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[][]Lose Weight, Gain Perfect Health, Increase Energy Levels, and stop fatigue,

The Natural Way

Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for a solution to prevent or heal lifestyle diseases like, heart disease, digestive problems, lupus, cancer, high blood pressure,arthritis and diabetes?

Become the master of your destiny starting from today.

Here is an easy to understand and useful guide to a healthy and balanced life style.

It encourages you  to take control of your health by eating the right food the right way, by positive thinking, exercising and by managing your emotions. 

It reminds you that you are mind, body and spirit, and that you must keep these three areas in perfect balance. 

It also reminds you that your health is your greatest asset.  Without it, you cannot achieve much in life.  With excellent health, you become unstoppable!

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Finally! A book that can explain to you how to:

•    Take responsibility for your health and wellbeing
•    Improve and maintain your health and fitness
•    Get rid of all digestive problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis,
      acid reflux, etc., forever
•    Lose weight gradually and naturally and keep it away permanently
•    Reduce or eliminate the risk of arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes
      and other lifestyle diseases
•    Get fit and trim
•    Rejuvenate your body and mind, and grow old gracefully

Your Lifestyle Determines The State Of Your Health

Which one of these health related problems do you suffer from?

Poor Sleep Patterns

Flatulence and bloating

Acid reflux, constipation, hemorrhoids or other digestive problems


Heart disease


High blood pressure


Colon cancer or other cancers


Chronic fatigue

Whatever type of health condition or problem you suffer from, this book explains to you in simple terms, how your health condition is linked to the food you eat, the way you eat, the way you move, the state of your mind and the way you manage your emotions.

So,You Are Saying To Yourself, What is so Different About This Book

You are probably saying that you already read one or two books on health and they did not help.  Master of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health is different. 

For the first time you are being recognised as a complete being (with mind, body and spirit), not just body parts.  The book encourages a holistic approach to health.  It is about maintaining balance is all areas of your life.  It explains to you why you have to look after your body, while looking after your mental health, spiritual health, and emotional health.  And it explains to you how they are all linked, and how a problem in one area can lead to disease in another area.  And, it is easy to read and understand.  Even your children can read this book!!

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Let me assure you now that the principles explained in this book have worked for me,
my family and friends who  had problems and put the recommendations into practice.

Let me explain to you my story.  I was raised the balanced, natural and simple way in rural Zimbabwe.  None of us, 9 siblings in all, ever needed to see a doctor for any condition whatsoever. 

When I grew up, I went urban and adopted the western lifestyle since I had completed my education and had a nice job in the big city.  Then the problems started.  First I had bloating (quite painful), flatulence (so smelly that I did not want to share the bed with me), and constipation.  At first I did not question why I developed these problems.  I thought they were temporary.

As I climbed the corporate ladder, my food became even more western. The problems got worse, and my perfect skin started to break out.  My food was not getting digested, I burped all the time resulting in bad breath, my sinuses were blocked, and I was constipated.  Though I am quite a strong person, my self-confidence took a knock. Brushing and flossing my teeth and cleansing my skin twice a day was not working.

I also noticed that I was chronically fatigued.  Getting up in the morning was the most
difficult thing in the world for me.  I just had very little energy.

Though I was never sick, I definitely knew that I was not healthy.  I knew that something was not right.  Over the years I went from doctor to doctor for solutions, and all I got was anti-acids (for the digestive problems) and antihistamines (for my skin  and sinus‘allergies’) which did not help at all. 

None of the doctors was keen on any of my questions, because they had lots of patients to see.

This situation frustrated the hell out of me.  How would you feel if you were in my shoes?

Eventually, I ignored most of the prescriptions because I hate pills, and I wanted a permanent solution.  My doctors did not seem to understand what my problem was.

Then I Took Control of My Destiny!

I started to research the problem.  I started to gather information, then studied this information, and learned a lot about health, food, exercise etc.

One thing that I learned for sure is that my doctors were not trained to give me my health back.  They were trained to diagnose diseases, to prescribe the medicines that get rid of the symptoms, and get me out of the office as fast as possible.  They were brainwashed into prescribing the latest pill.  I learned that, with advances in medical practice, should I ever break a bone or burn myself, then my doctor is the best person to see.

I learned that the body was created in such a way that it repairs itself.  My body can heal itself, provided I remove whatever is causing the problem or the dis-ease.  Most of all I learned that  "A healthy outside starts on the inside." as Robert Urich said.  All I needed to do was to remove the causes of my problems, by changing my lifestyle.

I changed my lifestyle in the same way that this book explains.  And I lost weight.  Did I tell you that the weight was creeping up on me over the past 10 years? (N.B I used to be slim when I was a child, teenager and young mother)?  Anyway, the constipation went away, the flatulence went away.  Now when I occasionally have gas I cannot even smell it.  My skin cleared.  My sinuses cleared. I sleep better and I have lots of energy.

Here is my picture taken in my office,
2 months after I changed my lifestyle
the way I explained in my book…

I still had a lot of black spots on my face, scars from
my previously bad skin.  But, the weight had started
to melt on its own.  When this picture was taken,
I weighed 70 kilograms.  I had lost 4 kilograms or
(8.8 pounds) over 2 month, without 'dieting'. 

Since then, I have lost more weight without making
any effort at all.  I now weigh between 62 kg and 64
kg (136 lb and 140lb).  You can see the bones on
my chest and the collar bone.  I have not seen those
in years!

Until recently, I thought that my health was the responsibility of doctors.   But, I was disappointed

by their lack of solutions, lack of one-to-one
attention, and lack of knowledge about what health

is all about. Then I took responsibility for my own health.  I solved all my problems simply by following

the advice that I am now sharing with you.

Does my story sound familiar to you? 

Until now your option was to go to the doctor for every problem that you have, and you probably never got a solution.    And your condition probably got worse.  But now, you do not need to search for years for solutions!!  I have put the solutions together for you in this book.

Now, you will find in this book, Master Of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health, that you are indeed the master of your destiny.  You are capable of changing your lifestyle in such a way that you improve your health, and you will continue to improve your health.  The by-product of the improved health is permanent weight loss, lots of energy and improved well being.  You will even look and feel younger!

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Is it constipation and hemorrhoids that you suffer from? 

Take courage.  Master of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health explains how making positive choices in the way you eat and drink, will move your bowels more efficiently.  Once that happens, the hemorrhoids will heal and go away on their on.  Imagine how clean you will feel every morning, after getting rid of the waste material in your bowels!  You will certainly feel clean inside and outside.

Or is weight your problem?

Do you put on weight each time you go on holiday? Or are you on the weight loss diet yo-yo? Then this book will explain to you how you can shed weight gradually, until you reach your ideal weight, then remain slim and trim for life.  And you lose that weight naturally while you improve your health, and eat many times a day.  By following the advice given in this book, you will never go on a diet again!  That is money saved!  And no more frustration!  Imagine yourself light and graceful, and as energetic as a teenager!

You will never need to deprive yourself again on special occasions, holidays or vacations, because you know how to eat properly, and you can return home from your holiday and weigh the same way as  before.  You see, this book explains to you how to live a healthy lifestyle 12 months a year, and reward yourself with health, energy and forgiveness for your occasional indulgences.

Imagine! When you go for your next summer holiday, you will be slim, healthy, and fit!  Imagine the admiring glances of all those  people on the beach! With the lifestyle changes, you will look fabulous and you just have to show off the gorgeous body at the beach!  But that is not all, you will be permanently slim!  No more seasonal dieting!

“Nothing TASTES as Good, as Feeling Absolutely Healthy and Vibrant
FEELS.” -- Tony Robbins

Are You In Danger Of Dying From Cancer?

In December 2008, by Mike Stobbe (AP Medical Writer), released an article called Cancer To be World's Top Killer by 2010, WHO Says" 

"Cancer will overtake heart disease as the world's top killer by 2010, part of a trend that should more than double global cancer cases and deaths by 2030, international health experts said in a report released Tuesday. Rising tobacco use in developing countries is believed to be a huge reason for the shift, particularly in China and India, where 40 percent of the world's smokers now live."

Are you going to wait for that frightening diagnosis or are you going to take your life into your hands?  Master Of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health explains to you how your body is forced to develop cancer cells by the way you live.  Then it explains how you can make better lifestyle choices that will reduce or eliminate the risk of cancer.

But do not wait until you have cancer!  It might be too late.  Buy the book and start now, to change your lifestyle!

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Are you constantly tired?

Do you feel tired first thing in the morning, even when you had a full night’s sleep?  Do you even feel tired after lunch, so tired that you cannot fully participate in the management meeting?  You are not alone.  

I used to feel tired all the time, and getting to work daily was a mission.

Master Of Your Destiny: Take Control Of Your Health will explain to you why this happens, and how you can banish this problem for ever by making a small adjustment to the way you eat.


Let’s Talk About The Golden Years

Do you choose to be active, pain-free and happy after retirement, and still look fabulous?  Yes? Then Master Of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health is the way forward.  You see, growing old does not mean growing unhealthy, bent, twisted, unfit and full of pain.  To me, growing old means enjoyment of life.  It means freedom!  Freedom to travel and to enjoy my favorite hobbies. 

Imagine all the savings that you are going to make on doctor and hospital fees before retirement!  Imagine your retirement years:

all the freedom from pain, freedom from mortgage bonds,
freedom from raising children, and
freedom from your 9-5 job!
Travels all over the world and completely enjoying yourself.
You will  be fit enough to enjoy your favourite activieties

And, you will afford all the activities and travels that you never had time for. And you will have the savings, the health and fitness to do it all and enjoy it all!

It is not too late to determine your destiny. Do not wait until it is too late and you have disease.  Act now, buy the book and change your destiny! 

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  "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." ~Buddha

Did you know that the way you think has a great influence on the state of your health?  Master Of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health explains to you the link between mind, body and spirit.  Your mind, while it can not be seen, has an impact on any number of your body systems.  You can easily make yourself sick by the way you think especially if you think negatively. The book explains how to change your life by changing the way you think! 

May Be Your Only Problem Is Anger?
You cannot get over the Anger against your Parents or your ex-spouse, or some other person?  You will probably notice that your anger keeps you unhappy while the people that you are angry at go on with their lives.  That cannot be healthy for you, especially in the long run. 

Master Of Your Destiny 1: Take Control Of Your Health explains that as you are body, mind and spirit.  Negative emotions  (including anger) have a serious impact on your health too.  The book explains to you where the link is and how you can handle these negative emotions before they cause disease!  Depression Any One?

"A healthy outside starts on the inside." -- Robert Urich

Just A Few Small Adjustments In How You Eat WILL Do The Following:

Dramatically Increase Your Energy Levels Almost Instantly Lose weight FAST while eating great tasting food Get great looking clear skin Develop a fantastic body Increase your happiness and avoid mood swings Eliminate body odor and bad breath Eliminate bloating and flatulence

It has never been Easier or Cheaper to Achieve Great Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness and Feel Fabulous all at the same Time!
(Especially when you compare to the cost of doctors, hospitalization, medicine, and weight loss programs).

Poor health costs a lot of money to pay for doctors, medicines, hospitalization, lost time at work, etc.  And what is the cost of general unhappiness?  Unlimited!  Save money by changing your lifestyle the way this book explains to you.  You need your money for the kids’ college fees, family holidays, hobbies and for retirement.

You see, changing the type of food will never cost you extra.  It is just a change of choice of what to put in your shopping cart.  But that change will have the following positive impact on your life.  Imagine the following changes:

You will have lots of energy. 
You will sleep better
When you get up in the morning you will feel rested. 
You will lose weight.
Your skin will look fabulous.
You will even look and feel younger All the comments you get will be positive

Your morning affirmation will be "I feel healthy, I feel happy, I fell fantastic!"

 How much will it cost you?  Nothing extra!  Just your small investment in this fabulous book, the cost of a new recipe book, and new clothes! 

Once you improve your health, you will save lots of money that you currently spend of medicines and weight loss programs.  How much do you spend every year on doctors, medicines, hospitalization and weight loss programs?  Hundreds of dollars?  Thousands of dollars?  Just by investing the $29.00, you save hundreds of dollars in lost income from sickness and in medical expenses. 

Remember that you will feel healthy, happy and fantastic.  You will also look great!  The positive feedback that you get from family, friends and colleagues will make you feel so great that your self esteem will just soar!  Can you put a price on that?  It's Priceless!

But the time to start is now.  The longer you wait to improve your health, the more disease you get.  Then it might be too late!

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I have great respect for you. 

The fact that you got to my site means that you are looking for ways to become the master of your destiny.  The fact that you have read this far means that you are ready to take control and improve your health.  You are on your way to becoming master of your destiny. I salute you.

Maybe you are asking yourself why you should take control of your health?

You see it is the backwards philosophy on health in most of our lives that creates the confusion, the sickness and the disease.  Most doctors are trained to look for the “cause” of the disease, in terms of viruses, bacteria and germs, and to kill the viruses, the bacteria and the germs. This is futile!  Has anybody ever bothered to ask why these viruses and germs thrive in our bodies in the first place?  No!  And why are you sick when everyone else is ok?  Master of Your Destiny 1: Take Control of Your Health explains why the germs target you, and how you can change that.

Lets take the United States as a bench-mark for an example. If the above backwards healing philosophy of treating SYMPTOMS worked very well, then why would 1 out
of 2 people die of heart disease in the USA? And 1 out of 3 from cancer?

“Medical Science has known for years the answers to heart disease, cancer, stroke and other illnesses lie in nutrition and lifestyle changes, not radical surgeries, toxic drugs or radiation.” -- Phillip Day, investigative writer and author.

The statement above shows that there is a reason why medical science is not so willing to enlighten us.  It probably has a lot to do with making money out of our poor health.

However, slowly more and more doctors are realizing that the age old health belief systems we have built up over the past 2 centuries simply don’t work, and they are turning to holistic methods of healing and curing disease.  Slowly...

Now, are you going to wait for your doctor to slowly realise that he is not treating you right?  Or are you going to take matters  into your hands and take control of your health? 

The philosophy behind my book is that no one but you can ever care for your health.  You are the master of your destiny.  You just need to be reminded how to take control.  My book explains it to you in simple terms, how to take control.  Start Now!

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When you buy my book, I will give you the following bonuses:
How to Free Yourself of ANY Disease, Stop Fatigue, And Create Unstoppable Energy in Your Life.  an ebook by Kacper M. Postawski, www.powerfulsleep.com Mastering the Art of Living, an ebook by Sipiwe Mashingaidze The Body Mass Index Calculator

Who Should Buy "Take Control Of Your Health"?

 Anyone who feels tired all the time Anyone who already has a lifestyle disease like hypertension, heart disease, lupus, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc. Anyone who is overweight, and wants to lose weight naturally and permanently, without paying a cent for another diet program. Anyone who wants to improve health before disease sets in. Anyone who suffers each time they eat, because their digestive system is not working properly. Anyone who wants to raise their children the natural and healthy way. Anyone who wants to age gracefully and enjoy their retirement years Anyone who wants to create a great body Anyone who is interested in a balanced lifestyle    
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