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"Let Me Show You How I Went From Lasting 60 Seconds in Bed... To Lasting up to 20 Minutes in Less Than 60 Days"

It Doesn't Matter If You've Tried Everything and Failed... You Can Permanently Cure Your Premature Ejaculation, And Become A Marathon Man in Bed!

"I wish I had known about this technique 35 years ago"

The book was a revelation to me, as I was a long time sufferer. It has given me the skill to salvage a life. I wish I had known about this technique 35 years ago. Thanks again!
D.W. - Australia
Dear Friend,

Do you suffer from the embarrassing condition of premature ejaculation? Do you get anxious before sex? Is your partner disappointed every time you ejaculate prematurely? Do you wish you could last longer in bed? You're not alone and you've certainly come to the right place!

Here's why...

I'm about to reveal a 100% natural, easy-to-follow plan you can follow to completely eradicate your premature ejaculation, quickly and easily - and for life.

After spending over $3,500 of my own money and trying over a dozen 'cures', I finally stumbled upon a book first published in 1966 which revealed to me the true cause of premature ejaculation. After learning about this I developed a program to target the specific cause. Less than 8 weeks later, I no longer had premature ejaculation.

Before I found that book, my average time was 1-2 minutes. Now I last longer - anywhere from 15-20 minutes and my wife is a lot happier too.

Disclaimer: This method is NOT about the stop-start or squeeze technique. It targets the true cause of premature ejaculation and is designed for maximum pleasure for BOTH partners.

For Nineteen Years I Suffered...
And Nothing I Tried Ever Seemed to Work

Hello, my name is Jacob Williams. For almost twenty years I've suffered from the shame, embarrassment and guilt of not being able to satisfy my wife in bed.

But it wasn't always like that. When I first got together with my wife back in 1987, the sex was fantastic, and we did it every chance we could. It was like we were teenagers discovering sex for the first time.

But about 6 months down the line I started reaching climax sooner. It was a gradual process, and at first I chalked it up to it to work-related stress. But as the weeks and months rolled by, I was reaching climax sooner and sooner, and requiring less stimulation each time.

I was confused at first. Why did this happen to me? I was perfectly able to perform many times earlier. Nothing was vastly different in my life.

It had gotten so bad I was lasting only one minute in bed. Sometimes I would even ejaculate upon entry! I started feeling shameful about my attempts at satisfying my wife. Every time I had sex with her, she'd have a look of disappointment on her face. It was becoming all too familiar.

My self esteem and confidence were reaching new lows. I was experiencing everything from shame to anger. I was angry at myself and sometimes at my wife for not wanting to keep trying.

So I started looking for a cure.

I Tried Everything...

I tried the "stop-start technique" (this only made my wife more frustrated because any time she would start to reach climax, I would need to stop and re-start!)

I tried the "squeeze technique" (It's similar to the stop-start technique and unfortunately produced similar results)

I practiced kegel exercises, which actually made my problem worse. (I stopped that one pretty fast!)

I wore condoms (they made absolutely no difference)

I tried popular chemical and herbal pills. I can't name them for legal reasons but there's a good chance you've heard of at least one of them.

I tried desensitizing creams... which resulted in also numbing my wife so we both felt nothing while having sex

I tried a revolutionary new "numbing condom" from one of the largest condom manufacturers. And even though the gel was supposed to be inside the condom, somehow my wife ended up with a completely numb vagina, just like the desensitizing creams!

I followed a sex therapist's advice and masturbated before sex. It was very awkward and killed any spontaneity about sex (Not to mention costing me $100 an hour for her time)

I drank alcohol before sex. Needless to say it had a very undesirable result

I tried dual-purpose over the counter pills. The were supposed to cure premature ejaculation and increase the size of your penis. Oddly enough, they did increase my size somewhat, but had absolutely no effect on my ability to last longer

I bought and listened to hypnosis CDs from a popular online website. Unfortunately they didn't help me either

I was about to chuck in the towel when one day I was trawling through a book first published in 1966 called "Human Sexual Response" by Masters and Johnson. There were four paragraphs that stood out to me.

These four paragraphs would become the key to curing my premature ejaculation...

These Four Paragraphs Changed My Life...

The four "breakthrough" paragraphs described the four phases of sex as:
Excitement Plateau Orgasm Resolution
They wrote that something happened physiologically in each of these phases that seemed as if it might be the hidden cause of premature ejaculation. They didn't acknowledge this one thing could be the underlying cause. Either they had overlooked it, or I was barking up the wrong tree. Either way I was prepared to find out.

I searched everywhere, and finally came upon a study conducted in the early 90's. Then another one in the field of biofeedback. They were completely different studies, but both confirmed my theory of the true cause of premature ejaculation.

I was excited, but didn't want to 'count my chickens' in case my theory wasn't correct. So I created a plan to follow that would hopefully allow me to last longer in bed.

Well, It Worked!

Just under 8 weeks later I was lasting 15-20 minutes in bed - with NO stopping and starting. My life was completely changed inside of two months. Now 4 years later and I have never prematurely ejaculated once!

I wanted other men to know what I had discovered. I wanted them to know they could stop their unnecessary suffering and start enjoying life again. So I sat down and wrote a book. Not a large book, but it had my story of how I discovered the 'hidden cause', and most importantly my 7-step plan for curing premature ejaculation.

It's called "Premature Ejaculation Freedom - The 7-Step Program For Lasting 5, 10 or 20 Times Longer in Bed And Curing Your P.E. in 8 Weeks or Less" and if you follow the step-by-step guide exactly as I have laid out, you can cure your premature ejaculation in less than 8 weeks (and often times a lot quicker).

I realize that's quite a bold claim. After all, at my last count there are at least a dozen other websites all claiming to have the ultimate cure for premature ejaculation. You may choose to believe them. But do they sound too good to be true? Are they promising you'll be completely cured in 24 hours? Does their program list a dozen different techniques (when all you need is one)? Premature Ejaculation Freedom is NOT a quick-fix solution. It takes dedicated daily practice. But I promise you, the effort you put into following this program will pay off like nothing else.

Now you may be asking yourself...

"Who is Jacob Williams and why is he qualified to teach me how to cure my premature ejaculation?"

I'm Not a Doctor... I've No Credentials...
So Why The Heck Listen To Me?

Normally, here's where I'd list off all my credentials. Ph.D., B.S., M.S., etc. Truth is, I'm not a doctor, or a therapist, or psychiatrist, or any variation of the above. So if you were to go by credentials, then I would not pass the grade.

I'm just a regular guy who had premature ejaculation for a long, long time. Through the help of some existing material, and a boat load of research, I finally discovered the cause and permanently cured myself.

It may actually be to your advantage I'm not a doctor. Having gone through the hell of P.E., I know what you're going through. And I know what it takes to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, in just a few short weeks.

If this sits well with you, continue reading.

[]What You Can Expect From This Program...
Finally put an end to the shame, the embarrassment and the guilt caused by not being able to satisfy your partner in bed.

Be completely cured within 8 weeks. Sometimes even a few days.

Satisfy your woman for 5 - 20 times longer. This is no exaggeration. I used to last 1 minute, sometimes less. Now I last 15-20 times as long.

You can practice on your own or with a partner, it's entirely up to you. If you have a wife or girlfriend you'd like to practice with, you'll have specific exercises to perform together. If you're a single guy, rest assured my method works just as well for you.

It's completely safe and natural. You won't be asked to buy anything else for it to work.

Re-gain your self esteem and confidence. Once you start lasting 5, 10, 20 times longer in bed, your self esteem will shoot through the roof - guaranteed.

Your relationship "magically" improves. As soon as you start making progress, you'll find your relationship begins to improve as if by magic. Petty things like forgotten groceries will cease to be an issue when you're satisfying your woman in the bedroom.

It does not use any emotional or mental techniques. Even though the original cause of premature ejaculation can be linked to emotional issues, the way you cure it is purely psychical in nature. (Any mental techniques to cure it are simply ineffective in my experience)
If That Doesn't Pique Your Interest, How About These...
Ensures BOTH partners are fully satisfied (unlike methods such as Stop-Start, Squeeze Technique and others). No need to interrupt sex every few minutes to perform a certain exercise. Once you've practiced enough, it will be as if you never had P.E. to begin with.

It's permanent. Once you're cured, that's it. There's no need to keep practicing, or monitoring what you're doing. Whether it takes you 2 or 8 weeks to be completely eliminate it, you'll never have to worry about it again.

No more performance anxiety. Nothing destroys sex more than worrying about whether or not you'll "perform". When you know, without a doubt you can last a long time in bed, you'll laugh at your old-self for ever feeling that way.

Prevent future relationship problems. Let's face it, if you're not satisfying your girlfriend sexually, there's a slight chance she may start seeking other men who can. Even if she stays with you, expect some friction in the future. I know, I've experienced it first hand. Fortunately for me, my wife stuck by me and reaped the rewards in the end!

Start enjoying sex again. You're probably sick of sex lasting only a few minutes or less. Just when you start to enjoy it, it's over. Well now you can look forward to a much longer and gratifying experience.

No embarrassing visits to the doctor. Your doctor probably can't help you anyway. Practice my method in the privacy of your own home, on your terms (and without having to pay $100 an hour to get to the "emotional root" of your P.E.).

Sex, and lots of it. Once your partner realizes you can now last up to 20 times longer, expect her to mysteriously "get in the mood" more often than before.
In Case You're Wondering, Here's What It's NOT...
It's not an over-priced, ineffective supplement
It's not the same old technique mentioned everywhere else
It's not some lotion or cream
It's not new-age emotional therapy
It's not hypnosis or NLP
It doesn't involve expensive or painful therapy
It is unlike anything you've seen or heard of before

60 Year Old Farmer Cures His Premature
Ejaculation And Saves Marriage

I love getting emails like these. This man was able to reverse a life-time case of premature ejaculation in a matter of days.

"...now my wife and I are enjoying lovemaking again like we did in our younger years!"

Mr Williams,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and drop you a few lines and say thank you. After getting your book and reading it I started getting results right away.

I am 60 years old. I married my childhood sweetheart 39 years ago. We have a son and a daughter. I have been with her only and no other women. I have always had premature ejaculation, but never knew what caused it. When I was young it wasn't a problem. If it happened too fast, then recovery time was short and then I could go and go.

At age 50 I had a farm related accident and broke some ribs and damaged a kidney very badly. The doctors wanted to allow it to heal on its own and not do surgery on it. I suffered with that almost 5 years. During that period my sex life went to almost zero.  When you are hurting it is hard to get in the mood. My wife is an understanding woman and didn't press me.

After the healing process my premature ejaculation got worse. Pretty soon my wife was so upset with my short lived sex periods that she became colder and colder. We were down to about one time a month. I always felt like a heel afterwards.

I am a person who has a hard time discussing this problem with other people. About 5 years ago I did ask a doctor about it. He responded by telling me to use a thick condom or masturbate before sex. None of these helped at all.

When I saw your website I was searching for help. I am so glad that you did give me the help I needed, and now my wife and I are enjoying lovemaking again like we did in our younger years. I had her read the book too, and she gladly took part in my recovery process.

I'm a new man thanks to you! I made my wife the promise that the next ten years will be the best ever.

I gave my son the book and he too read it. Even though he is 26 years old he will never have this problem. He and his wife read the book and it helped light up their sex lives too. Again thanks for all your help!


[Name withheld on request]

...An Offer Too Good to Refuse

"Premature Ejaculation Freedom" consists of 26 pages of pure content - no fluff, no filler. Inside this report, you'll have direct access to the same 7-step plan I used to eliminate my premature ejaculation is less than 8 weeks.

So what's the cost?

Consider the cost of one 45 minute session for a sex therapist - at least $75. At best, you'll get the same old advice like wearing condoms, masturbating before sex and practicing the stop-start technique.

How about a herbal supplement? The most popular one on Google goes for $180 for a 6 month supply. Ouch. WIll it even work? Be my guest and test it out. (Money-Saving Tip: a pill cannot target the underlying cause of premature ejaculation. The cause is purely psychical and cannot be cured by changing your body's composition!)

Realize that I spent over $3,500 of my own money testing a myriad of different cures. From de-sensitizing creams to hypnosis CD's. Let me save you some money and share with you the only cure that did work.

As an introductory offer... you can pick up a copy of "Premature Ejaculation Freedom" for just $49.95.

Important Update...

As of today, the cost for Premature Ejaculation Freedom has been drastically reduced - from $49.95 to $29.95. That's a saving of 40% off the original price. Why am I doing this?

You see, I'm currently looking to build a big file of glowing testimonials from happy clients. So after you have gone through my program and successfully cured your Premature Ejaculation, you agree to 1) write me a glowing testimonial, and 2) let me use your success story on this site to inspire others.

But I must warn you, at this price orders are coming in fast (and the success stories are starting to arrive in my inbox). I will soon have enough to post them all on a dedicated section of this website. Which means the $29.95 offer will not last for much longer.

To Sweeten The Deal Even Further...

...I'll also include the following bonuses free of charge:

Bonus #1 - The Art of Cunnilingus

If you've ever wanted to know the secrets of pleasing your partner orally, this guide will instruct you on becoming a master at oral sex. Once armed with the techniques in this guide, you'll no longer have to rely intercourse to give your woman screaming orgasms.

Value: $19.95 (Your's FREE)

Bonus #2 - Your Guide to Simply Sensational Relationships

Re-ignite the fire in your relationship with Richard Dean's new fantastic guide to becoming a romantic lover. You'll learn...
A seven day step-by-step plan on exactly what to do to melt your lover's heart 7 quick tips for showing her you care The secret to a great kiss every time 11 random acts of affection to surprise your partner with 92 things to do that say "I love you" How to stage a romantic dinner for two ...and more
Value: $17.00 (Your's FREE)

Bonus #3 - FREE Priority One-on-One Email Counseling for Six Months

Any time you need help with one of the steps, or are confused about something, or just need a helping hand ... I'll be standing by to give you the help you need. Just send me an email and I'll reply within 24-48 hours.

I've made this program very easy to follow, so you probably won't even need to avail of this. But if you do happen to need advice on any aspect of the program, I'm just an email away.

Value: $97 (Your's FREE)

The Last Cure for Premature Ejaculation You'll Ever Need

After putting into practice the special technique in my book, you will:
Massively increase your self-esteem and confidence
Have your partner initiating sex with YOU
Get along with your wife or girlfriend much better
Start enjoying a healthy sex life again
Finally end the stress caused by this problem
So What Are You Waiting For?

Yes, you can finally start lasting longer in bed and put an end to your premature ejaculation once and for all.

"Premature Ejaculation Freedom" contains a completely safe, natural, proven 7-step system for overcoming your premature ejaculation in 8 weeks or less. It doesn't matter if you have a partner or if you're single. There's no pills to ingest, no nasty creams to apply, no lengthy therapy ... just proven principals that work.

You're just seconds away from download this groundbreaking book and discovering the method that will set your sex life on fire.

What is Instant Download Access?

Rather than wait for this book in the mail, you can download it and being reading immediately. Or you can print it out and read at your leisure.

If you're using a computer to read this page, then you will be able to download and read or print my book. It works whether you have a Mac or a PC.

The benefits of instant download access...
You save on shipping costs

You get to being reading and applying these techniques immediately - no waiting for the postman!

Your privacy is guaranteed ... no curious family member or neighbor to see what you've just bought

[]I Accept All Of The Risk With My 2 Month
"No Questions Asked" 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure this method will cure your premature ejaculation, I am putting all the risk on me to deliver.

If you're not completely and utterly thrilled with the information presented in my book, I will buy it back from you at 100% cost. I have nothing to hide and fully intend on delivering everything I promise and more.

Simply let me know within 2 months of your purchase, and I will refund every penny back to you ... no questions asked.

You've got nothing to lose ... and a lifetime of long-lasting fulfilling sex to gain!

And don't forget, once you order "Premature Ejaculation Freedom", you can start reading and applying the techniques the same day."

Order "Premature Ejaculation Freedom" today and discover my 7-step method for curing your premature ejaculation in 8 weeks or less.

Order "Premature Ejaculation Freedom"
Retail Price $49.95 SALE Only $29.95


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Jacob Williams
Author - "Premature Ejaculation Freedom"

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