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Ordinary guy makes $2089.87 whilst relaxing at home enjoying the company of his family over the Christmas holiday. It took him just a few minutes effort to do this and what's even more amazing is that it could have been much, much more!

This happened in December 2008, at a time when the GB Pound was struggling. Whilst everbody else was worrying about the bad news, he was quietly raking it in. He did it by simply watching for changes in the market, using free sources of data and a simple strategy that would signal a trade.

Whether the market was rising or falling, he new he would be in profit.

During the recent Credit Crunch there have been many, many more opportunities to make big profits.

This is just one example of how ordinary individuals are beating the market by using Guerrilla Tactics.

Welcome to Guerrilla FOREX

Now YOU Can Become A FOREX Trader In 21 Days, Create a Second Income, And Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home... 100% Guaranteed!


From The Desk of Alan Ackerley

Trader, Internet Marketer and eBook Author.


Dear future Trader...

Welcome to "Guerrilla FOREX", the no-nonsense 'how-to guide' to Forex Trading for Beginners. What are the chances of turning $10 dollars into $6220 in two days? Turning $10 into $9210 in twelve days? Or, even turning $10 into $1.11 Million in just one month? Impossible? Well, the movement of the GB Pound against the US Dollar and the Euro, during November and December of 2008, proved that gains of this size are statistically feasible.

Is This Just Too Good, To Be True?

You are absolutely right to ask that question; I would too. Statistics can be used to prove anything; we've all heard the phrase 'lies, damn lies and statistics'! And I agree that you would have been very lucky, and very brave indeed to have waited for the $1.11m trade, quoted above, to have matured! But it does go to show that there were plenty of opportunities during those months for the Guerrilla Trader (that means you) to make small, regular profits. I cannot say just how much you personally will make but do the math, even a small percentage of this market would amount to a very useful second income! How much would you be happy with?

FOREX may sound really complicated and scary to tackle but it is not. The definition of FOREX is an 'over the counter market'; so, it is basically a shop that buys and sells money! And with $3.5 trillion traded every day there are huge profits to be made. "Guerrilla FOREX" tells you how to buy low, sell high and pocket the difference for yourself!

In the past, FOREX trading was only offered to financial institutions like banks, large multi-national corporations and major currency dealers. This was because of the many and extremely strict financial requirements the FOREX market imposed. This meant that individual traders and small businesses were not able to participate in this liquid market.

Now You Can Be A Forex Trader Too

In the late 90s, FOREX was made available to individual traders and small businesses. This was due to the advances in communications technology. High speed internet made it possible for ordinary individuals, like you and me, to enter the FOREX market and it has now become one of the best ways to make money with a home business.

"Guerrilla FOREX" reveals how you too can take part in this $3.5 trillion marketplace. You will benefit from the 21 Valuable Tips for Profit-Making FOREX Trading contained within its pages and, amongst many other things, you will learn:

How Anyone, with no previous experience or knowledge, can become a successful FOREX Trader

What trading signals are and where you can find them, for free!

Why information is power and how to use it to your advantage

How Trading with Fixed Odds can increase your profits and cut your risks

How to trade 24 hours a day using a Robot to trade for you

How software can be used to make you a better trader

A 21 Day Start-Up Strategy to get you up and running as quickly as possible

Proof That Guerrilla FOREX Really Does Work

My '21 Day Start-Up Strategy' includes real-time screen shots to prove to you that this is not just theory. The screen shots are of live trades and demonstrate exactly how I place trades and how you can copy me to walk away with big, big profits.

I will reveal the signs that I look for and will show you exactly how I find highly profitable trades. You will see how I place my trades and what free sources I use to follow those trades as market conditions unfold.

The choice is yours. You can take a serious look at Guerrilla FOREX Trading or let it pass you by, as just one more get rich quick scheme. Let me tell you right here that Forex Trading isn't get rich quick; it's get rich slowly and calmly and with the minimum amount of fuss. Over the next twelve months you are going to hear a lot about currency movements and the small group of people who are making lots of money from them. .
If you want to be one of those people then I urge you not to dismiss Guerrilla FOREX as just another short term wacky idea. FOREX Trading is with us for the long-haul and recent improvements in high-speed internet connections make it one of the best home based businesses available to the ordinary man and woman in the street, ever.

Don't delay. Get your own copy of Guerrilla FOREX today and in twelve month's time you could be one those successful FOREX Traders everyone is talking about! And the price for all this life changing content?

Only $47

With the '21 Day Start-Up Strategy' you could earn many times this with your very first trade!

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So now it's decision time. You can close this page and move on
or you can buy this eBook.
Don't make the mistake of closing this page.

100% Guaranteed: If, within 60 days, you do not feel that Guerrilla FOREX is for you then simply ask and you will be refunded 100% of what you paid for the eBook.

For more information, you can contact me at - info@21eyeopeners.com

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