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Take Screenshots, Edit Photos, and Host Images in Seconds. -

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Screen Dash Software ()
Software to run Screen Dash!

Instant Screenshot Upload ()
The ability to instantly take a screenshot and upload it to a

Upload Image from Computer ()
Ability to upload images from your computer and modify them.

Custom Watermarks ()
Ability to add watermarks and other images on top of your

Unlimited Image Hosting ()
Screen Dash provides unlimited free image hosting.

No Banner Ads ()
None of your screenshots or created images will have ads on them.

HTML Reference Links ()
Instantly get html reference links after uploads for your blog,
Myspace, Facebook, etc.

Screen Dash Logo ()
Every Image uploaded to Screendash.com will have the Dash Logo in
the lower right hand corner

Custom FTP Hosting ()
Host your own images through FTP with the Premium version.

Image Editing ()
Awesome ability to modify images using cool image editing

Paint Toolbar ()
Ability to modify all captured and uploaded images with basic Paint

The free version has a 30 day all access trial and then enters
into limited mode. The Premium Dash is selling for $20. The Screen
Dash download takes less than one minute!

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