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Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

We'll show you how to be your own boss
in an ALL CASH business!

Working together as a team, we’ve been able to make

$100 an hour PROFIT

for BOTH OF US during the entire day of popping.

Sounds like a load of hype, right?

The truth is it took a lot of hard work to get us to that point. It also takes a lot of hard work to make that kind of money on those $100 an hour days. This document will lay out in detail HOW we got to that point, WHAT was needed to create that sort of income and what you need to do to duplicate our success.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. But let me tell you, after a hard days of work, there's nothing like having the satisfaction of counting a pile of money and having that instant gratification for all your efforts. If merely making $50-$75 profit an hour for you and your partner on an average day while still being your own boss doesn’t cut it for you, then you should probably try law school.

Note: if you're planning on doing this with your wife, she'll probably think she's the boss. Just deal with it.

We--Eric and Velma--have been making and selling kettle corn across the east coast in many different events and locations. We've learned the lessons and gained the experience of the kettle corn business the hard way, by actually doing it. We've now created this ebook which shows you how we did it.

"If this is such a great business plan, then why
are you selling it to me?"

Kettle corn is a strictly local business. We can’t drive for days all over this country making kettle corn, we’ve got responsibilities at home too. But everybody can carve out a niche for themselves and get their own customers who will be addicted to your product.

“It’s kettle crack!”

Our customers are literally addicted to kettle corn. We’ll show you our recipe and how to make kettle corn that will attract repeat customers for an entire season. You’ve probably seen the lines form at the kettle corn tent at craft shows and festivals.

The profits per bag are lucrative. The stuff sells itself and we show you how.

Does it sell like hotcakes?


The fine print: You're not actually getting a book like that one above. That's just there to make it look cool.
You'll be downloading a .pdf that you COULD print out like that.

This ebook is 60 pages in length, fully illustrated. Here are only some of the chapters:

How much will I make with kettle corn?

This document does a cost analysis of each ingredient that goes into the making of kettle corn. We show you what your profit per bag will be and at what rate you can sustain production. We show you the theroretical amount you can make per hour and the reality of what’s possible. We’ve done it, so we know.

Things the health department inspectors are looking for.

Before you can make any money selling kettle corn, you need to know what permits are required and what things you need to know about health codes. The health department can shut you down in an instant if you don’t adhere to what’s necessary. This ebook goes into detail on what a health inspector is thinking and what they will be looking for while they’re doing their job. We explain what you need to have BEFORE you can pass inspection and start making money.

Necessary Kettle Corn Equipment

We show you all what the major equipment vendors of kettle corn equipment are offering. We explain the different styles of kettles and what can make or break your operation. Full photos comparing all the different types and links to all the important websites. We’ve also discovered some short comings in a few manufacturer's kettles which could effect your sales.

Total Cost for Equipment

We break down every item and show you a total cost analysis of how much you need to get into this lucrative business. We also show you the choices necessary to keep within your budget. Some kettle manufacturers want you to buy everything. We show you what's necessary and give you our recommendations on the most cost effective set-up.

Kettle Corn Supplies

Did you know that there are two different styles of popcorn? We show you the differences and what the benefits are of each in the kettle corn process. What ingredients influence the flavor of kettle corn to make it wildly addictive? We've discovered how you can save money on your cost of supplies and where you can find the best deals that will increase your profits.

Getting Gigs

What type of events are the most lucrative for kettle corn? (Bigger events aren't always better!) How much should you pay to join an event and when is it too much? (All this effects your bottom line.) We go into finding that important first gig and where to look. We also explain some of the things you should look out for when joining an event.

Promotional Stuff

We show you what works and what doesn't for attracting business. Website promotion is a huge part of our business. (We're the top non-sponsored vendor link on Google! Type in "kettle corn" on Google and see for yourself!) We show how you can be found online for your area of the country. (Kettle corn is a local business, so what if we're number one--we're not competing with you locally.) What needs to be on your webpage so you'll be found? We dedicate a whole section to web SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so event planners will be contacting YOU.

Retail and Online Sales

We go over what it's like selling in the retail business. We show you what we've made on a per-store basis and what kind of profits can you expect. What sort of permits are needed to start this aspect of your business? Do you have the necessary equipment and supplies to sell beyond your tent?

Making Kettle Corn

We share with you our years of experience on making kettle corn. What are the ingredients of kettle corn and what proportions you should use to make the most "wicked delicious" kettle corn which will attract the biggest crowds? We answer some of the typical questions on making kettle corn--like what to do if you are getting too many burned kernels or too many unpopped ones. You'll learn how to "play the crowd" to maximize your sales and you will learn the secrets of getting people addicted to your product.

The Final Checklist

Finally, you'll have a run-down of what you need to know before you buy a single piece of equipment. You'll know exactly how much money you'll need to invest before you decide to make any commitment. You'll have a concise list of who you need to contact and how your business will operate. This could save you thousands of dollars from buying the wrong equipment.

Once you buy this ebook, you'll recieve my personal email. I'm willing to answer any questions you have about starting your own kettle corn business. It's almost like you're getting your own mentor when you start your business with this ebook.

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