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The Gift of Touch

Finally a Resource to Help You Find
The Right Massage Therapist

Getting (or giving the gift of) a massage is one of those things
that hovers around the bottom of folks' To Do lists for months, years,
sometimes decades. The voices in our head have this ongoing
discussion, keeping us from taking a step that could greatly enhance
our quality of our lives. The discussion goes something like
this.LITTLE VOICE: "I sure would like to get a massage."
LOUDER VOICE: "Later, you don't know any massage therapists".
LITTLE VOICE: "Rewarding myself with a massage sounds heavenly."
LOUDER VOICE: "Reward? Did you win the lottery or something - do you
know how much it costs? And besides, what do you really know about
massage anyway?

_HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT MASSAGE THERAPIST_ will help you put to rest
the counter productive self talk and give you real answers about what
to expect during a massage, the kinds of questions to ask a
prospective massage therapist, and whether Swedish massage, polarity
therapy, reflexology or some other type of bodywork might be the best
choice for you.

_ By adding a good massage to your schedule every other
week, once a month or even occasionally you will begin to reep some of
the benefits. Don't allow concerns or unanswered questions keep you
from benefitting from massage. Massage has so much to offer. Some of
the benefits include reduction or elimination of pain, increased
circulation, increased range of motion, stress reduction, reduction or
elimination of scar tissue and enhanced immunity. Get HOW TO FIND
THE RIGHT MASSAGE THERAPIST_ today for only $9.95 and get the
information you need to make an intelligent choice in massage
therapists for you personally, or so you can give a meaningful, well
chosen gift to someone else.

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