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Give me Three Minutes and We Will Show you 20%-1500% Returns – FAST!

Trading is very profitable for us, and we want to be able to show the way we make our money to YOU!

You KNOW FOR A FACT that those profits are out there, Available for the taking; and You KNOW FOR A FACT that there are OTHERS out there Who earn fantastic incomes by taking tiny slices of those HUGE SUMS each and every day.

But you also know that 95% of the people who embark on this journey (even those who shell out $THOUSANDS for pie-in-the-sky trading-systems) crash & burn within their very first year.

If you are considering trading in the U.S. Markets as a powerful vehicle to drive you to FANTASTIC WEALTH, you are on the right track. But I caution you: it is utterly critical for you to be properly trained, properly coached and properly supervised, in order for you to quickly master a few basic strateties & techniques --- otherwise, you will be just another ROAD-KILL STATISTIC; otherwise, YOU WILL CRASH & BURN!!!

You see, there are no lucky (or Unlucky) traders, just traders with the right (or WRONG) foundation of understanding, the right (or WRONG) tools and mindset and strategies. If you are properly coached and armed with the right understanding, tools, mindset and strategies, you WILL excel very quickly and build phenomenal wealth.


What we are Offering You?

We are offering you a chance to learn the very same insider trading secrets that I use to make my trades every day. By the time you have completed this first quick & easy course, you will TRADE MORE STRATEGICALLY, and with MUCH LESS stress and time-consumption --- than most moderately-successful full-time Traders.

Why we are Offering this to You?

Well… there is actually a selfish reason (please don’t hate us for that!) --- and here it is:

With the Starter Course were offering you today, after a few months of successfully navigating you straight toward the correct strategies and mindsets you will be extremely EAGER (and rightfully so) to learn our ADVANCED TRADING TECHNIQUES which will drive you to making very processed and disciplined trades.

And you will consider the $5995 fee for the Advanced Course to be CHUMP-CHANGE --- a DROP IN THE BUCKET --- And YOU WILL LITERALLY BEAT DOWN OUR DOORS in order to acquire this PRICELESS ADVANCED TRAINING.

HOWEVER… we obtain MAXIMUM SATISFACTION, MAXIMUM COMPENSATION, and GREAT GLORY by successfully navigating you, straight and true, to correct and precise trading that has made us wealthy.

Which of the above two options do you think is my ultimate goal, and the driving force which motivates me to ensure your maximum success?

Many people --- especially the more-experienced Traders --- ask me: Can’t I just go ahead and jump straight into the $5995 Advanced Course?

My Answer: NO.

Please look at this from my vantage point, for a moment:
First of all, you can clearly understand that it is utterly essential to maintain a 100% success-rate with the Advanced Training Program. Therefore, I absolutely must ensure that you learn and develop the basic skills and habits which will ensure that you are on the straight and true Road to Wealth --- AND I must personally know that you have successfully eliminated the BAD HABITS which ENSURE FAILURE for 95% of all Traders --- BEFORE I can permit you to participate in the Advanced Training Program….. This is extremely critical; and if I have to lose some potential clients and friends over this issue, then so be it….. In addition, because the Advanced Training Program comes with the same 100% money-back guarantee which comes with the Basic Course, it is absolutely imperative that I weed out any “drop-outs” and keep the successful during the quick-and-easy Basic Course, which is the first of two legs on your Journey to Wealth.
Before we go any further

WE WILL NOT promise you that you will instantly become a millionaire – obviously, although it has happened for a few in the past, it usually won't happen right away. That's just not “realistic”. What we can promise you is that you will NEVER find better trading insights, tips, tricks, tactics, and secrets than what we propose to show you.

-And here's how we can prove the promise is true... We offer a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. That's right. We give your money back to prove to you that we mean what we say, and that we know what were talking about when it comes to trading.

And, in the spirit of teaching you how to trade, let's start with a quick lesson or two:

Your First Insider Trading Lesson


Did you know that since the beginning of Wall Street every major market crash happened in October?

Here's why:

Mutual Funds have to sell their losers, and investors follow them off the cliff. That should tell you to buy your stocks in the following months, and trade in Oct!
Lesson #2

There is no such thing as “Stock Prediction Software” that works

Why Not?

Software does not have reason. The stock market does not know mass psychology and how to read it!
Another way to look at it

Any software that could accurately predict stocks, or even decently predict them, would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (think about it, if it could really pick stocks, it would pay for itself no matter what it cost). If the software would make that much money for its owner, they wouldn't need to sell it, for any price. In fact, they wouldn't be willing to sell it.
These serve as more than just free lessons: We don't want you to waste money on all of the “junk” that's available online. We built this website and course for people who are ready to change their futures for themselves and their loved ones, at the same time receiving better education on General Finance and Trading.

Again, to prove were serious about showing you the legitimate information, the course includes a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.


What does this course include?

This first course gives you everything you need to know to form a solid foundation for successful trading. Were not promising that you will instantly become rich, but what we can promise you is that we will give you all of the tools you will need to get started strategically and successfully trading.

After you have completed your checkout, you will receive instant access to download the entire mp3 course and the Insider Trading Secret Book/Manual. The file is in .zip format so if you don't already have it, you can download [winrar](http://www.rarlab.com) for free.

To learn trading is not an overnight trip --- rather, it is a delightful journey, which will take a bit of time to fully enjoy. That being said, you can learn quickly, but it takes some dedication and commitment. The course itself places a large emphasis on practicing your trading in virtual accounts – that way you are prepared and confident when you start trading with actual currency.

Once you are doing well with your virtual accounts, then it is time to start trading for REAL profits. This first course will train you to start making your virtual trading accounts look like this:



Below are a few trades Andy executed over the course of a month or so!


Friday, October 10; As a violently-plunging Morgan Stanley (MS) fell toward $7.00, immediate entry was executed. Early on Tuesday, October 14, MS cracked $20.00 and went on that day to peak at over $24.00.

Thursday, October 16; NutriSystems (NTRI) plunged under $11.00; immediate entry was executed. NTRI cracked $15.00 on Monday, November 3.

Thursday, October 23; Asbury Automotive Group (ABG) plunged below $2.00; so I made my entry. My peers recommended I exit at $3.00, which was stated would occur within the extreme-near-future. ABG cracked through the $3.00-level on Wednesday, October 29.

Thursday, October 30; Bruker Corporation (BRKR) plunged deeply under $4.00; immediate entry was executed at $3.68, with an exit of $7.00 recommended, which was stated would occur within a matter of a few weeks. BRKR did continue lower to $3.40, after which it turned to the upside, and has been one of the market’s strongest stocks, ever since, trading as high as $6.27 (UP 70% from entry) on Wednesday, November 5 --- which was Day #5 since entry. That position is still open, awaiting $7.00.

Friday, October 31; Cigna (CI) plunged on Thursday from $20.00 to $15.00, then on Friday from $15.00 to $10.00. At 10:42 a.m., immediate entry was executed at $10.00, with an exit of $16-$20 anticipated, which was stated would occur in the near-immediate future. Even we were shocked to see just how immediately that price-range would arrive --- CI cracked $18.00 (UP 80%) in less than 4.5 hours, and traded as high as $19.34 (UP 93.4%), the very next trading-day, Monday, November 3.


After all those trades I just described there were dollar amounts made varying anywhere from $2500-$80,000 

Losses occur but none occurred this month!

This is the “Real Thing”, Insider Trading Secrets and Strategies

We share these figures with you, not to impress you, but to impress upon you that we can teach you what you need to know to succeed. That being said, let us show you what we offer:

Insider Trading – Making Money in a Down Market is BRAND NEW and just released, so we have chosen an introductory price of $137 for the first short while to help get the word out. Before long, we will raise the price to its market price of $297, so hurry and order today while the price is low.


The 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The course comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee – We are putting ourselves on the line here for three reasons:

1. So that you know this is the “real deal”
2. We have made plenty of money, and have done so by taking risks, so we are risking ourselves here to prove to you that our course really is what we say it is.
3. We want you to truly have “no reason” not to buy our course today
4. We want you to be confident in us as your mentor

We want you to be successful, so here's the catch: you will not make ANY money from our course unless you apply the information. You have to be ready to dedicate yourself toward success with trading. It isn't very hard, especially when you start off with the right information, but you have to be willing to dig your heels in and have a “can do” attitude about this. Our course will lead you easily along the path, but you have to walk it.

And think of how tremendous of an advantage you will have over other traders! - I would've killed to have started trading with all of the knowledge and research we are going to share it with you.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “The price of success is much lower than the price of failure”

I couldn't agree more. That's why we are giving you every reason to succeed here. You have our 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, our ultra-low introductory price, and the opportunity to learn how to make more money than you can imagine.

Were offering our hand here, all we ask is that you take it.



Committed to your trading Success,

Andy Sizemore and the Staff of Insider Trading Secrets


P.S. There is no reason not to get involved here. You don't even have to be sure if this is right for you, you have our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you have a full 60 days to think about it, and if it turns out that this is not for you, then your money back.

P.P.S. I didn't start off as a successful trader: I had to fail and “fall flat on my face” for a long time to learn all of secrets that I'm GIVING AWAY to you today for just $137.

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