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You're About To Discover The Exact Secret Methods To...

How An Average Guy Discovered The Key To Making Money Online By Accident... And Cut Through Over 16,000,000 Competitors In Less Than 5 Days With...

- No List - No Training - No Help - No Keywords
- No Money - No Hot Niche - No Clue...

... And Sold To A Market Who Did NOT Use Computers! 

This Could Be The Most Important, Yet Bizarre True Story You Will Ever Read About What It Takes To Make Money Online.  The Story Of How All This Actually Happened, And How YOU Can Use This Simple, Proven System To Explode Your Traffic NOW...

From: Jonny Andrews

Dear Warriors,

Let me guess.  You're thinking something like: "You've got to be kidding me.  This is just another one of those stupid make money hype things."  I hear that about 300x a day.  And no, I am not kidding you.  

I really did accidentally discover a system that let me cut through over 16 million competitors in 5 days.  And I did it in a market where it cost over $10 per click in Adwords, while trying to sell online to a group of people who either did not have, or refused to use computers. 

I was selling to the auto repair industry.  To old-school, blue-collar mechanics who HATED the Internet.

And I really did not have any advantages over anyone out there.  In fact, I had no formal computer training at all.  So before I continue...

I Need To Stress This Point: I Am Not Special.
I Do Not Have Powers Beyond That Of Mortals...

I Was A Dork With A Computer.

But what I discovered by accident is so powerful, yet so easy anyone can start seeing results from it today! 

Here's what really happened - Being the dork I am, I came up with an idea and decided to launch an online business.  I suppose I woke up one day and made up my mind I'd had enough of my boss. 

He was, after all, a total jerk. 

So with almost zero intelligent foresight I began the insane, long, drawn-out process of attempting to build something for myself outside of the normal 9 to 5. 

Let me give you a peek into my Internet "Guru" Background:

I had none.  I had never built a website, I had never sold online, I had pretty much never made any money outside of my normal job.  Ever. 

I had no knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

I had no knowledge of Adwords (I had never even heard of it when I started)

I had no knowledge of email marketing

I had never heard of "list building"

I had never heard of "Affiliate Marketing"

I did not understand the word "Niche"

And I most certainly did not know how to code! (and I still don't)

Perhaps you've been there? 

Here's a quick breakdown of what my average week used to look like:
Woke up early... sat down in front of my computer Came home for lunch... sat down in front of my computer Came home from work... sat down in front of my computer Weekends?  (See previous 3 points) Lather, rise repeat...
Now you may be wondering:

"So By Doing All That Work You Were Able To Chew Through 16,000,000 Million Competitors In Less Than 5 Days?"

Well no, I may have fudged the numbers a bit on that one.  You see it was really over 83,000,000 but I didn't know that at the time because I didn't understand what I was doing until later!

And that wasn't the "super-secret-money-making-success-formula".  That was the "super-secret-get-my-ass-fired-because-I-was-neglecting-my-job" formula. 


I was so focused trying to build my online business I completely tuned out at my "real job" and found myself filling out forms at the unemployment office. 

Let's put aside for a moment what all my friends and family were saying about me and my new "Internet Business" and focus on the facts:

Fact #1: I had screwed myself
Fact #2: After 4 months I still had no idea what I was doing
Fact #3: I needed help
Fact #4: Because of Fact #3 I had over spent on "Internet Guru" eBooks
Fact #5: Because of Fact #4 I had spent all my remaining money
Fact #6: I needed a clue and...
Fact #7: I had completely screwed myself

I Was Out Of Money And Scarred Out Of My Mind

Now here is the point where you will want to pay attention.  I'm going to give you the formula I used to pull my head out of my butt and start seeing some income. 

You see, my problem was I had been reading too many outdated eBooks about the "Uncovering The Secrets of This" or the "Cracking The Code of That" and was using techniques which would not work in the new "Web 2.0". 

But how was I supposed to know that?  I was a total newbie, had no experience in this at all, was blowing cash left and right... How was there any way to know everything I was buying was guaranteed to destroy my progress? 

I Had Spent Over $2,550 On "Guru How To Books" In Less Than 4 Months

The major issue here was how much of what they were selling was recycled content.  In fact, I bought so many books, CDs and training kits that a pattern began to emerge!  I'm not kidding, I cracked the code of the "Guru Code"

Would You Like To Know The Ultimate Secret Of The Wealthy?

Take exactly what everyone else is saying, re-write it into your own words and then sell it to people exactly like me. 

Now you can make a million dollars in 2 seconds!  Wow!  Wasn't that easy?

Here's the problem with that: 5 years ago somebody might be able to get away with re-hashing the same old BS.  But things have changed since then.  The Internet is a vastly different place. 

Have you been hearing rumors of this thing called "Web 2.0" and "Social Media or Bookmarking?"

If you have, you need to be listen.  And if you have not then you need to pay attention: Because if you don't understand how Google and these new sites work you could be Banned From The Internet!

How do I know this?  Because it happened to me. 

I was using what was being sold as "the latest and greatest" of internet marketing tactics and they actually got me Banned from several sites, including Facebook! 

(Quick aside: if you're not familiar with FaceBook.com it gets over 2x as many page views as Google on a monthly basis.)

What made all the difference, and pulled me out of my financial hole before they came to tow my car was I stopped listening to the "Gurus" and started paying attention to what was going on around me!

THAT is what made all the difference. 

"I Can't Believe This Really Works... I Was Unemployed For 14 Months and Now I Don't Have To Worry About A Boss Again!"

Hey Jonny,

The Guru Assassin is dead-freaking on.  I was unemployed and trying to get a job.  When you pulled me out of that line and handed me a copy of this book, I thought it was just another waste of time. 

Until I did it.  

Just like the book said, I took my time with the first project, got my rhythm going, figured how it all worked and then I cut each of these down to less than 30 minutes!  

When I checked my bank and saw the money starting to come in... let's just say I was shocked.  My wife actually caught me crying.

I had no idea I could get all that stuff for free.  I will recommend this to every person I know.  Wow.  Seriously, Wow!  This information is worth Thousands!

I can't believe you're just handing it to people like this! 

 - Scott Stephes, Chicago, IL


"I Had Been Failing To Make Money Online For 6 Months Before I Found TGA!"


Very nice job on getting rid of the Geek Speak.  I have been trying to figure out the exact formula for making a living online for several months.  I don't know how to code, I don't want to spend all that time building a list, I just want to set something up and make an income!


Your Blueprint (the visuals are beyond perfect) was that exact formula I was looking for.


I got so excited that I've already made over 10 projects (and just as you said, they cost me nothing to launch!), each of them took less than 30 minutes, and I'm starting to see great results!


I wanted to send you a shot of my first ClickBank account, but I can't because I don't know how to do a screen capture! 


Seriously, thank you for this.  You've made a fan for life!


- Ami Lindon Texas


"A Blueprint To Actually Cut The Time and Effort By 90%... AND Gave Me My First Thousand Dollar Day!"

Hey Jonny,

I have been marketing using articles for a few years and what The Guru Assassin talks about is exactly right.  Now instead of spending 10 hours per day coming up with 20 different articles, I can use 1 and am getting way better results!  I had no idea it could be so easy!

I was used to making around $100, maybe $300 on a good day, but with what you showed me I'm starting to have more $1000 + days than $100 days! 

The Guru Assassin is fantastic! 

And no duplicate content violations?  Wow, I have no idea how you figured that one out!

I wanted to let you know that since I started following the blueprints I've not only boosted my search engine ranking by over 100 positions in less than 5 days, I'm also doing 90% less work!

It's true!  The "Guru" way is put there to slow us down so they can swing in and eat up all the profit!

Keep it coming!

- Kyle Stewart


"I Had A $6000 Day!"

Hi Jonny,

This is wild!  The Guru Assassin methods are saving me years of my life and I've had a $6000 day!  I had been reading some other books I found through a bunch of free sites, and just like you said, I would have been 100% Banned and broke!


To be honest I had no idea where to start.  So when I opened up your book and saw where not only I could get $750 worth of Free Office Software, but also where to get free sites, hosting and tools, I knew I had found the right place!


Wow, thank you.  Not only do your systems make it easier and faster to get ranked and listed in the top 10 spots, you also showed gave me some great Niche ideas! 


- Matt Umbaugh Spokane, WA

Before we continue, I need to ask a question:

Are You Happy With Your Online Success?  Have The "Make Money" Books Made you the money you were looking for?

I would hazard to guess not.  In fact, if statistics are any real indication I'd guess you may be just like I was, part of the 99.999% of Internet Hopefuls who loose their shirts and their dreams every year to "Get Rich Online" hype. 

Let me tell you about another odd benefit that came from buying all that worthless eBook junk: I saw the truth.

I was able to compare the stark contrast between what we are being sold, and how the Internet really works!  I discovered that most of these wealthy online 'elite' were so busy re-writing each others books they missed the big changes!

Most Of The "Make Money Guru Stooges" Know Nothing About How The New Internet Rules Really Work!  



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