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Welcome to WieldShield.com

What is it?

If you are looking to make a steady online income using your own online business, you've come to the right place. We will teach you everything you need to know to be successful, and keep you updated on the newest available income earning opportunities on the net. All the methods we will teach you have already been tested thoroughly by us to be safe, efficient, and reliable.

For those of you who already own websites, we will teach you how to convert your traffic and users into a real income. You can expect your website to become more popular with your visitors, and even yourself. We have been working online and using our websites to bring in an income for more than seven years, so we definitely know what works and what doesn't.

Who are we?

We are three internet marketers that have been using the internet to bring in an online income for a whilee. We are not "gurus" and we don't know everything... But we do know what has worked for us consistently; and will teach you the same methods.

How much can I earn?

We will give you all the tools you need to be a successful online marketer. But how much you earn will depend on how hard you work. This is NOT a way to "Make 100,000 without doing anything" system. We teach you real opportunities for a lasting and reliable income.

Will I have to pay for more stuff?

You don't have to pay for a single thing. All the methods we show you are either free, or we provide you with the software and tools needed to perform them. Don't worry, if we ask you to use software, we will teach you how to do it as well. We know you are limited in your spending and resources, and take it into consideration every time we come out with a new way for you to earn and improve your existing businesses.

How Can I Earn an Income?

Your income won't come from a single place. You probably will be receiving cash from many different sources including:

 Check: Many services will send you a check after you reach a minimum payout. They usually send them by FedEx overnight delivery, so it's safe.

 Bank: Many services are offering bank transfers as a withdrawal method. This is my personal favorite because there is no hassle!

 PayPal: PayPal is a very secure payment processor, and what's good about them is that you can receive and send payments by using just an email address. Supports bank and credit card integration, and you can even get a PayPal debit card.

If you are ready to start earning online, subscribe today for only $10 a month. ClickBank sells our subscriptions - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. Your initial charge will be $10.00. You will then be charged $10.00/month until you decide to cancel.

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"I can't believe I waited all my money on e-books and other stuff before finding WieldShield.Com! I fell for all their fake promises, but only WieldShield taught me something that works
-Mark Steinberg 

"I had friends who made money online, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it too.WieldShield taught me how in simple guides and tutorials, thanks a lot!"
-Emily Herring 

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