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"You’ve heard a lot about it, but can never learn quite enough.  Finally, all of your ADD/ADHD questions will finally be answered, all in one up-to-date and credible resource!" 

"How Long Have You Waited For A Single Guide That Will Tell You Everything There is to Know about ADD and ADHD, in Terms that Everyone can Understand? "

The answer?  “Too long!”  That’s why you’ll most certainly be interested in reading what’s next…

Dear Friend,

If your child, or a child you’re close to has been showing signs of ADHD, or has been diagnosed with ADHD, you’re probably burning with questions.  Prepare yourself for some good news.

Here’s why:

Finally, after hundreds of hours of research, a comprehensive, complete, and accurate guide has been created to help you understand everything there is to know about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…written specifically for you, even if you have no prior knowledge of ADHD or other behavioral disorders.

Every single important fact…from symptoms to treatments, to the latest theories of testing and diagnosis are laid out for you in this groundbreaking new guide entitled:


ADD A to Z:
Your Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

"ADD A to Z" is a thorough guide written in a style that is easy to understand – even without your Medical Doctorate.  Soon enough, you’ll have a deep understanding of ADD, it’s symptoms, treatments and everything in between.

In fact, you will be astounded at how directly, honestly, and completely this disorder is covered, and how much you can learn…even if you didn’t know a thing about it to start.

The reason you’ll be able to learn so quickly…and finally get real answers…is that this book is written in nothing but

Plain English!

...Not the “medical jargon and gibberish” offered by other books on the topic.

Furthermore, what’s really great is that it includes over 85 pages and dozens of full color graphics and additional resources to provide you with exactly what you need to help your family through this challenging disorder.

"...finally a book about ADHD with some real answers!"

"I’m writing to thank you for working so hard on behalf of all of us who need some information about ADHD.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I finished reading “ADD A to Z”, because there was finally a book about ADHD with some real answers.  I’ve read a number of books and e-books on the subject and have always found them to be either lacking in meaningful content, or geared too much for people in the medical or psychiatric professions.  So once again, thank you, and keep up the great work! – Linda Sturge, NY.

Keep in mind, the information in this guide isn’t the kind of stuff you could scrape off the internet at various different sites.

The facts, theories, and professional opinions in this guide are a result of hour upon hour of solid, tested, and objective research, compiled and worded by “regular people” like you and me.

You’ll get tons of solid facts, useful resources, and a much more thorough understanding of ADHD…and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


 Here is a Sample of What You Will Learn in “ADD A to Z”:
What is ADD/ADHD, what is its history, what are the distinguishing characteristics, and is there a difference between the two acronyms. Theories and potential causes of ADD/ADHD, from brain function, to brain processing, as well as existing and up-and-coming testing techniques. How ADD/ADHD is being treated with different kinds of medication, such as Ritalin, Dexetrine/Dextrostat, and Cylert, as well as the benefits and down sides of each. Diagnosing ADD/ADHD via symptoms; each of which as a detailed description. About misdiagnosis of ADD/ADHD; how common it is, and why it happens. Traits of those with ADD/ADHD, including both positive and negative traits. Tips for living with ADD/ADHD such as lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise, and other recommended actions. Myths about ADD/ADHD, and why it does NOT make you a bad parent. Over 30 tips to improve lifetime skills when living with ADD/ADHD at home, school, work, and other areas where organization and planning are needed. The importance of proper nutrition to those who have ADD/ADHD, including eating disorders, vegetarian lifestyle choices, vitamins and minerals, DHA, and carbohydrate intolerance.
  Resources and support groups are also listed to help you discover that you are not alone as an ADD/ADHD impacted family.
  And much, much more!
Finally, You Can Have The One Guide You Need to Truly Understand All of the Known Information About the Many Facets of ADD/ADHD and its Impact on Your Child and Your Family!

"I took a shot with ‘ADD A to Z’ and boy am I glad I did!"

"When I found out that my son has ADHD, I was devastated.  I had heard of the disorder from the news, but I’d never really thought of its impact on my life.  I tried looking on the internet, but I found so much information – most of it old or conflicting with other sources – that I didn’t know what to believe.  I took a shot with “ADD A to Z” and boy am I glad I did!  I felt as though I had my own personal expert there to guide me through understanding the disorder, helping my son to take on the world on his terms, and finally bring some peace and order to my family.  Thank you so very much!” – Tricia Summers

You’ll have a virtual ADHD expert right at your fingertips, for information now, and reference later…and it’s all written in easy-to-understand language so it’s actually usable in the real world!

Just Added! Three Bonus Gifts Worth Over $29!

Bonus #1 : The ADHD Checklist

This useful checklist helps you, as an ADHD parent, to diagnose possible ADHD in your child.  You can also use this for quick reference to watch the progress your child is making over time, and how those symptoms begin to subside with proper treatment.  The ADHD Checklist is an excellent resource for finding out – fast – if your son or daughter should be tested for ADHD. INSTANT DOWNLOAD!   A $9.95 Value!

Bonus #2 : Alternative Treatments for ADD

Alternative Treatments for ADD is a stunning report detailing the latest in alternative treatments and therapies that have developed outside of traditional medicine.  It allows parents like you to keep your options open to less aggressive, possibly more effective treatments for your child.   INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  A $9.95 value!

Bonus #3 : Overcoming ADD, The Nutritional Approach

Overcoming ADD, The Nutritional Approach helps you to understand the impact that proper nutrition and supplements can have on the symptoms your child is experiencing due to ADD.  Study upon study has shown that an “ADD friendly” diet can decrease or even eliminate many symptoms of ADD.  This is well worth looking over; especially when it comes to providing such a simple solution and potentially reducing medications and other treatments.  INSTANT DOWNLOAD!  A $9.95 value! 


All This Can Be On Your Computer’s Desktop in 90 Seconds!

And Here’s Even More Good News…

You’re Just in Time for Our Last Market Test

Our latest market test is just coming to the end of its phase for ADD A to Z, and though we’ve made dramatic price reductions, they will be significantly increasing very soon.  Don’t hesitate, and you’ll make it just in time to take advantage of your copy at our “giveaway” price, before the offer comes to an end.

Previously, other people have paid up to $48 to instantly download ADD A to Z, but as a part of this very limited marketing test offer, as long as you order today, you can receive the entire ADD A to Z package, including the Guide and all 3 bonuses – A value of over $29 – for only $47.95  $17.47!   

That's over $30.00 off the regular price! [Click here to place your secure order](http://1.addatoz.pay.clickbank.net) and get instant access to this treasure trove of information and obtain your guide, and all 3 bonuses immediately! 

As soon as you [place your order](http://1.addatoz.pay.clickbank.net), you’ll have immediate access to all 4 electronic documents.  

That’s right, no waiting for “snail” mail, and no additional shipping and handling costs.  That’s another $7 in savings!

All you need to do to get started right away is [click here to order now!](http://1.addatoz.pay.clickbank.net)

But that’s not all you get.  As a part of this Internet Special Market Test Offer, you’ll receive the genuine:


100% Satisfaction Guarantee Promise...

If, after reading ADD A to Z, you are not completely satisfied with the accuracy and thoroughness of your understanding of ADD/ADHD, you will receive a 100%, no-hassle, no-questions-asked Refund!

(But No Matter What, The Entire Book – And the 4 Bonuses – Are Yours To Keep)

Yes! You’ve read it right!

 If you don’t think this is the best guide to understanding everything about ADHD, the books, the reports, and the money are yours!!


It just doesn’t get any more fair than this!  There is no risk to you at all!

No questions; No Hassles; No Fine Print; and No Schemes. You’ll either think this is a fantastic, helpful resource, or you’ll receive a full refund, and keep the entire package, FREE!

 ADD A to Z:
 My Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
 and my Three FREE Bonuses!

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Get Your Copy Of "ADD A to Z"  Plus Your Three Free Bonuses Now For Only $47.95  $17.47! 

You can download it right now – any time of the day or night, any day of the year! 

There’s nothing to risk, and everything to gain!

Wishing you health, peace, and happiness.


E. Olsen
Author, ADD A to Z: Your Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

P.S. Remember, the Internet Special Market Test Offer’s ultra-low price of only $17.47 is a part of a limited market test, and won’t last much longer. When the test is over, the price will definitely increase. So if you want your copy, don’t wait; order right now. [Click here to save over $30.00 now!](http://1.addatoz.pay.clickbank.net)



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