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If You Can Point & Click, You Already Have What it Takes to Make $1000's Every Month from Your Own Membership Sites!

From: Anthony Hull

RE: The Easiest and Most Powerful Membership Script Available


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

There's no sense beating around the bush and trying to sell you on the fact that monthly membership sites are a gold mine for their owners. All you have to do is a simple mathematical equation to see how profitable they can be.

xxx Members * $yy = $zzzz Monthly


The membership site script you have created is amazing

What the heck Anthony? I literally paid THOUSANDS of dollars to have a script like this developed and it didn't even have half of the features that you are offering now for less than 10% of what I paid!

The membership site script you have created is amazing, I am already planning to launch 4 sites using it.

Everything you've built in are the exact features someone needs to run excellent membership sites.

Anik Singal


So lets cut to the chase and explore how EasyMemberPro can have you up and running with your very own membership site, quickly and easily, so you can start making money right away...

Lets Get Started by Installing and Setting Up
Your New EasyMemberPro Software!

Whether you're setting up EasyMemberPro on it's own domain name, or using it as a new members-only area on your existing site, the software is a dream to set up and configure.

The only requirements are a linux hosting account that has a cPanel control panel and 1 available MySQL database. These are standard with most web hosts and if your hosting company doesn't have them, or you're not sure, we can recommend several who do.

When you have those, it's just a matter of uploading the script files to your hosting account and following the easy on-screen instructions. And if you should happen to get stuck with any portion of the process, we've included a full set of instructional videos AND step-by-step manual that walk you through it, step-by-step!

...and if you'd rather not tackle setting up the software on your own, we even offer a fast and friendly installation service ($25)


At Last!

Something which is so simple I can concentrate on the marketing side of the business without worrying about the techie side and whether I am capable of doing it.

I can now build a business and a future not just a website. I am so excited by the prospect.

Good Luck and Best Wishes

Terry Ackroyd


Now Let's Have a Look at Your EasyMemberPro's Powerful,
Fully Integrated, "Point & Click" Page Management System

While other membership site scripts are built by tech heads and programmers who hand code their pages in HTML, making them cumbersome for non-techies or newbies to use, EasyMemberPro has an extremely powerful web page builder and CMS built right in!

CMS = Content Management System. It helps you manage the content on both the public and members only areas of your new membership site. So filling up your site with content is really simple.

Whether you're putting up articles, ebooks, photos, MP3s or videos for your members, or writing a killer sales letter for the front end of your new site, EasyMemberPro makes it incredibly simple to do with it's powerful Point & Click interface!
You'll have Full Control of the layout of every single page of your site using the easy but powerful CMS. No HTML or PHP skills required! (However if you want to use other HTML editors to generate your content, this is fine too) You have complete control over the header, footer and background graphics on all pages of your site, making your entire site customizable and unique Control the colours of the header area, footer area, nav bar and nav text of every page, with No Programming Knowledge Whatsoever! You can add/edit/delete your own extra pages easily to the front end or members area. Making your site fully flexibile and scalable to any size you want You can "preview" any new page that you create before it goes live so you can correct errors and avoid embarrassing mistakes Explode your Back-End Sales by setting up One Time Offers for your New members. This function is Built-In to the Admin Panel Your members area is securely protected by a bullet-proof password system so no one gets in for free or steals your content

Watch the video below and check out how easy it is to get started building pages and plugging in content with EasyMemberPro It's All Point & Click Simple!


The coolest membership script

Man, this is probably the coolest! membership script I have seen in a while. I have tried most of them out there and almost none of them worked the way this one does. Even the “insect” tool doesn’t compare because of the learning curve.

The biggest issue with any marketer is getting set up and listing all the products. It seems like EasyMemberPro does that with ease.

I think you just solved all my future membership site problems. Thanks.

God Bless

Hodges Hines

Your EasyMemberPro site will have a Completely
Automatic, Member Signup & Management System

Once your site is set up and configured, content is added and you've done some massive promotions bringing in tons of new, cash-in-hand members... You'll need your new membership signup process to work absolutely flawlessly. EasyMemberPro takes care of this for you by fully automating the signup process!
When your new members sign up, they can chose to pay with PayPal, 2Checkout, 1shoppingcart or Clickbank (fully integrated into the EasyMemberPro software for you) which has you covered by allowing them to pay with almost any major credit card or debit cards. As you know, offering multiple payment solutions to your customers can skyrocket your sales and signups! You can configure multiple subscription periods. Members can signup for a month to month payment plan, pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, or a 1 time lifetime membership with different payment options for each level. (Offer your members a choice so some members can get a discount for signing up for longer periods, etc.) New Member Accounts are set up automatically upon successful payment and their login details are sent by email. It's totally Hands-Off so you can even make money while you're sleeping. Your EasyMemberPro site even sends you an email notification automatically every time a new member signs up If one of your members needs to change or update their signup info, or loses their password, you can search all members right from your Admin panel and update or add their information almost effortlessly. Members can also retrieve their password from a "Forgotten Password" page quickly and easily Saves you heaps of time with support admin!) Feel like sending out a site bulletin or related product offers? EasyMemberPro lets you quickly and easily mass email all members with special promotions or site news any time you want Control download pages so new members can't download previous month's content. (Prevent people from joining and downloading all your content, then asking for a refund!) If previous month's content are viewed, new members will be asked to pay a one-time fee to gain access. (Explode your "backend" sales)


Wow! I’m not easily impressed but EMP impressed.

I have been a member on membership sites but never dreamed I could possibly have my own. Too technical, too time-consuming, what could I possibly supply to satisfy my members?

EMP really showed me what was possible. .

Michael Ming

Ever dreamed of starting 
 your own affiliate program? 

Your EasyMemberPro Site has a Complete Affiliate Signup, Management & Payment System Built Right In!

The full Affiliate Management system built into EasyMemberPro is without a doubt it's most powerful and profitable feature! It incorporates all the aspects of running your own affiliate network, right from your membership site's Admin panel!

Plus, when new members sign up to your site, they automatically become affiliates as well. Each new member then has an incentive to go out and promote your site for you, because they'll make a percentage of the signup fee for every new member they refer.

300 New Members = An Army of 300 Brand New Affiliates promoting your site for you and growing your profits exponentially!
If the new member was referred by an affiliate, the affiliate receives an email when the new member joins with details of their commission earnt. (Incentivise your affiliates and keep them informed) Email affiliate messages only. (So not to annoy non-affiliate members) Easily setup promotional tools for your affiliates including Email Subject Lines, Emails and Promotional Graphics. You can also easily include their affiliate link in their promotional emails and graphics. (To make it easy for your affiliates to promote your site) View projected commission payments for affiliates due at end of current month AND at the end of following month. (To keep track and prepare yourself for paying affiliates) Affiliates can view their pending/paid commissions at any time through their own page which is integrated into their members area. (To keep your affiliates informed) Offer your affiliates a percentage of each sale OR a fixed amount for each sale. You can even specify a custom percentage for JV affiliates or others who you want to earn more commissions. (Offers you more flexibility) You can pay your affiliates using paypal or check, making it possible to recruit and pay affiliates who live anywhere on the planet. Built-in Paypal Mass Pay functionality. That's right, EasyMemberPro will even spit out a fully configured mass pay file that you plug into your PayPal account so you can pay all of your affiliates at once. Mass Pay is a Must when your new membership site grows to hundreds, or even 1000's of members! The entire payment and affiliate system also supports multiple currencies, so no matter what country you live in, you can build a local membership site and accept payments or pay out in that country's currency. This is an excellent opportunity for you to break into foreign or local markets with new membership sites, no matter where you live! EasyMemberPro even lets you export affiliates (and members) into a CSV file so you can easily import them into other programs you might have such as Aweber. Offers ultimate flexibility when you need it!

And like every other aspect of your new EasyMemberPro membership site, full written and multimedia instructions are included for the affiliate management side of things as well. Here's a snip from that video...

EasyMemberPro looks great!

I’ve tried many of the ‘other’ membership scripts that are currently doing the rounds, but none have the features and ease-of-use that EasyMemberPro has. The others need too much customization and ‘tinkering’.

EasyMemberPro beats them hands down. I honestly can’t see how EasyMemberPro could be improved - it’s the BEST already. Great job guys!

Kristy Taylor


But there's one thing I should also mention about EasyMemberPro: It even has a built-in Database Backup feature so you can protect your valuable membership, content and affiliate data when your site gets so popular it crashes your server ;-)

Order Now And Get Instant Access To Everything You'll Need To Start Creating Your Membership Site

Lets face it folks - there is no other membership site software on the planet that can hold a candle to EasyMemberPro, and most of the outdated and inferior membership software packages on the market today are going for astronomical prices. So you'll be pleased to find out...

If you Click the button below Right Now, you can get started building your Very Own membership sites with EasyMemberPro for only $197

(save $100)

Includes Unlimited domain license


...and we'll even throw in these VALUABLE BONUSES
to help make sure your new membership sites are
virtually guaranteed to succeed:

BONUS 1 - Membership Secrets Ebook (Value $47)

When you get your copy of EasyMemberPro it comes packaged with "Insider Secrets to Running Your Own Membership Site" that explains, step-by-step every last detail you'll need to know to run your own successful membership sites.

Kim Standerline, a registered nurse (who earns several thousand dollars per month with her own membership sites) spills the beans in this ebook about things like:
How to run mega successful launch promotions

How to motivate your members to boost their affiliate promotions of your site

How to keep a steady flood of new member signups and how to squeeze every penny you can out of your membership site with add-on sales

Back-end sales, special promotions and one time offers!
BONUS 2 - EasyMemberPro Graphic Templates (Value $870)

We're even throwing in 13 full, professionally designed graphics sets to use on your new EasyMemberPro membership sites so you don't even have to worry about hiring and paying for a graphics designer.

JPG and PSD versions of these professional graphics will be provided.


BONUS 3 - Video Training Tutorials

An entire set of instructional videos that walk you through the entire EasyMemberPro software

From uploading and installing the software on your hosting account to paying your new affiliates to building new member pages and content. It's all explained in simple language that anyone can understand.

BONUS 4 - Six Months FREE Upgrades

No bull. No hassle with paying for future versions or wondering when the next version is released.

You'll automatically get an email the minute a new version or upgrade for EasyMemberPro is ready, so you'll never have to worry about if your software is up to date again.

There's absolutely NO RISK with our
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Get Started building Your Own Membership Site Empire Right Now by Clicking the "Add To Cart" Button Below!

(save $100)

Includes Unlimited domain license




The Future is Bright...

I was first introduced to the “power” of having a membership site at World Internet Summit, London earlier this year and couldn’t wait to get one.

I now have one that came as part of an expensive package but its just fantastic to receive residual income every month on autopilot. I definately want to have a couple more.

What Easy Member Pro will do will give everyone the freedom to make a membership site out of almost any niche/topic they want and not have to worry too much about keeping control…. the future is bright

Graham Burt


You are to be commended...

The script looks great, I think it will really help a lot of people. People who have spent a lot of money on product and memberships but do not understand how to charge and deliver a product.

Having bought 3 reseller clubs I still have not settled on a membership system for delivery. I own most, but I have not understood how to work them. IPN and safe downloads is my grey area, also getting the front part on the site to connect.

I like the option to host my own sites rather than rely on a plug in site, there is no fun in that for me.

I love the pictures in the admin area, makes it feel more user friendly.

You are to be commended for thinking of us, the ones that can’t quite grasp the technical side of things.

Sharyn Proctor


Easy Member Pro is the only script that will be as awesome...

I think this software is just what I need to get my video conferencing software site up and running.

I already have the conferencing software working and it is awesome. Now I just need an awesome membership software program to complete my site to make monthly money. Once it is all put together it will be a beautiful thing!

I already have a membership script but it isn’t as equally awesome as my conferencing software. I think Easy Member Pro is the only script that will be as awesome!

Ryan Bessling



To YOUR membership site success!

Anthony Hull & The EasyMemberPro Team

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