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  by Nicholas Black with Ian Federov
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Our goal:
To create an environment where people can share their stories, adventures, tragedies, and successes with others in the fields of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Firefighting, Nursing, and other related medical practitioners.

We hope to develop a strong group of supporters, advocates, and bloggers who are willing to let others know what it is really like in the practice of emergency medicine on a day to day basis. Because, the reality is that people who are not in this line of work simply don't understand what really goes on. There is more to it than flashing lights and blaring sirens.

Please tell us what you think about both the book Soul's Harbor, and the site. With your help we will try and design the kind of place where people can come when they have a story to tell. And everyone has a story to tell.

As we grow, the site will grow, and all of us will have a place to go when we've had a rough day and we want to be around. Welcome to Soul's Harbor.



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