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Have You Ever
Wanted To Persuade Lovers,
Friends And Strangers To Do
Anything You Tell Them?

Would You Like To Learn How To ...

Make Even Complete Strangers Obey Your Commands

Replicate The Techniques Psychics Use

Keep Your Spouse(s) Forever Loyal To You

Inspire People To Join Your Cause

Establish An Attractable Voice People Will Love

Establish Instant Rapport With Everyone You Meet

Turn Your Clients Into Eager Buyers

Spot When Someone Is Lieing To You

Have An Iron-Clad Confidence That Cannot Be Broken

Never Hear The Word 'No' Again From Someone

Dear Friend,

How would you like to control the actions of anyone you meet? Of your spouse, neighbours, customers, your boss, even of complete strangers?

If you do, then give me just five minutes of your time that I promise will change your life.

You've probably heard about hypnosis before. You've heard of people using hypnosis to treat some psychological ailment. You've probably heard about stage hypnotists making members of the audience fall asleep at the click of a finger.

That's what I like to call public hypnosis. It's mainstream knowledge hypnosis, there's nothing secret about it, and anyone can learn it.

But what if I told you there was a much more advanced, secretive and more powerful form of hypnosis, a form of hypnosis more powerful than you could imagine?

A form of hypnosis that would allow you to instantly command people's obedience within only a few seconds of having met them? Would such a thing even be possible?

The answer is a definite Yes, and it's through a field known as covert hypnosis.

This Is The Type Of Hypnosis That
Has Been Banned From Being Used
By Advertising Agencies, Businesses
And On Television.

It has not yet been banned from public knowledge, but if too many people learn it then it's only a matter of time before it is.

So just how does it work exactly?

Covert hypnosis works by hypnotising people discreety, outside of their conscious awareness. You see, the human mind has a conscious and a subconscious, and what goes on in our subconscious is outside of our awareness.

Covert hypnosis works by influencing a person's subconscious without the person ever being aware that you're doing so. Thoughts, suggestions and ideas can all be planted within a person in the most discreet possible manner by utilising the techniques taught in covert hypnosis.

You can use covert hypnosis in ANY interpersonal setting to achieve just about anything imaginable. Just think of some of the possibilities -

You could make your lovers only desire you
You could attract sales from your clients by making them interested in only your products

You could become the leader of any group through the use of persuasive mass suggestion

You could have have anyone you desire obey your directions

You'd make other people want to do everything they could to see you happy

All these things, and many more, are achievable through the use of covert hypnosis.

But the thing that I want you to understand now, is that you're never manipulating a person against their will. Hypnosis cannot ever be used against a person's will.

What you're doing is you're establishing such a deep form of hypnotic connection and rapport with everyone you speak to, that they'll naturally and voluntarily want to do what you say.

You'll have such a seemingly natural aura of comfort that people will be willing to do anything they can to maintain a friendship, or relationship with you.

And whilst you have this deep form of connection with people, you can even subtlety plant suggestions into their subconscious, suggestions that they're not aware of. Suggestions that they will act upon for your benefit.

So Just What Is It I'm Offering You Today?

First of all, let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Steven Peliari, and I'm a Master Hypnotist who has studied every form of hypnosis that is out there, and applied it to just about every real life setting imaginable.

I've experimented with certain aspects of covert hypnosis that I perhaps shouldn't have, but I like to consider my experiences to be educational ones that gave me the level of knowledge I have today.

Let me start by saying the Internet is full of courses claiming to be able to teach you hypnotic techniques that will command power over many people. As a Master Hypnotist I make a habit of purchasing, and trying out every hypnosis course that is on offer to see who my competition are.

Let me tell you something: The vast majority of these courses don't work.

I say the vast majority because there are one or two good ones out there which do actually teach real hypnotic principles, however they're in the minority. The rest of the sites are put together with a convincing sales letter but will never teach you anything useful.

There is something that I found ALL these covert hypnosis courses were lacking, even the good ones. And that was that none of these courses would teach the hypnotic techniques that famous psychological illusionists, psychics, spiritualists, mediums... even faith healers used.

These courses wouldn't teach you real mass hypnosis. All they'd teach would be maybe just a seduction technique or two, maybe a few party tricks as well.

I was tired of seeing all these crummy courses attracting so much attention, when I knew that what they taught wasn't the real deal!

That is why I decided to write a hypnosis course, by myself, that taught people the real secrets that are kept within the professional hypnotist community. Why would I do this? Well I'm going to be completely honest with you...

Every day I turn on the TV and see charlatans scamming tens of thousands of people. Charlatans that say they have 'psychic' powers (no such thing exists), 'mediums' who say that they can commune with the dead (no such thing is possible), and clairvoyants who say they can predict the future (no such thing is possible either).

Modern Charlatanism Makes Me Sick To the Stomach

I thought to myself... why do millions of people worldwide have to fork out billions of dollars a year to scam artists? To help feed the already too-wealthy hypnotists that pose as psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and many other professions?

Shouldn't their techniques be exposed? I thought it was time, for I had enough of seeing covert hypnosis being used for personal gain.

That is why I created a course that teaches you exactly how mass forms of persuasion, deception, seduction, and covert hypnosis work. No longer am I willing to hold my tongue about such matters, I can't see why you should be forbidden such knowledge when so many unethical people are privilege to it.

And don't fall for any of those courses which will tell you that someone had to go to great lengths to get secret knowledge that no one else knows about. What rubbish! Real covert hypnosis techniques that work on strangers are well known within the right circles. You could even spend a few thousand dollars on different courses and learn all these techniques for yourself, they're hardly a secret!

What I've done however is I've created a course that only teaches you the exact techniques that are relevant for the purposes of discreetly hypnotising people without their knowledge.

I've gotten rid of literally hours upon hours of garbage that you'd find at a typical 'hypnosis seminar' where you'd have to spend thousands of dollars to maybe find one or two relevant bits of information that you'd remember.

I've created a course with only relevant covert hypnosis techniques that I use in order to covertly hypnotise people without their knowledge, each and every day.

I've found, through my studies and experience, that covert hypnosis boils down to three primary fields, and these are -

Hypnosis, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Mentalism.

These three fields go perfectly together, hand in hand, in order to create a discreet form of hypnosis that works absolute magical wonders! I cannot believe that no other course out there combines these three fields together.

Hypnosis is the art of hypnotising people. With it you can plant suggestions in anyone, bring people into a trance state and make them do almost anything you say.

You've seen those stage hypnosis shows where people go around clucking about like chickens? Believe me, that's no act!

Hypnosis can do all these things, and outside of hypnosis shows it can be used in business, love and many other areas of life in order to achieve very powerful goals.


NLP is the art of conversation, the art of establishing a deep form of rapport with people and getting them to want to do things for you.

With it you can put people into a happy mood and make them feel really euphoric and relaxed whenever they're around you.

Think about that for a moment, do I really need to explain the possibilities you can achieve when people want to be around you all the time because you make them feel relaxed, euphoric and happy?

I even teach you techniques to keep people away from you! And believe me, you'll need them... that's how attractive you will be to people.


Mentalism is the art of creating false realities for people so that they'll believe anything you tell them.

If you've seen some of the great psychological illusionists and entertainers on TV, then you'll know just how powerful false realities can be.

But what about the faith healers you see on TV? Would you believe me if I told you that they used mentalism techniques as well?

It's a scary thought, and within my course I explain exactly how anyone, including you, can create false realities through the techniques used in Mentalism.


"These Three Fields Combined Give Almost God-Like Power Over People"

As you can see, the three fields of Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism are each very powerful in their own right, but what if there was a course that combined all three of these fields together?

Well that is exactly what I've created. I've created a course that brings everything together, from the world of psychological illusion right through to covert hypnosis.

I present to you, The Art Of Covert Hypnosis

With The Art Of Covert Hypnosis, you will learn the exact techniques to not only make people in your day to day life do as you say, but you'll also learn the incredibly advanced and powerful hypnotic techniques that professionals use on massive crowds of people. This is something that other courses won't teach you.

Some of the things you will learn include -

How politicians use the principles of 'authority' and 'suggestion' in order to inspire large amounts of people to vote for them, nationwide.

How powerful leaders throughout history used mass hypnosis to make seemingly ordinary people commit unthinkable acts, purely because the people wanted to please the leader and do whatever they requested.

How psychics and clairvoyants use a mentalism technique known as 'cold reading' in order to give the false illusion that they can look into a person's past, present and future.

How mediums and spiritualists use the powerful technique of misdirection within an audience in order to make it seem as if they are speaking with a person that is no longer alive.

How astrologists and tarot card readers use the mentalism technique of 'warm reading' in order to make generalised statements that could apply to absolutely anyone, but through suggestion are able to make these statements seem like they only apply to you.

How faith healers are able to simply lift up their arm and cause large crowds of people to instantly fall down and become healed by establishing a false illusion that people believe in. You will learn how the powers of the placebo effect can be combined with hypnosis to achieve these remarkable feats you see on TV.

How stage hypnotists are able to bring people up on stage and make them fall into a deep trance with just the click of a finger. You will learn how to apply this exact same technique in real life situations with anyone you meet through the use of what's known as the 'Instant Induction' technique.

Not only will you learn how all these forms of mass hypnosis work, I will also teach you ways to hypnotise anyone you meet without them being aware of it.

You will learn how to covertly and discreetly seduce any member of the opposite sex almost instantaneously.

You'll have people not just providing you their phone numbers, but asking you if they can go back to your place – even on the same night you met them.

I will teach you how to never pay full price for a product again, as you'll be able to convince even the most stubborn salesmen that they should offer you a discount on a product.

I will also teach you how to convince your customers to buy any product you tell them to. They'll be doing business with you just as an excuse to talk with you.

You'll learn ways to remain in control of any conversation, to make people interested in any topic you wish to talk about.

Most importantly, you will learn how to make people feel good about themselves, and by doing this, they will be like your loyal servants. You will provide people a sense of comfort they cannot get anywhere else.

I Will Also Teach You
The Most Modern Advancements
In Covert Hypnosis

No other course will teach you the most recent discoveries within covert hypnosis. Recent discoveries such as how people are divided into either a 'physical' or 'emotional' suggestibility type, and how important it is to word your suggestions differently depending upon whether someone is a physical or an emotional suggestible.

This physical or emotional suggestibility typing builds greatly upon the teachings of Dr. Milton Erickson, the inventor of modern hypnosis. The covert hypnosis I teach takes Ericksonian Hypnosis to a new level, and applies hypnotic research that has just recently been discovered only in the last couple of years.

I've been constantly refining my techniques so that I can bring you only the best techniques that work in real life day to day situations and encounters. This is 'street hypnosis' mixed with a powerful 'covert' element.

I've spent many many hours creating The Art Of Covert Hypnosis so that you too can learn the exact techniques that I use to pull off these amazing feats.

I know it may sound like I'm just saying this to promote my own product, but let me tell you that you won't find another course anywhere on the internet that will teach you Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism together. Only by applying these three fields together, as one, can you unleash the real power of covert hypnosis on anyone you meet.

The Art of Covert Hypnosis contains literally hours upon hours of visual and audio content that you can read and listen to from the comfort of your own home, and each word of it is incredibly relevant and important to applying covert hypnosis in your day to day life.


So Just How Much Am I Asking For All This?

If you were to study hypnosis at a school somewhere, you will learn the basics of hypnotising another person voluntarily, for the price of perhaps $600. You would earn certification as a hypnotist, but that's it, you wouldn't be covertly hypnotising anyone, you'd just be a person at a party that was good for showing a few tricks, nothing more.

If you wanted to become a master of hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism then you'd be spending literally thousands upon thousands of dollars on many courses, and even then you wouldn't know what information was relevant and what wasn't.

If you go to these 'hypnosis schools', don't be surprised if you end up spending a couple of years trying to make sense of it all, trying to determine which parts of the courses are really relevant for practical encounters.

Within the first three chapters of my course I have included everything you need to know about conventional hypnosis. This leaves an entire 17 chapters dedicated purely to mastering covert hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism. I have not created one single chapter that is not relevant to using covert hypnosis immediately and effectively.

Forget the theory, if you want real life practical knowledge, then save yourself the thousands of dollars that you'd end up spending elsewhere.

Finally A Practical Course That Actually Works

At the end of each chapter you will find real life exercises that you can perform right from Day 1. These exercises will immediately get you used to applying covert hypnosis in real life situations.

So how much am I asking for all this?

Not thousands, like I could. If I wanted to I could really drag out the course, create online seminars and other nonsense and charge you thousands, but I'm not. Right now, I'm giving away The Art Of Covert Hypnosis for just $176.

The reason I'm giving away such knowledge at such a discount is because I believe that you deserve to know the truth about hypnosis, and how it's used to achieve your desires.

Why should I sit back and watch people misuse the same techniques that I teach in my course? Forget it! As far as I'm concerned, you should be aware of the techniques these covert hypnotists are using. And the best way to be aware of these techniques is to learn them for yourself.

I will tell you one thing however, and it's that this course is not for the faint of heart. If you find the acquisition of real knowledge and power to be a scary thought, then please leave now, as what I'm going to be teaching you is serious stuff.

If you want to learn a few party tricks to impress colleagues, then don't bother with my course, as it will be too in-depth for you.

If on the other hand you are serious about learning covert hypnosis and are dedicated and willing to commit yourself to a 16 week study plan, then I even guarantee you, with my 60 day, 100% 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee, that you will start noticing very positive results within the first week of starting the course.

I do warn you however - Your Life Will Change. You may almost become addicted to the techniques taught. You will have so many new friends, potential lovers and people that are loyal to you, willing to do whatever you say, that it may come as quite a shock.

If you're not prepared for this lifestyle change, then this course isn't for you, because I guarantee that your life will change when you start applying the techniques you're taught.

That is why it's important you also learn how to keep people away from you, which I will teach you how to do as well. Because once you master the covert hypnosis techniques I teach, people will be willing to do anything they can just to be within your presence.

If you are prepared to receive the knowledge that I offer, then read on.

The course itself is comprised of 20 audio chapters containing over 10+ hours of audio content, available for immediate download. Included is a comprehensive 322 page course ebook and a Revision and Exercises Manual.

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Just have a look at some of what you will learn -

Chapter 3
A Journey Into Hypnosis

Topic Overiew -

1. Theory Of Mind
2. Principles Of Suggestion
3. Trance States
4. Hetero Hypnosis
5. Self Hypnosis

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

The latest innovations in modern hypnosis that completely revolutionise how covert suggestion is used. Very few hypnosis courses incorporate these new concepts, which expand upon the model of the 'Theory of Mind'.

How the different frequencies our mind is in determines how suggestible we are to external actions. You will learn the crucial differences between gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta brain wave frequencies. Other hypnosis courses will not provide you with such a detailed insight into how the mind responds to suggestions.

The Trance Induction and how it can be used to immediately hypnotise anyone. You can start doing this technique from day 1 without any previous experience in hypnosis.

How to word your hypnotic suggestions in accordance with a person's personality type. You must be able to determine whether someone is a physical or an emotional suggestible for your hypnotic suggestions to have maximum effect.

The 10 required things that you must establish to determine a person's suggestibility type.

How to conduct hypnosis on yourself, and others, in order to overcome almost any psychological ailment you or someone else may have.

Exercises that will allow you to have an iron clad confidence with any covert hypnosis techniques that you perform.


Chapter 4
Hetero Hypnosis Explored

Topic Overiew -

1. Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
2. Instant Induction
3. Power Of Placebo
4. Ericksonian Hypnosis

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to keep your hypnotic subjects forever under your command. You will learn how to instantly bring someone back into a state of hypnosis with the click of your fingers, at any time in the future, even years down the track.

The power of Post-Hypnotic Suggestion and how you can use this technique to make a person perform almost any action you like.

The Power Of Placebo and how it can be used to make people believe anything you tell them.

The exact Discreet Suggestion techniques as used by Dr. Milton Erickson, the inventor of modern, discreet hypnosis.

The theory of Pattern Interrupts and how you can bring someone you meet on the street into a state of hypnosis within seconds.

The simple technique that you can perform on anyone you hypnotise in order to make them completely forget everything that happened to them whilst in hypnosis. You CANNOT be without this technique. It will prevent you from ever being discovered.


Chapter 5
A Journey Into NLP

Topic Overiew -

1. The Milton Model
2. Principles Of Rapport
3. Principles Of Anchoring

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

One powerful realisation that will allow you to establish rapport with anyone you meet.

How Ericksonian Hypnosis has been incorporated into NLP in order to discreetly sway people to do things.

The Dangers of Flattery. If you do not read this entire section I have dedicated to the dangers of flattery, then you may be destroying many potential friendships.

How to make genuine compliments that people will appreciate. This is the opposite to flattery, and people will love you for it!

The NLP principle of anchoring and how it can be used to bring someone back to a positive emotional state at any time in a conversation.


Chapter 6
Exploring Representational Systems

Topic Overiew -

1. Theory Of Representational Systems
2. Eye Cues
3. Submodalities

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

The theory of representational systems and how people interpret, analyse and respond to all information they receive.

How to examine a person's eye movement in order to determine whether the person is thinking of a visual, auditory or kinesthetic thought, and whether or not the thought is imagined or based upon a past experience. This form of 'eye reading' is employed by famous psychological illusionists and is what allows them to seemingly read a person's mind.

How to determine whether a person is left brain or right brain dominant, and how this should effect the way you word your hypnotic suggestions.

How to avoid the common mistakes that every new NLP practitioner makes when analysing eye cues.

How to use Submodalities in your conversations in order to establish an incredibly deep form of rapport with people.


Chapter 7
A Journey Into Mentalism

Topic Overiew -

1. The Art Of Deception
2. Sleight Of Mind
3. Misdirection

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

The Art of Deception and how it can be used to bring people into false realities. False realities can be a great way to make people believe in anything you tell them.

Ways to protect yourself from entering into a false reality by maintaining a skeptical mind.

How to use the powerful Mentalism technique 'Sleight of Mind' on anyone you meet by following a simple Three Step Principle.

The power of Misdirection and how it can be used to divert a person's attention away from anything you've said. This technique works wonders when combined with discreet suggestion, as the person will never have a chance to think about the suggestions you've planted within them.


Chapter 8
Exploring The Art Of Reading

Topic Overiew -

1. Cold Reading
2. Warm Reading
3. Hot Reading
4. The Win-Win Game

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

Cold Reading. You will learn the exact same techniques that psychics and clairvoyants use to give people the illusion they can see into the past, present and future.

Warm Reading. Learn how to make generalised statements that could apply to absolutely anybody, but that a person will believe only apply to them, as if you have some intuitive insight into their life.

Hot Reading. Learn the real secrets of how spiritualists are able to give exact details of names, dates, and locations of a person's past experiences.

How to make Two-way statements. This subtle communication technique will allow your sentences to have multiple meanings. This will allow you to make direct suggestions that you can turn into innocent statements should anything go wrong.


Chapter 9
Hypnotic Tonality

Topic Overiew -

1. Importance Of Tonality
2. Desired Tonality
3. Maintaining Consistent Tonality

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to maintain a hypnotic tonality that will instantly seduce 20% of people you meet, without you having to use any other form of hypnosis.

How to use discreet suggestion with hypnotic tonality to seduce the other 80% of people you meet, within less than 10 minutes.

Specific steps and exercises that will explain to you, in detail, ways to achieve a permanent, natural hypnotic tonality within just one week.

Ways to use a hypnotic tonality to inspire people, increase your sales, receive discounts, and seduce almost anyone to do anything you wish.


Chapter 10
Personality Types And Suggestion

Topic Overiew -

1. Personality Types
2. Expanding On Sleight Of Mind
3. Illusion Of Number Guessing

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

The crucial differences between introverts and extroverts, and how important it is to adopt different communication styles depending upon whether the person you're speaking to is introvert or extrovert.

One simple technique that will allow you to identify whether a person is an introvert or extrovert within just a few moments.

Critical Rapport Mistakes that the vast majority of people make. These mistakes can ruin a conversation and destroy rapport within moments. Learn how to overcome them.

How to plant subconscious suggestions through the use of Sleight of Mind. This chapter greatly expands upon what you will learn in Chapter 7 and turns Mentalism into an incredibly powerful hypnotic tool.

The 5 Step Thought Creator. This five step technique was banned in advertising due to its ability to make a person subconsciously think of any thought desired. This technique ought to be banned from public knowledge as well, and I'm only teaching you it to protect yourself from it!


Chapter 11
Mass Hypnosis

Topic Overiew -

1. The Crowd Mentality
2. Establishing Authority
3. How Stage Hypnosis Works
4. Application Of Mass Suggestion

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to establish yourself as an authority with a large crowd.

How The Crowd Mentality can lead people to do acts they normally wouldn't, and how you can use this mentality to your advantage.

A step by step explanation for how stage hypnosis works. You can use these same techniques in any group setting.

The Finger Spreading Induction.

How mass suggestion can be used be to persuade vast amounts of people to share your ideals.


Chapter 12
Instant Rapport

Topic Overiew -

1. Anchoring States Of Rapport
2. Subtleties Of Language
3. Autopilot Resistance

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to instantly bring someone into a state of rapport through the use of anchors.

Facial Expression and Hand Gesture anchoring techniques.

How a person's tonality can subconsciously change the meaning of words.

The subtleties of language and how you can use these subtleties to your advantage.

How to bring someone out of their 'Autopilot Thinking' so they can interact with you on an open level.

How to establish a 'Sense of Familiarity' with anyone you meet. This sense will make people feel they have so much in common with you, that they'll believe they must have met you before.


Chapter 13
The Illusion Of Supernatural Phenomena

Topic Overiew -

1. The Psychic
2. The Medium
3. The TV Evangelist
4. The Astrologist & Tarot Card Reader
5. Safeguarding Against Charlatanism

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

A step by step explanation on how to give the illusion of psychic abilities. This section will greatly expand upon what you will learn in Chapter 8 and will look at how Cold Reading and a False Environment can be combined with a simple 3 step technique.

The exact techniques that mediums use at their shows and how they operate through the use of 'hits'.

How TV Evangelists and 'faith healers' are able to seemingly heal people through the use of mass deception and hypnosis.

How astrologists, tarot card readers and other forms of charlatans operate.

A way to safeguard yourself against all forms of charlatanism, so that you're never scammed at any time in your life.


Chapter 14
Body Language Mastery

Topic Overiew -

1. Breathing Patterns
2. Eye Contact
3. Facial Expressions
4. Body Positioning
5. Hand Gestures

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

Breathing Patterns and how they reflect the level of rapport you have with a person.

Ways to mirror a person's breathing pattern in order to establish a subconscious form of rapport.

Eye Cues and how they indicate a person's interest within a conversation. You will also learn just how much eye contact you should maintain in a conversation, without it being too excessive, or not enough.

How the direction a person moves their eyes can indicate whether they are pretending to agree with you, or if they really mean it.

The real meaning behind certain facial expressions. Learn what the eye narrowing, false smile, and happy frowning facial expressions are, and how they can tell you a lot about what a person is thinking.

Body Positioning. Learn the importance of approaching someone from the right angle and positioning your body correctly, depending upon what your aims are.

Matching And Mirroring. This NLP technique is crucial to establishing deep rapport. You will learn the exact procedures involved in mastering this technique.

The hidden language of Hand Gestures.


Chapter 15
Exploring Covert Hypnosis

Topic Overiew -

1. Advanced Studies Of Instant Induction
2. Manipulation Of Brain States
3. Multiple Channel Hypnosis
4. Safeguards Against Being Discovered

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

Advanced Studies of Instant Induction. You will learn advanced Ericksonian principles that will allow you to conduct pattern interrupts in order to induce anyone into a state of trance within seconds.

Ericksonian Handshake Induction. A step by step explanation for how to conduct the famous Handshake Induction.

Multiple Channel Hypnosis. Learn how to maintain multiple channels of hypnosis, anchoring and rapport with a person. These fail-safe techniques will prevent your covert hypnosis from ever failing.
How to raise yourself into a Heightened State of Awareness. This state of mind will allow you to become aware of the most subtle details within your surroundings.  


Chapter 16
State Of Mind Mastery

Topic Overiew -

1. Outlook Upon People And Life
2. The Energetic State Of Mind
3. The Distancing State Of Mind
4. The Relaxed State Of Mind

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to maintain a state of mind that will make people feel relaxed, comfortable and open whenever they're within your presence.

The Energetic State of Mind. Learn how to maintain a confident state of mind buzzing with enthusiasm. This state of mind will make people feel energetic whenever they speak with you.

The Distancing State of Mind. The techniques you learn within this course will attract a lot of people towards you. Learn how to keep those 'hanger ons' away, so that you only attract the sorts of people that you want to surround yourself with.

How to maintain The Relaxed State of Mind. This state of mind will help prevent anxiety, worry and fear, no matter what the circumstance.


Chapter 17
Advanced Covert Hypnosis Techniques

Topic Overiew -

1. The Desire For Acknowledgment
2. The Command Of Action
3. The Revelation Of Secrets
4. The Ball Of Attractable Energy

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to make people do almost anything just to be acknowledged by you, through the The Desire for Acknowledgement technique.

The Command of Action. This 2 step conversational technique will allow you to make people take immediate action upon any subconscious suggestion you've planted within them.

Find out what your lovers, spouse and even complete strangers are hiding through the Revelation of Secrets. This technique will make the vast majority of people completely open and honest with you.

Learn how to spot when someone is lieing to you.

The Attractable Ball of Energy. This infamous seduction technique is simply irresistible and will have almost anyone you perform it on falling into lust for you within just a few minutes.


Chapter 18
Appearance, Perception And Deception

Topic Overiew -

1. The Performer
2. The Seducer
3. The Storyteller

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to bring people into false realities.

How to use showmanship to enhance the illusion that you have paranormal abilities.

How to take on the persona of The Seducer. By adopting this mindset and following a simple 3 step principle in all your conversations, people will find you mysterious, interesting and incredibly attractive.  

How to tell suspenseful stories that contain hidden subconscious suggestions. These stories present a very subtle way to use discreet hypnosis, and have been proven to be incredibly effective.  


Chapter 19
Mastering Covert Hypnosis

Topic Overiew -

1. Mastering Resistance
2. Mastering Rapport
3. Controlling Any Conversation

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How to Master Resistance. You will learn how four key techniques can be used to overcome any form of resistance or rejection that you may encounter in a conversation.

How to Master Rapport. This section will bring together everything you've learned about rapport throughout the course, and will leave you with a confidence to establish rapport instantly with anyone you meet.

How to prevent rapport from ever breaking. Learn one powerful technique that will ensure you never break rapport once it's established.

How to be in control of any conversation. This section will teach you how to make a person only talk about subjects that you choose. This is done so discreetly that the person will not even be aware that you're indirectly controlling the conversation.


Chapter 20
Bringing Everything Together

Topic Overiew -

1. Application Of Acquired Knowledge
2. Consistency Of Practice
3. The Code Of Covert Hypnotists
4. Conclusion

In This Chapter You Will Learn:

How all your knowledge throughout the course comes together, combining the fields of Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism as one. You will learn how to apply all the techniques you've learned to achieve almost anything within any interpersonal encounter.  

Ways to maintain your knowledge of covert hypnosis so that it never lapses.

The Code Of Covert Hypnotists. The amount of power you will command over other people is extraordinary, therefore it is recommended you follow this code to ensure that you never misuse the techniques taught.  

This is only a brief overview of what you will learn in the course. The course is designed to be studied over a period of 16 weeks, after which time you will be a deadly proficient and confident covert hypnotist.

This entire course is available for immediate download. So there's no wait, no products to ship . You can be reading and listening to the entire 20 chapters within just a few minutes.


My Guarantee To You

Don't forget that the course is backed up by my
60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

'No Questions Asked'

Let me explain this guarantee to you.

I'm so confident that you'll thoroughly enjoy applying the techniques taught in The Art Of Covert Hypnosis, that I'm making a guarantee you will be hypnotising people within your first week.

If for whatever reason at any time within 60 days of purchasing this course, you are not entirely satisfied with it, I will refund 100% Of Your Money – No Questions Asked.

And I truly mean that – No Questions Asked. All you have to do is send me an e-mail stating you're not happy with the course, and the refund will be processed.

How can I afford to be so confident, and offer such a guarantee?

I know that from day 1 you will be drawn into, and awed, by the techniques I teach.

You will see how the course is structured in such a way that even as a complete novice starting from Chapter 1, you will gain the skills, confidence and power necessary to become like a complete professional by the 20th chapter.

You will see first hand how your techniques will become more powerful, and discreet, as you progress from one chapter to the next.

I Know This Course Works
Because I Created It Myself

I know that my course is not like any other hypnosis course out there, and I know the techniques I teach you are the real deal, unlike the scams that you'll find at other places.

But you don't have to just take my word for it - I'm so confident that you will like this course that I'm prepared to put my money where my mouthis with my guarantee.

If you don't like it, then you won't lose a cent.

So you really don't have anything to lose.


Before You Buy This Course However, I have A One-Time Offer That May Interest You

For a limited time I am accepting new students for private tutoring. This is something that I don't normally offer, however people have pleaded with me again and again to offer 1-on-1 training, no matter what the cost. Because of this I've decided to release a Master Edition of my course.

This Master Edition is equivalent to the regular edition, however it comes with something you will not find anywhere else – Membership to my Private Hypnosis Forums.

These forums will contain posts by me explaining new covert hypnosis techniques, hypnotic studies, and other private information that I don't share in public. I make new posts, with new techniques, each and every month of the year.

I Was Never Originally Planning On Sharing My Latest Research With Anyone

You will also be able to have discussions with other hypnotists and students to not only analyse your techniques, but also to form hypnotic Master Mind Groups.

You will be able to ask me questions directly on these forums. You won't find another hypnotist so well versed within the field of covert hypnosis that will give you such 1-on-1 tutoring. I do not give such personal treatment to anyone outside my Private Hypnosis Forums, nor do I intend to at any time in the future.

I don't run classes, I don't run tutorials, I prefer to keep a low profile, and my Private Hypnosis Forums are the only place you'll be able to really pick my brains, and read over my latest techniques and discoveries.

Keep in mind that covert hypnosis is a constantly updating and changing field. Advancements are always being made within the fields of Hypnosis, NLP and Mentalism, and I make sure to always remain at the forefront of such knowledge and share it with members of my forum.

I Only Want Keen Members However

Membership to my Private Hypnosis Forum isn't open to just anyone. It is only open to people who purchase the Master Edition of my course and are willing to help contribute to forum discussions. I'm only looking for people who are serious about learning my techniques.

If the thought of joining my Private Hypnosis Forums does interest you, then you might well be asking yourself, just how much extra does the Master Edition cost? Well, since I never want to isolate anyone due to financial constraints, I've decided to offer this upgrade at only an additional $20 per month. This is in addition to the standard one off $176 fee that you pay for the regular edition.

I know this sounds ridiculously cheap, but I'm not in this for the money. I'm in it to teach people the real secrets of the hypnosis industry. I don't believe people deserve to be ignorant of such knowledge, and those that are willing to learn what I have to teach, and use it for purposes of good, deserve my help.

This isn't to say that the standard edition of my course won't teach you everything you need to know to start using covert hypnosis immediately and effectively, because you will learn more in just my standard edition than you will from any other hypnosis course on the market.

All I'm saying is that if you want to always receive the latest, cutting edge knowledge within the field of covert hypnosis, then I highly recommend purchasing the Master Edition, which will grant you access to my private forum.

It's the same price as the regular edition, but just an additional $20 per month, which you can cancel at any time, even after the first month, and still retain access to the full regular edition of the course.

Keep in mind however that I reserve the right remove the Master Edition from this website at any time. Once I believe the forums are starting to get too overcrowded and I can't offer people the individual attention that I'd like, then the Master's Edition will be removed.

The Master's Edition is only a temporary, one time offer, that will not be available in the future - Ever Again.

The Master Edition includes everything you receive within the Standard Edition, including:

20 audio chapters, containing over ten hours of easy to understand audio content.

322 page study guide, containing full audio transcripts.

Revision & Exercises Manual.

60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  

And in Addition:

Your Art Of Covert Hypnosis Private Membership Card. This membership card will grant you access to my Private Hypnosis Forums, and will allow you to get in contact with me directly at any time..

I will warn you once again, this course is not for the faint of heart. The techniques you learn are the real deal. They're not fancy tricks. They're techniques used by professional hypnotists, mentalists and keen amateurs who use covert hypnosis to improve their day to day life.

You will be hypnotising people, without them being aware of it.

You will be establishing rapport with everyone you meet, instantly, like it's second nature.
You will have people flocking around you, as if you're a presence they're almost addicted to.

You will have people obeying your commands, being loyal to you, and doing everything they can to make you happy.
You will be drastically increasing your sales by having clients that will find any excuse to do business with you.
You will have the power to seduce almost any member of the opposite sex.
You will never look at life in the same way again. You will see through charlatanism, false illusions and scams like they're fairy tales. If you enjoy believing in false illusions, then don't buy this course.

If any of the above things may scare you, then perhaps you're not quite ready to weild the power of Covert Hypnosis.

If you're prepared to receive the knowledge contained within this course, then I applaud you for your confidence, and guarantee you that I will live up to my end of the bargain by teaching you what I claim.


I'm Ready To Try The Art Of Covert Hypnosis - Risk Free[]

I believe that I am ready to receive the power that comes with Covert Hypnosis, and I will only use the knowledge I learn for purposes of good. I will not ever misuse this knowledge in any way.

I wish to purchase the Master Edition of The Art Of Covert Hypnosis for the one time fee of $176, and a recurring monthly fee of $20, which I may cancel at any time.

I understand the Master's Edition contains instant downloadable access to the following:

My full 322 page study guide which contains detailed covert hypnosis information and techniques, along with my 16 week study plan. This study guide contains full audio transcripts of all the chapters.

20 Audio Chapters, containing over 10 hours of easy to understand and follow audio content.

Revision And Exercises Manual. This Manual is an amalgamation of all the revision questions and exercises within the study guide. I can use this manual to quickly refresh my memory of the key concepts I've been taught.

Private Membership into Steven Peliari's Private Hypnosis Forum.

A 'No Questions Asked' 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. I realise that if I'm not entirely satisfied with this course at any time within 60 days of purchase, I am entitled to a full refund.

Any future product updates, and support, free of charge.

[Click Here To Download The Master Edition Now](http://theartofcoverthypnosis.com/ezGsecure.php?pid=1)

(Note: Your purchase is protected with Clickbank's secure 256bit Encryption System)


Or if you do not want to purchase the Master Edition then:
I would rather just purchase the Regular Edition of The Art of Covert Hypnosis for the one time fee of $176 and no monthly fee.

I understand this edition also includes the 'No Questions Asked' 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

[Click Here To Download The Regular Edition Now](http://theartofcoverthypnosis.com/ezGsecure.php?pid=3)

(Note: Your purchase is protected with Clickbank's secure 256bit Encryption System)



I look forward to hearing of your success,

Steven Peliari

Certified Master Hypnotist

Chairman of the International Hypnosis Association ([www.interha.org](http://interha.org))

P.S. This course I offer is based on my own real life experiences and knowledge. I wrote this course myself, and know it works. There's no hype, no 'over selling', only real covert hypnosis techniques that actually work, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of hypnosis courses out there.

It all comes down to whether you want to live an ordinary life, or an extraordinary life. If you want to shape your future, and achieve your goals, then I'm pleased to provide to you the means to do so.

Why not start your journey and discover The Art Of Covet Hypnosis immediately, right from the comfort of your own home?

[Click Here To Download The Master Edition](http://theartofcoverthypnosis.com/ezGsecure.php?pid=1)

P.P.S. I'm a firm believer of the need to be skeptical. Since I accept that I may be just 'another guy on the internet' to you, I'm backing up everything I say with my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Remember you may try this course risk free. If you don't like this course at any time within 60 days, even from the moment you download it, then you're backed up by this guarantee. I'll even let you keep your copy of the course.

So try my course, and if it's not for you, then you can receive a full refund at any time within 60 days.

[Click Here For Your Risk Free 60 Day Trial ](http://theartofcoverthypnosis.com/ezGsecure.php?pid=1)

If you wish to get in contact with me for whatever reason, then please send a message to -


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