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Stock Market Forecasts

Predictions of how the Dow index will change between now and the end of the year.

The Dow Jones Industrial index – the average of 50 U.S. stocks that represent the core performance of the U.S. economy – has averaged an index value of 7,480 over the past 6 weeks.  This is about 1,150 points lower than the previous 6 weeks.

The recent bouncing around in the financial markets is apparently the result of a combination of economic fundamentals and technical indicators of market performance.


For the past 25-30 years, the stock market has responded to changes in money in the economy, interest rates, and key factors like economic growth.  When businesses are healthy, their stock is attractive as an investment.  Potential stock buyers and sellers compare the potential returns on stocks to what their money would earn in alternatives like Certificates of Deposit or Treasury Bills.  With the Fed keeping interest rates low and a weakening economy, the stock market’s current levels reflect these conditions.

We know that the US Treasury has provided over $350 billion to the US banking system in the form of bailout payments.  And, it looks like the current Administration is setting up to do exactly the same.  Over the past 30 years or so, the channels by which this money might impact the stock market include bank lending.

The traditional mechanism works like this:

Step 1: Banks lend money

Step 2: Borrowers put that money in their checking accounts

Step 3: They spend the loan proceeds (the amount they actually receive from the banks) on business expenses – advertising, cost of goods, rent, utilities, salaries, etc. – the normal types of things a business would buy.

Step 4: This spending then winds up in other companies accounts as part of their income from sales.

Step 5: They then spend from their profits.

And on it goes ... the most important first step requires that the banks have to make the loans.  Otherwise there is no impact.

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