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"Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I'll Cut Thru All The Bull That Has Been Keeping You From Rocking Out On Guitar Like A Pro!"
Dear Guitar Player or Aspiring Guitarist,

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You want to learn guitar but don't have the time to practice

You have a son or daughter who wants to learn and your wondering if there is any other way for them to take guitar lessons other than spending a fortune every week and driving them to your local music store

You have already tried to learn from other instructors and programs and none of them have worked

You're bored to tears by doing the same technical exercises and lessons that you learned ages ago

You want to play fast guitar solos and shred the guitar neck into a million pieces

You've been having a blast playing all your favorite songs on guitar hero or rock band and now you're dying to learn how to do the real thing

If you can relate to just one of these things and I have got your attention, then I want you to read on because I want to share with you what I have found to be...


I'm positive that I can help you to ease your pain and frustrations and get you learning guitar quicker than you ever thought imaginable. First let me tell you who I am and why I'm so confident that I know what I'm talking about.

From Mike Deiure

My name is Mike Deiure and I am a professional guitar teacher. Teaching guitar has been my main income ever since finishing college and in that time I have worked with hundreds of students. At one point I was teaching 6 days a week seeing over 60 private students in half hour blocks.

I had spent years of my life practicing, learning, and perfecting my guitar abilities. I'll openly admit that when I started learning guitar, I had no natural talent, no special gifts, and no magic fingers. I wanted to play BAD though and I worked my butt off to learn how to play well.

Now I get to share my knowledge and abilties with people that really wanted to learn how to play guitar so that they could rock out to their favorite songs.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I really began to understand what it takes to get a student to learn guitar and progress at a very fast pace. So what is the big secret? ...

That's it, that's all folks. Almost sounds to simple to be true but I assure you it's not.

I have always taken great pride in working hard and doing whatever it is i'm doing to the best of my ability so to help you understand this big secret,
Let Me Give You "The Back Story" On How I Found This To Be True

Because I have taught at many different teaching studios, I have met and worked along side with many other guitar teachers. Unfortunately I came to find a very common trait among a lot of them.

Most teachers, not all, have no passion or desire to teach, they just do it to get paid. It is a sad sight and it always drove me nuts. Imagine this situation...

You are about to go into your first guitar lesson ever, all amped up and ready to learn to rock like a god. You get to your lesson early, guitar in hand, ready to take on the world and then, after a few lessons, you realize that your teacher could care less about you. They only want the lessons to be over so that he or she can go home. It's uninspiring, lame and all too common in the teaching world.

I'm not completely sure why this is, maybe it's because they didn't end up being huge rock stars and now all they know how to do is play guitar.
The Other Huge Secret I Found Is That There Is A Big Difference Between Playing Guitar And Teaching Guitar

From day one I always loved teaching people because it made me a much better guitar player and I could see how excited my students were when they could jam along to their favorite tunes.

I mean I've been getting paid to teach people what I love to do! It doesn't get any better than that. It didn't take long for me to get a completely full roster of students, all asking me to teach them different songs, techniques, and ideas.

My only wish was that I could teach more students and get them playing guitar like pros. So in the summer of 07' I started working on developing a way so that anyone, be it boy, girl, man or martian, could have fun while learning to play guitar. I decided to call my program..

Rock Guitar Power []

Before you go on......

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When you started my 7-year-old, Jonathan, on your "Rock Guitar Power" course of study, I never dreamed he would do so well and enjoy it so much. It's pretty tough to get any youngster to do ANYTHING every day but he just does it on his own. He is so proud of his progress and can't wait to show me what he's learned. The results have been beyond my expectations and he is on his way to becoming the next Steve Vai. At least, that's his goal."
Thank you,
John Dretto
Jonathan Dretto, age 9

Before I go into detail as to why this guitar instructional series is so effective,

Let Me Decode A Few Problems, Exaggerations, And Straight Out Lies That Other Methods And Programs Preach

#1 Lie - You Will Learn How To Play Guitar Overnight

As great as this sounds, it's not true. If your new to learning guitar, or any instrument for that matter, there are certain muscles that you need to train and develop. This takes time. How much time? That depends on how much you practice and how focused you are but I guarantee that you will not go from complete beginner to seasoned pro overnight.


What you can expect is to be able to play along to some of your favorite songs within a couple weeks of steady and focused practice.

#2 Exaggeration - You will learn how to play many different styles of guitar with one program

The problem with this is that different styles of music consist of different chords, scales, rhythms, and techniques. No one program is going to get you learning every style of music effectively.


The best thing that you can do is to focus on what style of music you want to learn and then find a program that teaches only that. This program will teach you how to play Rock Music. If that's not what you want to learn then I suggest you don't waste anymore time here and look elsewhere for online guitar lessons.

#3 Problem - Learning guitar from books and written courses is dull, boring, and not effective

I have seen other programs that base most of their lessons on written articles and then reference some short video clips to illustrate the techniques without a human being actually telling you what to do.


The most effective way to learn anything is from #1 having someone else right there in front of you talking to you and showing you how to do something and #2 by doing it yourself over and over until you get it right.

#4 Lie - You need to be born with natural talent to be a great guitar player
Having natural talent will help a person but time and time again I have seen people who started off having no business playing guitar and through hard work and practice, they were able to own that fretboard and get the guitar to do whatever they wanted.

I consider myself a perfect example of this. I have worked with many students who's natural talent has been far greater than mine ever was. However through hard and focused practice, I have been able to learn, play and write some pretty difficult music.

#5 Problem - Why can't I just learn from watching free videos on You Tube?

First of all you can. There is without a doubt tons of great and informative videos that you can learn from on You Tube. But, there are a few huge problems though with this. #1 Poor audio and video quality #2 There is no structure to how the lessons are given and #3 There is no sheet music, backing tracks, or diagrams to show you what to work on.


The quality of the videos in RGP (Rock Guitar Power) is top notch. Extreme attention has been given to both audio and lighting quality. There is also multi angle shots so that you can see an up close view of what the fretting hand is doing. Also, the lessons are presented in an order to maximize what you already have learned with what you need to know to build on your skills. There is also sheet music, backing tracks and pdf's to go along with every lesson that needs one. Sure you can surf You Tube but don't be surprised if you spend days trying to find what your looking for.


"Mike I ordered your video this week, before I ordered it I had just been trying to figure out songs on my own with no prior guitar experience. I've had my guitar for 2 months and so far could only seem to peak out a few notes from my favorite radio songs, now I have only had your videos for what like 2 days and already got the minor pentatonic scale memorized. You made it so easy for me, all I can say is that I can't wait to hear how I will sound after 3 months of working with Rock Guitar Power. Man where have you been my whole guitar life? Last but not least, my wife doesn't like you that much, now she thinks my guitar is my lover since I got your video.
Keep up the good work man!"
Kevin Scott
Anderson, Indiana
Here's A Video Of Me Playing One Of My Tunes Called "Kamakazi"
I've enjoyed teaching and working with other people since day one and I've only come to love it more.

I assure you that I bring the same energy, enthusiasm, methods, and lessons that I use when I work with my private students to Rock Guitar Power. I've also developed these videos to feel like your right there in the room with me.

Believe me, there are tons of questions that my students ask me while were in a lesson, most of them get repeated time and time again. I made sure to go over these common questions in my videos so that no lesson, technique or skill will go un-explained.

So What Are The Principles That Make Rock Guitar Power So Effective?
The majority of Rock Music only uses 3 to 4 different movable chord shapes. Once you can play a shape well, all you have to do is be able to move it to another fret to play the next chord in your song. RGP focuses on these shapes and gets you playing them FAST! All the movable chords that are used are based on either the E or A string so you only have to recognize the notes on those two strings to understand where you need to move to. We take an in-depth look at how to know and find notes FAST! There are only a few basic movable scale patterns that are used for soloing and improvising in rock. This program shows you how to understand those patterns and play them where they'll be the most effective. The jam along tracks in the members section of the website is like having your own band at your service ready to play whenever you want. Every player should always practice with a metronome or some kind of steady beat. The jam tracks make it fun to practice and gives you the feel of what its like to play with a real band.

"Rock Guitar Power" is an exciting video which has helped our students to not only keep their interest in lessons, but to further their progress by working with the methods in this innovative program.
Fred Costello
Costello Music Instruction
Rochester, N.Y.

Rock Guitar Power Will Teach You All The Most Important Things You Need To Know To Shred On The Guitar Such As How To:

Play proficiently with good technique
Ever wonder how people can play for hours and hours and never get sore or tired? Learning to use the right hand techniques will enable you to play with less effort and it will create much better tone
Develop good habits and clean up bad ones

If you're new to guitar then I'll make sure that you don't make any mistakes that are going to hold you back later on. If you have already been playing awhile the lessons in this program will show you how to spot bad techniques that could be holding you back from getting better.

Learn solid rhythm playing

It took me years to understand just how important great rhythm playing is. With the help of a metronome and backing tracks, Rock Guitar Power will make sure that you are always on top of your rhythms.

Improvise and play solos

Everyone loves a scorching guitar solo, it's one of the staples of Rock music. In lesson 5 of Volume 1, you will learn THE BIGGEST SECRET to playing killer solos and it's no where near as hard as you might think!

Understand how to read basic chord charts

You will no longer feel like your left in the dark when you have music in front of you. This program is going to teach you how to make sense of all the most commonly used chord shapes, notations, and variations so you will know what to play when a piece of music gets put in front of you.

Check out two of Rock Guitar Power's Players!
Matt Mistretta Chris Maltzan


Let's Take A Sec And Talk About...

Why Learning Guitar From A Video Is Better Than Taking Private Lessons

First of all let's compare the cost:

The average price for guitar lessons these days is between $19 and $25 a week. Times that by four and your talking about $90/month. And you still have to drive to the lessons!

If I were to take a student through the same material that's packed into the Rock Guitar Power program it would probably take me at least 6 months. Add that up and it's equal to over $540 in private lessons!

You know I'm not going to charge anywhere near that for this program!

You can review the lessons as many times as you need to:

I can't tell you how many times I have worked with a student who will ask me to go over the same ideas and techniques two sometimes three weeks in a row. When your paying between $19 and $25 a lesson, it gets pretty expensive just to review.

No travel time or expenses:

Lets say you drive 3 miles to your local music store to take lessons. It's a total of 6 miles round trip so in a month you will have driven 24 miles and 288 miles in a year. Throw in your miles per gallon, the time you spend driving and wear and tear on your car and you'll see that it all adds up quickly!

You can learn in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule:

One of the most important conditions for a student to learn well is that they need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Where else are you more relaxed than in your own home? You also don't need to keep to the same time every week. Most teaching studios nowadays don't give you credit for missed lessons. Those expenses alone will add up quickly.

The lessons are short and to the point:

Many times when teachers don't know what to do with you they ramble on and on just to milk the clock.


For anyone looking to get going on guitar, I think RGP will do the trick, good clear video's and explanations of what to do, at a pretty reasonable price.
Nottingham, UK

Thank you Mike! Your videos so far have helped me learn a lot about playing! I'm going to keep playing with what you teach because it has taught me so much and I've only been with this site for a week. To everyone new like me to rock guitar power, STAY WITH THIS PROGRAM!!!!! Once again thank you Mike and thank you creators of Rockguitarpower.com!!!
Brett Kessel, Dulles, Virgina

Let Me Divert For A Minute And Bring You Back To Reality With Another Guilty Admission Of Mine

These days everyone wants to push the envelope and play better, faster, and harder.

I'm actually humbled by what some of my students have been able to accomplish. I also meet and hear amazing guitar players where ever I go. Be it a huge city or small town. The things that some people are able to do now on guitar completely blow me away.

The point that I want to make here is that I actually don't consider myself to be an incredible guitar player. My main inspirations growing up have been some of the sickest guitar players alive!

Here's a couple pictures of me with some of my main inspirations
Mike With Steve Vai Mike With Zakk Wylde
What I Do Consider Myself To Be Is An Awesome Guitar Teacher

And That Is Why I'm Positive That You Will Learn To Play Guitar With Rock Guitar Power

How can I be so sure that my system works?

I have taught private guitar lessons for a long time. After working with hundreds of students, I found myself relying on teaching a power group of technique, theory, and improvising exercises that always proved to show excellent results.

The only factor that is not in my control is how often and how focused your practicing habits are. Along with my 110% guarantee that you will learn from Rock Guitar Power, I can also guarantee that if you don't practice, you won't get anywhere.

I am a very successful teacher because I always make sure that I know what my students want to learn and make sure that they achieve their goals as soon as possible. By focusing on the essential aspects of playing rock guitar, I guarantee that you can go from never playing a guitar to having a blast rocking out to your favorite tunes much faster than you ever thought possible.

There are many programs out there to teach you how to play guitar. Unlike the others, ROCK GUITAR POWER focuses on the core aspects of playing ROCK GUITAR to get you up on the stage and rocking out like the best of them fast.


I want everyone to know how great this program is! I started it when I was in 5th grade and am still going strong. It is like he is right there with you showing you exactly what to do. I am in 6th grade now and can jam with my uncle who is in a band!! I am the coolest girl in the class, by far!!
Darian, 11yrs
So Here Is The Rock Guitar Power Program...

Rock Guitar Power Volume 1

Volume 1 covers everything an aspiring guitar player needs to focus on to learn how to rock hard and have fun.

Here are just some of the things that you will learn:

Good Playing Technique

Power Chords

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Know How To Find Any Note On The Fret Board

At the end of the program, everything gets tied together when Mike gives you an awesome performance of his instrumental rock tune called "Double Stops"

There are many programs out there to teach you how to play guitar. Unlike Others, Rock Guitar Power focuses on the core aspects of playing Rock Guitar.

After working with these lessons you will be well on your way to rocking like a pro and jamming to your favorite songs.

Rock Guitar Power Volume 2

Rock Guitar Power Volume 2 is about to take your playing to a whole new level!

In Volume 2 you will learn more advanced techniques that will help you to polish up your playing and allow you to play with more emotion precision and feel.

You are now ready to start working on new techniques such as:

Playing Licks

String Bending

Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

Palm Muting

Bar Chords

Major & Minor Scales

The goal of Volume 2 is to get you playing emotionally so that you can fully express the energy that is in Rock music.

The foundation has been laid and now it's time to grab your axe, turn your volume up and start shredding.

After studying these new techniques you will be able to rock through songs with ease and have the ability to jam and solo to just about anything you hear.

Rockin Bonus #1
5 Free Bonus Videos!

The Rock Guitar Power Ultimate Guide To Guitar Setup And Maintenance

This awesome bonus is a series of 5 different videos that will show you how to setup and maintain your guitar so that it will always play and sound as good as it possible can.

There are over 75 minutes worth of content in these videos and they will walk you through every process step by step so that you will know exactly what to do.

Bonus Video #1
How to change guitar strings on a fixed bridge guitar
This video will walk you through step by step instructions on how to change your strings. You can apply this technique to any type of guitar with a fixed bridge.
Bonus Video #2
How to change guitar strings on a Floyd Rose Bridge
A Floyd Rose Bridge uses a different system to keep the strings in-tune. This video will show you how to work with it so that you don't go crazy.
Bonus Video #3
Truss Rod Adjustment
Because guitars are made of wood, they react to things such as climate and humidity. This video will show you how to keep your guitar neck straight throughout the year so that it always plays smooth!
Bonus Video #4
Setting your string height (action)
Something that I see time and time again is people playing on guitars that were never setup properly. Having the right string height will make a HUGE difference in how comfortable your guitar is to play. This video will show you how to get the action set just right so that your guitar will be comfortable and easy to play.
Bonus Video #5
Guitar Intonation
Along with setting the action, the Intonation is another aspect of the guitar setup process that will make a world of difference in how well your instrument sounds. When a guitar is not intonated properly, you will tune all the strings perfectly but they will be out of tune with each other making chords and melodies sound like there wrong. This video will get you on track to getting your intonation just right!

Guitar shops charge a LOT of money for basic guitar repair jobs such as replacing guitar strings and making a truss rod adjustment. Imagine all the money that you will save here alone.

Most beginer guitar students don't realize that their guitars can be setup to play better and feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, most entry-level guitars are never setup properly and this can lead to bad playing technique and sore fingers.

These videos will show you exactly what to do to get your guitar playing like butter!

Check out what people have been saying about these videos!
- Hey your lesson on lowering the action on guitars has helped me soo much :)
Awesome Videos
- Thanks this video helped me alot i didnt know how to take the strings out and thanks for the tips on the cleaning and up keep
- I have the same guitar style, had some frets buzzing when playing certain chord sounded awful. saw your video, very insighful thanks man, no buzzing it turned out the trussrod never had adjustment until now, trust rod was too tight loosen it and adjusted awsome man thanks again really helpful
- Wow, this reallly helped. I hadn't changed the strings on my backup guitar, a Jackson w/ a licensed floyd, for over a year because I hate doing it and always get frustrated... Today I decided it was finally time to face my fears, and thanks to your videos I was successful!
- Thanks this video saved me a lot of money on string changing

Rockin Bonus #2

Full Lifetime Access To The Exclusive Rock Guitar Power Members Area

Along with all the awesome lessons and excersices you will be learning in the RGP program, our members area is going to be available to you 24/7 to help take your playing to the next level!

This exclusive page is filled with content that goes right along side the skills that you will be developing as you go through the regular videos.

Here is just a taste of what's waiting for you:

Backing Tracks - Ever wish that you had a band to jam with, one that you could call up at any minute you desire so that you could crank the volume and rock out. That's what these tracks are all about. You'll find extended loops focusing on Rock And Blues rhythms in different keys and tempos.

Step By Step Riff Examples - In these audio lessons I take you through some essential scale practice and show you how to apply some really awesome solo licks to the backing tracks.

Warm Up Exercises - When you get hooked on playing guitar, you'll find that you spend A LOT of time playing and practicing! These videos will show you how to properly stretch and warm up so that you can play for hours and hours without causing any pain or injury

Bonus Lesson Videos - How to do different tunings and play Artificial Harmonics. These videos will show you some crucial elements to playing hard and heavy Rock Music.

And Much More! - There are new lessons, exercises, and content being added regularily to the Rock Guitar Power program so access to the members area will keep you in the loop!

I will eventually be charging $9.95-$19.95 a month to get access to this members area but currently you get LIFETIME access, absolutely FREE.

My Personal Guarantee To You
Rockin Bonus #3

The Rock Guitar Power "Intro To Songwriting Course"

Featuring Two Awesome Videos That Are Going To Get You To Understand How To Write Songs Like A Pro!

The Chord Construction Video - Understanding How Chords Are Built

Let's face it, most guitar players learn and master all of the important chords and chord shapes, however very few could tell you what notes are actually in those chords.

This video will teach you to know and understand what notes are in all of the most popular chords that you play day in and day out. You will also understand how they are created and built from scratch.

With this knowledge, you will be able to play new and unique chord shapes all over the neck which will be sure to inspire new creative riffs and chord progressions.

The Harmonic Structure Video - The Secrets To Knowing Which Chords To Use When Writing A Song

The Harmonic Structure Video will unlock the secrets to some of the most crucial elements in songwriting. To a beginner and even seasoned professionals, the concept of how songs are written and why they sound the way they do can be a complete mystery.

This video will give you a full understanding of how and why certain chords work well together. You will no longer have to guess and spend hours searching for the right chords to use in your song.

You will know exactly what chords will sound good together so that you can start cranking out hits in no time!

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form


Mike, I'm ready to Learn How to Rock On Guitar and become an awesome guitar player!

I understand that I'm getting instant Download AND Streaming access to...

Rock Guitar Power Volume 1

The awesome series of videos to start you out on your journey for guitar execellence!

Sells For: $49.95

Rock Guitar Power Volume 2

The program that is going to take your playing to a whole new level. You will be playing faster, cleaner and with more feeling in not time!

Sells For: $49.95

Rocking Bonus #1
The RGP Ultimate Guide To Guitar Setup And Maintenance

Work with these videos to ensure that your guitar plays, sounds and feels as smooth as it possibly can!

Valued At: $79.00

Rocking Bonus #2
The Exclusive Rock Guitar Power Members Area

Full Lifetime Access to all the extra bonus lessons, content and backing tracks you'll need to rock like a guitar god!

Valued At: $120 a year

Rocking Bonus #3
Intro To Songwriting Course

Now you will know and understand how to write awesome songs that everyone will want to hear again and again!

Valued At: $67.00


You're too smart to waste your money on weekly guitar lessons where you need to drive back and forth to work with a teaching who can't teach and doesn't care about your progress.

You're no longer going to waste your money on boring books and programs that don't work. Also forget wasting hours and hours searching for you tube lessons. Come on... you're smarter than that. You're here now and that's the best thing you could have done. Because... you're not even going to pay anything close to the $365.00 value of this program.

I am not even going to charge the $167 hard-copy version...or even the original $127 (this is actually the price that my current customers say I should raise it to!)...

By acting right now, you get my entire "Rock Guitar Power Program" for the introductory price of only... $127 $47.00

That's $318.00 off this already amazing value! At that price, you can't afford NOT to sign up right now!

And I'm not kidding when I say this price will definitely not last forever!

It's Time To Rock!


"As a guitarist, I sometimes come across problems and frustrations when learning to play new things. RGP has helped me to better understand how to play what I want to play, which has made me a better guitar player."
- Neil Eric Sequeira, 12, Bombay, India

So Let's Recap And Look At What Your Going To Know How To Play After Completing Volumes I and II

Open Chords

Usually the first thing that everyone learns how to play are open chords. They are the foundation of most great songs and are used all the time. You will learn all of the most popular ones as well as the secrets to changing and moving them fast.

3 Basic 12 Bar Blues progressions

If you want to understand Rock you got to understand the blues because that's where rock came from. We will be jamming on a few different blues progression to get you started and jamming away.

Movable Power and Bar Chords

These are certainly the two most popular chord types that are used in Rock Guitar and the best part is that there movable. Learn one and you know them all!

Minor pentatonic scales

By far the king of all rock scales. Rock Guitar Power will unlock the mysteries of this scale for you and show you how you can use the entire fretboard to solo on for any song.

Your own improvised Solos

It's one thing to learn a famous solo note for note but the real excitement comes when you can create your own blistering leads.
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To having fun and rocking out!

Mike Deiure
Rock Guitar Power

P.S. There is no risk involved and I guarantee that you will learn to ROCK with this program. And yes you can learn to play guitar from a video and Rock Guitar Power is the best way to do it!

P.P.S. Don't forget to sign up for the [FREE Monthly Newsletter](#newsletter) and gain access to an incredible set of videos that will get you started on your journey to Rock Stardom!

P.P.P.S. Remeber that you get an awesome BONUS package when you buy Rock Guitar Power. This package alone will save you hundreds of dollars in repair and maintenance costs as guitars always need to be maintained properly.
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NOTE: The Rock Guitar Power Series is a digital product. No physical packaging will be shipped. After your purchase you will gain INSTANT ACCESS to a protected page where you can watch the lessons as many times as you like. You will also be able to download the videos to your computer so that you won't need an internet connection to view the videos. The videos can be viewed on either Mac or PC computers.

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