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FREE Marketing Strategies from MegaHit Marketing

$250 in 24 Hours . . .

$7,500 in 30 Days . . .

$10,500 in 6 Weeks . . .

But How Much Did It Cost Me
To Get These Sales?

The results are indisputable...

...and if you've ever wondered why most Internet businesses struggle
just to make a couple hundred dollars a month while others pull in
millions of dollars then look...

In just 25 days time, the "combination" will finally click,
everything will fall into place... and after years of frustration,
you'll break away from all the lies and 'BS' by copying the exact
'formula' that has tripled the web sales for hundreds of Lance's
clients over the last 10 years.

Lance Jepsen is the founder of Confab Publishing, a website design,
marketing, and education business in California. His print ads, sales
letters, and Internet marketing strategies have generated more than
$10,000,000 for clients over the last decade. This author, business
owner, online marketer, and super affiliate will reveal the absolute
truth about his secret techniques that will create crazy profits that
run on autopilot... even when he is relaxing in a gentle ocean breeze,
off a coral reef, on a 80ft yacht in the Rivieras!




Hi, Lance here . . .

I've taken the very unusual step of giving away FREE marketing
advice in 7 videos below.

I had to think of a way to get your attention for my landing page,
to make sure my landing page stood out from the other marketing
websites you are visiting right now.

I would never do something this gimmicky if I were not writing to
you about an important matter to you and your company.

But I am a marketing professional. That's how I make my living.

And I have found in more than 10 years of experience that including
FREE videos on my landing page, especially if they provide valuable
information, almost always increases response to my landing page and
sales copy by 50% or more.

The Way to Improve Your Marketing

I believe I have a way to significantly improve your marketing.

I have scores of methods and techniques that I use, besides
including videos on landing pages, that will ensure your website and
your sales copy are read by your target audience.

If you give me just 3 minutes of your time, I'll let you in on an
insider secret that'll change the way you think about your Internet
business forever...

The truth is, you have _never_ seen anything like this and even
though there's nothing particularly _unethical_ about it...

...When I Reveal How Much Money It Makes
You Probably Won't Believe Me!

I have been designing websites for clients since the early 90s. Many
people have come to me over the years desperately trying to succeed on
the Internet.

They were promised Internet riches.

They dreamed of new houses, cars, and vacations. They spent
thousands of dollars on garbage informational products in the hope of
making their dreams a reality.

Many tried instant online stores like MegaMall and Shopster but
were crushed. More tried affiliate marketing like Commission Junction
and Clickbank but were crushed again. Still more tried Ebay and
blogging and were crushed yet again. Subjected to brutal frustration
and repeated loss of hope, they began to think that the whole idea of
selling on the Internet was not for them.

Does this sound like you? If it does...

25 Day Plan Used To Generate Over $10,000,000
For My Clients Over the Last 10 Years

Following the 25 day plan in Profits That Lie Hidden In Your
Website, you will become a master marketer. Whether your goal is to
blog, sell Clickbank products, sell your own products, write sales
copy for others, design websites for sale, whatever. When you learn
the secrets of how to sell, no matter what path you choose it's going
to work.

My 180 page book will show you . . .

How to avoid bad website design that will put you out of business

Which will lead to fewer sales, making your prospects scroll the
page or making your prospects click to another page

Which will lead to fewer sales, a small or large amount of text
on your landing page

What hyperlinks should you avoid using on your website

How to construct a killer offer

How to construct a guarantee so powerful that someone would have
to be an idiot to pass up

How to use viral marketing on your website

How using images, audio, and video wrong will lower your sales

How using pop-ups the wrong way on your website will hurt your

How to write sales copy using the same psychology that master
marketers use that will explode your sales

What words you must avoid in your marketing

What is the most important element in your sales copy

Which will lead to higher PPC cost and fewer sales, a
professional voice or a personal feel in your sales copy

What are the 5 key elements that all million dollar landing
pages/sales copy have in common

Billion dollar headlines and sales letters you can copy for your

How to get age, race, sex, and the income level of your anonymous
web visitors and how failing to do this could cost you thousands of

How you can jump above competitor websites up to page 1 in Google
by spending only $20 a month

Tweaks that optimize your website for the search engine bots

How to stop your competitors from beating you at Google Adwords

And more . . .

"Every Internet marketer and all website designers
should read this book at least 7 times"

"An excellent 25 day plan to improve your web sales. Profits That
Lie Hidden In Your Website takes you from the novice level in
marketing right up to the advanced level in less than 30 days. Lance's
brilliant wisdom is sprinkled throughout the book as well as lessons
learned from by his own website design company. You are told what
works and what doesn't work and why. Every Internet marketer and all
website designers should read this book at least 7 times." -- Benjamin
Nielson, Great Money Making Programs

Special BONUS #1

(ONLY A FEW REMAINING - USUALLY $1,000 - $2,000)

The biggest mistake that causes people to fail when it comes to
making money online is that they don't know how to create landing
pages that convert prospects into paying customers.

It is too expensive to outsource landing pages for products that you
are not even sure how well they are going to sell.

In Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website, I dedicate almost half
the book on how to write sales copy for your landing page or any
marketing situation, even in print publications. But wouldn't it be
nice to have a template html page written by a professional sales copy
writer that you can just tweak the text slightly to fit your product
or service?

You are not going to make any money online if you don't have a
landing page that gets visitors to go to your sales page AND THEN BUY.
That's why I'm going to give you 7 proven templates written by a
professional sales copy writer that have a high conversion rate and
that I've personally used to make more than $250,000 in different
niche markets.

These template web pages will complement what you learn in Internet
Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website.

The landing pages are from different niche markets that are hot
right now.

Now here's the thing. I don't want thousands of people using these
template landing pages. The more people that use them, the less
effective they become. That's why I'm limiting this special bonus
landing page set to the first 100 clients.

If you miss them, you'll have to outsource them out and incur a bill
of between $1,000 to $2,000 or more would be realistic. You only have
ONE chance, so do not miss it!

Special BONUS #2

Marketing Director Opens Biometric
Safe To Reveal Secret Black Book

(First 50 Clients Only - Valued at $80,000 to $250,000)

Every marketing director in advertising agencies around the world
has a black book. This black book contains the most profitable print
ads created for clients. These black book ads are the "go to" ads a
marketing director will use when his next ad absolutely has to make
money for his client. The black book is a marketers "bread and

In Marketing Director Reveals Secret Black Book, I'm going to let
you look at my profitable print ads I have created for clients in the
real-estate sector over the last few years. These are actual copied
pages from my black book and even have some of my messy notes written
on them.

How would you like to actually see my print ads that have made
$80,000...$150,000...and even $200,000 for my clients? I also give you
a detailed analysis of my thought process when I created the ads.

So how do you store an ad worth $200,000? I keep my black book
hidden in a 1 1/4" thick, biometric, burglary and fire resistant safe.
Make no mistake. I have never shown these ads to another marketer.

I'm probably stupid for showing you these ads. I just can't risk
other ad agencies or competitors getting their hands on them. That's
why I'm limiting the special bonus Marketing Director Reveals Secret
Black Book to the first 50 clients only.

If you miss this bonus, it'll be gone forever. No begging or
pleading will make me open up my real-estate black book to you again.
I have just too much at stake to give this out to everyone.

Special BONUS #3

Now Learning To Be a Master Marketer
Can Be "Duck Soup" For You

Marketing books are often packed full of information but how are you
suppose to learn it all? Reading or watching a video over and over
again takes a lot of time. Time is your most valuable commodity for
time is the stuff life is made of.

The core marketing concepts in Profits That Lie Hidden In Your
Website have been made into learning exercises. Multiple choice,
drag-n-drop, and drop box exercises makes learning simple and

Imagine how easy you will learn key marketing concepts by using fun,
computer based teaching exercises.

You don't have to worry about installing bloatware on your computer.
The exercises are written in javascript and are in html (web browser)
format. There is no installation of any kind! Simply open up the
folder that has the javascript exercises, and double click on the html
file to run it. The quiz or exercise will automatically run in your
browser. It does not matter what operating system you have. As long as
you have a browser than can run javascript code (all modern browsers
can), you are good to go.

"This is a fantastic book that no
entrepreneur should be without"

"Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Web Site helped me focus my
marketing ads that are both in print and on the Internet for my
martial arts dojo. It was very simple. Create headlines and ads that
focus on a different human emotion. Then use Google Adwords to find
out which one of your ads leads to the most clicks. Finally, take that
ad and put it on a sign in front of your store. Put it in your local
Yellow Pages. Wherever you use the ads that Lance shows you how to
write, you will be amazed at the results. This is a fantastic book
that no entrepreneur should be without." -- Scott Jensen, Dojo Owner

In fact, I'm so confident in your results that I flat-out challenge
you to use the Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website 25 day formula,
read the complete book, connect the dots with a few simple actions and
if you aren't seeing a massive improvement in your sales within 60
days, I don't want your money.

In fact, I'm so sure of it, I'm giving you my

No Questions Asked... Unconditional 60 Day
Money Back Guarantee!

You only have one opportunity to make your decision and if you are
not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of these
revolutionary strategies, I'LL SPEEDILY REFUND EVERY PENNY OF YOUR

No quibbles. No questions.

60 days from now, you are either experiencing a massive improvement
in sales or YOU PAY NOTHING.

To put it bluntly, I AM WILLING TO SHOULDER ALL THE RISK while you
FREELY TEST-DRIVE THE SYSTEM and become a master marketer in the

The smart people will take this opportunity and have direct access
to my marketing and website design strategies and everyone else will
be left in the darkness... trailing in their wake.

In fact, once you discover the simple, 25 day formula I use, no-one
will be able to keep you from all the success and wealth you deserve.

Truthfully, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this
opportunity. It's only for the person who is ready to take their
marketing, sales copy writing, and website design to the next level
and is willing to do whatever it takes to FINALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN...

Don't Delay Your Success Any Longer...

FREE Videos Below To Help You Make Money Now

I'm not going to do something gimmicky like giving you a practically
worthless free report in exchange for your email address so that I can
spam you to try and get you to buy my book.

Instead, here are 7 videos that cost me $2,000 to make. I'm going to
give them to you absolutely FREE. The videos will give you an idea of
the kind of marketing education you will receive if you buy my 180
page book Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website.

You can take these videos and use what you learn right now to make
money! All I ask is that once you see the power of the ideas in these
videos you come back to this website and buy my book. Sound fair?

To Your Success and Happiness in Life,

Lance Jepsen, Marketing Director
MegaHit Marketing.com
2377 Minnewawa #103
Clovis, CA. 93612

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You Are Making A Big Mistake

How A Fool Story Can Make A Million
Dollar Landing Page

A Little Mistake That Cost An
Internet Business Everything

How Much Is NOT Having A
Guarantee Costing You?

It's Your World
Everyone Else Just Lives In It

What Nobody Ever Tells You About the
Sales Cycle and Keyword Selection


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