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"Would you like to live in a Home of Peace and Harmony? Get your Teen back on track, and stop their negative, destructive behavior!!! Save your Family now!!"

What we are introducing to you is a COMPLETE PARENTING SYSTEM that has been created by experts in the field of behavioral management. It is the same system that is used in many Specialty Boarding Schools, is very easy to use and produces exceptional results. It takes most of the responsibility off of your shoulders and puts it where it belongs, on your Teen. No more yelling and arguing and every day privileges, your child is totally responsible for what they earn. If they don't earn it they don't get it. No further discussion. Your Teen will need to step up and take responsibility for their own actions and that includes any consequences that they may have earned through their actions.

Parenting today comes with many more struggles and much more confusion that it did years ago. Today's Parents are faced with Teens who rebel, are disrespectful, will not do chores or help around the house, yet expect to have the newest cell phone, music player, even brand named clothes handed to them. Today's Teen is all about self-entitlement and what they feel they deserve without any regard to what they have earned.

Here is an example:

Jerry, a 15 year old boy, has been asked by his mother on numerous occasions to take out the kitchen garbage, but the garbage is still piling up. Jerry's mother intercepts him as he is headed out the door about taking out the garbage but Jerry indicates that he is going to the Mall with his friends and asks his mom for money to shop with. Jerry's mom refuses to give him the money and Jerry becomes very upset, yelling and swearing at his mother and then storms into the kitchen and takes out the garbage, spilling it all over the floor in the process. He then returns to his mother and demands that she give him money for the Mall because, after all, he had taken out the garbage as she had asked..

If you think this example is a bit over-exaggerated then you are among the lucky few of parents who have somewhat of a functioning family, but this scenario is all to real for millions of families in the United States right now.

So the question is:

What can you do to get your Teen back on track?

Doing what they are asked to do, helping out with family chores and being accountable for their own actions and consequences. What can you do about affording your child all the amenities that you currently give to them while getting nothing in return?

Kick them off of their Teenage Retirement!!!

Allowances, clothing, entertainments expenses, cell phone use, television/computer use, anything that you are currently giving your child will stop, unless they follow through with the new rules and boundaries that you have set for them. They will, from this day forward, EARN everything that you are currently giving them. From this day forward you will no longer need to get into verbal arguments or tolerate being talked to in a disrespectful way. If your Teen wants money to go to the Mall, then your Teen will be responsible to act accordingly and finish all chores assigned to him and EARN enough points to even go to the Mall, not to mention earning the money for himself in the first place. All of your Teens actions will be what determines what they receive from now on, therefore, it is totally up to them and no longer up to you. You are no longer the “Bad Guy”.

Where to Begin?

By subscribing to our Ebooks you will get direct and useful information to begin the process of reclaiming your home and family.

Probably the first and foremost thing that you will need to do is to establish “Credibility” with your Teen. For many years your Teen has heard threats and consequences that have never materialized, therefore you have lost Credibility. In our Ebook:

Getting Teens to Be Responsive to Parental Direction:

You will learn how to handle situations like:

My Teen never listens to me My Teen ignores me My Teen acts like they will do what I ask, but then never do Get your Teen to understand that “No” means “No” How to instill in your child that you are serious about making positive changes in the way your family is functioning and that you plan on sticking with it

Often times parents, for whatever reason, have a hard time communicating with their Teen. We will show you how to eliminate the destructive forms of communication in your home through:

Improving Rapport and Communication with Your Teen E-book

Learn how to :

Stop yelling, nagging or threatening your Teen Keep verbal skills positive, warm and nurturing Speak with actions when disobeyed, ignored or disrespected Help your Teen improve on their communication skills as well as your own Provide physical expressions of love

So now you have learned how to get your Teen to be responsive to you and how to improve your daily communications. The next step would be to set up some solid rules and consequences. Everyone in the wonderful world that we live in must live by rules and consequences, without them it would be a world of chaos. Take the next step in learning by reading;

Using Effective Consequences Ebook

Find out what happens when rules are not enforced Why children need consequences What type of consequences there are How and when to use consequences

If you are like the majority of our parents, then your Teen has not being traveling down the wrong road for a day or two, they have been slowing getting more and more defiant, learning bad behaviors and disrespecting anyone or everyone that they come in contact with. They are continually overstepping their boundaries and this next section will teach you how to reset those boundaries and how to get your Teen to comply with the new boundaries that you have set for them.

Setting Up Behavioral Agreements Ebook

Learn how to;

Start over and renegotiate what it is you want from your Teen Start getting from your Teen without having to give first Reduce the daily yelling and fighting with your Teen Access to a online program that calculates daily points and gives out privileges List exactly what you expect out of household chores Take all of the meanness out of parenting, lay the responsibility of your Teen’s actions where it belongs…WITH YOUR TEEN!!!

Find out what you should be looking for by:

Reviewing the 60 different warning signs in our

Warning Signs E-book

It can give you a great deal of insight in why your Teen is acting the way that they are. Find out if the characteristics your Teen is showing are harmful or just typical Teenage behavior.

My Teen:

Is dressing in a “Goth” fashion Is getting into fights at school Has been arrested for smoking cigarettes Throws things when they are upset Loves to stay in his room the entire time he is at home No longer enjoys the school sports he used to (pg ) Exhausts me by not dealing with his problems like I am Has cut or scratched themselves on purpose

Getting Your Teen's Attention Ebook

Read from Teens about there reaction to what happens when they have not followed their parents’ direction and were placed in a specialized school because they were completely out of control.

“I didn’t think my mom would ever get the strength to do it…………” “My stepmom was like, we have to do something with you, you can’t keep going and doing this….” “I’ve come so far and I’m so close to changing and going home…….”


When would be a good time to sign up?

➢ If you have a child under the age of 18, now is the time ➢ If you have a child who is completely out of control, now is the time, yesterday was good, tomorrow may be too late ➢ If you have a child that needs to be accountable for their actions, now is the time ➢ If you want to take all the negative yelling and arguing out of your house, now is the time

On a more serious note, asking for help DOES NOT mean that you are a failure as a parent. NOT asking for help almost guarantees that your child will continue the behavior that they are currently displaying and that behavior will snowball into something much worse. Think about what it was that has brought you to the point you are at right now. In a nut shell, what you are doing right now is not working. For a small, one time fee, you can take very easy steps towards a wonderful, working relationship with your child. Show your child that you are serious this time and don’t give in! It is time to take control back and with this program YOU HOLD ALL THE CARDS.

Get the Complete Parenting System Now for only $29.95

[ ](http://1.getteenhel.pay.clickbank.net)

If you have any questions you can email me at: dannyw@abletoaid.com

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