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The Information League

You Now Have The Chance To Grab Your Spot In An Incredible Club That
Is Not Only Making People Thousands, But Changing The Lives Of Anyone
Lucky enough To Get This Opportunity!

What Do You Get When You Combine The Greatest Minds In Internet
Money-Making; The Latest Products; Unbeatable Support; And A Complete
Satisfaction Guarantee? Well You Get Your Ticket To The Quickest And
Most Powerful Money Making Program On The Internet, All With A 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee! We here at the Information League would first
like to congratulate you on finding such an amazing opportunity; Not
only to make yourself financially secure, but to solve the problems we
all have faced in our lives. Whether it may be providing for our
families, having a horrible job, being in constant debt, or just not
living the life we always thought we would.

Together Information League has the experience and knowledge of
years and years of online riches, along with over a million dollars
made per year! But before we show you any crazy financial proof,
testimonials, or just why this is hands-down the greatest financial
opportunity you will ever find, we would like to share a story.

Now to explain how all of us came to be the wealthy in the internet
game would take way to long, there is just so much to talk about. We
all do however have some very key things in our history:

We Were All Very Poor At One Time.

We Had Built Up Lots Of Debt.

We Either Couldn't Provide For Ourselves Or Even Possibly Our

We Were Sick Of Working For Others.

We Just Weren't Happy With The Way Things Were!

Now that we knew our life needed to change we were in the same spot
you probably are right now!

Endlessly searching for an easy way out of the financial nightmare,
and willing to work as hard as it takes to pull yourself out of this
horrible situation. So even though at this point in our lives we
didn't know each other we were all lucky enough to discover, in our
own ways, the greatest and most powerful tool you will ever come
across. The Internet!

For years and years we have been using the greatest, and very often
the most secretive ways of making money on the internet there is; not
to mention building our bank accounts and leaving others completely
speechless to how great our lives have become.

So not only did we get out of the financial train wreck we were all
in but all of us had discovered our very own "easy street"! We were so
willing to work hard and long hours to make it work, for as many years
as it took. But an incredible thing came out of it:

It Was The Easiest Thing Any Of Us Had Ever Done!

To think, job-quitting income had been sitting in front of us for
years! Checking our e-mail, talking to friends, listening to music,
and just browsing the internet; All without realizing the gold mine
that was at our fingertips.

The same questions floated around in our head:

"How could this be working so well!?" "Why don't more people take
advantage of this?" But the answer was so simple:

People Don't Know The Potential And The Ease Of Making Money On the

Think about it this way: You know you can make a killing selling
real estate. You know that with the right information you can have
financial freedom trading in the stock market. But these ways of
making money don't have some of the wonderful advantages the internet

All You Need Is A Computer With Internet Access.

You Don't Need Money To Start Or Any Starting Investment.

You Can Work Completely From Home.

You Are Your Own Boss And Answer To Nobody Else.

Other Markets Crash Where As The Internet Is Constantly Growing.

No Horrible Paperwork Or Risky Methods.

No Experience Needed To Start Making Money.

No Actual Physical Products Or Items Makes It So Easy To Make A

So here we are making a crazy amount of money, living the life we
wanted to live, and spending the majority of our "work" time running
to the bank to deposit giant checks. But we all came to know each
other one way or another for one basic reason:

We Were The Marketers Secretly Making Millions Under Everyone's
Noses, But Not Many Knew Who We Were.

It's a pretty simple reason if you think about it. If you were one
of the best at what you do wouldn't you want to be known for it? If
you were the one fastest runners in the world, or the greatest
swimmer, you too would want people to recognize you for it.

So a couple of days went by after we all decided to combine our
knowledge and money-making systems. All we could decide on was that it
had to be the first of it's kind, and truly change people's lives for
the better; and so the INFORMATION LEAGUE WAS CREATED.

The Information League

So what is the Information League? Not only is it the combined
knowledge of some of the greatest minds in internet money-making, but
it's our personal goal to give you everything you need to start
striking it rich with the internet in the shortest time possible!

We know you've probably tried another system that the owners would
have you believe makes you a millionaire in no time, but leaves you
out of your hard-earned money and even more in financial debt. In fact
we completely stand by our system because it's completely different
then all those "other systems" in the best ways possible:

PROBLEM 1: Other systems tell you one straight forward way of making
money on the internet, and it's all too common that the system they
give you either doesn't work anymore, never did, or just isn't the
right system for you.

Solution 1: With the Information League we know that all systems are
right for everyone, not to mention there are so many ways of making
money that all work right now! So we give you handfuls of ways and
information, so you personally pick the way that is right for you, and
best of all we can help with any method you choose!

Problem 2: Other programs will give you horribly laid out
step-by-steps that leave you completely puzzled, with no way of
getting help! So you're left out in the cold, and worst of all not
making any cash!

Solution 2: Not only are all of our guides easy to setup but so many
of them have audio, and even video step-by-step tutorials so that
making money couldn't be any easier! Unlike the imitators, we here at
the Information League have the greatest help you will ever see!

Problem 3: After you buy the "other" products, you are left behind!
Once they have your money they don't really care about you anymore and
all the latest guides and methods completely pass you by!

Solution 3: When you grab you spot in the information league we make
a guarantee to keep you updated on ANY new and upcoming techniques!
You will always have the latest tricks and secrets to making money!

Don't Miss Out On The Hottest Marketing Newsletter On The Internet!

Even before we decided to open up some spots on our team we had one
of the greatest newsletters on the internet, always bent on giving you
the latest and most helpful content we can find, and it hasn't

Grab your spot now for special discounts, offers, and the latest
money making tips!

Your Name:

Your E-Mail:

This Can Be Your Time!

Simply because we are opening spots on our team! That's right, we
are letting a select few who deserve it join the information league
and take our guides to riches!

We want to let the marketing world know we exist, and what better
way to do that then let some lucky, money hungry, deserving people in
on our little team!

Now we can't let everyone in obviously, but if this page is still up
then there is a good chance you still have time to grab a spot before
it's too late!

Look, There Are Two Ways Of Working In This World Today:

Working Hard


Working Smart

and working smart is exactly what not only we did to achieve our
great lifestyle, but also the powerful way of doing things we have put
into this incredible system. Sure you could get a regular 9 - 5 job
and work incredibly hard to see small gains and even smaller wages; Or
you could take this opportunity to do it OUR way and completely turn
your financial life around by using the ideas and methods completely
laid out in this system. Not only from Chris and I but also from top
marketers and entrepreneurs around the world!

"You Are Getting A Front Row Seat In A Classroom Where Rich And
Brilliant Minds Are Taking You By The Hand And Walking You Through
Exactly What You Need To Do In Order To Achieve What They Have; And In
A Fraction Of The Time!"

These Methods Are Automatic!

These methods do NOT keep you at your computer all day. This is not
like your job, you work when you want to. These methods are quickly
set up and make you money through out the day, and even while you

I SPEND LESS THAN AN HOUR on the computer every morning, and most of
that time is spent looking at the money I made while I was asleep!

Our included guides make setting up these methods simple. With
pictures and step-by-step tutorials to getting these techniques going,
so there is no way you can make a mistake! You won't believe how
quickly you will be making money and well on your way to that new
house, that new car, and that new life that you always dreamed of
having. Sooner than you think you can be looking at sales we look at

You Literally Could Be Minutes Away From Containing The Secret
System That Overcomes The Top 3 Reasons Most People Fail:

1. They Have The Drive And Willingness, But Not The Secrets That We
Know And Guarantee Can Turn Hundreds A Week Into Thousands A Day!

2. They Don't Have The Materials That Is ALL INCLUDED In The
Information League System

3. They Didn't Have Us To Guide Them And Literally Hold Their Hand
As We Walk Them To Online Riches!

Are you as excited as we are about this? Few feelings are as great
in the world as knowing we are going to help change someone's life for
the better!

I wish we could help everyone who see's this page, but we just can't
give the system to everyone. If we give 1,000 people the secrets to
our success it wouldn't really be a secret anymore now would it?

So unfortunately 25 spots is all we can open, but if your on this
page then that means there has to be at least one spot left!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

That's right! Were so confident you will make money with our system,
that if you don't you can give it back! We will refund you every

We know that it's hard to put you're trust into a system that
promises so much, but we really want you to take your no-risk chance
with us if you are TRULY serious about turning your financial life

Lets Not Forget The Bonus's Just For Getting Into The Information


As Of Right Now:

Remember, This Is An Opportunity!

This is not a DEBT! This is an opportunity! If you are lucky enough
to see at least 1 spot left into the information league then you owe
it to yourself, your family, and your financial future to take this

There is one major difference between the people who become rich and
the people who stay poor. The rich will take a small amount of money
and leverage it to make them SO MUCH MORE! People who stay poor will
take this as a debt and just pay it off, not letting that money WORK

We Won't Let That Happen! You WILL Use This To Make More Money!

So Finally We Want You To Say Answer Yes To The Following Before


* I realize this entire package is easily worth over $2,000 and I am
very lucky to get it for



* I understand that if I'm not completely satisfied I can contact
you within 60 days for a full 100% refund.

You Will Be Given Instant Access To The System After Purchase! You
Will Also Receive An Email After Registering Giving You A Link To Your

*WebTV Users Should Not Apply!*


The Information League Team

_P. S._ Don't think for even a minute this is a joke. We have no
remorse for anyone that doesn't act quick enough for this amazing

_P. P. S. _After you purchase the package you will be given instant
access, and also an e-mail address. DONT be afraid to send questions
to that e-mail, I will answer any questions you send my way.

_P. P. P. S._ Are you going to just sit there while everyone else
lucky enough to get this package make the most out of this system, or
is it your turn to make millions.


lower = better; 1 = best

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