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"Discover Child Psychologist's 7 Secrets That Will Help Your Child Lose Weight & Gain Confidence In Their Appetite Control."

"End Your Nagging, Uncomfortable Worries Over What They Eat and How Much They Are Eating...with Dr Randy Cale's Proven Program To Help Your Child Lose Weight and Build Healthy, Responsible Habits."

Dear worried friend,

Do you find these kind of thoughts about your child keep you up at night?
"How do you talk to your beautiful daughter about her weight without turning her into a teenager with an eating disorder? (She knows she is overweight and gets upset when I try to talk to her about it.)" "What can I do with my son, as I am concerned for his health and his attitude towards life? He is overweight, moving gradually toward obesity and he is hurting his body and his future. He wants to do nothing but sit, and I have tried walks to the park and talks to his pediatrician...but nothing changes his behavior. I am worried sick." "What can I do with my son who says he is always hungry, and constantly looking for food. He just keeps eating, even though he can't be hungry. He eats more and more junk food, he can't keep up with his friends anymore, and I am sure they are already making fun of his chubby tummy. He just gets defensive when I try to talk to him."
If these sound like your questions, it's because they ARE YOUR QUESTIONS. Well, not literally perhaps, but these are a few of the questions fellow parents, just like you, asked me when I set up an online survey to find out what you most wanted to know about overweight children. So of course, it isn't really you. But I did want to make sure that I focused in precisely on the concerns of parents. Let me make a bold claim: This might be the most important letter you'll ever read...if your thoughts sound similar to those above.

Here's why: If your child is overweight, and developing unhealthy habits, it will take more than a pep talk to get them on a healthy track (you already know that).

It will take more than a lecture from the nurse. It will take more than a few fancy, low calorie reicpes to CHANGE UNHEALTHY HABITS.

To get your children on a healthy path, we have to learn how to change habits...those bad eating habits your son or daugther has developed.

How easy is it to change eating habits?

NOT EASY AT ALL... and again... you probably know that. Part of the power of my [Healthy Eating & Healthy](#orderboxpackage) Living program is that I have included tools to change bad habits.. and turn them into healthy life long habits!

The [Healthy Eating & Healthy Living](#orderboxpackage) program offers you a simple, yet remarkably effective, step-by-step parenting system that will get your kids eating healthy, and end the arguments over constant snacking, junk food and picky eating.

More importantly, you will have the tools to build healthy habits in your home, while stopping the nagging, prodding and excessive worrying about your child's health. My tested and proven parenting formula will give you control over your home that you never thought you would have...and eliminate the wasted words and lectures... as well as the lost sleep.

Within days, you will begin to see your children learn to build healthy habits as you focus your parenting 'power' where you can really make a difference! Will everything be perfect in a few days? Of course not! But you will be able to see the change in their beahavior as you start to master this system.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I say:

Three Rock-Solid Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have a track record of success in helping families! I am not a health food fanatic, trying to get you on board with some radical ideas. Instead, I am a Licensed Psychologist and for 23 years I have helped thousands of parents, just like you master and overcome the daily struggles that all parents face. My passion is offering practical, real life strategies that get fast results. I have developed solutionsthat are easy to follow, and they work to solve everyday parenting problems.

Reason two: I am a well-known expert at helping folks like you do a complete "bad behavior make-over" and bring sanity to a crazy situation. I am often referred to as "The Parent's Psychologist" by pediatricians, teachers and the media... as well as the parents I work with. I have been interviewed hundreds of times on TV, featured in newspapers and magazine articles, and my products have been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, on NBC and on Fox News...just to name a few.

Reason three: My parenting solutions have been tested, and re-tested and refined so that they work in almost every situation with just about every child...regardless of personality or attitude. You just can't find that track record anywhere else. In fact, it's hard to find any kind of clinically tested solution for getting kids to lose weight AND develop a more active, healthy lifestyle. (There are many websites featuring ebooks written bywell-intentioned parents,or dieticians, but none of them give you the tools to manage the food, as well as the behavior of your child as they struggle with chaning habits. Please stay away from these types of products... if your child really need help. You will waste your money and time.)

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

Gives you a step-by-step process You get started immediately with an action plan Teaches you what to say to your child and how to say it There is no conflict or discomfort in talking with your child Shows you how to control the food your child consumes You can stop worrying about snacks, junk food and picky eating Changes how you approach your child's weight and eating habits There is no loss of self-esteem, and no criticism needed. Emphasizes how these changes can happen for the whole family Everyone develops healthy habits and routines. Teaches how to deal with your child's complaints The complaints disappear and their negativity fades away. Provides strategies for creating inner fullness and satisfaction There is less dependence on food for happiness! Explains exactly how to handle desserts and sweets The importance of desserts & sweets is dramatically reduced. Will teach you how to get your children to eat healthy You don't have to worry about their health or self-esteem. Walks you through dealing with strong-willed & oppositional children There is a way to quickly eliminate the battles and struggles.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why this step-by-step manual can do all those things.

Let me explain. In my private practice, my families have been asking for more and more details on how to manage daily routines, especially eating and exercise! This has been a growing problem.

The [Healthy Eating & Healthy Living](#orderboxpackage) manual pulls together all of the lessons I have learned over Healthy Eating Program the past 23 years to help parents manage their homes with ease and peace.

So often, when we are struggling with weight control, or kids who become 'couch potatoes,' the home can become a constant source of worry and concern. Every time you walk into a room and find food packaging you are reminded of the needless extra pounds your child is carrying, and you know that life is not going to treat them well. (Maybe you even know this path personally... and fear that they will repeat some of your struggles.)

Or perhaps you are more annoyed by your son or daughter, who spends more time watching TV, playing video games, or sitting in front of the computer... than they do playing in healthy and active ways.

In these situations, you may not know how to get out of the worry and fears you have. You may not know how to help them without the constant nagging, or reminding... that often erupts into arguments and conflict as time goes on. (Plus... it just doesn't work!)

[Healthy Eating & Healthy](#orderboxpackage) Living gives you the steps to take control of your home, and to do so as quickly... or as gradually as you want.

For some, you will want to jump right in... and make a lot of changes fast.

For others, you will want to do one step at a time... and then make the next step after you begin to see results.

In addition, this is really a guidebook for managing your home...and everyone who lives in it! I have included the tools that eliminate the source of constant conflict and negativity. More importantly, you learn how to 'make things happen' without you harping on your kids all the time.

You will even learn the secret to getting chores and homework completed easily...WHILE reducing or eliminating the coach potato syndrome.

In reality, it's my most comprehensive set of tools that I have ever put in one simple, easy to use guidebook.

Warning: Do NOT buy any weight loss program or recipe
book for your family unless it meets these 6 critical pieces are address:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of children and weight loss. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain...if you really want to turn thigs around:
You must get MORE than just healthy recipes, because you also need tools to manage your kitchen and the food in it...if this is to produce lasting, healthy change. It is essential that you get a program that has proven to work with children of all types. You don't want the recipe book that helped just one family. You need a program that will help your child, regardless of where you are starting. For some, you may be early in this struggle. For others, you have been worried for years. The [Healthy Eating & Healthy Living](#orderboxpackage) program will pick up right where you are at. There are virtually no other tested and proven strategies that work with your whole family, and get your children on track for a healthy life. Please avoid untested, or unproven approaches that make it sound a new recipe book is the answer. It's not. You must protect your child's self-esteem as you put the plan in motion, as no approach will be successful over the long-term unless you can protect your child's esteem. It is critical that you learn a program that will create lifelong habits, and not just a short term change. In reality, the program that will work must give you the tools to change habits, not just yours as a parent...but your child's habits as well.

The [Healthy Eating & Healthy Living](#orderboxpackage) manual gives you the tools, and the gameplan to change your child's poor habits forever.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Hey look...I am not trying to "toot my horn" here, but if you call me up for a consultation directly to get this information, it will truly cost more than 10 times the cost of this downloadable program.

As a Licensed Psychologist, my fees are $200 a session. For overweight children, or picky eaters, parents usually invest 6-10 sessions of time, at a cost of $200 a session... so that's roughly a cost of $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 to get this same exact information.

Why would parents do that?

It's really simple: Because my guidance works! I bring not only 23 years of training and clinical experience as a Psychologist to provide laser-guided accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY for putting a fast end to picky eating, getting healthy food on the table, as well as ending the whining, the negotiating, and the battles over food.. This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers. It is a proven formula unlike anything else on the Internet.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. No psycho-babble! Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out.

This is why ["Healthy Eating & Healthy Living"](#orderboxpackage) is such a bargain. The investment is only a fraction of the money wasted at the grocery store each month on those poor eating habits! I guarantee you that will get it all back from your grocery store savings in just a month!

For many of us, we don't pause to realize how much money is wasted on junk food, or eating habits that are damagin and unhealthy.

But we know this isnt' really about the money?

It's about your child's health. It's about their self-esteem, and protecting their future.

It's about NOT wanting them to be embarrased by their body, or the comments of their 'peers.'

It's about really wanting your children to have a better life...full of "good stuff' that makes them happy, vibrant and active.

So... What's the Secret Ingredient That Makes This Program So DIfferent?

Here's the real secret: I teach you how to control your home, so that your children learn from your decisions. You can't 'make them' really do anything. (again...you know that). But when you set up a very precise system, where they learn everyday from the choices you make available...we find that your children will learn to make better and better choices.

The magic is really in the system that I have you establish within the first day. It's the real secret that I discovered after working with families for many years, and I give you everyone of these tools that put you back in control of your home!

Can you imagine, your children losing weight on a healthy, predictable schedule?

Even more, can you imagine no battles, no whining and no arguments over food?

And at bedtime, or when friends come over, how good will you feel knowing yoru worries are all in the past?

All this...for less than the cost of your cable bill!

That's right, for the cost of your cable bill.

Your child's health and their self-esteem protected certainly doesnt' have a price tag on it. We both know that. So... you just have to decide if you trust me to guide you through this mess... and onto a healthy lifestylye...

Here's what you get in the whole package:

Instant Download of Healthy Eating & Healthy Living Manual

You get a the complete 58 page step-by-step manual that walks you through every question you may have, and guides with exactly what to do...AND what NOT to do.

You will know how to manage your behavior, and how to talk to them about theirs. You will get a crystal clear, no bull guidebook that lays it out for you in a straight-forward, easy to follow style. (I have psycho-babble...and there's none of it in this ebook.)

The manual walks you through a series of questions, and allows you to develop your individualized gameplan at your pace, and in response to your specific needs.

One of my long-term customers reviewed this product, and called me to say, "Dr Cale, this is best guide you have ever written. It is clear, and easy to follow. But mostly, it covers EVERYTHING I need to know in order to manage the kids, and their daily eating routines...as well as their couch potato tendencies. This is a real winner!" (Ann Sprague from Syracuse, NY)

Instant Download of the Healthy Eating & Healthy Living MP3 Audio

This is an audio version of the manual, recorded by Dr Cale. You will likely want to review the materials over the course of the next several weeks, and this audio version allows you to put the manual on your mp3 player, or listen from your computer.

If you respond right away, you pay only $47.00.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Instant Download Bonus 1:

Dr Cale's Research Summary On Childhood Obesity

Dr Cale recently reviewed the literature on childhood obesity. This comprehensive review represents over 25 hours of professional research. You will not only learn about the current state of child and adolescent health, but also about the implications of obesity for our youth. This alone is a $29.95 value, and is included free.

Remember...you get to keep these bonuses...even if you are not satisfied and want your money back...

Instant Download Bonus 2:

Cooking Fast. Cooking Healthy. Recipes for families on the go!

As part of this package, Dr Cale commissioned a cookbook, with recipes for families on the go. But it's not just any recipe book...these are recipes hand chosen by a national health specialist specifically to ensure healthy meals in a fast paced family life.

The goal of this cookbook is to give you recipes that you can pull together easily, while also putting healthy and delicious food in front of the whole family. This Cooking Fast, Cooking Health is yours free but is valued at $47.00.

Instant Download Bonus 3:

The Picky Eater Cookbook: A Survival Guide For Parents

As an additional amazing bonus, the research would suggest that many overweight children are also very, very picky eaters. They usually prefer, and often demand, specific foods that are not as healthy for them. This cookbook is valued at $47 dollars, but is yours free with your purchase.

This is another commissioned cookbook, with a focus on recipes for the picky eater. The goal here is to easily pull together meals that your picky eater will enjoy, and so will the rest of the family.

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad moneyback guarantee:

You get a total of $227.95 worth of valuable
life-changing information all for $47.00


Why would I make it so affordable?

Simply because the costs to deliver it to you are so low in this downloadable format. This is an electronic book (e-book) that will be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5-10 minutes from now.

I would rather sell more of these products you can get at this affordable rate, rather than sell just a few of these completed packages for the $197. Also, if I am being brutally honest... it's just easier this way too! So...

No matter what, it's a bargain for you. It's time however to ask a few tough questions...if you are ready for them. Here goes:

How much is your peace of mind worth? How much is your child's health worth? How much is knowing you did everything you could do to give them a healthy, positive futre? How much would you pay for a year... much less a lifetime... of meals with battles and struggles and worries over food?

If you have an overweight child, and you see the handwriting on the wall (if nothing changes), then the answer to those questions are easy. You just have to consider whether or not you can trust this offer, and guess what... I want to make it easy for you. So read ALL of the following so you understand why you shouldn't make a permanent decision right now.



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