we came up with the ultimate collection of Nigerian food recipes that you can prepare to make your special occasions even more special and your dinners more enjoyable.   

We experimented, chopped, sliced and mixed ingredients from the Southern cultures to prepare fifteen classic dishes to the highest level of quality and taste. We took the pictures and outline the steps to skyrocket your ability to cook the most loved Nigerian foods.

Here is what you will learn from the Classic Nigerian Food Recipes ebook:

Common ingredients:- A variety of popular and little known native ingredients used in only the most authentic of Nigerian cuisine. Discover new spices and combinations that will enhance the flavour of anything you decide to cook.

Presentation:- Make your audience even more hungry by presenting your cooking in the most pleasing to the eye and appetising way possible. Find out the advantages of serving in certain kinds of plates and why certain foods taste differently depending on which vessel they’re served in.

Seasoning:- A very simple but effective technique that will ensure your meals always has the right flavour and taste. Forget the anxiety or fear of adding too much or too little salt to your cooking.

Get your pots and pans out, put on your aprons and start cooking:

Moi-Moi:- Find out which variety of ingredients make the most scrumptious Moi-Moi and why your choice of cooking oil is an important factor in its preparation.

Boiled Yam with Garden egg, Shrimps, and Smoked Fish:- Personally,  I love this food. It reads off the menu like a four seasons brunch. It is highly nutritious and it teaches you how to get creative in your own kitchen.

Jollof Rice:- Forget what you think you know about cooking this popular party favorite. Discover a whole new but very simple tip of making your Jollof rice taste yummier than ever before. And learn how to present it in the most eye catching fashion possible.

Edikai Ikong with Pounded yam:- I wanted to leave this out but the excitement generated by the variety of local ingredients used were too much to be ignored. This is also where you learn that special seasoning tip you can apply to all your cooking. You will never again have to worry about putting too little or too much salt in your foods.

Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu:- Gbegiri is made from beans, which makes this Yoruba classic an even more appetising combination. And it is easier to make than you think.

Efo Riro:- Another Yoruba classic. Did you know that  Efo riro is made in four easy steps?

The ebook continues with sought after recipes from the East or Igbo and Calabar cultures.  Extend your cooking range and familiarise yourself with other native ingredients. Discover the magic of the clay plate and its importance in presenting Igbo dishes. Challenge yourself to cooking:

Ofe Onugbu:- A truly delectable dish with a bitter sweet character. Ofe Onugbu is food fit for an Igwe. The traditional Ibo man would love this, so if you are his wife or girlfriend learn to cook it.

Asun:- Asun or goat meat barbeque makes an incredibly special appetiser to serve at your parties before the main dish. Learn how to make the pepper soup that goes with it too. Serve with a cold drink and don’t forget the toothpicks.

Nkwobi with Cow leg:- This sensational mouth watering delicacy is one of my favorite eastern appetisers. Cow leg has never tasted this good.

Mixed Okra Soup:- Mixed Okra soup or Ila ala sepo in Yoruba is great with Fufu, Pounded yam or Eba.

Isiewu(Goat head mix):- How many times have you heard people comment on how delicious this goat head mix tastes.  Once you master this recipe you too can boast about making Isiewu for dinner. Wow!

Banga soup:- This is a special dish from Delta state made with even more special Banga soup spices. One of them is Obeletientien. See I told you. I bet you will never have more fun and satisfaction from successfully cooking anything else.

Okra and Melon soup:- Okra and Melon(Egusi) combination results in the most beautiful vegetable soup ever! Seriously. Serve with Pounded with yam for a scrumptious meal then notice how everyone seems quiet afterwards. It’s that feeling of content and enjoyment.

Ogbonno(Draw soup) :- Which kind soup mama cook o....(Ha!) Ogbonno or Draw soup is thick, slippery and very nutritious. If you have never tried it take the chance to learn how to make the most authentic and yummy Ogbonno for your family and friends.

Oha soup with Fufu:- Preparing Oha soup is an experience that is worth the effort in itself. The ingredients include a combination of cocoyam, palm kernels and Oziza leaves. You can find out more from the ebook.

Here is a [free chapter](http://www.nigerian-foods.com/cnfr/free_chapter.pdf) from the book and what some people are saying below.

Wow you changed my life! Thanks for bringing my husband back home. I learnt how to cook Nkwobi which my husband loves.
- Mama Emeka, Atalanta USA.

I tried the Coconut rice with grilled chicken and it came out very nice, overall Classic Nigerian foods recipes is fantastic.
- Rita Gbemisola George Adefisan

Hi, I love Nigerian foods too and your ebook contains the best Nigerian food recipes on the Internet. I like it and think it's cool, so did my girlfriend. Good work.
- Diran London, UK.

Honestly, I was really impressed. My cooking has improved a lot because of your ebook.
- Blessing Okpara, Nigeria


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Bonus Dish #1: Unripe/Green Banana Porridge

Bonus Dish #2: Coconut Rice with Grilled Chicken

Bonus Dish #3: Yam Porridge with Snails

Bonus Dish #4: Ofada Rice with Sauce

Bonus Dish #5: Cat Fish Pepper Soup

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If, for any reason, you do not think that this eBook is helpful to you in any way, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, 60-Day 100 % refund. You can't lose on this deal.


I would never have believed that I could build up this much confidence in my cooking, until I read and practiced cooking with your ebook, thank you very much.
- Ogechi Duru, Nigeria

I got lots of compliments on my birthday, when I made the Asun barbeque and Catfish pepper soup. It was fantastic, the guests loved it too.
- Barbara Williams-Akintolu, UK

Hello Mike, my wife and I have really improved on our traditional Nigerian cooking. We spend a lot of money at Nigerian restaurants but have started cooking more often at home. Your ebook might end up saving me a lot of dosh. Send me an email if you get to publish a follow up.
-Uncle Dan, Cape town SA

We followed your tips and instructions on Egusi and Efo riro and ate it with Pounded yam. It turned out nicely and was really delicious.
- Shola and Temitope, Maryland USA




To get your own, personal copy, click here to receive instant download instructions:


      24.95 USD

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All the best
to your new eating experience and enjoyment!

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