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"Finally!  Simple, Professional  Domain Contract Templates You Can Use Right Now to Structure Your Domain Name Purchases and Sales for Maximum Protection and Minimum Hassle."


From  the Desk of Lori Anne Wardi

Dear Friend,

No matter which end of the deal you're on, if you're contemplating buying or selling one or more domain names, it's absolutely critical to protect yourself and your business with a well-drafted, well-considered legal contract.

Domain names are highly valuable digital assets - and you need to treat them that way...or else risk the consequences.

Would you sell your home without a contract? Or buy a business based on a 3 sentence email you got from a total stranger with a hotmail or yahoo address? Absolutely not! Yet every single day, this is exactly how domain name transfers are handled by otherwise rational and savvy business people just like you!

Not only does buying or selling a domain name without a contract look highly unprofessional, but it puts you and your business at serious risk of future litigation and financial hardship... 

Hey, I'm not trying to scare you, but the reality here can be pretty darn scary!

If you buy a domain name without a contract, you risk that:
the seller does not have the legal right, title or authority to even sell the name... the domain(s) may be subject to liens, charges or other claims.... there may be pending lawsuits, UDRP proceedings, or other threatened legal suits relating to the domain(s)... the domain name(s) may have been stolen... the domain(s) may violate one or more trademarks... Google or Yahoo may have banned the domain(s) for violating their terms of service... ...and the list goes on and on and on....

And if you sell a domain name without a contract, you risk that:
the buyer doesn't have the legal right or authority to make the purchase... the buyer won't have the cash to close the deal... the buyer will try to hold You liable for any costs, damages and expenses he incurs for any future domain-related lawsuits, UDRP proceedings and/or trademark proceedings... heck, without the right disclaimers in place, the buyer could even hold you responsible for selling him a domain you had no idea was stolen long before you ever even bought it! ...and the list goes on and on and on....
Domain names are serious business. And they can be seriously risky too if you don't take the right measures to protect yourself. If you want proof of just how risky, then I invite you to spend some time browsing the public record for pending UDRP or trademark infringement cases.  You'll be utterly amazed by how many there are and how long they take to resolve! Just ask anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being a party to one of these babies -- the costs can be huge!

"Domain names are serious business...
And they can be seriously risky too..."

The fact is, the stress and expense involved with defending even the most frivolous domain-related legal action has been enough to kill many a growing business. Don't let Yours be one of them!

Hmmm... It dawns on me that I've never formally introduced myself, and you are likely wondering who I am and why my opinion about domain contracts should mean a lick to you...

To start, I'm a seasoned Domain Investor and Online Marketer. Through my company, Dream Big Media, Inc., I have bought and sold literally thousands of domain names during the past five years, both for myself -- and on behalf of my clients. In so doing, I have worked closely with many of the world's leading domain investors and have learned the ins and outs of this highly specialized field from the best and brightest industry insiders.

But more importantly, I'm also an attorney who has spent many years practicing law at one of the country's leading law firms. Even though I've since formally "retired" from the practice of law to be a full-time entrepreneur, my training and experience has made me keenly aware of the risks of doing business without the right legal protections in place. And believe me, the risks are great.

I'm sorry to say that through the years I've seen more than my share of good, honest, hard-working people get burned because they failed to properly protect themselves and their businesses. And I don't want to see it happen to You!

I'll be very frank, in today's litigious day and age, there's simply no good reason to buy or sell domain names without a rock-solid, binding legal agreement in place to protect you! 

Domain Contract Pro is a Quick, Simple and Effective Way to Protect Yourself and Your Business When Buying or Selling Domains...

Whether you're a domain name buyer or a seller...

Whether your deal involves just one domain name or a large domain portfolio...

Whether you're a seasoned domain investor, entrepreneur, small business owner, large corporate entity or a non-profit...

              You  NEED Domain Contract Pro!

For the first time available anywhere, Domain Contract Pro provides a complete set of domain contract templates developed by seasoned attorneys with the needs of professional domain buyers and sellers in mind.

The domain contract templates available to you today are the very same ones that I use every day as a starting point for my own domain purchase and sale agreements. You see, it was so vitally important for me to create bullet-proof contracts for my own deals -- that I hired one of the country's leading domain industry lawyers to draft them for my company. I knew if we had a solid contract in place for every domain deal we did -- whether we were the buyers or the sellers -- I would sleep easier at night. And I'm happy to say that I couldn't have been more right!

These well-researched, time-tested contract templates are written in plain English so you'll know exactly what all the provisions mean and why they matter. They're also fully-customizable to fit the unique needs and circumstances of your deal.

Don't be fooled by other "One-Size-Fits-All," "Do-It-Yourself" domain purchase and sales agreements you might find online. Despite what these folks tell you, there simply is no single contract template that fits every single situation. What you need in a contract will necessarily be different depending on whether you're the buyer or the seller; whether you're selling one domain or many; and a host of other factors. And that's why we don't provide you with just one contract template -- we give you six!

With Domain Contract Pro, you'll get SIX different model   contracts to choose from -- so you can pick the template that fits the best for each and every deal. 

You'll Get:


A Buyer's-Side  Domain   Purchase Contract.  This is the template to start with when you're purchasing a single domain asset and you're lucky enough to have the lion's share of the bargaining power. It's drafted with a clear focus on protecting the rights and interests of the domain buyer.


A Buyer's-Side Domain Portfolio Acquisition Contract.  Another buyer-side template, this is the one to use when you're negotiating the acquisition of a domain portfolio of any size -- and you want the maximum protection with the least potential risk.


A Seller's-Side Domain Sale Contract.  This is the template to use when you're selling a single domain asset, and the balance of power tips nicely in your favor.  It's drafted with a clear focus on protecting the rights and interests of the domain seller.


A Seller's-Side Domain Portfolio Sales Contract. Another seller-side template, this is the one to start with when you're negotiating the sale of a domain portfolio of any size and you want to maximize your protection and minimize your risks.


A Mutually Beneficial Domain Purchase and Sale Agreement.  This template is intended to protect both the buyer and seller equally in the context of a single domain name purchase and sale. This is the one to start with when both parties have bargaining leverage and you are committed to ensuring a win-win outcome.


A Mutually Beneficial Domain Portfolio Purchase & Sale Contract.  Again, this template simultaneously protects the rights and interests of both the portfolio buyer and the seller. This is the template to start with when you are absolutely committed to getting a deal done - and building trust and a long-term business relationship is key.

Let's face it, every deal is different. In some cases you'll have more bargaining power than in others -- and you'll want to take advantage of it. In other cases, your interests may be better served by making certain concessions to ensure the other party is happy. That's up to you and your lawyer to decide on a case-by-case basis.

The great news is that with Domain Contract Pro, you can choose the exact contract template and clauses you need to get the deal done with maximum protection and minimal risk.   And the best part is that Domain Contract Pro is a resource you can use over and over again for all of your domain purchases and sales. Buy the set once, then use the templates dozens -- even hundreds of times!

Please understand, Domain Contract Pro is not intended to be, and should not be considered legal advice or counsel. Instead, it is a powerful tool you can use as a starting point to help protect yourself and that your own attorneys can review and customize on your behalf. Just imagine how much time, money and stress you'll save -- not to mention legal fees -- when you can hand your attorney nearly complete contract templates that they merely need to tweak a bit -- as opposed to having to draft all of your agreements from scratch each and every time!

With average attorney fees ranging between $200 and $500 dollars an hour, this single purchase could potentially  save you thousands of dollars in upfront legal fees -- and tens of thousands more in avoided litigation! 

Here's How to Secure Your Copy of Domain Contract Pro  at a Very Special Introductory Discount

If you order right now, you'll have immediate access to Domain Contract Pro for a discount of More Than 50% Off of our standard list price of $97!  This discount is our Special Gift to you for being one of our very first customers -- and, we hope, for helping to spread the word about Domain Contract Pro to your friends and colleagues...

But Hurry, this offer is limited to our First One Hundred Customers, and Domain Contract Pro will not be available at this price ever again!

Sound like a deal? Great!  Let's move forward!

Your Secure, Risk-Free Order Form

 Yes, Lori Anne!  I'm ready to order the brand new Domain Contract Pro domain contract templates right now for only $97!   ONLY $47!    I realize that this is a special introductory price that's limited to the first one hundred buyers and it will not last forever.

 I understand that I will get  immediate access to  SIX professionally drafted, time-tested domain contract templates that I can use over and over again for all of my future domain sales and acquisitions, with absolutely no restriction whatsoever.

 I realize that Domain Contract Pro will be delivered in the form of 100% customizable Word documents, and that I can tailor each contract template to meet the needs of a particular deal. As an extra bonus, I will also receive a Free PDF copy of each of the six templates included in the kit -- just in case I accidentally write over one or more of the Word files.

 I know that the sample contracts in Domain Contract Pro   do not constitute legal advice and that I will need to have my own lawyer customize the templates to comply with local laws and address the specifics of each of my deals.

Finally, I understand that Domain Contract Pro comes with a 60 Day, 100%, no-questions-asked, Money-Back Guarantee.  If for any reason whatsoever I am not completely satisfied with my purchase, I will receive a prompt, courteous, 100% refund of the full purchase price!

 Ordering is Fast, Easy and  100% SECURE! 

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[Click Here NOW to Get Instant Access to Everything the Minute You Place Your Order!](http://1.domainlaw.pay.clickbank.net) 

  Very truly yours,

   Lori Anne Wardi      

P.S. You're still reading, which leads me to believe you're still unsure. So here's the thing... this Offer is 100% Risk-Free... It comes complete with an Iron Clad, Sixty-Day, no-questions-asked, Money Back Guarantee.

So go ahead and grab Domain Contract Pro for the low Introductory Price right now. Then download everything, read through it and use our domain contract templates as many times as you like.  Check out the full package for a full 60 days. You can even have your lawyer check it out. In fact,  we urge you to have your lawyer check it out!

If we have not delivered everything we promised and more, then we insist that you email us immediately and we will refund every single penny of your purchase price!

So you see, You have absolutely Nothing to Lose and Only Peace of Mind to Gain!   So why not try Domain Contract Pro out for yourself and then decide?

[CLICK HERE NOW to gain INSTANT ACCESS!](http://1.domainlaw.pay.clickbank.net)

P.P.S.  What are you waiting for my friend? Why not take advantage of my legal investment -- and hopefully enjoy a more restful night's sleep in the process -- knowing you've done everything you can to protect yourself and your business from God-only-knows-what kinds of threats may be lurking behind your next domain deal!

 And don't forget, if you're one of our first 100 customers, you can still get Domain Contract Pro at more than 50% off of the regular price!

 [CLICK HERE NOW to gain INSTANT ACCESS!](http://1.domainlaw.pay.clickbank.net)

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