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Finally: A Rock Solid FOREX Trading Robot
That Consisently Makes Profits Trading FOREX
Places Totally Automated Buy / Sell orders For You!

It will become crystal clear how you can make money with FOREX -
if you read every word of this letter....

Are you losing money with your investments in the stock market , real estate or other investments? But you would like to start making money in FOREX?

Are you a 9-to-5'er looking for an opportunity to make a lot of extra money, so you can finally quit your boring job?

Are you currently unemployed looking for a way make some extra money?

... or even if you are a FOREX trading expert…

Are you having trouble making consistent profits every week or every month, from your FOREX trading?


If your answer is yes, then…

Allow Me To Introduce You To "Robots Trading FOREX" Software:

No FOREX trading experience required
All trading is totally automated (Does not require any of your time)
Low Risk with High Returns (up to thousands a trade), even with little capital
No complicated indicators or any technical analysis.
No technical skills required. One simple software installation.

From the Desk of Robert Lance Hammond:

Dear Investors,

As a 10 year expert of the FOREX trading world, allow me to take a moment to introduce myself before telling you about my automated trading robot, which is the real reason you’re here. Using my 5 + years of experience as a Computer Specialist (Computer Programmer) for IBM, I decided to develop a FOREX trading system that took the guess work out of the foreign exchange market. I tested my system rigorously over the course of five years making sure it operated like the well oiled robot it was intended to be… all so that YOU, could use it to automate your FOREX trading. I named this FOREX trading robot "Project FX".

This is not a training seminar or some other “FOREX course” meant to train you how to trade FOREX. This is a fully automated trading robot; one that works for you, twenty four hours a day.
Keep in mind:
95% of FOREX traders lose money. Even those who were “well trained” by complicated, expensive seminars. The reason is simple: Basic human emotions, like greed, fear, and lack of discipline, will invariable interfere with the trading system you were taught in these courses. This automated money making robot was designed by someone with ten years of trading experience, and then painstakingly tested over five years of historical data. Learning the FOREX trading system on your own would cost thousands of dollars- and still take YEARS to master
The Project FX trading robot works! It works day and night to find FOREX "set ups", "triggers", and when it enters the market it automatically places "stop losses" on its own. It makes the decisions for you, making it ideal even for those who have never traded FOREX in their lives. Don’t be fooled by snake oil salesmen trying to sell you a similar system. There is only one Project FX.

Project FX represents the awesome power of a system that works better each and every time it's used and is so devastatingly effective we couldn't shut the money down even if we wanted to!

You see, that's the whole point...

We've been quietly flying under the radar making an immense fortune whilst the guru's deliver speeches about FOREX trading...rather than making their living at it!

...and in the next few moments we'll expose the absolute truth to tens of thousands of struggling FOREX traders by revealing how our "Project FX - FOREX trading Robot" generates consistent and unstoppable income from the FOREX markets with outrageous ease.

Listen, this isn't some kind of "one trick pony"... the key to getting wealthy in FOREX is to be consistent... and as you see from the following screenshots and audited reports, that's exactly what we are and precisely what we'll show you how to achieve.


Here are some amazing trades my Robot helped me make:



Are You Still skeptical?
Here is some compelling evidence for you:


Four Reasons why you should trust that Robots Trading FOREX can make money for you:


Reason 1: To provide proof for you we have hired an independent FOREX System Auditor [ (collective2.com](http://www.collective2.com)) to monitor all of our trades - "Real Time". Collective2.com monitors over 7,064 trading systems as an independent "trading system auditor". They provide live trading results and extensive analysis so that clients can have an independent assessment of which systems truly make money.

Reason 2: We design and then test our FOREX Robots over 5+ years of historical data to insure that they can make money in all market conditions.

Reason 3: You are hiring a "10 Year FOREX Expert" and a "5+ year FOREX programming expert". Because that's what is built into the FOREX trading Robot. We spared no expense at building this FOREX Trading Robot for you!
Reason 4: We have checked all of our competitors sites and none of them have the "FOREX independent auditors Report".

Here is a graph produced by the "trading system auditor" - collective2.com:

[ (Click here to see full details of the "FOREX independent auditors Report")](http://www.collective2.com/go/robotstradingforex)



And no kidding - it takes me zero minutes per week to implement my trades with this software.

Here are the steps to implementing a trade with Robots Trading Forex Software:


Step 1: Buy Robots Trading FOREX software!

Step 2: Install the software (Five Minutes)

Step 3: Sit back and relax and let the Robots trade for you!

Now you sit back, relax, and watch money coming in. It can’t be any easier.

A Word Of Warning...

This is unlike any other product you've seen or bought before in this market. These are super-real strategies that make super-real money with FOREX trading.

But Be Advised: Even though you could start making money literally with in the next few hours, this is NOT some hocus pocus 'get rich quick' scheme...

If you think you're gonna' turn on your computer, press a button and see 100 dollar bills come flying through your screen then please do not download this. Please.

Sure, if you act upon the formula, you'll be banking 5-figure FOREX checks faster than you ever imagined was possible... just don't expect to make a million bucks in your first few days or weeks. Expect to make a few thousand to start - and the millions ... can come later.



Proudly Introducing Robots Trading FOREX Software:

Now I am proudly introducing this software to you, so you can make extra money, too.

As you know, 95 percent of Forex traders fail. Only 5 percent actually makes money - and only because they have a good trading system.

Now you can join that 5 percent. You can trade like me - or even better than me - by using my foolproof trading robot.

Follow my step by step plan if you:
Want to make money from FOREX while ‘having a life’.

Dream about making killer trades, but have no clue how to do that.

Worry about reading complicated charts and e-books that will only confuse you more.

With my Robots Trading Forex Software, you don’t have to:

Attend expensive trading seminars that cost $5,000 - $10,000 - and still can't make consistent profits. You have the secret to Forex trading success!

Pay hundreds of dollars to useless companies who promise trading signals. You have your own FOREX trading Robot now!

Waste your time spending hours staring at charts and patterns that make no sense to you. Let my robot trade for you!

Ok , let me give you a quick review: …


The features of Robots Trading Forex:

Incredibly simple. No technical skills required. A very simple installation. Easy to Run.

It is widely used by professional traders or beginners with no experience whatsoever, simply because it WORKS.

Very profitable - Helps you possibly earn up to thousands of dollars per trade.
Fast, reliable and consistent.

It works in any country. It works on the standard MT4 trading platform, with hundreds of FOREX brokers world wide

It can be tested without having to risk any trading capital!
You can start with a small forex account or learn the ropes on a demo account without risking any real money at all.



Q: Robert, why are you making this software available to the public if it is so successful?
A: There are many reasons.
First, I love to share and teach people.
Second, I have created a very valuable service with my robots and I would like to share those robots with all those people who want a simpler way to make a profit with their FOREX trading.

Q: Does Robots Trading Forex Software involve monthly subscription fees?
A: Yes. The investment per month is $97.00 However your profitable FOREX trades will more thatn cover the cost of your investment.

Q: How much money do I need to get started?
A: It depends on your brokers. However, you can start a Forex account with as little as $2000.00.

Q: Can I make money while I am at work?
A: Absolutely. That is why I created this robot! It requires 0 minutes per week.

Q: Do you provide customer support?
A: Yes. I have a dedicated support team available. Feel free to contact us any time you have questions or problems.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the software?
A: Please read my money-back guarantee policy below. This product is a completely risk-free purchase. If you're not able to make any profit with this software, just send us your trading screenshots. I will give all your money back immediately, no questions asked.

This is what you are going to receive…

When you become a Robots Trading Forex customer, you will be able to download the following:

The software: This battle-tested robot file will make you profit again and again!

The informative software manual, which shows you everything you need to know - including how to install MetaTrader 4 and the trading robot (expert advisor)

BONUS! ‘Forex Basics,’ which will tell you all about Forex trading!

Plus, as a customer of FOREX Trading Robots, you will get unlimited support and free access to future software updates!


With this software, you will be trading forex like a pro in no time. Please listen to this Video to learn more about our Forex trading Robot.


Enough said...

So, Exactly How Much Is Successful Forex Trading Worth To YOU?

Let me ask you two questions:

1. How much is worth to you to potentially generate thousands a week?

2. How would it feel to go from zero to having thousands of dollars in your account in just a few weeks?

Even if you generate only $700 a week - every week, all year long - would a one-time fee of $700 be worth it to you?

The fact is, I know I can sell this system for $700 each, all day long - and I know there are enough wise people who are queuing to pay that price.

But I'm not going to charge $700.

I am offering you a chance to grab the software at an introductory price of $97.

That's it. A one-time payment of $97.00, but you'll generate earnings over and over. But, I should warn you about this introductory price.

Now Here's The Bad News...

This is a very limited opportunity; one that CANNOT exist for long to preserve the value for our members...

See, even though we are releasing this for $97 initially, we are only giving away an undisclosed number of copies at this price.

If you return to the page in a couple of hours... or maybe even minutes, the chances are the limit will have been reached and the price will be have been raised.

In other words, if you want in, you'll need to make your move now.

So, I highly suggest you act now, while the opportunity is on the table.

And the best part is, you can try this system risk-free - I am so confident about my software, I am offering you a ...


100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee!

I will give you eight weeks to try the system and prove me wrong.

If you make money, then you have yourself a very profitable Forex system.

If you don’t make money, I will give you a full refund of the purchase price. No question asked! No strings attached!

There's no sneaky gimmicks or fine print to that offer – it's an unconditional 56-day money back guarantee!


[Click here to reserve your spot right now...](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)


Robots Trading Forex
Risk-Free Acceptance Form

YES! I'm Ready to Make A Lot of Money From The Forex Market

Yes, I Want to Make Winning Trades with this Consistently Profitable, Proven Software...

I Want To Download This SystemAt $797 $97.00 Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful software now before it's too late...


[Click here to Enroll Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)

I can get started now and make profit from now if I use the system properly, and this is backed by a full 8 weeks 100% money-back guarantee- if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time, I'll get all my money back from you, Robert! No need to ask question!

[Click here to reserve a spot Right Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)


Go ahead and grab the easiest way to make money that you are ever likely to hear about!

How about opportunities to quit your job and work from home? How about 'freedom'?

You don't need to work hard or spend a hundred thousand dollar to set up business to make big money. You don't need to meet your clients or sell anything. Forget about all those other schemes promising to make you quick money... mlm, get-rich-quick schemes, selling stuff on the internet ...

With forex trading you don't need staff, a business, or a website to make money ...

But you still can make a lot of money to buy yourself a new car or go vacation to anywhere in the world that you dream of...

Here is a chance to make things happen,

[Click here to reserve a spot Right Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)

And I wish you all the best,

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Lance Hammond

P.S. - This system is fully guaranteed, and you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that I'm going to hand you - no questions asked - 100% of your money back if you decide for any reason that you're not thrilled.

[Click here to grab the opportunity Right Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.P.S. - Please remember, the introductory price of just $97 is only for the first 400 copies. After 400 copies have been sent, the price will automatically shoot up to $797. And, I will stop selling after 1000 copies sold out. So you must act fast!

[Click here to Enroll Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)



Robots Trading Forex
Risk-Free Acceptance Form

YES! I'm Ready to Make Money From The Forex Market

Yes, I Want to Make Winning Trades with this Consistently Profitable, Proven Software...

I Want To Download This System At $797 $97 Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful software now before it's too late...



I can get started now and make profit from now if I use the system properly, and this is backed by a full 8 weeks 100% money-back guarantee- if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time, I'll get all my money back from you, Robert! No need to ask question!

[Click here to reserve a spot Right Now](http://1.clickbob.pay.clickbank.net/)


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All rights reserved. The use of this system constitutes acceptance of our user agreement.

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