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Frustrated with your child's writing?

Pattern Based Writing: A Complete System for Taking Your Child From Sentence to Complete Essay Quickly & Easily!

Finally, A Way Parents Can Help Their Child Learn to Write, As Well As Bring Their Child's Writing Under Control!

Give me just 37 days and your child will not only be one of the best writers in their class, but they will enjoy writing and truly understand what they are doing!

Dear Parent,

Do you just know in your heart, that your child has the ability to write better than they do, and you simply don't understand why they won't? I'm going to let you in on a few secrets that the students I taught writing to taught me!

There are THREE SECRETS that all fit together to create the ONE BIG PROBLEM students have with writing...

THE FIRST SECRET is that kids don't really understand how all the "parts" of their writing fit together. They are taught all these little "chunks" out of workbooks, but they don't get how they all fit together.

THE SECOND SECRET is when it's time to write something longer than a paragraph, students realize they don't have any tools to fall back on. They have been taught lots of "ideas" and "concepts" but they have no real tools, no way to go about getting the job done.

THE THIRD SECRET is that kids often don't take real pride in their writing because what they have written doesn't make a lot of sense to them. Compared to the books they read, which have good structure and clear organization, their own writing is confusing. Students can read their own "words," but since there is no real message or "big picture" to what they are saying, they don't take pride in it. When students start focusing on "communicating" their ideas, they start taking pride.

I learned all this quite by accident when all of a sudden all my students started proudly proclaiming, "I can't even read what I was writing before!"

My name is Paul Barger. I've taught writing for over a decade in both elementary and middle school. Every year, whether I'm teaching 3rd grade or 6th grade, I am always amazed at what my students can do in both math and science. Wow! We have upped the standards!

However, I'm always equally amazed at how they are unable to communicate what they know in writing. Their writing skills rarely are where they need to be. For me this has always meant,
"Time to get to work! I can't live with this kind of writing for an entire year!"

Writing is about "communication." Is there anything more important in school than learning how to communicate effectively?

A man who has the knowledge but lacks the power to clearly express it is no better off than if he never had any ideas at all.

Thucydides (460 - 400 B.C)

We May Have Forgotten, BUT Nothing Has Changed!

The Ability To Communicate Effectively Is Still the Most Important "Tool in the Tool Belt" For Success in School and in Life!

The debate team in high school and college has a long history of producing top executives, lawyers, and high ranking elected officials. That should be no surprise. Communication skills are important! The skills and strategies your child will learn in this program are guaranteed to make your child be among the most effective writers and communicators in their class!

The skills your child will QUICKLY and EASILY master in this amazing new writing system are the same skills I often hear being discussed in middle school classrooms. It's true! Even in middle school, many students don't really know how it all fits together!

Practice makes perfect! And practicing the wrong way year after year creates habits that become very difficult to break. It doesn't have to be this way! I've walked into 6th grade classes where only a few of the students could write anywhere near the level of the 3rd grade students I had just left.

"...and those 3rd grade students had gone from sentences to complete essay in just 37 days!"

At Last There is a Way to Bring Writing Success to ALL These Students:

Beginning writers - Take your child from sentences to correctly structured essays in just a few months.
Remedial - You will have major breakthroughs with students for whom other methods simply did not work.
Homeschool - The kind of thinking and organization that this program teaches will transform your entire curriculum.
Kids who just don't get it - Hey, you're not alone! If your child doesn't consistently write in beautiful paragraph form with natural introductions and conclusions...they don't get it.
Parents - If you are not happy with how your child is writing, there is something you can do about it! Discover what you can do now!

This Step-by-Step Series of Patterns Builds Both the Skill and the Understanding of What Good Writing Is

Right from the start you clearly see how the activities and exercises are funneled down a path that leads to a specific, measurable, objective and exciting outcome.

You don't have to pick and choose, just follow the path of patterns. Use the worksheets provided, and as soon as your child understands one pattern, you move on to the next one. The way the system is designed the outcome is assured, as long as you continue down that path, step by step.

At the end of the path your child will have complete control and mastery over the paragraph, how paragraphs fit together within the essay, and the relationship between paragraphs and the introduction and conclusion. Your child will be able to organize and compose an entire multi-paragraph essay in less than 30 minutes, AND it will be so good, NO ONE will believe it's a first draft!

The Reason this Program Works So Well and Is Easy for Parents and Teachers to Use is I Have Taken the Focus off "Explanation" and Put the Focus on WRITING SKILLS and WRITING FLUENCY...

Language, writing, and communication are all pattern based. Language isn't random. There are systems and patterns within all language. That's how word processing software is able to determine where there are grammar mistakes.

Likewise, skilled communicators usually have a pretty good idea of how an interaction is going to go even before it starts. It's unlikely to head off into uncharted waters, and they know this (even if they aren't consciously aware of it.) They get the patterns!
Basically, I've switched the focus of the writing instruction from 70% explanation and 30% pattern to 70% pattern and 30% explanation. And what a difference!
I now get the results I had always dreamed of getting over the course of an entire school year, within just a few months...

Mark Twain said, "If we were all taught to speak, the same way we were taught to write, we would all be stutterers." It's safe to say that he thought we were teaching writing all wrong! We were!

I want this to be easy for you and your child. I've done all the heavy lifting!

This system is written directly to students and teaches your child step-by-step.

There is tons of practice. Your child will master the pattern long before you run out of practice.

You won't have to create or supplement a thing!

Every gap and every loophole has been closed. Everything in the system connects.

I've included lots and lots of illustrative diagrams that teach the patterns and system visually.

WRITING is the organization, expression and communication of ideas...

But Will This Work for My Child?

I always like to think that it's the "math kids" and the "science kids" that are going to like this program most. However, it's usually the best writers in the class who first get really exited about this program. In fact, they get so excited that other students start asking, "What's so great? What are you all so excited about?"

Enthusiasm builds and pretty soon there is "99.8% buy in" as to how exciting this program is. There comes a point where students writing starts to look like the books they read, and at that point the last 0.2% finally say, "Okay, I got to find out how they did that." Enthusiasm spreads like wildfire!

THE TRUE TEST of the Power of Patterns in Writing!

I've taught 5th grade G.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented) students before. Any techniques that are interesting and engaging work with these students.

However, teaching in Los Angeles I get lots of opportunities to teach during my off track time. If you are willing to teach in the most challenging neighborhoods (and situations) that L.A. has to offer, it's easy to find a class that TRULY NEEDS a teacher. From time to time, this is how I spend my vacation time.

Many of these classes have had different substitutes drifting in and out of their classroom doors all year long and are totally "out-of-control." (I like a challenge! However, I have to admit, I've gotten in over in my head before.) But the satisfaction when you turn one of these classes around and sometimes even save their school year...is...well, you can imagine...

How it all began...
“…This Amazing Writing System Had 3rd Grade Students from the Inner City Writing Complete 5-Paragraph Essays in Under 25 Minutes (And They Went From Sentences to Complete Essay in Just 37 Days!)”

Plato said, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention!"

I didn't truly understand what Plato meant until I took over a 3rd grade class in South Central Los Angeles during the final months of their school year. This was after a revolving door of well over 55 different teachers and substitutes had thrown the class into total chaos.

I had taught 3rd grade before, so I knew what it was supposed to be like. It looked to me like the entire school year had been lost.

How was their writing? Let's just say, I had to get creative!

Needing and Creating A System!

To get their writing to where it needed to be, there wasn't enough time left in the school year for me "to explain" all that they didn't understand.

I started INVENTING patterns...and then would say, "Just follow this pattern. Okay... now read it to each other." UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS! They ended up writing better than any class I had ever taught before.

I Had Discovered the Patterns of Writing that Turn Kids into Authors!

Now students say, “I can’t even read what I was writing before!”

It's true I was building on what I had learned about teaching writing throughout my career...but by simply changing the focus from explanation to pattern, the results went exponential...

Over the next couple years I continued to build on and improve the patterns across several grades levels. Finally, I had this SECRET SYSTEM! Teaching writing became pure joy, and easy as can be!

I realized how great the need was for a better way (for both teachers and students) when a teacher at a middle school meeting cried out in desperation, "I'm not sure if my students CAN'T write in paragraph form or WON'T write in paragraph form. Either way, it's so frustrating..."

I knew then that I couldn't keep this a secret any longer!


Listen to what principals and students alike are saying...

"I don't understand. You mean these are the SAME STUDENTS?!"

Principal (Middle School) when looking at before and after comparisons

"I can't believe it. (laughs) I use to just...write...anything."

6th grade student (one of the better writers in the class)

"You really like this better? Oh. I can do this easy!"

6th grade student whose writing was UNREADABLE. He said this three weeks before he started writing nice essays.

"These are first drafts? I can't believe it. They're amazing!"

Principal of the above 3rd grade class when looking at before and after comparisons (as her eyes welled up.)

"I can't even read what I was writing before!"

MOST students say this within just a few months of starting the program.

There are a few reasons why schools and teachers alike find it so difficult to bring about writing success. Many are the same reasons that parents also find it much harder to help their own children with writing than with math, reading, grammar, and spelling.
JUST READING "Pattern Based Writing" and doing NOTHING ELSE will allow parents to INSTANTLY analyze their child's writing, and break it down quickly determining if there are problems, and if so what they are.

EVEN BETTER, by diverting just 30 minutes a day to the focus of writing for a couple months will TRANSFORM your child's education! Your child will understand writing and communicating in a way few ever do!

Writing success spills over to every school subject and this means your child will have increased confidence in all their subjects.

Your child will have the TOOLS and the SKILLS necessary to break down an assignment and get started immediately.

Homework will get finished in a significantly reduced amount of the time creating a positive learning cycle.

Your child may actually spend more time on their homework as pride in their writing takes hold.

These tools transform a procrastinator into a go-getter and early finisher!

What will it be like to seeing your child take TRUE PRIDE in their own writing?

For the price that many spend on ONE MONTH OF CABLE T.V. you will be able to bring about true writing success for your child!

For many, many students this program is "THE SOLUTION." It teaches the most important things about writing that kids just don't get!

If this program does what I "GUARANTEE" it does, what would that kind of WRITING SUCCESS be worth to you and your child?

I ask because I'm about to make you an offer that "based on what I've promised" should be hard to resist. It may be bad business, it may be good business...I'm not sure...I'm a teacher...

Over the years I've seen a lot of writing programs. I know what their problems are. I've also see a lot of middle school students who don't understand how to quickly organize and compose an essay as well as the 3rd graders I've taught using this system.

I'd rather have more people getting the benefits of this system than "optimizing profits." I don't think that's strange coming from a teacher.

Sometimes it is the experienced teachers in the trenches who come up with the ideas that all the "academics" and "publishing companies" could never do, that being creating something that really works!

When you look at the cost of other writing programs, and even when you look at the price of writing supplementals, I think you will see that I want this system in the hands of every teacher and every parent that can benefit from it.

Don't Be Fooled By the Sad Truth...

The sad truth is that studies show that people often believe that "you get what you pay for" and "the most expensive is the best." Strange but true...a higher price often means MORE people will want it and MORE people will use it.

$179 is the top of the range for what I am offering. The teacher or parent who buys that hopes they are buying the best. But are they? You see a "checklist" telling you what they cover...but a "checklist" doesn't talk about results! Who else is going to guarantee success the way that I am going to?

$99 would be a great deal! Especially when you hear about my guarantee. You would get great results and you would have nothing to lose!

$77 is where this writing system may be priced the next time you return to this page. In this introductory stage the price I'm about to offer you may JUMP at any time. (After you have gotten the results that I have gotten with this system, it’s likely you will join the growing list of people who think I am nuts for pricing it so low!)

I know the temptation is to think it over, to drag out your decision (and then maybe to forget about it...) That's why I want to make it WORTH YOUR WHILE to take the action that will get your child writing like you know they can!

Here are THREE things I'll do right now to PROVE my commitment to YOU and this program!

I'll offer you a special introductory price of $47!

I'll offer you lifetime updates!

I'll take all the risk! I'm so sure of the success this complete writing system will bring you and your child, I will offer a 100% no hassle, no risk, all your money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

That's Right, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

This is a 100 Percent Risk-Free Opportunity to Get Your Child Writing Excellent Essays Fast and Effectively!

ONLY $47 (for a limited time)


After ordering, you will have instant access to the complete 137-page Pattern Base Writing Manual/Student workbook.

Order Online Safely and Securely

Accepts Major Credit Cards & PayPal
This product is available exclusively through digital download in PDF format.
FOUR MINUTES FROM NOW you can be as frustrated as ever with your child's writing, OR you can be getting started on the only writing system available that guarantees your child's success!

Is what you have tried REALLY working? What have you got to lose? I've removed the risk...why not get started now?

[Click Here and Order Now](http://1.33educator.pay.clickbank.net)
Remember: If at any time in the first 8 weeks, you are not completely satisfied simply drop me an email (you will have my direct email address) and I will gladly refund your money. There are no hidden fees or funny loopholes! 100% guarantee means 100%!
OKAY, I’ll even through in a BONUS SPECIAL REPORT called:
“Doing Your BEST Work within the TIME ALLOWED System.”

Does your child know how to stay on task and determine the pace they need to keep in order to get their assignments done within the TIME ALLOWED? Or does 80% of the work get finished in the last 20% of the time they were given?
This “Working within the TIME ALLOWED System” builds on the thought processes and organization skills that are taught in Pattern Based Writing. That means you will get the kinds of results that transform "kids" into successful STUDENTS!

After ordering, you will be able to instantly download your 137-page Pattern Base Writing Manual/Student workbook PLUS your Special BONUS Report!

Order Online Safely and Securely


Teach writing THEIR way!

Wishing you total writing success!


Paul Barger

P.S. I'm not saying this step-by-step system will work simply by putting it under your pillow at night, but if you use it you will get AMAZING results. I guarantee it! I'll take all the risk!

One final thought! - Do you think your child truly understands the concepts involved with the organization and structure of good writing? Can you imagine the difference when the tables turn and they are the ones telling you, "I can't even read what I was writing before!"

[Click Here and Order Now](http://1.33educator.pay.clickbank.net)

pbarger @ PatternBasedWriting.com

Copyright 2008 PatternBasedWriting.com, All Rights Reserved

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