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Combat Military Manuals Included:

1.  Combat Skills Military Manuals:
Armor Operations
Armored Air Cavalry Armored Division Brigade
Army Forces in the Field
Army Infantry Battalion
Army Infantry Rifle Company
Army Nonlethal Munitions
Assault Climbers Handbook
Battalion Recon Platoon
Bayonet Care
Booby traps
Camouflage Concealment
Claymore Mines
Code of the US Fighting Force
Combat Casualty and Wound Care
Combat Leaders Guide Army Research
Combat Service Support
Combat Skills of the Soldier
Combined Arms Breaching Operations
Combined Arms for Air Defense
Combined Arms Obstacle Integration
Contingency & Combat Zone
Entry Training Soldier
Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide
Ground Combat Operations
Historical Study of Night Combat
How to Kill Tanks
Improvised Booby traps
Infantry Rifle Platoon
Land Mines Army Ammunition
Marine Corps Tank Employment
Marine Rifle Company
Marine Rifle Squad
Mine Counter mine Operations
Mine Recognition and Warfare Handbook
Mine man Volume 1
Mine man Volume 2  1 & C
Mine man Volume 2
Mine man Volume 3
Mine man Volume 5
Mine man Volume 7
Mines & Booby traps
Navy Mine man Volume 3
Night Warrior Handbook
Non Lethal Weapons
noncommissioned Officers Guide
Obstacles Mines Demolitions
Operations and Tactics
Ordnance and Explosives Response
Own the Night Small Unit Night Fighter Manual
Physical Readiness Combat Training
Procedures Unexploded OPS
Raid Operations
Rear Area Operations
Rear Area Protection
Recon Platoon & Squad
Rifle Platoon & Squad
Rifle Squad Fire Tactics
Scouting and Patrolling.
Smoke Operations
Smoke Squad Platoon Operations
Soldier and Weapon Position Details
Soldiers Common Tasks Warrior Skills 1
Static Line Parachute Training
Tactical Anti-armor Platoon Company
Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons
Tank Gunnery
Tank Platoon
Tank Unit Platoon Company
Train Soldier Patrol
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations
Vehicle Scout Platoon
Vietcong Booby traps
War fighting

2. Close Combat Military Manuals:
Boxing Trainers Manual
Combative Stick Method
Combatives Hand to Hand
Deal the First Deadly Blow
Get Tough
Kill or Get Killed
Marine Corps Martial Arts
Marines Close Combat
Principles of Quick Kill
Special Forces Hand to Hand
Use Rifle Sling in Combat

3.  Combat Tactics Military Manuals:
Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare
Logistics Operations
Preparation Analysis of Battlefield Area
Tactical Land Clearing
Tactical Level Logistics
Tactical Record Traffic System
Tactics Electronic Attack
Terrain Analysis
US Army Tactics
Vietnam Enemy Leaders
Weather Support for Army Tactical

4.  Urban Operations Military Manuals:
Combat Guide Built Up Areas
Combat in Built up Areas
Combined Arms Ops in Urban Terrain
Ops on Urban Terrain MOUT
Rifle Platoon Urban Combat II
Training for Urban Operations
Urban Operations
Urbanized Terrain MOUT
US Army Urban Operations

5.  WMD Military Manuals:
Air Force Counter NBC
Air Force Nuclear Operations
An Introduction to Hazardous Materials
Army Corps of Engineers Radiation Protection
Army WMD
Biological Weapons Tech Section III
bio warfare and US Strategic Risk
Chemical Emergency
Chemical Staffs and Units
Chemical Weapons Tech Sec. VI
Commander's Tactical NBC Handbook
Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials
Field Behavior of NBC Agents
Health Service Support NBC Environment
Marines NBC Protection
Medical Aspects of NBC Defense
Multi service Biological Surveillance
Multi service NBC Defense Fixed Sites
Multi service NBC Defense Tactics
Multi service Potent Chem Bio Agent Compound
Multi service Treat. of Bio. Agent Casualties
NBC Decontamination
NBC Field Handbook
Nuclear Contamination Avoidance
Nuclear Play Calculator
Potential Bio Agents Compounds
Radiological Accidents
Recovery From Nuclear Attack
The Medical NBC Battle book
Treat Nuclear & Radiolog.Casualties
Treating Chem. & Bio. Agent Casualties

Communications & Command Military Manuals:

1.  Leadership and Command Manuals:

Army A History of US Army Lessons Learned

Army Civil Affairs Tactics Techniq. Proced

Army Command Policy

Army Decisive Force The Army in Theater of Ops

Army Dictionary of Military Terms

Army Drill and Ceremonies

Army JointForceLand Component Command

Army Military Leadership

Army Military Operations

Army Operational Terms & Graphics

Army Operations in Low Intensity Conflict

Army Peace Operations

Army Preparing & Managing Correspondence

Army Public Affairs Operations

Army Public Affairs Tactics Techniq. Proced

Army Religious Support

Army Risk Management

Army The Army FM 1

Army The Army Universal Task List

Army Vietnam Drill and Ceremonies

Army Vietnam How to Conduct Mil Training

Army Vietnam Military Leadership

Army Vietnam Quartermaster Sales Co

Army Vietnam The Chaplain

Decision Making & Problem Solving

FEMA Effective Communication

FEMA Emergency Management for Business & Industry

FEMA Leadership and Influence

Marines Afghanistan Intro to Country & People

Marines Drill and Ceremonies Manual

Marines Iraq Intro to Country and People

Marines Iraqi Culture Brief

Marines Personal Financial Management

Marines Troop Leaders Guide

Military Almanac 2001-2002

Navy Instructional Theory

Navy Operations Specialist Volume 1

Navy School Management Manual

US Army Domestic Operations

US Army Effective Speaking

US Army Leadership

US Army Operations

US DOE Human Factors & Ergonomics

2.  Communications Military Manuals:

Air Force WWII Radio Manual BC-348 Radios

Army Abbreviations & Codes

Army Application of TV Test Equipment

Army Basic Circuits of TV Studio Equipment

Army Basic TV Lighting Audio Scenery

Army Comm. Procedures for Tactical Radio

Army Communications Jamming

Army Electronic Journalism I

Army Electronic Journalism II

Army Electronic Radio Wave Propagation Antennas

Army Electronics Basic Communications Info

Army Electronics Plan Tactical Telephone Syst

Army Electronics Radio Direction Finding

Army Introduction to Journalism

Army Journalism Advanced Broadcasting

Army Journalism Feature Writing & Editorials

Army Journalist Perform as Announcer & Maintain

Army Journalist Planning & Product. Field & TV

Army Photojournalism I

Army Photojournalism II

Army Piano and Guitar

Army Send a Radio Message

Army Signal Data Ref. Signal Equipment

Army Signal Generator

Army Still Photography for Journalists

Army Tactical Single Channel Radio Techniques

Army TV Analyzing Color Vid. & Test Signals

Army TV and Audio Systems

Army TV Basic Lighting Techniques

Army TV Documentation Cinematography

Army TV Field Television Production

Army TV Filming Controlled Action

Army TV Filming Uncontrolled Action

Army TV Graphics Broadcast Journalists

Army TV Script Writing Ed. Visual Info Programs

Army Vietnam Field Wire and Field Cable Techniques

Army Vietnam Film and Equipment Exchange Ops

Army Vietnam The Military Band

Army Vietnam Topographic Symbols

Army Visual Signals

Army Wave Propagation Trans. Lines Antennas

Army WWII Radio Receiver Instruction BC-224A

Marines Antenna Handbook

Marines Communications for the FMF Marine

Marines Radio Operator's Handbook

Multi service Brevity Codes

Multi service Tactics & Procedures Hi Freq. Radio

Navy Aircraft Colors & Markings

Navy Basic Music

Navy Ear Training For Musicians

Navy Radio Frequency Comm. Principles V17

Navy WWII  ECM Mark 2 Cipher Machine

Navy WWII Intro to Radio Equipment

Navy WWII Radar Operators Manual

US Army Photojournalism III

US Marines Antenna Handbook

US Multi service Brevity Codes

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Construction Military Manuals Included:

1.  Basic Subjects Military Manuals:
Army  Basic Math-Convers.Factors.Comm.Formula
Army Basic Mathematics I Add Sub. Multiply Divide
Army Basic Mathematics II Decimal Fractions
Army Basic Mathematics III Area and Volume
Army Basic Mathematics IV Ratio and Proportion
Army Basic Statistics
Army Reading Comp.Study Methods,Time Management
Army Units Of Measure and Conversion Factors
Dept. Of Energy - Chemistry 1 of 2
Dept. Of Energy - Chemistry 2 of 2
Dept. Of Energy - Classical Physics
Dept. Of Energy - Mathematics 1 of 2
Dept. Of Energy - Mathematics 2 of 2
Navy Basic Math and Algebra
Basic Hydraulic Systems
Basic Hydraulics and its Plumbing
Engineer Const.Equip.Repairer Hydraulics
Fluid Power

2.  Carpentry Military  Manuals:
Army Engineer Carpentry I
Army Engineer Carpentry II
Army Engineer Carpentry III
Army Engineer Carpentry
Navy Wood Protection

3.  HVAC Work Military  Manuals:
Army Engineer Refriger. & Air Cond. I Fundamental
Navy Maint. & Oper of Active Solar Heating Systems
Active Solar Preheat Systems
Heating Syst. Op & Maintenance
Heating,Vent,Air Cond.Dehumid.Syst
Passive Solar Buildings
Solar Heating of Build. & Hot Water
Fire - Primer on Spontaneous Heating and Pyrophoricity
Instrumentation & Control Temp Detector
Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 1
Thermodynam.Heat Trans.Fluid Flow 3

4.  Machine Shop Work Military  Manuals:
Army Machinist Band Saw Operations Ed. 8
Army Machinist Fundamentals-Machine Tools
Army Machinist Machine Shop Calculation Ed. 7
Army Machinist Milling Machine Operations
Machinist Drafting Shop Drawing
Machinist Lathe Operations  Ed. 8
Machinist Metal Prop. Characteristics Codes
Navy Machinist Machinery Repairman
US Army Machinist Milling Machine Operations
US Army Machinist Precision Measuring & Gaging
US Army Machinist Precision Measuring Instruments
US Army Machinist Shop Safety Ed. 9
Army Welding Design Procedures Inspection
Navy Underwater Cutting & Welding
Navy Welding Materials Handbook
US Army Welding Operations I
US Army Welding Operations II
US Army Welding Theory

5.  Plumbing Work Military  Manuals:
US Army Plumbing I Prepare Plumbing Takeoff List
US Army Plumbing II Water Supply
US Army Plumbing III Waste Systems
US Army Plumbing IV Plumbing Fixtures
US Army Plumbing Pipe-Fitting Sewerage
US Army Plumbing V Repair Valve Fixture Control Devices
US Army Plumbing VI Clear Waste Syst. Stoppages

6.  Construction and Engineering Manuals:
Army Contractors on the Battlefield
Army Corps of Engineers Diving Operations
Army Engineer Builders Hardware
Army Engineer Cartography I Map Mathematics
Army Engineer Cartography III Aerial Photo
Army Engineer Cartography IX Map Overlays
Army Engineer Cartography VII Color Separation
Army Engineer Cartography VIII Map Editing
Army Engineer Construction Management Course
Army Engineer Design Forms for Concrete Wall
Army Engineer Field Fortifications Course
Army Engineer Intelligence & Recon
Army Engineer Landscape Design & Planting
Army Engineer Mil. Nonstandard Fixed Bridging
Army Engineer Operations FM 3-34
Army Engineer Survey III Topography.Geodetic
Army Engineer Survey I-Math & Survey Princip
Army General Engineering
Army Topographic Operations
Army Topographic Surveying
Army Vietnam Engineer Battalion Airborne Div
Army Vietnam Engineer Shore Assault Unit
Army Vietnam Engineers Infantry Division
Army Vietnam Engineers Nondiv. Combat Unit
Army Vietnam Field Paint Letters Stencils
Marines Engineering Operations
Marines Heavy Construction Equipment - Grader
Marines Heavy Construction Equipment - Scraper
Navy Blast Resistant Structures
Navy Blueprint Reading Sketching
Navy Weed Control & Plant Growth Reg
US Army Engineer Cartography II
USDOD Fire Protect. Engineering for Facilities
USDOD Inspection Mainten.Test-Fire Protect Syst
USDOD Protective Coatings and Paints
USDOD Systems Engineering Fundamentals
USDOD Tropical Engineering

7.  Military Drafting Manuals:
Navy Illus. Draftsman 1 Equip
Navy Illus. Draftsman 2 Drafting Pract.Theory
Navy Illus. Draftsman 3 Execution. Practices
Navy Illus. Draftsman 4 Presentation Graphics

8.  Electrical Work Military Manuals:
Army Basic Electronics Schematic Interpret
Army Electrical Cathodic Protection
Army Electrical Foreign Voltages Frequencies
Army Electrical Hydroelectric Pwr. Plant Design
Army Electrical Lightning Static Elec. Protec
Army Electrical Power Plant Design
Army Electrical Power Supply & Dist
Army Electrical Work Power and Energy
Army Electronics AC Math & Generation Sine Wave
Army Electronics Intro to Logical Troubleshoot
Dept. Of Energy Electrical Safety Handbook
Navy Electrical Measuring Test Instrument
Navy Electrical Motors and Controllers
Navy Electrical Power Generating Equipment
Navy Electrical Safety Field Guide
Navy Electronics Microwave Principles
Navy Electronics Tech 7 Antennas Wave Propag
Navy Electronics Technician 1 Safety
Navy Electronics Technician 3 Comm. Syst
Navy Intro Elec.Conduct.Wiring.Schem.Read
US Army Basic Electricity Part 1
US Army Electrical DC AC Formula Data
US Army Electronics Intro to Cells and Batteries
USDOD Electrical-Safety-Elec.Trans.&Distrib.Sys
USDOD Soldering Electronics

Weapons & Firearms Military Manuals Included:

1.  Ammunition Military Manuals:
Ammunition General
Army Ammunition Storage
Army Ammunition Tactics Munitions Handlers
Army Identifying Ammunition 7
Army Interpreting Ammo Markings and Color Codes
Army Large Ammo Data Sheets
Army Munitions Support in Theater of Ops
Army Small Arms Ammo Hot Weather Desert Ops

2.  Heavy Weapons Military  Manuals:
Army 40mm Grenade Launcher M203
Army Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals
Army Light Anti armor Weapons
Army M47 Dragon Med Antitank Weapon
Army Mortars Gunnery
Army Mortars
Army Principles of Artillery Weapons
Army Tactical Employment of Mortars
Army Vietnam 90mm Recoilless Rifle M67
Marines Mortars Gunnery
Marines Mortars
Navy WWII 16 Inch Gun Range Tables
Navy WWII 5 Inch Gun Operations manual
Navy WWII 8 Inch 3 Gun Turrets

3.  Machine Gun Military  Manuals:
50 Cal Machine Gun Maint. & Op
Army Browning MG Caliber 50 HB M2
Army WWII Thompson Submachine Gun .45
British Sten Mk II Carbine 9mm
Browning .50 cal Machine Gun
Crew Served Machine Guns
Heckler & Koch H&K MP5 Submachine Gun
M60 Machine Gun Maintenance & Op
M60 Machine Gun Manual
MAC 10  M10-M11 Submachine Gun Op  Maintenance
Marines Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery
Submachine Guns Grease Gun M3-M3A1
UN Protocol against Illicit Manufacture Firearms
Uzi Sub Machine Gun Operation Manual

4.  Marksmanship Military  Manuals:
Ammo Data Sheets Small Caliber Firearms
BATF Curio & Relic License
BATF Curio Classifications
Cleaning Match Weapons
Combat Training Pistols & Revolvers
Combat Training with Pistol
How to Shoot Your M-16 AR15 in Combat
How to Zero an M16A2 Rifle
International Rifle Marksmanship Guide
Marines Pistol Marksmanship
Marines Rifle Marksmanship
Match Weapon Standards
Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide
SeaBee Combat Rifle and Pistol Guide
Shooting To Live
Standards In Weapons Training
Trainers Guide To Successful Marksmanship
Vietnam M14 M14A1 Rifle Marksmanship
Weapon Handling Procedures

5.  Shotgun Military  Manuals:
Army Vietnam Shotguns All Types
Marines FRAG-12  High Explosive Shotgun Shells
Remington 1100, 11-87 & Super Mag Auto Shotguns
Remington 870 & Super Mag Pump Shotgun Manual
War Department Shotguns All Types

6.  Pistol & Small Arms Military Manuals:
Army 9mm M9 Pistol Use & Maintenance
Army M9 9mm Pistol
Browning 9mm High Power Automatic Pistol Manual
Compact Off Duty Police Manual
German Luger Pistol Manual
Glock 9mm Semi auto Safe Act
HS 2000 9x19mm Parabellum Pistol
Marines M9 Service Pistol
Ruger Mark III Auto loading Pistol Manual
Safari Arms .45 Automatic Pistols Manual
Vietnam .45 w hip & shoulder holsters
Vietnam .45 with holsters
Walther P-38 Owners Manual


7.  Rifle Military Manuals:
50 Cal. Sniper Rifle Investigation of Capabilities
AR-7 Survival Rifle Do Everything Manual
Armalite AR10 M15 Operators Manual
Army M16 Rifle Manual
Army M16A2  5.56mm Rifle
Army M203 40mm Grenade Launcher
Army M4 Carbine  5.56MM
Army M4A1 Carbine  5.56MM
Bushmaster M17S Bulpup Manual
Bushmaster XM15 Operators Manual
FN 49 Semi Automatic Rifle
FN 98 Mauser Model 98 Rifle Operators Manual
FN FAL Assault Rifle Manual
Heckler & Koch HK G3 GMBH 7.62 x 51 Nato Auto Rifle
Heckler & Koch HK33 5.56mm x 45 Nato Auto Rifle
Heckler & Koch HK416 En. Carbine 5.56x45mm NATO
Israeli Galil ARM AR SAR Model 5.56mm Rifle
M16 M16A1 Rifle Maintenance and Op
M16A1 Colt Rifle Maint & Repair Manual
M1917 Enfield US GPO
Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper
Olympic Arms Inc. OA Series Firearms Owners Manual
Olympic Arms Inc. PCR & AR Owners Manual
POSP 4x24 PSO-1 Rifle Scopes Instruction Manual
Robinson Armament Co. M96 Recon & Expedition 2002
Robinson Armament Co. Super VEPR .308 Cal Manual
Robinson Armament Co. VEPR II Rifle Manual
Romak-3 Dragunov Rifle 7.62x52R Owners Manual
Ruger 10-22 10-17 & Magnum Auto load Rifles
Ruger 10-22 by Trigger
Ruger 10-22 Carbine .22 cal  Manual
Ruger 10-22 Magnum Parts List
Ruger 10-22 Parts Diagram and Numbers
Ruger 10-22 Sniper Rifles
Ruger 2005 Firearms Catalog
Ruger 7.62 Mini Thirty Auto load Rifle
Ruger M-77 Bolt Action Rifle Operators Manual
Ruger Mini-14 .223mm Cal Auto loading Rifle
Ruger's 2004 Firearms Catalog
SAR Romanian Semi Automatic Rifle Manual
Soviet BLOC SKS Carbine Tech Info
SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle 7.62 Tech & Service
US Army AK-47 Operators Manual
US Army M21 Sniper Weapon System (from FM 23-10)
US Army Vietnam AR15 Car15 M16 Rifle Manual
Valmet M76 Semiautomatic Rifle Operators Manual
Vietnam 7.62MM M14 & M14E2
Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers
Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Biped Rifle
Vietnam M16A1 Rifle CARTOON Manual
Vietnam SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56
WWII  The Fighting Garand
WWII British Lee Enfield Rifles Operators Manual
WWII M1 Carbine Rifle Manual
ZDF VEPR Rifle and Carbine Manual





First Aid Military Manuals Included:
1.  Dental Military Manuals:
Army Dental Chair JSA-R
Army Dental Instrument Setups Ed.200
Army Dental Specialist General Duties
Army Preventive Dentistry
Dental Anatomy & Physiology Ed.200
US Army Dental Materials  Ed.100
US Army Dental Materials Ed.200

2.  Health & Fitness Military Manuals:
Army Combat Stress
Army Field Hygiene
Army Individual Safety Card
Army Mental Health
Army Psycho social Issues
Army Soldier Health Maintenance
Army Soldier Stay Healthy at High Elevations
Army The Army Weight Control Program
Army Vietnam Field Hygiene and Sanitation
Marines Fitness Test & Body Comp. Program
Marines Personal Financial Management
Navy Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine
Navy Nutrition Weight Control Self Guide
Navy Peak from Nutrition & Exercise
Navy Personal Fitness Training Plan
Navy Sexual Health Primer
US Army Soldiers Guide to Stay Healthy
US Navy Muscular Exercise Program

3.  First Aid Military  Manuals:
Army First Aid For Soldiers
Army Medical Cardio Resuscitation CPR
Army Medical First Aid For Soldiers
Army Medical Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
Army Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment
Army Medical Self Aid and Buddy-Aid
Army Medical Taking Vital Signs
Army Medical Treating Fractures in the Field
Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
Army Tactical Combat Casualty & Wound Care
Army Venomous Arthropods Spiders Bees Ants etc
NATO Emergency War Surgery


4.  Medical Military  Manuals:
Army Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments V1
Army Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments V2
Army Medical Environmental Injuries II
Army Medical Environmental Injuries
Army Medical General Chemistry
Army Medical Health Care Ethics I
Army Medical Health Care Ethics II
Army Medical Immunization & Enviro. Injuries
Army Medical Inpatient Dispensing
Army Medical Laboratory Centrifuge
Army Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care I
Army Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care II
Army Medical Operating Room Table
Army Medical Parasitology I
Army Medical Parasitology II  2006
Army Medical Pharmacology IV
Army Medical Platoon Leader Handbook
Army Medical Specialist
Army Medical Storage and Sanitation
Army Medical Surgical Dressing Sterilizer
Army Obstetrics & Pediatrics
Medical Respiratory Diseases & Disorders
Navy Hospital Corpsman
Navy Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine
US Army Basic Medical Terminology
US Army Blood Donor Operations I  Ed.101
US Army Management of Patients Respiratory
US Army Medical Anesthesia Apparatus
US Army Medical Arthropod Control
US Army Medical Arthropod Identification & Surveys
US Army Medical Bacteriology
US Army Medical Basic Electrical Circuits Ed.200
US Army Medical Basic Electricity Ed.200
US Army Medical Basic Human Anatomy Ed.100
US Army Medical Basic Human Physiology Ed.100
US Army Medical Basic Mathematics Ed.100
US Army Medical Basic Patient Care Procedures
US Army Medical Blood Donor Operations II Ed.101
US Army Medical Cardiac Impairment Ed.100
US Army Medical Chest & Airway Problems Ed.100
US Army Medical Communicable Diseases Field Sanitation
US Army Medical Decontaminating Casualties Ed.100
US Army Medical Diseases of Military Importance E100
US Army Medical Drug Dosage and Therapy Ed.100
US Army Medical Environmental Diseases Injuries I
US Army Medical Environmental Injuries Ed 100
US Army Medical Eye Ear and Nose Injuries
US Army Medical Intro to Military Preventive Medicine
US Army Medical Introduction to Practical Nursing
US Army Medical Laboratory Mathematics
US Army Medical Pharmaceutical Calculations
US Army Medical Pharmacology I
US Army Medical Pharmacology II
US Army Medical Pharmacology III
US Army Medical Pharmacology Math for Practical Nurse
US Army Medical Principles Epid. Microbiology
US Army Medical Rodent Biology Survey and Control
US Army Medical Routine Procedures for an Operation
US Army Medical Solid Waste Disposal Ed. 100
US Army Medical Special Surgical Procedures II
US Army Medical Sterile Procedures Ed.100
US Army Medical The Central Nervous System
US Army Medical The Endo. System Ed.100
US Army Medical The Gastrointestinal System Ed.100
US Army Medical The Genit. System I  Ed.100
US Army Medical The Genit. System II Ed.100

And Many More.

Military Intelligence Manuals Included:

1.  Military Intelligence Manuals:
Army Captured Document Handling
Army Counter Intelligence
Army Counterintelligence Investigations
Army Counterintelligence Liaison Activities
Army Information Operations
Army Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Ops
Army Intelligence Analysis
Army Intelligence in Combatting Terrorism
Army Intelligence in Sup. of Internal Def. Ops
Army Intelligence Interrogation
Army Intelligence Officer Responsibilities
Army Intelligence Officers Handbook
Army Intelligence Preparation Of Battlefield
Army Interrogation Approaches
Army Interrogation Operation
Army Interrogation Questioning Techniques
Army Interrogation Screening Operations
Army Interrogation Terminate an Interrogation
Army Interrogation Use of Interpreters
Army Intro to Battlefield Tech Intelligence
Army Introduction to the Intel. Analyst
Army Official UFO Manual
Army Photography in Climatic Extremes
Army PSYOPS Psychological Ops Leaders Guide
Army Strategic Intelligence
Army Technical Intelligence
Army Use of Intelligence Products
CIA Psychological Ops in Guerrilla Warfare
CIA Real Life Spy Gear From CIA Site
CIA Remote Viewing Manual 1986 Released in 1998
FBI Guide to Concealable Weapons
Marines Geographic Intelligence
Marines Imagery Intelligence
Marines Signals Intelligence
Navy Intel Specialist 3 & 2 Vol 1
Navy Photography (Advanced)
Navy Photography
Navy WWII ECM Mark 2 Cipher Machine
Operational Law Handbook
US Army Intelligence

2.  Police & Security Manuals:
Arizona Police Special Response Team SRT Guide
Army Civil Disturbance Operations
Army Civil Disturbances
Army Command & Control of Detainee Ops
Army Law Enforcement Investigations
Army Military Police Internment Resettle. Ops
Army Military Police Interview Investig. Appreh
Army Military Police Investig. Sup.Materials
Army Military Police Law and Order Operations
Army Military Police Leaders Handbook
Army Military Police MP Detainee Proced. Ops
Army Military Police Tactics
Army Military Police Traffic Operations
Army Operations Security
Army Physical Security
Army Public Affairs Operations
Army The Army Physical Security Program
Army Vietnam Civil Disturb. and Disasters
Army Vietnam Crimes Involving Poisons
Army Vietnam Enemy Prisoners and Civilian
Army Vietnam Guard Duty
Army Vietnam Invest. Assault Suicide Homicide
Army Vietnam Military Police Support
Army Vietnam Polygraph Examinations
Drug Enforcement Agency Narcotics Investigators Manual
FBI Handbook Of Forensic Science
Navy Physical Security
US Army Civil Disturbance Operations
US Army Law Enforcement Investigations

Special Forces Military Manuals Included:

1.  Special Forces and Operations Manuals:
Army Airborne Operations
Army Counter guerilla Operations
Army Long Range Surveillance Unit Ops
Army Military Guide To 21st Cent. Terrorism
Army Military Working Dogs
Army Pathfinder Operations
Army Ranger Handbook
Army Ranger Unit Operations
Army Recon and Surveillance Support
Army Special Forces Caching
Army Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare & Special Ops
Army Vietnam Military Dog Basic Training Care
Army Vietnam Primer Pamphlet
Army Vietnam Signal Battalion Airborne Div
Army Vietnam Special Forces Handbook
Commanders Anti terrorism Force Protection
Marines Combatting Terrorism
Marines Counter guerilla Operations
Marines Flame Riot Control Agents Herbicide
Marines Individual Terrorism Survival
Marines Mao Tse-Tung On Guerilla Warfare
Marines Spetsnaz Russian Special Forces
Marines The Guerrilla and How to Fight Him
Navy Anatomy of a Hostage Rescue
Navy Seal Patrol Leader's Handbook
Standards in Weap. Training for Spec Ops

2.  Sniper Military Manuals:
Army Counter Sniper Marksmanship Guide
Army Primary Sniper Weapons of the World
Army Sniper Sustainment Training
Army Sniper Training
Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle Snipers
Army Vietnam M14 M14A M2 Biped Rifle
Army Vietnam M14 M14A1 Rifle Marksmanship
M21 Sniper Weapon System
Marine Sniper
Marines Sniping
Mosin-Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles Carbines Sniper
Navy Seal Sniper Training Syllabus
Sniper Carlos Hathcock

Survival Military Manuals Included:

1.  Food and Water Military Manuals:
Basic Food Preparation
Basic Food Storage Plan For One Year
Cooking Course
Corps of Engineers Small Water Systems
Dairy Foods
Food and Water in an Emergency
Food Containers
Food Deterioration
Food FAQs
Food Preparation 1
Food Safety
Food Shelf Life Charts
Meals Ready to Eat  FAQs
Mess Management Specialist
Military Water Supply
Poultry I
Poultry II
Preservation of Foods
Red Meats
Shell Eggs
Things You Need To Know About Water
US Army Water foods Ed.100  .
USDOD Water Conservation
Water Conservation
Water Supply and Treatment
Water Supply Sources
Water Supply Water Storage
Well Drilling Operations

2.  Basic Survival Military Manuals:
Air Force Aircrew Survival
Aircrew Survival Equip
Aircrew Survival
Army Force Survival
Army How to avoid getting lost
Army Individual Survival in Cold Weather
Army Survivability
Army Survival Manual
Army Venomous Arthropods Spiders Bees Ants
Aviation Survival III Sustenance
Civil Disasters
Combat Evasion and Survival
Complete Handbook of Nature Cures
Determine Compass by Range
Emergency Response to Terrorism
Map Reading & Land Navigation
Map Reading & Land Navigation 2
Marines Cold Weather Medicine Course
Marines Combat Water Survival
Marines Summer Survival Course
Marines Wilderness Medicine Course
Marines Winter Survival Course
Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment
Navy Captivity The Extreme Circumstance
Prisoner Of War Resistance
Survival Evasion & Escape
Survival Evasion and Recovery
Survival Notes Over Time
US Marines Survival Handbook
Using your Map and Compass
Water Survival Training

3.  Building Shelters Manuals:
Above ground Home Fallout Shelter
Animals in a Disaster
Below ground Home Fallout Shelters
Below ground Shelter Modified Ceiling
Below ground Shelter Tilt Up Storage
Building A Safe Room Inside Your Home
Centers for Disease Control Sheltering in Place
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Family Disaster Plan
Family Disaster Supplies Kit
Federal Response Plan
Homeowners Flooding
House Fires
Navy Basic Pest Management
Navy Urban Integrated Pest Management
Pole and Frame Tents
Primer Lead Acid Storage Batteries
Protecting Home Business Disaster
Radiation Safety In Shelters
Shelter and Camp
Shelter Design
US Army Shelter Operation and Supplies
US Army Vietnam Air Support
Weed Control & Plant Growth
Your Family Emergency Plan

4.  Weather and Environment Manuals:
Abrupt Climate Change Scenario
After A Flood The First Steps
Avoiding Earthquake Damage Checklist
Centers for Disease 2004 Tsunami Health
Centers for Disease Tsunami Response
Designing for Tsunamis
Oregon Tsunami Warning Systems and Procedures
Prepared for the Woods
Tornado Selecting Refuge Areas Buildings
US Army Adverse Effects of Cold Survival Card
US Army Desert Operations
US Army Environment in operations
US Army Fire-fighting Operations
US Army Individual Ops & Survival in Cold-Weather
US Army Jungle Operations
US Army Military Mountaineering
US Army Mountain Operations 2000
US Army Mountain Operations
US Army Pathfinder Operations
US Army River Crossing
US Army Terrain Analysis
US Army Training and the Environment Field Card
US Army Vietnam Basic Cold Weather Manual
US Marines Desert Operations
US Marines Environment  Military Ops
US Marines Land Navigation
US Navy Meteorology Training Course
Wildfire Are You Prepared
Winter Power Failure from Canada
Winter Storms Fact Sheet

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