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Bible Of Makeup| Beauty Tips| become your own artist!

Bible Of Makeup| Beauty Tips | Become Your Own Makeup Artist





The Artemus Objective Method of Makeup©

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"How average looking "Plain Jane’s" all across America are starting to look drop-dead gorgeous using a revolutionary new makeup and beauty secret. That’s repeatedly proven to turn heads of men and woman that come in your path... And make you look and feel like a million dollars!"...
The leading research makeup artist, Serjame Bayliss from Artemus, developed this makeup technique. His techniques developed through extensive research dating some
8,000 years and then brought forward to the 21st century at a cost of over...
2 MILLION Dollars!
It took him 23 years to produce it and is a must for everyone, even if you are a professional makeup artist. In fact, two leading makeup companies offered $1 million dollars to buy his unique system, but he refused. Trust me, there are secrets in this report that even some of the world's best makeup artists don't know about... But would use themselves if they did.
But I need to warn you! His makeup secrets will make you look so drop-dead-gorgeous... You might have to get legal restraining orders against Gawkers. So be prepared, and, I'm not kidding' about that.

You are about to remove seven to ten years from your appearence  with 10 rules that will lead you along the way to a ravishing you!

"Serjame Bayliss finally reveals his amazing makeup secrets that transform plain Jane’s into traffic stopping bombshells...


 Learn how to hide your flaws and contour your face into any shape you want using optical illusions!

 Learn a new revolutionary way to classify which ”Season” you are so you can use Your own colors for makeup and clothes...

 Learn all of the secrets and techniques up until today unknown by even the best professional makeup artists!

 Ready for a complete New ravishing Look? 

 All of this in an e-book written by one of the best in the trade; now nearing retirement, Serjame Bayliss offers you 30 years of research and experience...

 So boldly walk where no-one has gone before!!!

Download it now for only $16.95 USD...

Purchase Download Here! If you have a pop-up blocker hold down the control key; when you click the live link

 This new Bible Of Makeup technique was developed through an intensive research dating back some 8000 years and then brought forward to the 21st century at a cost of over $2 million dollars. The Bible Of Makeup e-book took 23 years to produce and is a must for all women, even if you are a professional makeup artist, or a want-to-be-model or you sell cosmetics products, you can increase your sales by at least 40% with all the new makeup tips and beauty tricks. Buy the leader in makeup application and look ravashing everytime!!!

Some of you might genuinely assume? The quality makeup application image below has been airbrushed or that I alter the image, however I don't alter my images, instead Rochelle use a special mineral cosmetic that creates an airbrush affect! Want to know about it? Buy the book and find out what it is? Rochelle used a mineral foundation that is matte and then she used the special “product” that is acting as a matteifier, it minimizes the look of larger pores, gently absorbs excess oils, and presents an airbrushed finish to any skin tone.  

 90% of women do their makeup incorrectly due to the complexity of techniques created over the last one hundred years. As a rule, makeup artists across the globe use the subjective method of makeup application instead of the ideal objective method. You are then in the hands of an artist, who does your makeup according to his perception of you, without any rules or guidelines. You are at the mercy of his or her personal tastes (which may or may not be in harmony with your own).
You yourself also use the subjective method as this is what you have been taught from books, magazines, TV and the media in general and you have then adapted all of these techniques into your own method, based on what you genuinely think makes you look good. The problem is you are inside looking out, and not outside looking in. You see what you want, not necessarily what is going on. The ideal method of makeup application is the objective method, which gives you complementary rules to follow, and a guide to all the variables contained therein. The Bible Of Makeup will guide you through this fantastic maze that is your face and teach you ways to look any way you desire, with amazing results. Are you ready for a total relook?

This 193 page e-book will guide you through, all the new advance makeup tips, and how to use the 10 complementary rules, that will make you appear seven to ten years younger. You will learn a new guide to seasons, brought forward to the 21st century. Just as each of you have your own unique look. You also have different needs to create your own canvas? This is my ambitious goal, by leading you to an exquisite and very elegant look that I am the mentor of. This technique; can only be done with a methodology using, The Artemus Objective Method of Makeup© that is powerful and fool proof...

If you want to learn how to do your makeup correctly as well as how to classify your Season (so you can learn about color thearpy; not only for makeup but also for clothes, accessories and nail polish), then take a leap into the 21st Century and learn The Artemus Objective Method of Makeup©. You will then have all the beauty tips and beauty tricks you will ever need at your disposal and will become a trendsetter, always one step ahead of the pack.

In side this amazing e-book you will learn all about the true classification of your season, with a guide to perfecting your match for all of your makeup, clothes and what works for you! You will no longer have a makeup drawer full of colors that don’t look good on you, nor will you waste your hard earned money on a drawer full of the wrong shade or hues!

This Program is for PC’s only (sorry mac users)

Christina Before

Christina After

Download it now for only $16.95 USD...

Purchase Download Here! If you have a pop-up blocker hold down the control key; when you click the live link

 System requirements for Bible Of Makeup auto .exe application are as     follows: Windows only 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.

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Purchase Download Here! If you have a pop-up blocker hold down the control key; when you click the live link


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For Support contact me at serjamebayliss@msn.com

The Artemus Objective Method of Makeup©


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