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Stop abusing your brain with harmful chemicals and costly therapies...

"Discover A Completely Safe Technology That Will Instantly Help You Achieve More Energy, Better Focus, A Stress-Free Life, Amazing Creativity And Lightning Fast Learning Speed... Within 5 minutes!"


Dear Friend,

If you are anything like me, you know what bullsh*t it is to say that life in the 21st century is easier than it ever was before. Every day is a challenge, trying to survive in the corporate jungle out there. Every day you...
Have to get up at 4' in the morning, and commute for hours hoping to be at the office in time, grabbing a cup of "take out" coffee somewhere along the way... Suffer terrible headaches given to you by the constant pressure of your boss's ever increasing productivity standards, the cricketing and chattering of your co-workers... Go out and end up reproducing the same patterns as everyone else, shop the same places, consume the same products, like droids brainwashed by the media forces that invade our privacy more and more every day...
I know because, like Millions of Americans do every day, I've been there.

And I've spent thousands of dollars in therapy, "health supplement's" and other shady products promising to work miracles for everyone according to the sales clerk ... but not for me.

Then one day I met a therapist who introduced me to a set of audios he had created and asked me to test out for him. I was skeptic but, desperate as I was, thought it wouldn't hurt to "try".

*** Swoosh ***

Within five minutes I was blown away.

From the corporate jungle I was trying to run from, I had been transported into the private oasis of my own mind.

It was so unreal I had to ask for explanations.

So he proceeded to show me the whole process, and what surprised me the most is it was completely safe. No more adverse-effects chemicals.

And no need for complicated hardware either, which really helps keep the costs down.

This set of specially designed audios only requires a pair of headphones to work.

Introducing: Mind Control Binaural Secret Audio

Ready for a scoop?

All those supplements that you can buy over the counter at your local health store, prescription drugs, while all designed to make you feel "better", only create a more IMBALANCED body.

You see, they will either flood your body with too much of a certain nutrient, forcing it to over-produce and release the stuff that will make you feel good, or inhibit and stop the production of brain chemicals that make you feel stressed, tired, etc.

One way or the other, your body WILL catch up.

The solution lies deeper within the brain, as explained by my therapist.

You see, our brain works by sending and receiving "waves" of data and energy.

It is these waves that actually control the way we perceive things, react, and feel.

Take sleep as an example.

When you are sleeping, your brain will go through different phases, and shift through different wave lengths during the process. These different phases are essential to stimulate...
Cellular Growth and Regeneration Long Term Memory Integration and Data Assimilation Relaxation and the Feeling of Refreshment Dreams, Creativity and Generation of New and Powerful Ideas.
It has been recently discovered that, through a process called "mental entrainment", it is possible to attune one person's brainwaves to an outside signal.

And this is what Binaural sounds are designed for.

By emitting signals of different frequencies, you can "reprogram" your mind to work just the way you want it to, and you can do it in only five minutes per session.

Your Own Private Oasis.

Imagine if you had the power to switch your brainwaves so easily, how would it impact your work life? Or your relationships, or anything you can think of for the matter?

You see, it is now not only possible, it is easy to do so.

After much arm-twisting, I have convinced my therapist to allow me to distribute these audios with other people who need to endure the "jungle" lifestyle daily.

This set of 5 different audios, all specially designed to improve a different aspect of your life, is really like having your own private, portable oasis in which you can find refuge.

Anywhere, Any time of the day.

Just play any of these audios with your headphones on, and you will start seeing results within five minutes, guaranteed.

Here's A *Sneak-Peak* At
What You'll Get...

With my exclusive Mind Control Binaural audio package you will receive all five of the following audios, which you will be able to enjoy their benefits and see your life improve in five minutes flat.

Mind Control Binaural Audio #1 - "Mind Rise"

This 40 Minutes audio will take you from sleep to a new energy peak you never thought possible. Knowing that 30 minutes of unassisted meditation is worth 3 hours of sleep, how much do you think that this audio alone can do for you?


Mind Control Binaural Audio #2 - "Creativity Boost"

This 40 Minutes audio will take you from sleep to a new energy peak you never thought possible. Knowing that 30 minutes of unassisted meditation is worth 3 hours of sleep, how much do you think that this audio alone can do for you?


Mind Control Binaural Audio #3 - "Laser Focus"

Keep it running in the background for as long as you need, this one hour audio has been created to project you into a reality outside of Time and Space. Focus on what matters NOW. This audio will assist you in getting more work done in hours than any of your co-workers in weeks.


Mind Control Binaural Audio #4 - "Instant Memory"

Study any topics with this 60 minutes learning aid, and enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding, better retention rate and instant assimilation of the knowledge in your long-term and reflexive memory. Never leave for a presentation unprepared anymore.


Mind Control Binaural Audio #5 - "Mental Refresher"

Because you'll never hear this coming from your boss, we've designed this short 10 minutes audio to help you fully relax and fully refresh your mind. Use it during breaks, at lunch, or in the car after work, and stop worrying so hard.


We're Here To Make Your Life Easier.

Forget about CDs that will take weeks to be shipped to your door. Why wait for your audios to be delivered via snail mail, when you can have them instantly?

By placing your order today you will get INSTANT access to your audios.

Not only will you be able to start using these audios immediately, you will be able to enjoy their benefits and see your life improve in five minutes flat.

Ok, So How Much Are These Audios
Going To Cost?

Normally subliminal audio CD's sell for $29.95 EACH!

But my Mind Control Binaural audios are not going to cost you an arm OR a leg... I want to make these audios affordable at a price anybody can afford.

Therefore you can get all 5 for just a one time payment of $97.00 Special Price of Just $27...

Plus there is nothing extra to pay. No extra postage, no extra shipping, no extra handling fees.

Last but not least, I'm wrapping this offer up with a guarantee:

No Questions Asked... Unconditional
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You read that right - a full 60 day guarantee or you get your money back - no questions asked.

We feel so confident that our product will work for you, that if you tell us you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we will be surprised, but will gladly offer you a refund. And with a smile.

That's fair isn't it?  

Go ahead, place your order today and see your life improve.

The risk is on us.


These audios changed my life and now I want them to do the same for you.

To Your Incredible Success,

Dennis Sim & Curtis Ng

P.S: Remember, unlike supplements or medications, these audios will not modify your body's natural balance. Order with confidence now.

P.P.S: By distributing this product digitally, we can keep our costs down, but my partner agreed to let me sell these audios only under the condition that I make sure to keep control over the number of units sold. We could be pulling this offer down at any time so make sure you Grab Yours Today.



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