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" The only Club that gives you the winning numbers for your favorite Lottery Games and puts you in charge of your own PLAY LISTS..."

Whether you are:

  A casual lottery player looking for an increase in your winnings...

  A serious player determined to corner that elusive STRAIGHT Hit...

  Or a beginner who knows that lottery is won everyday and you want to be one of the winners...

" WIN STR8 CLUB is the easiest and most effective way to begin winning in Pick 3, Pick 4 or even Pick 5 Games! "

Dear Lottery Player:
  I'll never forget the day I finished my first Spreadsheet; and punched in the numbers of the last draw result to test it...
  I was looking at a STRAIGHT WIN in the middle of my First List! !
  A couple of test runs later and the hits kept on coming: a box hit here, a straight hit there... and sure enough; I was hooked. The sheets kept on coming, and the hits never stopped since.
  And I tell you what: Once you get the rush of winning from your own list; the sensation stays with you!

Here is the bottom line:

" Good Play List = More WIN$ "
No ifs or buts about it, You control your plays, you set your own time to get your list, and to top it off: you see where you Hit and How!

By joining the WIN STR8 CLUB; you will be in the Driver's seat of your own Numbers Heaven:

  No more chasing after other player's numbers and Predictions...you can make your OWN!

  No TIME LIMIT on how you use any of the sheets, WIN STR8 CLUB is OPEN 24/7.

  No need for special software to run the sheets, they will work in your favorite browser.

  No need for complicated downloads or updates, a few numbers to punch in, Print your list right there; and start winning.

   I mean, think about it for a minute: For the cost of playing your numbers for one draw; you will get a chance to get play lists for the whole month; and the opportunity to make your own luck.
   And quite frankly, the membership is getting limited by the day, due to the growing base and the personal support you get after you sign up; so if I were you I would act fast!

How do I go about it?

  To enroll, click on the " Subscribe" button. You will then be re-directed to your choice of Payment page, fill out your information and complete the transaction, you will receive an email in your Inbox confirming your payment.
  Once your payment is authorized you will receive an e-mail from WIN STR8 CLUB with your log-in information and your membership of the website will be enabled.

  We would like to point out that minors (under 18 years of age) are prohibited from using WIN STR8 CLUB and / or Services.

More details?

Your initial charge for membership will be $ 9.99 for the period of 1 (one) month access, You will then be charged $9.99 per month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made.

The site is password protected:
  We will send you a temporary password with your User Name; please log in to your account and Change it ASAP; in fact; we recommend you use a different password. User password should contain at least 4 characters and a Maximum length of 10 characters.

Allow time for processing of your membership:

Immediate access to WIN STR8 CLUB is available upon confirming your Membership payment.
Online access to WIN STR8 CLUB is restricted to your personal use.

Please note that e-mail and web will be our primary forms of communication.

For further information and / or questions please  [Contact us](http://winstr8.com/Contact_us.html)

By clicking on any of the Payment options listed below you certify that you read and agreed with our [Terms and Conditions](http://winstr8.com/Legal_Notes/Terms_and_Conditions.html) and [Disclaimer](http://winstr8.com/Legal_Notes/Disclaimer.html)

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