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Christian Rap Beats and Gospel Rap Beats 
Have Never Sounded Better!!

Every Beat Is Under $30.00!!!

There is a GREAT message to be heard about
Jesus Christ, and that message is being spread
thru Christian and Gospel Rap Music!

It's NOT hip-hop. . . . It's KINGDOM MUSIC !!




                     [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ](http://1.gospelrap.pay.clickbank.net)

God Always Gets The Glory Here At

We are the #1 beat website for Christian/Gospel
Rappers/Artists!! Our gospel rap beats are
always POWERED BY PRAYER!!!!!!!!!!  

Ready To Purchase The Hottest
Gospel and Christian Rap Beats?

        [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ](http://1.gospelrap.pay.clickbank.net)

Don't Forget To Remember The Beat That You
Want! You will need that to complete this order!! The names are listed in the player above!! 

Gospel Beat Purchasing Options (For Unsigned/Independent Artists ONLY)
Major Artists Contact Us For Purchasing Options

Non-Exclusive Leasing Rights - $29.95
*One (1) Commercial/Profitable Use (Mixtape, Demo, Live Show, etc)
*You will receive (within 24 hours) a 256kbps MP3 file, delivered 
  untagged via e-mail
*You will also receive a signed (Non-Exclusive) contract via email
*Distribution of up to 2,000 copies (then a new lease is required)
*Incredibeats still holds all rights to the instrumental
*All tags are removed from leased beats (within 24 hours) 
*Use for non-profit shows, radio promotions, and demos
*Credit must be given to owner at all times (Produced by Incredibeats)

             If you have any questions, please email me
                     at [revremy@incredibeats.com](mailto:revremy@incredibeats.com) !

All Gospel  Rap and Christian Rap Beats and Instrumentals were
produced by and are the copyright of [Incredibeats](http://www.soundclick.com/blazintracks) .





















[ ](http://www.incredibeats.com/aboutus.html)

  Copyright (c) 2008 Incredibeats.com. All rights reserved.      

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