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The Riches To Retirement

My name is Cameron Edwards and welcome to my website! I hope you like the purple layout! My wife loves purple, so I did this for her!

Do You Have A Retirement Plan?

If you think you are still young and have time to worry about it later, sure you do! But don't be surprised later on you will not be able to retire!

We tend to take retirement a little too laid back when it comes to how crucial it is to plan for it. Wouldn't you like to be laid back, while your day-to-day lifestyle gets better and know you are working towards a realistic dream and retirement goal?

Do You Want To Improve Your Day-to-Day Lifestyle?

This is such an important aspect to our overall health. This is such an important aspect to our overall health. Many of try to live an unlimited lifestyle while we are young and do not plan to financially secure our lifestyle. Later on some of us have to give up their lifestyle because of financial problems. This creates many snowball effects to how well you enjoy your retirement.

Many discussions come up around me that involve how many people do not have a dime saved towards their retirement at the age of 40! My wife works in a financial planning office and she knows! I was talking to my dentist; she is in her middle age. She mentioned how her boyfriend hasn't even saved a dime and has a very expensive lifestyle. She said to me, "He better start saving for his retirement because I can't save for the both of us and it's a night mare to think I would work well into my retirement"

Do you agree?

Do you agree? I agree when I think about my retirement!

I have developed a book that shows lifestyle improvement concepts, while it helps you to relax and create a prosperous future and retirement.

Designed especially for the young starters in life, this book applies to all ages and income levels that will...

     Show you smart ways to make purchases and save thousands
     Improve your day-to-day lifestyle financially
     Design and achieve your retirement and realistic goals
     Show you many lifestyle improvement plans that will benefit you into retirement

These lifestyle plans can allow you in 5 - 10 years to...

    Increase your spending power, while securing your retirement goal
    Take more time off from work
    Afford a better vacation experience
    Become financially free 

I kept the low income earners in perspective and developed some great financial outlook plans with valuable ways to save money and think financially smart so your day-to-day lifestyle will improve as well your financial integrity!

If you are just starting out in life this book is worth a look to create a path in the right direction and your entire lifestyle as a whole! If you are a young starter or couple and pull in a big annual income, don't pass this opportunity up to get ahead now and live a retired lifestyle with in 5 years.

Are Your Retirement and Realistic Goals Achievable?

I notice all the time as I talk to different people who make good money, they don't have a very good idea on how much they need to retire and some haven't bothered with it.

I break down some interesting numbers that can be achieved by any income levels. It is truly surprising to see and when I look at our minimum wage workers, I start to scare my self because, I don't think many of them have any idea how they will retire. I also think many of them don't understand they need to start as young as possible or they will compromise their future retirement goals considerably. This topic is surely a wake up call to the teen spirit, so I suggest taking a look! 

Achieving Retirement and Realistic Goals is all about preparing for the time ahead. Don't get to retirement and face the facts that you should have planned while you were younger.

The Big Dream Goal

Are you like me and have big ideas that will set you free or at least better your life?

This book had been created because of this ambition I have. I realized how much work it takes to become successful. I discuss this as those who are new or may find them selves in the middle of creating their big dreams can lose their lifestyle because of it. I also give encouragement for you to follow your dreams and inspirations!

I have heard all my life by those who don't believe in success (for them selves). I have been told, "good luck it is impossible." Well I told them take a look around for a minute. What do you see? I said everything you see around is exactly what you have called impossible. Just remember that. If this is the way you believe in your self, then you are absolutely right!

Riches To Retirement is developed and geared towards those new entrepreneurs who have that big passion to succeed. Some great advice is giving on being realistic while working on this goal. The problem with this big dream many of us have, is it can overtake our entire lifestyle we live day-to-day, because we have convinced our minds of the success we foresee. Therefore we work and work at our big dream trying to realize our success. Down the road which can be years later, we have giving up what we use to know as a simple way to live.

This book will pay for it's self in so many ways for only $9.99

The Riches To Retirement

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