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The Philosopher's Bible

[The Philosopher's Bible](http://1.cyberpub50.pay.clickbank.net) contains the complete thoughts of Alias Pseudonym in both the convenient word document format ( .docx ) and the acrobat reader format ( .pdf ) that can be read on your computer and most phones. Explore his views on politics, technology, science, feminism, god, aliens, al qaeda, obama, whether the toilet seat should be up or down, the environment, gay marriage and loads of other stuff that has fallen out of his mind and onto the page.

Grab your copy of The Philosopher's Bible: The Half-Wit and Wisdom of Alias Pseudonym today for the introductory price of only $US10. It's funny, controversial and revolutionary, even if he does say so himself.

Go on ...you know you want to! This book will change your life, maybe even for the better.

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About the Author:

Alias Pseudonym; a.k.a. Mr. Controversy is the moderator of [opinionspace.net](http://www.opinionspace.net). He has a post-graduate diploma from the school of hard knocks, many of them to his head. He prides himself on his straight talking no nonsense opinions and on his ability to annoy people. Alias currently lives in the tribal regions of Waredafucistan and is wanted in 5 countries for outstanding parking tickets. He has been married to a photograph of Janeane Garofalo's character from Mystery Men for 4 years and has no children.

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