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Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail!

How to save money and STILL have a successful Direct Mail Campaign!

Exposed:  The Real-World Secrets Behind The Most Successful (And Profitable) Direct Mail Projects Around....!!!

"Here's Exactly How To Prepare A Direct Mail Campaign That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars!"

Now you Can See How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes in a Direct Mail Campaign!

... without the embarrassment of a phone call from the Post Office!

From: Debbie Kirk
Date: February 24, 2009

You Won't Believe What Happened To Me Today.......

I shouldn't have been surprised. It has happened before. But I thought I was beyond all this type of crisis..

This just goes to show that it doesn't matter how much you prepare ahead of time.....

It can still happen to you.

Today was just a normal day. I just took a Direct Mail project to the Business Mail Entry Unit of the United States Post Office. I followed all the right steps....
I had the Mailing Statement filled out correctly I had signed it I had the check in hand to pay for the postage complete with my permit number I took my Direct Mail to the Postal Clerk who filled out his paperwork
He checked in my Direct Mail

and he said "You're good to go. Have a great day!"

And off I went.....

                                               **** Two hours later ****

My phone rang. Guess who?

"This is the Postal Clerk at the Business Mail Entry Unit of the United States Post Office and I have just finished running a MERLIN on the Direct Mail you brought in earlier today."

So here's the problem......

How are you supposed to know that your mail has to be run through "MERLIN" and who is "MERLIN" anyway?


I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way!

 I started looking for answers. 

       I wanted to know that  my addresses were prepared correctly

       I wanted to know that my zip codes were accurate

       I wanted to make sure I was getting the best postage rates

 I looked on the internet and in office supply stores. I asked the Postal Clerks. 


"Debbie  has an extensive knowledge about the Direct Mail industry. 

Her 14 years of experience and inside industry information left me feeling confident her company will give me the biggest advantage possible with my direct mail business!"
Stephen Beck
(Moscow, ID).

There Were Huge Obstacles...

When I first started doing Direct Mail, I was preparing a 5,000 address mailing list.

I had to print labels 

I had to put the labels on the mailing piece one label at a time

I had to sort the Direct Mail by hand

I had to make sure the zip codes were in the correct order. 

The Direct Mail had to be sorted by hand while consulting the over 400 page Direct Mail Manuel to make sure the zip codes were in the correct order.  Do you have any idea how long that took?

I would take my Direct Mail project to the Post Office for processing and have to stand on the dock resorting my mail or putting on tabs or rubber bands because I would have been told that the mail had not been sorted accurately or prepared correctly.

I could no longer afford to keep doing Direct Mail if I was going to have to constantly keep resorting, retabbing and rubber banding.

But Things Began To Change When...

After spending hours of time researching my options I finally found the easiest way to prepare Direct Mail is using Mailing Software.

I finally found a software program at the local office supply store that advertised the solution to my problem.

My business made an immediate turn around and I was able to prepare my mail more efficiently.

The software had all of the United States Postal Service DMM regulations built in so I no longer had to worry about making presort mistakes.

I no longer received calls to come back to the Post Office to correct errors.

As a business owner, I know full well how important it is to find good vendors to meet our deadlines. Debbie has excelled in meeting these needs."

Bill Fox, www.foxgraphics.biz

Memphis, Tennessee

As I became more proficient in preparing Direct Mail projects, I began to listen to other people talking when I would take my Direct Mail to the Post Office. 

Then  thought, "why not make this information available for everyone that struggles with preparing Direct Mail!


Why I Created "Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail"
(And How It Can Help You The Same Way It Helped Me!)

 I wanted to make sure I knew not to make the same mistakes again. But I also wanted to help you know how to prevent making these same mistakes.

"Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail" will help you understand that Direct Mail marketing is still the most efficient method of reaching a large audience with information about your business, product or service.

"Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail" will help you save time in preparing your Direct Mail.

"Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail" will help you save money on unknown assessment fees and excess postage.

"Seven Secret Keys to Direct Mail" will hellp save you the frustration of having to go back to the Post Office to correct errors you didn't know not to make.

Imagine how you will feel when you leave the Post Office after dropping off your Direct Mail knowing everything is in order and you won't have to worry about the Post Office calling you to come back to fix errors or problems.



Just Look At EVERYTHING In This Course!

Face it. Most information products out there are long on promises, but short on results!

But just look at all of the things you will find in this ebook...

How to get valuable info about your business into thousands of mailboxes across the country... page 1

How to obtain a mailing list and make sure your addresses are correct .... page 6

How to make sure you are using the correct paper color and weight ... page 15

The correct layout for your address page ... page 18

Which option for printing is right for your needs ... page 24

How you can save hundreds of dollars in postage ... page 26

Ths process of preparing Direct Mail ... page 26

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Direct Mail ... page 34

What Can This Information Do For You?

Putting together a product of this magnitude requires a huge commitment, as you might have guessed. But I knew this course would give you (biggest benefit)!

I knew it would also give you...

Answers to questions you didn't know you should be asking 

Help in understanding the process involved in using Direct Mail 

The fastest way to get information about your company into the hands of the most people

And I knew this information would SAVE you in many ways

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