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Did You Know?
Unlike other forms of real estate, Drop Ship Real Estate is STRONG even when the real estate market is down!  A weak real estate market means lower wholesale (drop ship) prices on homes.  So whether the real estate market is weak or powerful, Drop Ship Real Estate remains very profitable!

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Hello Friends,
    If you've been considering using drop shipping to make money please read this page.  I am about to open your eyes to the REAL way to make money using drop shipping.  It is risk-free with none of the pitfalls of conventional wholesale drop shipping.  There is no other program like this anywhere.  But before I get started, I'd like to introduce myself and my company.
My name is Douglas Crowe and I am the chief instructor at the [Springboard Group Education Centre](http://www.springboardcorp.com) in Wheaton, IL and host of [The Real Estate Investment Hour](http://www.dougcrowe.com) radio show in Chicago.  Listeners can also tune-in around the country on my website at [www.dougcrowe.com](http://www.dougcrowe.com).

I personally have over 20 years of real estate investing experience and my company has done over $74,969,000 (nearly $75 MILLION) in real estate deals.  We are a registered corporation in Illinois and members of the Better Business Bureau.  But enough about us...  I want to tell you about Drop Ship Real Estate.  How it works, and why it is better than conventional drop shipping methods & programs.  MUCH BETTER.  I want to start by telling you how the concept of Drop Ship Real Estate was born.

A couple of years back I met a man named Robert (Bob) who had recently lost his job with the railroad.  Being in his 50s he was concerned that his job opportunities would be limited.  So he decided to try his own business and thought my real estate class might be the answer...

I must admit, he wasn't my best student, and he knew it too.  But you know what; he made $7000 on his very first deal!

Just read his testimonial...
[](http://www.springboardcorp.com/bob.htm) "...It was I, using the techniques which you teach, who was able to obtain that house and immediately sell it to a rehabber without a penny out of my pocket.  I made an easy $7000 and have you and Springboard to thank..."
[Click here to view Bob's actual testimonial letter (in a new window).](http://www.springboardcorp.com/bob.htm)

Bob was so excited about making $7000 on his first deal he told everyone about the process he went through.  One of the people Bob told about his deal was his son-in-law, Chris.  Chris works extensively in the wholesale industry.  One day Chris called me on the phone and asked if he could arrange a meeting to discuss an idea he had for my real estate class.  I agreed to meet with Chris to find out what he was so excited about...  Well, needless to say, the meeting went well.  Drop Ship Real Estate was born.

You see...
Chris explained to me that in the wholesale business there is something called drop shipping.  This simply means selling a product to your customer BEFORE you buy it from the wholesaler.  The wholesaler then ships the product directly to your customer and you keep the profit.  Sounds easy!  And Chris said it was...  But, there were major problems with drop shipping according to Chris.  The biggest problem being that the prices on drop ship products are too high making it hard to compete with someone buying wholesale at large quantities.  After all, if someone buys 1000 of a product from a wholesaler it stands to reason they will get a much better price (much, much better) than someone buying just one of an item.  Makes sense to me.

Chris then went on to explain that the process which Bob (his father-in-law) explained to him was almost identical to the drop shipping process...  WITHOUT THE PITFALLS, AND MUCH MORE PROFITABLE.

I didn't know it...
But I had been teaching my students "drop shipping" all along.  Sure, we called it wholesaling, or flipping, but when learned the way WE teach it at the Springboard Group it is just like drop shipping.  With houses and other property!  But don't worry, you don't need to be a realtor or show houses all day.  You can even sell them on your website or on eBay!  That's right, you can sell on eBay and we will cover that exact topic on our video!!

Take a look at this:
How Conventional Wholesale Drop Shipping Works...
1. You find a product to sell, but do not pay for it yet.
2. You sell the product, but haven't paid for it yet.
3. Your customer then pays you for the product.
3. You then pay for the wholesaler for the product (using your customer's money).
4. Wholesaler ships product directly to your customer...
5.  Done!
The average profit on a drop ship product sale is under $14.
How Drop Ship Real Estate Works...

1. You find a house to sell, but do not pay for it -- ever.  (No Cash, No Credit Needed!)
2. You sell the house, but do not pay for it.
3. Your customer then pays you a fee & buys the house directly from the owner...
4.  Done!  And you never even had to BUY the house!
The average profit on a drop ship real estate sale is over $5200.

Starting to understand why this is so much better?  I guarantee that if you purchase my DROP SHIP REAL ESTATE video right now for only $99 $49 (through !) and follow step-by-step, you will be able to profit right away without any additional money our of you pocket!  I personally guarantee that our 90 minute video will have you profiting from Drop Ship Real Estate or you can have 100% of your money back!

And, we're offering INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to our Drop Ship Real Estate Video.  So you can get started right now.  [Click here](order.htm) to order now and instantly access the video.  The price is $99 $49 (through !) and includes 30 days of unlimited access and support.  The video will play on any PC with internet access -- even dialup!

Not convinced that Drop Ship Real Estate is the BEST choice for you?



No Cash Required to Sell No Inventory to Maintain Work from Your Home Sell on Your Webstie or eBay Easy to Manage Low Profits of Under $14 Per Sale Customer Loyalty Low in Industry You Pay More than Wholesale for "Product" Fulfillment Risks (Stock, Shipping, etc.) Refunds & Chargebacks Affect Business. No Cash Required to Sell No Inventory to Maintain Work from Your Home Sell on Your Website or eBay Easy to Manage High Profits of Over $5000 Per Sale Loyal Customers Purchase Again & Again You Pay the Lowest Price for "Product" No Fulfillment Risk.  No Shipping. Never Refund Anyone & No Chargebacks

A Few Important Advantages of Drop Ship Real Estate Include:

No More Fulfillment Concerns
No asking yourself "if I sell it and then go to buy it for my customer, what it they're out of stock"...

No More Shipping Concerns
No wondering "will they get it to my customer on time?"...

No More Refund Concerns
Someone may return that leather jacket, but there are no returns to worry about with Drop Ship Real Estate!!!

Have you heard of anyone making millions by using conventional drop shipping?
Well, how many millionaires -- excuse me -- billionaires have you heard of who invest in real estate?  One even has a reality show now...  Well Drop Ship Real Estate IS real estate investing.  This is THE WAY that the world's top investors do their investing.  Period.  At our Springboard Group Education Centre in Wheaton, IL our students pay thousands of dollars to learn this and we have TONS of [video testimonials](http://www.springboardcorp.com/n2/testi.html) and [testimonial letters](http://www.springboardcorp.com/n2/testi.html) on our website.

If you've been excited about the possibilities of drop shipping or if you are one of the many who have been discouraged by drop shipping programs in the past -- this really is the solution you've been dreaming about.  NO MORE looking to find products to sell from drop shippers only to find that you can buy the same products for LESS on eBay.  I am confident that our solution is the ONLY one that works!

However, I am going to give you a list of drop shippers for FREE...
I do understand that Drop Ship Real Estate might sound scary to you...  After all, real estate sounds BIG and complicated.  It sounds much easier to buy an Xbox 360 for $100 and sell it for $399.  So let me assure you.  Drop Ship Real Estate is EASIER than conventional wholesale drop shipping.  You're NOT going to find that Xbox 360 for $100.  No.  With drop shipping you will pay $380 or MORE for that Xbox 360.  And with the hidden fees -- drop shipping charges, membership costs, etc -- you can end up paying MORE than retail.  But to prove my point I am going to include a list of the nation's top drop shippers FOR FREE.  Yes, for free!  A quick search on the web and you will see that others charge between $50 - $399 for this list alone.  This list is my 'gift' to you.  It is yours to keep even if you decide to cancel your account with us...  Though I must admit, I don't think you'll be using them.  Even the best drop ship services have signup fees, drop ship fees, and higher-than-wholesale prices.

So, here's an even better freebie!  And this one you should actually use...
I am going to give you 30-days FREE access to our exclusive wholesale product & supplier search; custom developed by the [North American Wholesale Co-Op Association](http://www.wholesaleforebay.com/redir.php?src=directhop&dst=nohop) (NAWCA)!  NAWCA is the leader in online wholesale product sourcing and their membership alone costs almost $50 for a few months access.  But through our program you will get it for free.  If you have a few dollars to spend on some products, then you CAN make money buying products wholesale -- even at smaller quantities.  Wholesale is not like drop shipping.  When you buy a few of an item you can get a MUCH lower cost.  With access to our exclusive search you will be able to simply enter the name of any product such as "Playstation" or the type of product you're looking for such as "laptop computer" and will be shown products & suppliers for that item.  Yes, it is just that simple.

If you have any questions feel free to email my staff at [realestatepowerhour@springboardcorp.com](mailto:realestatepowerhour@springboardcorp.com) and they will respond to you promptly.  Be sure [click here](http://realestatepowerhour.net/topic_ds_faq.php) to view our FAQ as some of your questions may be answered there already.  You may also call us at 1-630-681-9424 and speak to one of our qualified team of investors.  We're here to help!

Also, be sure to listen-in to my popular weekly radio show on WIND 560 in Chicago, or at [www.dougcrowe.com](http://www.dougcrowe.com) nationwide.  I cover Drop Ship Real Estate and other investing topics on the air every Saturday and YOU can also call-in and ASK YOUR QUESTIONS.  Our site is also loaded with thousands of articles on real estate investing to help you get started and always has information on our upcoming FREE seminars, so be sure to check it out.

As for now, the future is in your hands.  Are you ready to try drop shipping that REALLY works?

You Can Sell Things...  Or You Can be a Real Estate Investor.  Real Estate Puts the REAL in Drop Shipping.

Try our DROP SHIP REAL ESTATE video right now for $99 $49 (through !) and receive INSTANT and UNLIMITED access for 30 days.

Again, I 100% guarantee you will be able to profit using real estate with no money and with no prior experience -- AND EASIER than you could with a conventional wholesale drop shipper.

Have a question?  Want to learn more?


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