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We all know to be a successful trader you need to run your trading robot 24 hours a day, 7-days a week? This means having to keep your computer turned on and running permanently, wasting electricity, slowing down your machine and leaving you running the risk of missing out on money-making trades if your computer turns off or crashes, due to the loss of valuable trend information which could be worth thousands of dollars!

So every month you could be throwing thousands of dollars away, running your trading robot on your home computer, so to avoid you having to have your computer turned on 24/7, let 24-7-Trading.com take over and run YOUR Forex robot software on your own dedicated server. You need NO knowledge of servers or technically data what-so-ever, as we set everything up for you, just complete the form on the right, and we will instantly set you up and send you logins to get your robot running 24-7 in 3 simple steps shown below. Be prepared to watch your trading account balance explode with bonus profits!

Increase Trading Profits in 3 Easy Steps!


Get Started

In windows go to start menu, and choose remote desktop




Login using the logins we send you, once you have signed up



Start Trading 24/7

Your robot will be available on your server desktop, so you can load it up and start trading 24/7


No Need To Have Computer Running 24/7 Pre-Installed with your Trading Robot Have Your Robot Running 24/7 More Trades which Mean's More Profits Prevents the Los of valuable Trading info Easy Automated Setup No Setup Fee's No Downtime Saves Electricity Will Increase The Life of your Computer Help You Become a Millionaire Trader

First/Last Name: Email Address: Choose a Username: Choose a Password: Confirm Password: Phone Number:

Your initial charge will be $49.95. You will then be charged $49.95 per month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made.
We offer 60 days money back guarantee for all of our customers.
Your VPS hosting account will be valid for as long as you keep you payment subscription.


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